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Current Football News Archive

Doug Lesmerises provides Ohio State answers (without worrying about questions)
May 30, 2009 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "1. Nick Montana, the son of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, had been the only quarterback in the Class of 2010 offer a scholarship by Ohio State, but that changed with the Buckeyes' recent offer to Andrew Hendrix of Cincinnati Moeller. Hendrix told Buckeye Sports Bulletin he also recently received offers from Notre Dame and Miami, among other, but the Buckeyes are near the top of his list. Montana, meanwhile, was ranked by ESPN.com as the star of a recent Elite 11 quarterback camp in California, and has the Buckeyes in his mix with Stanford, Notre Dame, LSU, Georgia, Alabama and Washington. 2. Jim Tressel left this week on Coaches Tour 2009, joining six other college football coaches on a trip to visit U.S. troops. It started Wednesday in Kansas, with the nine-day tour scheduled to include stops in Germany, Turkey, Kuwait, Djibouti and Spain. 3. The College Football Preview from Cleveland-based Phil Steele is out, and he has the Buckeyes at No. 10 in his preseason rankings. He predicts Ohio State to finish second in the Big Ten behind Penn State, and he thinks the Nittany Lions have a good chance to go undefeated. His bowl predictions have Penn State in the Rose Bowl against USC and Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl against Ole Miss. Steele's predictions are annually among the more accurate you'll find..."

Key stretches in the Big Ten this season
May 29, 2009 Source: ESPN - "Only 99 days remain until the 2009 season kicks off, and this is a perfect time to delve a bit deeper into the Big Ten schedule. All 11 teams have a stretch of games that likely will make or break its season...Here's a look at the key stretches for each Big Ten squad...OHIO STATE -- at Penn State (Nov. 7), Iowa (Nov. 14), at Michigan (Nov. 21): The USC game (Sept. 12) will do more to make or break Ohio State's national reputation than any other this fall. But a win against the Trojans won't matter if the Buckeyes don't do what they do best in Big Ten play. The Penn State game likely will decide the league title, and Ohio State will have its hands full at home against Iowa. Then it's off to Michigan, where Justin Boren and co. try to win an unprecedented sixth straight game against the Wolverines..."

Rumblings: Could LeBron James have played receiver for Ohio State?
May 29, 2009 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Coach Jim Tressel doesn't doubt it for a minute. He chuckled when asked on Dan Patrick's radio show whether he recruited the Cleveland Cavaliers star. 'I was in (Akron) St. Vincent-St. Mary one day after his junior year and we were recruiting another guy, and I felt this big pair of hands on the back of my neck,' Tressel said. 'It was LeBron. He said, 'I could play wideout for you.'' Tressel was quick to suggest that men's basketball coach Jim O'Brien would love to have him for a year and then told James, 'You've got a scholarship if you want it. He said, 'I'm not even going to pay my senior year of football in high school.'' Tressel said James would have forced coaches to adjust their playbook. 'He said if he did come to Ohio State, (he'd want to run) mostly fade routes and alley-oops,' Tressel said. 'He probably wasn't going to run a whole bunch of square-ins.'..."

Listen to the audioLink to Dan Patrick's Jim Tressel interview.

...Ohio State reportedly has offered a scholarship to Cincinnati Moeller quarterback Andrew Hendrix, who also has offers from Tennessee, Maryland, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan State and Cincinnati. The news is somewhat surprising given that Tressel was not expected to offer a scholarship to a quarterback until he heard from Nick Montana of Westlake Village, Calif..."

Off Topic
Key stretches in the Big Ten this season
May 29, 2009 Source: ESPN - "Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has called league expansion a "back burner issue" more than once in recent weeks. Well, here's one for the conference to put on the front burner. The hiring rate of minorities to head coach and coordinator positions remains well below what it should be in college football, and it's reflected in the Big Ten...The Big Ten has had only three black head coaches and only one, Michigan State's Bobby Williams, since 1991. Northwestern had consecutive black head coaches from 1981-91 in Dennis Green and Francis Peay. Before Michigan hired Rodriguez, the Big Ten had only one other minority head coach in the last two decades -- Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez, one of the most successful coaches in recent league history..."

Ohio State, Michigan agree to stop printing sports media guides
May 28, 2009 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State and Michigan working together to save money in their athletic departments? Times must be tough. The two schools announced today that they will no longer print media guides for any of their athletic teams, and they hope other schools will follow their lead. According to an Ohio State release, the move, effective immediately, will save about $250,000 per year. The idea is that the schools can more effectively and efficiently get their messages out in ways other than media guides..."

Breaking down the Big Ten backup quarterbacks
May 27, 2009 Source: ESPN - "A team is often only as good as its backup quarterback, a fact that held true throughout the Big Ten in 2008...Several Big Ten backups haven't played a down in a college game, so it's tough to pass judgment on them. But here's my stab at ranking the league's backup signal callers coming out of spring ball...#4 Ohio State -- Overall depth at quarterback is the only reason the Buckeyes aren't higher on the list. The coaches have confidence that Joe Bauserman can step in if Terrelle Pryor goes down with an injury. Bauserman boasts a strong arm and good knowledge of the scheme. It remains to be seen what Ohio State gets out of third-stringer Kenny Guiton, a late signee in February..."

Spring practice and games are in the books: Ohio State spring wrap
2008 overall record: 10-3
2008 conference record: 7-1
Returning starters: Offense: 5; Defense: 7; Special teams: 0
Top returners: QB Terrelle Pryor, C Michael Brewster, TE Jake Ballard, DE Thaddeus Gibson, DT Doug Worthington, S Kurt Coleman, S Anderson Russell, DE Cameron Heyward
Key losses: RB Chris "Beanie" Wells, WR Brian Robiskie, WR Brian Hartline, LT Alex Boone, DT Nader Abdallah, LB James Laurinaitis, LB Marcus Freeman, CB Malcolm Jenkins, P A.J. Trapasso

Spring answers
1. Pryor develops -- Terrelle Pryor quieted concerns about his passing ability with a strong spring capped by an excellent performance in the well-attended spring game at Ohio Stadium. Pryor made significant improvement with his footwork and looked better on the high-percentage throws that dogged him at times last season. His first full offseason as a college player appears to have paid off, and Pryor looks primed for an All-Big Ten season.

2. Boom and Zoom -- Running back is the biggest void on the Buckeyes' depth chart, but Dan Herron ("Boom) and Brandon Saine ("Zoom") appear ready to carry the load. Herron built off his experience last fall as a backup and performed well this spring, while Saine finally appears healthy and ready to showcase the explosiveness that made him such a heralded recruit coming out of high school.

3. Big bad Boren -- Justin Boren will always be in the spotlight because he transferred from Michigan, but the left guard generated plenty of buzz with his play this spring. Boren brings brute strength and an edgy attitude to an offense line that needs a jolt after a subpar 2008 season. He has quickly become a favorite of Pryor's and his fellow linemen, and should bring a nasty attitude to the front five this fall.

Fall questions
1. Cornerback -- Chimdi Chekwa has a starting spot locked up, but the other position remains open entering the summer. Senior Andre Amos has a slight edge because of experience, but Devon Torrence, who played minor league baseball in the Astros organization the last two summers, made a strong push this spring. If Torrence focuses solely on football, the starting job could be his.

2. Kicking game -- It's no secret how important special teams has been to Jim Tressel's success at Ohio State, and the head coach is focused on replacing his starting specialists. Aaron Pettrey looks capable at kicker, but the punting job is a bit of a mystery with Jon Thoma and Ben Buchanan competing for the top spot.

3. Linebacker rotation -- Ohio State has plenty of exciting options at linebacker, namely Etienne Sabino and Brian Rolle, both of whom had very solid springs. The key will be finding the right combinations of 'backers and not being afraid to use younger players like Sabino ahead of veterans who played behind Laurinaitis and Freeman for years. It will be tough to replace the lost production, but Ohio State has enough depth, as long as players are used the right ways.

Here's a look at what you need to know for the rest of the BIG TEN Source: ESPN

Off Topic
The toughest places to play in the Big Ten
May 27, 2009 Source: ESPN -  "...There are several variables by which these stadiums can be ranked -- history, recent success, day/night kickoff time. The easiest way to do it is determining where an opposing team least wants to play during the 2009 season...1. Ohio Stadium, Ohio State -- From the sheer noise to the ruthless fans to the inferno of scarlet, no opposing team enjoys playing at The Shoe. There's tons of tradition at the stadium, and it doesn't hurt to have a team that has dominated the Big Ten for most of the decade..."

The 1934 Ohio State-Michigan poster's handshake did not stop the Buckeyes from dishing out a 34-0 shellacking.Ohio State football posters tell the story, especially another win against Michigan
May 13, 2009 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Since Thursday marks the 2,000th day since Michigan has defeated Ohio State in football, it's time to celebrate by delving into the storied past of the Buckeyes dominance of the Wolverines. You can relive some of those great games by looking at some of the historic posters that hyped the games. The 1934 contest was especially sweet as it previewed OSU's 34-0 victory. Each one gives you a little background on the game...The earliest OSU poster, taken off the game program, is the 1918 contest against Case, now Case Western Reserve University. There are plenty more to look at. But it's hard to beat those Michigan wins."

Buckeyes fans can revel in 2,000 days of smiles over Michigan; and other long streaks
May 12, 2009 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Somewhere out there is a 5˝-year-old, born late in the afternoon of Nov. 22, 2003. She can write her name, maybe read a word or two, ride a bike without training wheels and run a lemonade stand (although correct change might be iffy). She'll enter kindergarten in the fall. And in her existence, since she joined the world, Michigan has never beaten Ohio State in football. Just how long has it been since the Wolverines last beat the Buckeyes? Buckeyes fans know, because they mark their calendars with this information, they update their voice mail messages with it, they paste counters on their Web pages. And they do it all while smiling. Thursday, it will be 2,000 days...."

Let's Talk Offensive Line
May 11, 2009 Source: Bucknuts - Dave Biddle, Assistant Editor of Bucknuts, writes in his blog: "...Ask almost any OSU football follower and they will likely say pretty much the same thing about the 2009 O-line: the Buckeyes are going to be talented up front, but inexperienced. The only player that returns as a starter at the position he played last year is sophomore center Mike Brewster...After that, there are a lot of questions when analyzing OSU’s offensive line, some with easier answers than others. Likely starting at his third position in three years is Jim Cordle...The third and final returning starter from last year is junior Bryant Browning and he is moving from right tackle to right guard...The other obvious starter in 2009 for OSU on the offensive line is junior left guard Justin Boren...So, barring injuries, the top four linemen are set. However, there are still questions about who the starting left tackle will be and which players will be the top backups. At left tackle, sophomore Mike Adams might have an extremely narrow lead over junior Andy Miller to be the starter. However, the two players basically split snaps with the first team offense during spring and the competition will continue into preseason camp. Adams is the favorite because of his high ceiling, but Miller is more technically sound at this point...The wildcard on the 2009 offensive line is sophomore tackle J.B. Shugarts..."

When OSU assistant Darrell Hazell saw Chimdi Chekwa in a Florida all-star game in December 2005, he offered him a scholarship almost on the spot. Photo: Jim Davidson, The OzoneThe only corner back-Buckeyes need Chekwa to be like predecessors
May 10, 2009 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Like a royal family's, the lineage of standout Ohio State cornerbacks stretches back through the years, a nearly unbroken chain of all-conference, All-America and NFL-ready talent. With the departure of Malcolm Jenkins and Donald Washington, Chimdi Chekwa stands next in line. A fourth-year junior, he is the only returning cornerback with any significant experience, having played in 26 games, starting 13. But he understands the scepter isn't something simply handed down. It must be earned. 'It's good to hear about the tradition here at Ohio State and all the great corners,' Chekwa said. 'But I still have to go out on the field and do it. So I'm still going to work hard to try to get where I want to be.' The Buckeyes urgently need him to step up into the role of a shutdown, No. 1 cover corner. Behind Chekwa, everyone is green. That was the message that cornerbacks coach Taver Johnson constantly delivered throughout spring practice..."

Video InterviewTerrelle Pryor Conversation - Source: ESPN Terrelle Pryor sits with Kirk Herbstreit and they look back at the Penn State game, the Fiesta Bowl loss, the poor national reputation of the Big Ten, Pryor's Heisman hopes, his role as a leader, his off-season plans and much more.

Michigan football players apparently e-mail insults to Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor
During a five-minute interview with college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit that can be viewed at ESPN.com, Pryor was explaining how he wants to improve as a passer when he said as much. 'I really want to be a great quarterback,' Pryor said. 'People tell me I can't throw, this and that, I'm not that good, I'm overrated and all that. I let it go past my ear, but I'm always keep... ' 'Who tells you that?' a surprised Herbstreit asked. 'A bunch of a people, man,' Pryor said. 'Michigan players e-mail me and stuff.' Again, Herbstreit looked surprised. Are you serious? 'Yeah.' (May 8, 2009 Source: Columbus Dispatch)

Five questions for Terrelle Pryor
May 11, 2009 Source: Sporting News - "This story first appeared in the May 11 edition of Sporting News magazine...When Terrelle Pryor committed to Ohio State last year, big things immediately were expected from the dual-threat quarterback from Pennsylvania. It didn't take long for him to become the Buckeyes' starter. Despite that success, concern lingers: Can a running quarterback be successful throwing the ball? He answered that question in OSU's spring game and addresses it in questions from Sporting News readers...Q: You waited until mid-March to commit to Ohio State. When you look back on it, are you glad you waited, and how did that extra time benefit you?'...Q: Of all of the talented Buckeye receivers, who do you think will step up this year and be your go-to guy?...Q: After signing and now playing with Ohio State, are you treated any differently when you return for visits to Pennsylvania?...Q: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make going from high school to playing quarterback in the Big Ten?...Q: Running quarterbacks often want to prove they can throw it, so if you run less and become less of a threat to run, will the offense be as effective as it can be?..."

Five post-spring questions for the Big Ten
May 8, 2009 Source: ESPN.com - "1. Will the quarterback play improve? If the spring practice was any indication, it will. Returning starters Daryll Clark, Juice Williams, Terrelle Pryor and Ricky Stanzi all elevated their play, and teams like Michigan State and Minnesota can feel better about their depth at quarterback. The Big Ten had only one passer (Clark) rated in the top 25 nationally last year, a number that must increase. 2. Can the Big Ten notch a signature nonconference win? It didn't really happen last year, and more opportunities arrive this fall. No game carries more meaning than Ohio State-USC, as the Trojans have done more damage to the Big Ten's national reputation than any other team. 3. Will Penn State repeat for the first time in the Big Ten? 4. Which new scheme will work right away? 5. Will Michigan be back this fall? The Wolverines likely are a year away from being back in the Big Ten title picture, but they must rebound from a disastrous 2008 campaign..."

Off Topic
Coaches mull changes in football poll
May 6, 2009 Source: SI.com -  "The results of a three-month review of the USA Today coaches' poll are a secret. The coaches' final regular-season ballots -- and even the identity of the 61 voters -- may soon be a secret as well...The AFCA will meet with USA Today and BCS officials before announcing any changes to the voting process, probably by the end of the month...Teaff said the survey explored a wide range of questions, including whether 25 is the optimum number of teams, and whether there should be a preseason poll. 'The other question that we had was, should individual coaches be able to vote for their own teams?' Teaff said. 'We've always allowed that. We didn't really have a real reason for that, except it just sounded like hey, that should be the right thing to do. So that was a very important question.' One thing that won't change: Teaff said the coaches will still be required to put the winner of the BCS title game atop their final post-bowl ballot..."

Off Topic
The pros and cons of Big Ten expansion
May 5, 2009 Source: ESPN.com - Adam Rittenberg writes: "...Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany told me that while he understands Paterno's position, it takes more than a desire for a league championship and a longer regular season for the conference to expand. The league will adopt a permanent bye week beginning in 2010, which extends the regular season past Thanksgiving, but most teams still will finish a week earlier than those from the other five BCS conferences...Here are a list of pros and cons to Big Ten expansion, and feel free to chime in for my next mailbag...

It's always been Notre Dame or no one for the Big Ten
May 5, 2009 Source: mlive.com - "The topic of Big Ten expansion is being discussed again, as if there's even a remote possibility of that happening as long as Notre Dame doesn't want to join the league. It's long been a contention of mine, which I've expressed often and on occasion in this space, that after expansion talks between the Big Ten and Notre Dame fizzled back in 1999, the moritorium the presidents and chancellors put in place about even thinking about such plans was to be indefinite and to be broken only when N.D. finally sees the light. ... The Big Ten isn't going to settle for any school that No. 1, isn't iconic; No. 2, isn't located in South Bend; and No. 3 doesn't have the power to legitimize the Big Ten Network nationally while giving it an unprecedented ratings boost that translates into advertising revenue..."

Paterno's expansion plea met with no-go
May 5, 2009 Source: ESPN.com - "Delany responded to Paterno's comments Monday, saying that while a league championship game has its benefits, particularly from a marketing perspective, expansion requires much more. 'It's not the reason you would expand,' Delany told ESPN.com. He also said Paterno isn't the only Big Ten coach who has stumped for expansion in recent years. 'The issue has come up with our football coaches a couple times -- with the extra week and if we did expand, would we be more competitive?' Delany said. 'I would say in some years they might be right. But has it enhanced the competitiveness of the ACC in football? Has it enhanced the competitiveness of the WAC? I don't know..."

Read it in the blog...the Op Ed BlogspacerBob Hunter commentary: Paterno gets it, but Big Ten fossils don't: "Octogenarian Joe Paterno tried to shove the Big Ten into the 21st century again last week when he called for a 12th team and a conference championship game in football. This is a lot like a grandfather telling a teenager why he should stop listening to cassette tapes and get an iPod. It makes for a curious picture..." (Link to 'Op-Ed Blog')

Talk of Big Ten expansion, title game sparks debate
May 4, 2009 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "As might be expected, the column is producing a lot of e-mail. So far, there are more in favor than against – I’d say it’s probably 70-30 at this point – but there are plenty of good points on both sides...Twelve Big Ten teams? Sixteen? Who to add or drop? A conference championship game? Here goes (reader responses)...

Big Ten expansion? Detroit Free Press suggests some possible schools

Reporter's NotebookspacerSpring Notebook: Storm's A-Brewing
May 5, 2009 Source: Buckeye Grove - "A number of players stood out during spring practice, and one of them was Storm Klein. Get his thoughts on his first go-round with the Buckeyes as well as other news and notes collected during the spring as BuckeyeSports.com continues to clean out its spring quote files with this notebook..."

After spring's worth of growth, Pryor ready to utilize all his gifts
May 4, 2009 Source: SI.com - "In fewer than four seconds, Terrelle Pryor saw all this ...'I saw a Cover Two with a strongside rotation,' the Ohio State quarterback said minutes after the Buckeyes' April 25 spring game. 'They stayed on top. I saw Ray. He made a good move. He snuck right behind the corner. I saw the corner right there, and I was like, all right, I'm going to throw this in there.'...Pryor probably could have thrown that ball six months ago. But could he have made that read? 'No,' he admitted...'With the spring, you go through a whole process,' Pryor said. That process has produced a true quarterback ready to begin utilizing all of his physical gifts...So go ahead. Tell Pryor he can't throw. Tell him he's overrated. The Buckeyes will probably thank you for it. 'We're going to get touchdowns all year,' Pryor said. 'We're going to keep working hard. We don't care about the critics.'..."

Junior Taurian Washington looks to make his mark this season as a wide receiver. Photo: Jim Davidson, The OzoneWashington Looking For His Shot
May 4, 2009 Source: Buckeye Grove - "Throughout his Ohio State career, Taurian Washington has been one of the more scrutinized wide receivers by the Buckeye faithful. Now heading into his junior season, the former four-star prospect talks about why he feels he has not seen extensive playing time, how he hopes to improve and where he might fit into the offense next season..."

Doug Lesmerises' Buckeye Blog in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "'Now that spring practice is complete, I'll have five thoughts on each Ohio State position group this week: receivers, defensive line, offensive line, running backs, quarterbacks, linebackers and defensive backs. Last week we hit the receivers, defensive line, offensive line and defensive backs, so this week we start with the running backs..."

Ohio State: running backs
Thought No. 5, May 4, 2009 - The tougher brothers - Homan or Boren?: Anyone want to see a tag-team match between the Homans and the Borens?
Thought No. 4, May 4, 2009 - Is Boom the right nickname for Herron?: I'm torn on what to call Dan Herron ... I think Scoot is better than Boom.
Thought No. 3, May 4, 2009 - Assessing the real Brandon Saine: I'm out of good things to say about Brandon Saine.
Thought No. 2, May 4, 2009 - How the freshmen fit into the backfield: Among the incoming freshmen running backs, I'll take Carlos Hyde to play more his first season.
Thought No. 1, May 4, 2009 - Who will be the leading rusher?: Two running backs rushing for 1,000 yards each is out of the question, but...

Junior Tyler Moeller, from Cincinnati Colerain, can play linebacker or fill in at nickel back.  Photo: Jim Davidson, The OzoneMoeller on the move
May 3, 2009 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Speedy junior can play linebacker or fill in at nickel back...Ever since Tyler Moeller came into the life of Ohio State assistant coach Luke Fickell, he's been a hard-to-fit puzzle piece. It started when the Buckeyes were putting together the recruiting class of 2006 and Fickell, OSU's linebackers coach, mentioned to coach Jim Tressel that he could use an undersized linebacker who could bring speed. Tressel quickly recommended Moeller, who played at Cincinnati Colerain. 'He threw film on and said, 'I like this guy. How about this guy?' ' Fickell recalled. 'I said, 'I wasn't saying 190 pounds, but I like him if you do.' ' What both liked was how Moeller played to the whistle in every video they watched. He might have been shy of 200 pounds then, but Colerain's ball-hawking linebacker was the Division I high school defensive player of the year in 2005. Still, it left Fickell with a dilemma. What were the Buckeyes going to do with a player who had defensive back size but linebacker intensity? They made him a Star. "Star" is OSU's moniker for the nickel back, a hybrid position used to get a fifth defensive back on the field on passing downs or against pass-heavy teams. Last season, coaches had their choice of players to fill the role..."

2009 Spring Preview Series - Ohio State Buckeyes
May 3, 2009 Source: The Rivalry, Esq - "...To maintain momentum in 2009, Ohio State must: 1. Develop a reliable, quick-strike short-range passing game, rebalancing a go-cart offense that was embarassingly predictible for most of 2008. Look for a new pass offense to utilize tight ends, and for three to four reliable receivers to step up. 2. Make significant strides on the offensive line, a unit that has rarely stood out on Tressel's watch. Although Terrelle Pryor has the talent to circumvent a collapsing pocket, a lame front will prevent Ohio State from establishing its bread-and-butter north/south ground game. Pass-protection will be the difference between explosion and implosion, although (if the Spring Scrimmage was any indication) Tressel seems ready to use the roll-out to "patch" the front five. 3. Shore up its defensive midfield. New linebackers need to quickly step into their roles to support an experienced defensive line, and keep pressure off a budding secondary. Let's take a closer look at both sides of the ball..."

Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
May 3, 2009 Source: Bucknuts - "Mr. B is back with a revelation that one of our current recruiting commits is on very thin ice. He also pokes fun at “inside information”, cons a USC writer into giving up details of their spring practice, discusses Nick Montana and amazing factoids from the NFL draft, takes a jab at Michigan, steroids and other laughable matters in a entertainment-laden new Bucket of Bullets. ..."

Rambling on the...Buckeyes
May 3, 2009 Source: Mansfield News Journal - Larry Phillips writes: "...Sheepishly, I admit to at one time looking forward to the Ohio State Spring Game. Who was progressing, regressing, amid my obsessing on the season ahead. Years of Bam Childress, Albert Dukes and now Taurian Washington being the reputed "breakout star" of the spring with absolutely nothing to show for it the ensuing fall took their toll. The re-emergence of Brandon Saine? The addition of offensive guard Justin Boren? The improved passing of Terrelle Pryor? Yawn. Stretch. Snore. Been there. Done that. Heard it before. Get back with me when USC rolls into town. If Pete Carroll doesn't drop another double-digit drumming on Jim Tressel's dome Sept. 12, I'll get interested. But after watching the NFL draft again devoid of OSU linemen, and none in the pipeline being touted for next year's pick fest, I can't imagine the Buckeyes making the Trojans sweat -- even in Columbus..." (Webmaster note: You can e-mail Larry Phillips or call him at 419-521-7238 with your opinion.)

Niumatalolo: "They are freaks"
May 2, 2009 Source: GoMids.com - "GoMids’ Adam Nettina sat down with Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo this past week, discussing topics ranging from spring football surprises to the opener with Ohio State...Adam Nettina: Did you happen to catch any of the Ohio State Spring game? Ken Niumatalolo: I have it recorded. I saw the numbers that were there. It is pretty alarming with the 95,000 fans…Adam Nettina: Is that something you and your staff have started doing, that is looking at Ohio State film? Ken Niumatalolo: Oh yea. In fact, coach Jasper and coach Green are talking about that right now. They are in the other room watching the film. Adam Nettina: Any initial thoughts? Ken Niumatalolo: We’re going to have to be ready. Adam, this is by far the best team we have ever played. I mean it is not even close. In the 12 years that I have been here…I mean we play Pitt and they are phenomenal. Rutgers, Notre Dame... They are all great and I’m not taking anything away from them…But a top tier BCS team that loses the draft choices that they lose and they still have a top five recruiting class! I mean they are freaks. Those guys are well coached and a very good football team and we are going to have our hands full just to compete with those guys..."

Terrelle Pryor helped lead Gray past Scarlet with two second quarter TD throws April 25.  Photo: Associated PressA national spring game record crowd of 95,722 came out to enjoy the high temperatures and watch Terrelle Pryor throw two long touchdown passes in 30 seconds, leading the Gray over the Scarlet 23-3 at sun-drenched Ohio Stadium. Watch the sophomore QB talk about Gray team's performance in the 23-3 win over Scarlet:

VideoSpring Reflections - Terrelle Pryor Source: OSU Official Site

Doug Lesmerises' Buckeye Blog in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "'Now that spring practice is complete, I'll have five thoughts on each Ohio State position group this week: receivers, defensive line, offensive line, running backs, quarterbacks, linebackers and defensive backs. We're done with the receivers, defensive line and offensive line, so we're on to group four, the defensive backs.'..."

Ohio State: defensive backs
Thought No. 5, May 1, 2009 - Anderson Russell joins Phi Delta Tressel: Anderson Russell looks good bald.
Thought No. 4, May 1, 2009 - Freshmen in secondary discussion, too: Don't forget about Corey Brown.
Thought No. 3, May 1, 2009 - Safeties will keep the corners safe : Safeties Kurt Coleman and Anderson Russell make the second corner job slightly less critical.
Thought No. 2, May 1, 2009 - Orhian Johnson makes a quick turn from QB to safety: Orhian Johnson isn't the next Anderson Russell - he's ahead of that pace.
Thought No. 1, May 1, 2009 - Devon Torrence is worth watching: Devon Torrence just looks like a corner.

Former Buckeye Chris Spielman was a two-time First Team All-American and 1987 Lombardi Award winner.  Photo: OSU Official SiteSpielman Elected to the College Football Hall of Fame
April 30, 2009 Source: OSU Official Site - "...two-time All-American Chris Spielman, (was) among the 16 players to be elected to the College Football Hall of Fame...The 1987 Lombardi Award winner, Chris Spielman earned back-to-back First Team All-America honors (unanimous in 1987 and consensus in 1986) en route to leading Ohio State to three consecutive bowl games and establishing himself as one of the all-time greats in a storied Buckeye program...After graduating in 1988, Spielman was drafted by Detroit in the second round of the NFL Draft, playing with the franchise for eight seasons and becoming the first Lion ever to register 1,000 career tackles. He spent two seasons with the Buffalo Bills and was named to the Pro Bowl six times. Spielman currently works as an ESPN college football color commentator and with several local sports talk radio shows in Columbus, Ohio. He also is a visible participant for increasing resources for breast cancer research..."

Spielman turns emotional over spot in hall of fame
May 1, 2009 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Of all the people who flashed through his mind Wednesday night, in the moments after learning that he was named to the College Football Hall of Fame, one stood out to former Ohio State linebacker Chris Spielman: His father, Sonny, who died of cancer in October 2008. 'He would have his face painted in Buckeye colors today, with his Spielman jersey on,' said Chris, his voice quiet and clearly emotional..."

Off Topic
Paterno wants 12 teams in league
May 1, 2009 Source: ESPN.com - "Penn State coach Joe Paterno said Thursday night that he has pushed within the Big Ten conference to expand it to 12 teams as a method of leveling the playing field in college football. 'We go into hiding for six weeks,' Paterno said, referring to the hiatus between the end of the Big Ten regular season and the BCS bowls. The other major FBS conferences play into the first weekend of December. Everybody else is playing playoffs on television,' Paterno said. 'You never see a Big Ten team mentioned. So I think that's a handicap. I've tried to talk to the Big Ten people about, 'Let's get a 12th team -- Syracuse, Rutgers, Pitt -- we could have a little bit of a playoff.'...Asked what sort of response he had received, Paterno raised his eyebrows in a facial shrug. 'You know, it's a conference that's dominated by a couple of people,' Paterno said. 'If I start talking, they're polite, but they snicker.'...With the conference commissioners holding so much power, Paterno said, the whole landscape could change if two or three people change. 'We're not talking about invading Normandy,' Paterno said. 'We're talking about some alignments that could happen very quickly.'..."

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