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OSU vs Illinois Postgame

No fun for No. 1
November 5, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Fewer than two minutes remained and thousands of orange-clad Illinois fans were jumping and yelling in Memorial Stadium. A loud chorus of "I-L-L" and "I-N-I" echoed across the field in the chilly evening air. The band played, a bell tolled. The Illini trailed by just seven points and were lining up for an onside kick..."

Top-Ranked Buckeyes Dodge Bullet At Illinois
November 4, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "On a day when No. 2 Michigan struggled to pull out a 34-26 home win over Ball State, No. 1 Ohio State also had its hands full at Illinois. The Buckeyes put together one long scoring drive and rode their defense to a 17-10 win over the upstart Illini to improve to 10-0 on the year..."

The-Ozone Note and Quotebook
November 5, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "It's going to be a 'What happened?' kind of week around the Buckeye nation after OSU's close call at Illinois. Check out what the OSU players and coaches were saying in the-Ozone Note and Quotebook..."

From coachtressel.com: Offensive Stats
Defensive Stats

Quotes & More
November 4, 2006 Source: OrangeandBlueNews.com - "Quoting Illinois' Ron Zook, Illini Players and Jim Tressel..."

Buckeyes Escape With Victory
November 4, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "For the first time this season, the Buckeyes were taken to their limits by an opponent. On the road against an overwhelmed but pumped up Illinois team, Ohio State staked a 17-0 lead and hung on for the victory. Read on for more..."

Bucks pass pop quiz OHIO STATE: 17-10 victory closest they've been tested this season
November 5, 2006 Source: The Morning Journal - " In a brief moment of foreshadowing last week, T.J. Downing was discussing how impressive Ohio State has looked thus far and the fact the Buckeyes hadn't really been tested yet. 'Maybe that's a bad thing,' he said..."

Buckeyes Hang on to Escape Illinois with Narrow 17-10 Win
November 5, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "For a just over half the game the No. 1 Buckeyes (10-0, 6-0 Big Ten) played like a number one team, but when the fourth quarter rolled around, it was the fighting Illini of Illinois (2-8, 1-5 Big Ten) that looked like a dominant team..."

Troy Leman
Troy Smith is stopped by LB Jeremy Leman
Maturity of a quarterback? When OSU quarterback Troy Smith was flagged for intentional grounding late in the first half, Tressel was yapping to the official along the sideline. Smith gently grabbed Tressel by the elbow and eased him away from the, um, discussion to call the next play.

Valiant effort from Illini falls short of upset vs. Buckeyes
November 4, 2006 Source: ESPN.com - "Top-ranked Ohio State got its first scare of the season. The Buckeyes built a 17-0 halftime lead against Illinois and overcame a ho-hum performance by its offense to hold off the stubborn Illini 17-10 Saturday..." (Play-By-Play, Drive Chart, Box Score, Photos, Video)

Flat in Champaign
November 4, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Top-ranked Ohio State picked a good day to struggle, because No. 2 Michigan did, too. But struggle OSU did, at least offensively, against a game Illinois on the way to a 17-10 win in wind-swept Memorial Stadium this afternoon. It extended the Buckeyes' winning streak to 17 games, the nation's longest, with a trip to Northwestern in seven days between them and a showdown with the Wolverines on Nov. 18 in Ohio Stadium..."

Gonzo Buckeyes hold on in lackluster 17-10 win
November 4, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Top-ranked Ohio State got its first scare of the season. The Buckeyes built a 17-0 halftime lead against Illinois and overcame a ho-hum performance by its offense to hold off the stubborn Illini 17-10 Saturday. The Buckeyes (10-0, 6-0, Big Ten) had won each of their first nine games by at least 17 points, but let this one get close, just as rival Michigan did earlier in the day against Ball State..." (Left: Anthony Gonzalez hangs onto a pass against Illinois' Antonio Steele.)

No. 1 Ohio State just happy to get out of Illinois with victory
November 4, 2006 Source: USA Today - "Ohio State started comfortably and appeared in control. By the end, the top-ranked Buckeyes were getting their first real scare of the season. 'I don't know what (being the) overwhelming favorite does for us. It doesn't spot us any points, or get us any first downs,' Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel said Saturday after his team built a 17-point halftime lead and hung on to beat stubborn Illinois 17-10..."

Freeman Juice Illinois game
Marcus Freeman keeps the pressure on Illinois' QB Juice Williams (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Coach Tressel
Coach Tressel reacts after the Bucks scored a TD during the first half.
Illinois gives Ohio State fits
November 4, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "Four years ago, when Ohio State’s run to a national championship nearly veered off course in this same wind chamber of near-horrors, coach Jim Tressel looked at his football team at the start of overtime and said, 'Isn’t this fun?' On Saturday, with a perfect season and 17-game winning streak riding on an improbable onside kick in the final two minutes, Tressel wasn’t saying much of anything. He couldn’t because his heart was in his throat. 'I almost jumped out there,' Tressel said, reliving how the ball squirted through the hands of Brandon Mitchell before landing in Brian Robiskie’s clutches to preserve a 17-10 victory over 2-8 Illinois..."
Ohio State-Illinois report card

Buckeye defenders take tight game as positive
November 4, 2006 Source: Dayton Daily News - "The Ohio State football team's defense was rolling through three quarters. The toughest group in the country to score against had allowed zero points and 100 total yards to Illinois. 'Next thing you know,' said OSU defensive end Jay Richardson, 'they're making a surge.'..."
And Bouncing onside kick finally corralled by Robiskie

? Prophetic? ?

Tough game could benefit Buckeyes
November 4, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Tackling adversity might create a stronger team later in season...Maybe today it will happen. Maybe Illinois will take Ohio State down to the wire, or at least still be close heading to the fourth quarter..." (This was written before the game)

Wells can't drop his history class
November 4, 2006 Source: Akron Beacon Journal - "While history lessons are part of top-ranked Ohio State's preparation every week, freshman Chris Wells might be ready to change his major. The backup tailback from Garfield High School could have had a rough few days. He lost his third fumble of the season in the shutout victory over Minnesota last Saturday. And Illinois (2-7, 1-4) provides the perfect opportunity for coach Jim Tressel to drive home just how disastrous those bobbles can be..." (This was written before the game)

Offensive coaches try to get handle on preventing fumbles
October 20, 2006 Source: USAToday.com - Maybe 'Beanie' needs to learn about The "Anti-Fumble" grip...

Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings
October 31, 2006 Source: SI.com - "By this point in the season, it's safe to say I've seen more than enough Ohio State and Michigan games to know those teams inside and out. I've seen Florida and Tennessee play enough tough contests to find out what they're made of. Ditto Texas, Cal, USC, Auburn, Notre Dame ... pretty much every highly ranked team. Except for West Virginia and Louisville..."

OSU vs Illinois
Troy Smith  Isiah William

Ohio State vs. Illinois Preview
November 2, 2006 Source: The Ozone

Game Data: Ohio State at Illinois
October 31, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "We provide our weekly look at the pertinent information and depth charts as well as a prediction for Saturday's Big Ten game between No. 1-ranked Ohio State and Illinois in Champaign (3:30 p.m., ESPN2)..."

Keys to victory vs Illinois
November 3, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com

Schafer in line to start at third spot
November 3, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "With left tackle Alex Boone (knee) still questionable for a Big Ten game Saturday at Illinois, Schafer likely will start at left tackle. He already has started games at left guard and at right tackle this season..."

Buckeyes find Illini worth watching...Film study part of Ohio State success
November 2, 2006 Source: Toledo Blade - "Pardon the Ohio State football players if they squint a bit or cover their eyes when they step out in the sun. Although they have spent the entire season in the spotlight as the top-ranked team in the country, the Buckeyes also are putting in a lot of time in dark rooms. They have developed a collective passion for endless film study..."

No. 1 Ohio State and Illinois to Meet in Champaign
October 31, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site - "Top-ranked and unbeaten Ohio State travels to Illinois this week for the first leg of a two-game road trip that concludes the following week at Northwestern. Saturday's game against the Illini will kickoff at 3:36 p.m., EST in Memorial Stadium (capacity: 69,249) and will be televised by ESPN2 and broadcast by WBNS Radio, the flagship station for the statewide Ohio State radio network..."

Game Data: Ohio State at Illinois
October 31, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "We provide our weekly look at the pertinent information and depth charts as well as a prediction for Saturday's Big Ten game between No. 1-ranked Ohio State and Illinois in Champaign (3:30 p.m., ESPN2)..."

From the Ozone: Depth Chart for the Illinois Game

Head to Head: OSU vs Illinois
Source: CBSSportsline.com

DL Quinn Pitcock (concussion) and OL Alex Boone (undisclosed injury, said to be his shoulder) are both questionable
RB Maurice Wells (shoulder stinger) and WR Anthony Gonzalez (concussion) will play.
WR Ray Small (concussion) will not make the trip.
Tressel said Boone had a "procedure" on Sunday and his injury was not serious. Pitcock still could get clearance to play.

Transcript From The October 31th Football Press Luncheon
October 31, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site

Ohio State Player Quotes
October 31, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site

Last Time: OSU-Illinois
October 31, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "The last time Ohio State played Illinois, the Buckeyes took a while to get going, but by the time of the final gun, they had reached 40 points for a third straight game for the first time since Eddie George was wearing scarlet and gray..."

2006 Illinois Fighting Illini Game Preview
November 1, 2006 Source: Buckeye Planet

Illini Set to Face OSU
October 31, 2006 Source: illiniboard.com - "The Illini face their third ranked team this season when they square off against No. 1 Ohio State this weekend. The team lost 24-7 to No. 14 Iowa and 30-24 at No. 17 Wisconsin to post a 0-2 mark against ranked foes this year..."

Inconsistency costs Illinois
October 30, 2006 Source: Daily Herald.com - "Zook says second-half collapses this season due to young lineup..."
(How bad is the seocnd half...well, Illinois over the last four weeks led Indiana, Ohio, Penn State and Wisconsin in the second half and led three of the four (with the exception of Penn State) in the fourth quarter, and lost all four.)

Juice belonged with the orange
November 1, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "OSU could not get QB to leave Illinois...All Isiah "Juice" Williams did was follow the Troy Smith gospel. Why go elsewhere when you've got a chance to play for your home-state team?..."
(Think the Bucks thought highly of "Juice?" Well, they offered him a scholarship his junior year.)

Breakthrough looming?
November 01, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Illinois slowly showing new signs of life under Zook...The Illini are nowhere near where they want to be, but there are encouraging signs of improvement. A talented group of underclassmen, led by freshman quarterback Juice Williams, has caused seven starters from last season to lose their spots..."

OL problems 'across the board'
October 24, 2006 Source: Chicago Sun Times - "The focus has been on freshman quarterback Juice Williams. But the big reason Illinois is more competitive this year is the defense. It is allowing 170 fewer yards, including 106 fewer rushing yards, than last season. That has translated into 14 fewer points per game. Offensively, Illinois' total yardage (11-yard increase), and scoring (two-point increase) hardly have changed..."

Staying close won't be easy against No. 1 Ohio State
October 30, 2006 Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch - "Illinois has made a habit in the past month of playing games that are decided in the final minutes, battling everyone from Ohio University to nationally ranked Wisconsin down to the wire..."

Failing to finish killing Illini
October 29, 2006 Source: Quad City Times - "Justin Harrison says the debate about whether Illinois is good enough to hang with talented football teams should be finished by now. Over, done, old news. 'We're not even listening to that stuff anymore...'"

Illini Nearly Upset Badgers
October 30, 2006 Source: illiniboard.com - "The Fighting Illini almost pulled out a major upset last Saturday against the nationally ranked Wisconsin Badgers in Madison 30-24. It was another frustrating loss that might easily have been a victory, but Illinisports claims it was further proof the Illini are developing into a formidable team..."

MLB J Leman -- If this junior isn't careful, he's going to lead the Big Ten in tackles and make the all-league team. Leman, one of the nation's top 10 tacklers, racked up a game-high 13 tackles. That included 2 1/2 for losses as he made several big hits down the stretch to give Illinois' offense one last chance to pull out the game. Leman, left, leads the Big Ten in tackles per game with 10.9.

OSU Season Football Statistics
Source: The Ozone - Ohio State Overall Team Statistics

University of Illinois Official Site

Illinois Team Stats
Source: University of Illinois Official Site

Stats: Ohio State  -  Illinois

National Statistical Rankings: Total Offense   Total Defense

Big Ten Roundup - Week 9 Standings & More
Source: College Football News

covers.com OSU at Illinois: Match-Up Preview - Live Odds - Matchup Edge

bodog.com Betting Preview: OSU at Illinois & Matchup: OSU at Illinois

OSU at Illinois: Matchup Analysis
Source: Vegas Insider

The Weather Channel Champaign Weather Forecast

OSU gears up for November, Champions made in final month
November 2, 2006 Source: Toledo Blade - "Just before his noon press conference yesterday, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel sat down at a table filled with television crew members and held an informal conversation for about 10 minutes while working on a plate of lasagna..."

No close games are very un-Tressel like
November 2, 2006 Source: The Morning Journal - "Nine games into this season, it's clear this is no ordinary Jim Tressel team...Even Tressel seems to be slightly more relaxed than in past years. He cracks more jokes during press conferences, allows himself to smile on occasion and is much more willing to talk about rankings and the BCS than he was four years ago..."

Second line gets firsthand lessons
November 2, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "One series each week, Ohio State hands the responsibility of protecting the most valuable player in college football to a bunch of backups..."

NewsWhy Ohio State Might Not Be No. 1
October 31, 2006 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "...With that in mind, I’m now going to attempt to do the impossible, and without a net, and try to convince you that Ohio State might not be the number one team in the country. Note the word might. Before your head explodes, Buckeye fans, I voted Ohio State in the top spot and do believe this is the best team in America. With that said..."
E-mail Pete with your thoughts: petef@collegefootballnews.com

VideosNew Videos
New videos added November 1, 2006: Nobody Does It Better (Troy Smith) & the Dominic Jones hit on Ray Small in the Minnesota game.

Rotation Yielding Return On Investment
November 1, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "Heavy player rotation paying dividends for OSU...It started during the Texas game, when the Buckeyes opened eyes by playing over 50 players in such a crucial early season matchup. But things haven't changed since then -- plenty of players are still seeing the field, and the results are paying off. Charles Babb discusses this strategy in his latest article..."

Tressel's Message Broadens
November 1, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "Jim Tressel's 2006 "Theme of the Week" tour may have ended. Now he's set his team on the "Theme of the Month" tour. Throughout this season Tressel has come up with a weekly theme to keep his Buckeyes motivated and into the game with the upcoming opponent. With the change of the calendar month however, Tressel appears to have embarked on a new strategy..."

Defense tackles lofty legacy
November 1, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "2006 group wants to be remembered among school's best...A.J. Hawk, Bobby Carpenter, Donte Whitner, cover your ears. You might not want to hear what T.J. Downing is saying about the Ohio State defense..."

BucknutsBucknuts Recruiting Quick Read
November 1, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "We have returned with the Bucknuts Recruiting Quick Read, a free one-stop feature that lists OSU's recruiting targets and summarizes their status with each. We will be updating this feature throughout the season up to signing day. Check out our first edition, with commentary from Steve Helwagen, Gary Housteau and Duane Long..."

October 31, 2006 OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel discussed the players of the week for the Minnesota game at his weekly press luncheon today. They were as follows:
Offensive Player of the Week - Antonio Pittman
Defensive Player of the Week - Antonio Smith
Special Teams Player of the Week - Drew Norman
Attack Force Player of the Week - Marcus Freeman
Offensive Lineman of the Week - T. J. Downing
Scout Team Offensive Player of the Week - Ryan Franzinger
Scout Team Defensive Player of the Week - Walter Dublin
Scout Team Special Teams Player of the Week - Will Crall

Jim Tressel & TroyO'Neal's play growing by leaps and bounds
October 31, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "Ohio State's sophomore safety boxed out 6-foot-4 Minnesota tight end Jack Simmons and made a leaping grab with Rodmanesque flair. Simmons tried to reach in and wrestle the ball away from the tumbling defensive back, but he would have had an easier time extracting a tooth from an angry crocodile...

Fumbles plague one half of the dynamic RB duo at Ohio State
October 31, 2006 Source: Mansfield News Journal - "Heading into Saturday's game at Illinois, they've rushed for 1,285 yards and 14 touchdowns. Only Wisconsin's P.J. Hill and Lance Smith (1,513) and Michigan's Mike Hart and Kevin Grady (1,314) have chewed up more turf -- remarkable given the tricky footing and sorry state of the Ohio Stadium field -- and only the Badgers backs have scored more touchdowns (17)...The problem has been keeping Wells from punching his own team in the gut..."

From zanesvilletimesrecorder.com: Is Buckeyes' running game ready for stretch run?

Jim Tressel & TroyBuckeyes report: Inside slant
October 30, 2006 Source: The Sports Xchange  - "When Ohio State was a preseason No. 1 and had just as many questions as answers, coach Jim Tressel created the team slogan 'Let there be no doubt'..."

Stats don't tell whole story about Heisman hopefuls
October 30, 2006 Source: SI.com - "Troy Smith proves that it's not just stats that make one the Heisman frontrunner..."

Captain's Corner: Buckeyes Continue To Amaze
October 29, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "They shouldn't be doing this, says Jerry Rudzinski. Nine starters lost on defense, five NFL first-round draft picks... and yet the Buckeyes continue to dominate. Jerry Rudzinski reviews the Minnesota game and talks about why the Buckeyes are so impressive..."

Anonymity is a Good Thing
October 28, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site - "All eyes become fixed upon the majestic quarterback as he gracefully drops back to pass. People hold their breath as he releases the ball and watch it sail through the crisp autumn air toward a speedy receiver in full stride downfield. The ball is caught for a touchdown sending 105,000 fans into ecstasy as people shout about how they love the quarterback and receiver, noting each player by name..."

OSU notebook: New Ohio Stadium turf not making the cut
October 27, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "A few weeks ago, it was out with the old, beaten turf in Ohio Stadium and in with the new. But after a couple of games on the new grass, it’s the same ol’ same ol’. Several Ohio State players complained about the field conditions for the Indiana game Saturday. 'It was slippery, wet, soft,' receiver Ted Ginn Jr. said. 'I didn't really like it. It didn’t look like real grass.'..."

Pitting The Best Against The Best
October 27, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Ohio State coaches and players let the public in on an interesting practice strategy that few other teams subscribe to. Find out what it is, where the idea came from and how it's panned out for the Buckeyes..."

Practice helps OSU stay perfect
October 27, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Some of the greatest Ohio State plays of the season, and some of the toughest matchups the Buckeyes have faced, no one has seen..."

Pitcock One of 17 Seniors Named to Lott Trophy Quarterfinalist List
October 26, 2006 Source: Official OSU Site - "Quinn Pitcock, Ohio State's outstanding senior defensive tackle, is one of seventeen college standouts named a quarterfinalist for the third annual Lott Trophy, it was announced today..."

BCS Analysis: Week 3: OSU #1
October 29, 2006 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "In week three of the BCS rankings, USC drops to eight, but in the key move of the week, Florida moves to fourth to get in range of the coveted number two spot. West Virginia is third and Louisville fourth making the battle on Thursday as big as it gets for a Big East battle. Boise State is 15th, still three spots out of an automatic spot, and Notre Dame is ninth, one spot out of an automatic invite..."

Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
October 29, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "Mr. Bucknuts returns with a long-winded Bucket that rounds up the usual suspects: Glen Mason, Notre Dame and Michigan in general. Then, specifically, he predicts if the Buckeyes will be better or worse next year. And why. Plus, there’s stats-for-geeks, some jaded philosophy and - best of all - letters and cartoons he received. All in this week’s inimitable Bucket of Bullets..."


Minnesota vs OSU Postgame

Ohio State Stays Perfect in 44-point Shutout of Minnesota
October 28, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site - "No. 1 Ohio State won for the 16th straight game as it claimed a 44-0 victory over Minnesota in front of 105,455 fans Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Antonio Pittman ran 21 times for 116 yards and two scores and added two catches for 47 yards while the Buckeye defense had three interceptions and recorded a shutout for the first time since the 2003 season..."

Ohio State scores 44, defense floors Minnesota
Source: CoachTressel.com - "October 28, 2006 Source: CBSSportsline.com - "Ohio State's defense is proving that experience is overrated. While quarterback Troy Smith buffed up his Heisman Trophy numbers by running for one touchdown and throwing for another, top-ranked Ohio State's defense dominated in a 44-0 victory over Minnesota on Saturday..."

Scoring Summary, Team Statistics, Individual Statistics, Drive Chart, Defensive Statistics, Game Participation, Play-by-Play
October 28, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site

Postgame Press Conference From Ohio State vs. Minnesota
Ohio State Player Quotes, Minnesota Postgame Quotes
Postgame Notes From Ohio State vs. Minnesota
October 28, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site

OSU or UM? These Golden Gophers aren't talking
October 29, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "Dominic Jones is in a unique position. The Columbus Brookhaven native has played against Ohio State and Michigan this season. The Gophers were stymied Saturday by Ohio State, and they also lost to the Wolverines on Sept. 30 in Minneapolis, 28-14..."

TSUN played at Minnesota September 30. Here are the stats if you're interested.

Buckeyes take pride in first shutout of season
"Their work appeared to be finished, the hay safely in the barn with Ohio State leading 37-0 early in the fourth quarter. OSU's defensive starters went to the sideline and the backups came in to play out the string. But then the Buckeyes fumbled a punt back to Minnesota, giving the Gophers the ball at the Ohio State 36-yard line. The Buckeyes had come close to posting a shutout several times this season, and they wanted one badly. The starters prevailed upon defensive coordinator Jim Heacock to go back in. He complied. 'Did we (put the starters back in). Yeah, we probably did.' Heacock said, a bit sheepishly. '(The shutout) was a goal of these kids, and I mean, give them an opportunity. It's what you shoot for.'..."
And, Minnesota can't dent OSU defense
October 28, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch

Buckeyes Dominate Gophers with Lopsided Shutout Win
October 28, The Ozone - "The Gophers had absolutely no answer for OSU's offense. The Buckeyes never punted in the game and scored on eight of their 11 possessions. The three drives on which they did not score ended on lost fumbles, one by quarterback Troy Smith, one by running back Chris Wells and one by punt returner Malcolm Jenkins. The Buckeyes scored in every quarter. Their only offensive misfires were the fumbles and a missed extra point by kicker Aaron Pettry..."

Best from the OSU-Minnesota game
October 29, Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Best decision: Quarterback Troy Smith started the game wearing gloves, but they came off after he fumbled early in the second quarter when he was hit from behind..."

Buckeyes badger Gophers
October 29, Akron Beacon Journal - "OSU defense intercepts three passes and yields just 182 yards to Minnesota...

Troy Toys With Gophers, Defense Pitches Shutout
October 28, 2006 Source: NBC4i.com - "Troy Smith threw for a touchdown and ran for another, and Ohio State's defense scored their first shutout in three years, as the No. 1 Buckeyes routed Minnesota 44-0 on Saturday..." (Video)

#1 Buckeyes Roll with Decisive 44-0 Homecoming Win Over Minnesota
October 28, 2006 Source: coachtressel.com - Recap, Summary, Team Stats, Individual Stats, Drive Chart, Defensive Stats

Ohio State manhandles Minnesota behind Pittman's 2 TDs
October 28, 2006 Source: ESPN.com - Recap, Play-By-Play, Drive Chart, Box Score, Photos

Balanced Attack Leads To Big Buckeye Victory
October 28, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Another day, another big win that puts the Buckeyes closer to their season-ending machup with the Wolverines. Find out how the Buckeyes dispatched visiting Minnesota in their final home game before Michigan comes to town..."

Overlooked Buckeyes defense shines
October 28, 2006 Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune - "The ugly stepbrother of the Ohio State offense continued to do its part for the top-ranked Buckeyes in their 44-0 victory over the Gophers on Saturday..."

OSU Season Football Statistics
Source: The Ozone - Ohio State Overall Team Statistics (as of Oct 28, 2006)

Fan Forum
The fan forum is up and running. Get to it by using the link in the Buckeye Fans Only Site Navigation, which is below.

We know the desert can be on the horizon
October 10, 2006 Source: The Morning Journal - "HALFWAY through another season that is expected to end in the desert, we know this team is good. Really good. National championship good? That's for the next six weeks to decide. Until then, here is what we know and what we don't know about Ohio State at the halfway point of the season..."

OSU notebook: Datish commended for keeping his cool
October 4, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "The officials kept their flags in their pockets for the most part Saturday night during Ohio State’s 38-17 win at Iowa. But OSU receiver Anthony Gonzalez said yesterday that it was far from a clean game. 'There were a few plays throughout the game, in particular (OSU center) Doug Datish getting his helmet ripped off and getting punched in the face four times right in front of a ref. That was interesting," Gonzalez said. "I probably shouldn’t have said that...'"

Cheap shot by Hawkeye player
Here here the video evidence! Watch Datish getting punched by #47. The player is Mitch King, first team defensive tackle.

Buckeyes won’t allow weaker foes to dream
October 22, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "It's one thing for a team to move to 8-0 and further solidify its No. 1 ranking by taking apart an opponent as Ohio State did in a 44-3 victory over Indiana on Saturday. It's another thing for those players to be relaxed and confident enough to enjoy every second of it..."

Relaxing walk
October 22, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...what’s amazing is the Buckeyes’ consistency. What’s surprising is the way they’re able to win easily week after week, regardless of the opposition. The scores - 35-12, 24-7, 37-7, 28-6, 38-17, 35-7, 38-7, 44-3 - read like a pleasant stroll through the 1970s, when the traditional powers handed out scholarships like penny candy and everybody else got the cavities..."

Accountant knows his OSU ABCs
October 22, 2006 Toldedo Blade - "Jack Park set out to become an efficient and effective certified public accountant. And he did that. But somewhere along the way, the native of New Lexington, Ohio, also became the definitive source on Ohio State football, and an expert on the history of the college game..."

Who are the nation's Top 10 QBs?
October 20, 2006 Source: SI.com - "While some pre-season pundits picked Brady Quinn as the odds-on favorite, Smith has been phenomenal while leading the Buckeyes to a perfect 7-0 record and the No. 1 national ranking..."

Burning questions: A half-season roundtable
October 19, 2006 Source: SportingNews.com - "Our too-cool-for-school roundtable of experts is about to pummel you with answers to the burning questions of the college football season. Are you ready? Will Ohio State lose this season? Trec Alberts: 'I don't think so. College football has underestimated Jim Tressel. You hear that Charlie Weis and Pete Carroll are geniuses. Then there's Tressel -- the Buckeyes lose quality NFL players every year, the coaching staff gets raided on an annual basis, yet they continue to play at a high level'..."

When 38-7 is better than 31-13
October 17, 2006 Source: Men of the Scarlet & Gray - "The folks over at the M-Zone have posted an interesting article on the inherent faults in using score to determine rankings...However, comparing OSU to UM by their performances against Penn St. is comparing apples to oranges...Instead, an "apples to apples" comparison of OSU/UM should use the Spartans as the common opponent..."

Ohio State, USC 1-2 in first BCS rankings
October 16, 2006 Source: Official BCS Site - "Which team should have the best shot at the national title game? An undefeated team which has struggled? (Think Southern California.) A one-loss team from the best conference in the country? (Think Auburn.) An undefeated team from a conference looking for respect? (Think West Virginia.)..." (Note: Under 'Free Video' check out "FOX BCS breakdown"...you'll enjoy what Howie Long has to say...remember that his son Kyle is a high school junior and already one of the top linemen in the country.)

Human touch puts Bucks atop BCS
October 16, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State on top: So the Buckeyes are the third best team in the country, or so the comput ers say. But since nearly every voting human is pro-OSU, Ohio State holds a commanding lead in the first Bowl Championship Series rankings released Sunday..."

With Ohio State on top, BCS ratings debut with many 'what-ifs'
October 16, 2006 Source: USA Today - "Which team should have the best shot at the national title game? An undefeated team which has struggled? (Think Southern California.) A one-loss team from the best conference in the country? (Think Auburn.) An undefeated team from a conference looking for respect? (Think West Virginia.)..."

Midseason Crystal Ball
October 12, 2006 Source: SI.com - SI.com's college football writers Stewart Mandel, Luke Winn, Cory McCartney and Mark Beech provide their predictions for the second half of the season.

Breaking Down the BCS: What does it all mean?
October 16, 2006 Source: TruChamp.com - Confused about how the BCS works? Well, it is actually pretty simple these days..."

OSU's Downing anchors Buckeyes' resurgent O-line with high energy, plenty of talent and attitude to spare
October 14, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Sue Downing used to find it disturbing, those things her son would say in the paper, the talk about "getting nasty" on the field. Then T.J. Downing would explain what he meant and Mom would shake her head and try to understand, something lost in the translation. This message was clear. When she sat down for lunch with her son on Aug. 19 and he pulled off his scarlet skullcap to reveal his new Mohawk, Mom didn't scream..."

OSU Making Teams Drive
October 11, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Teams have had to take the long way home to score on Ohio State this season. Six games into the year, the opposition has started only two drives in OSU territory, helping the Buckeyes earn the nation's top scoring defense. BuckeyeSports.com looks into it to find out how much it's helped OSU get to 6-0..."

Buckeyes reloaded - Bucks' Stoppers
October 11, 2006 Source: SportingNews.com - "Instead of being the weak link in Ohio State's national title hopes, Jim Laurinaitis and the defense are flying high. SN's Tom Dienhart explains how to pronounce the linebacker's name and what it spells for the Buckeyes' opponents..."

Also: Laurinaitis is quick to learn about picks
October 12, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "The art of the steal, or at least the intercepted pass, is all in the preparation, James Laurinaitis said..."

Smith’s passing efficiency threatens Big Ten record
October 10, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Troy Smith has become a downright picky passer of historical significance. Buoyed by his performance in the past two games, which included throwing seven touchdown passes with no interceptions, the Ohio State senior quarterback is at the top of the Big Ten career passing efficiency list..."

The best QB in Big Ten history
October 10, 2006 Source: Men of the Scarlet and Gray

No. 1 Buckeyes chasing history
October 10, 2006 Source: Mansfield News Journal - "What we are witnessing could turn out to be the greatest season ever by a college football team. If the Buckeyes finish 13-0 and win the national championship, they will have done so by winning two No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchups along the way -- and possibly three..."

Big Ten Stat Leaders Mirror Big Ten Standings
October 22, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "The Big Ten season is now half over. The Big Ten statistics confirm exactly what the Big Ten standings say, that there are three teams dominating in Big Ten football this year..."

OSU Team Statistics as of October 22, 2006

Big Ten Weekly Football Release - Oct. 23

Hartline Hits ThigpenSpecial teams tone was set on Hartline
October 22, 2006 Source: The Morning Journal - "One of Indiana's biggest weapons entering yesterday's game was kick returner Marcus Thigpen, who has returned three kickoffs for touchdowns this year and ranked second in the country with a 37-yard average. Brian Hartline negated all that with one hit..."

The Big, Bad Brian Hartline
October 23, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Three weeks removed from campaigning for the Jack Tatum Hit of the Week award, Ohio State wideout Brian Hartline should have an easier time selling himself this week..."

Antonio Smith sacks IU QB Kellen LewisBuckeyes' other Smith a spark on other side of the ball
October 24, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "While Troy Smith was striking the pose with another Heisman-esque performance, his namesake on the other side of the ball was just plain striking..."

OSU's run at No. 1 reaches nine weeks
Source: Foxsports.com -&nbssp;"Ohio State's run at No. 1 is now one week short of the Buckeyes' longest to start a season..."

Minnesota vs OSU    Preview

No. 1 Buckeyes Conclude Home Stand with Gophers
October 23, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site - "Ohio State concludes its two-game home stand this week by hosting Minnesota. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:36 p.m. EDT, Saturday, in sold out Ohio Stadium (102,329). This week is Homecoming at Ohio State and the Buckeyes' 1956 and 1961 football teams will hold reunions and be introduced at the game. The annual Captains' Breakfast will be held at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Blackwell Hotel..."

Game Data: Minnesota at Ohio State
October 24, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "We have the pertinent info, depth charts and a prediction on the Homecoming game (ABC, 3:30 p.m.)..."

Keys to victory in Week 10
Scouting in Week 10
October 27, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com

Last Time Out: Minnesota
October 24, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "The last time Ohio State and Minnesota got together on the football field, the two teams’ offenses did their best to give the Metrodome scoreboard operator a workout..."

Transcript From The October 24th Football Press Luncheon
October 24, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site

Tressel Press Conference Wrap-up
October 24, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "OSU head coach Jim Tressel spoke with the media this afternoon on a variety of subjects, ranging from this weekend's opponent to his rumored interest in the Cleveland Browns coaching position. We have a wrap-up of his conferences, along with some thoughts from Minnesota head coach Glen Mason on this weekend's game..."

Audio: Listen to Jim Tressel's weekly teleconference
October 26, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site - "Tressel talks about the win over Indiana, this week's game against Minnesota and more..."

Laurinaitis Holds Teleconference Prior To Homecoming Game vs. Minnesota
October 26, 2006 Source: Cleveland.com - "Ohio State sophomore linebacker James Laurinaitis, a Minnesota native, address the media Tuesday on a teleconference previewing the Buckeye's homecoming game with the Gophers Saturday at Ohio Stadium (3:36 p.m. kickoff). Audio from Heisman Trophy candidates Troy Smith (Sr., quarterback) and Ted Ginn Jr. (Jr., receiver/returner) also is available at and OhioStateBuckeyes.com/tedginn.

Player Quotes
October 24, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site (Anotonio Smith & Doug Datish)

Ohio State Player Quotes
October 24, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site (Antonio Pittman and James Laurinaitis speak to the media Tuesday after practice.)

Ohio State Assistant Coaches' Quotes
October 25, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site (Coaches Paul Haynes and Dick Tressel speak to the media Wednesday after practice.)

Facing top-notch offense helps give defense its edge
October 28, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch

The OzoneOhio State vs. Minnesota Preview
October 26, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "Tony Gerdeman's weekly preview of the upcoming game."

From the Ozone: Depth Chart for the Minnesota Game

From the Ozone: The-Ozone Note and Quotebook
Buckeye Planet2006 Minnesota Golden Gophers Game Preview
October 26, 2006 Source: Buckeye Planet - "The Minnesota Gophers did not envision this type of season, where they sit 0-4 in conference play, as they entered 2006. Coming off a 7-4 campaign, the offense was productive for much of 2005, including putting 31 points up against the Buckeyes in the Metrodome..."

2006 Minnesota Golden Gophers - Additional Information

Head to Head: IU vs OSU
Source: CBSSportsline.com

Minnesota Golden Gophers  Golden Gophers to Take on Top-Ranked Buckeyes
October 23, 2006 Source: Minnesota Official Site - "The University of Minnesota football team travels to Columbus, Ohio this Saturday to take on the top-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. The game is scheduled to kick off at 2:30 p.m. (CST) and will be nationally televised on ABC..."

Defense receives Gophers warning
October 26, 2006 Source: Cleveland.com - "The Ohio State defense was lit up by Minnesota last year. Just in case the defenders forgot about it, support personnel hung a sheet in each of their lockers this week to remind them as they prepare to play host to Minnesota for homecoming Saturday. The sheet pointed out that last year the Gophers passed for 396 yards and had 578 yards. 'That’s the second-most passing yards in 116 years of Ohio State football and second most total yards,' linebacker James Laurinaitis said the sheet declared..." ("...it was merely the ninth most passing yards...")

OSU will be facing lots of Buckeyes
October 25, 2006 Source: Toldedo Blade - "Minnesota stocked with Ohio players...When Minnesota comes here Saturday to play top-ranked Ohio State, the Golden Gophers won't need passports, a map or even directions. There are so many native Buckeyes on that team and coaching staff, they know just where they are going..."

The 17 Ohioians on Minnesota's roster: Dominic Alford (Cleveland, Shaker Heights High School), Trumaine Banks (Columbus, Eastmoor), William Brody (Garfield Heights, Benedictine), D.J. Burris (Kenton), Mike Chambers (Cuyahoga Falls, Walsh-Jesuit), Bryan Cupito (Cincinnati, McNicholas), Alex Daniels (Columbus, Brookhaven), Jason Giannini (Canton, Glen Oak), Blake Haudan (Toledo, St. John’s). Dominic Jones (Columbus, Brookhaven), Marvin Jones (Columbus, Brookhaven), Justin Kucek (Canfield), Mike Maciejowski (Upper Arlington), Keith Massey (Columbus, Brookhaven), Terrence Sherrer (Cincinnati Colerain), Justin Valentine (Columbus, Eastmoor) and Ernie Wheelwright (Columbus, Walnut Ridge). By contrast, James Laurinaitis is the only Minnesotan to suit up for the current Buckeyes.

University of Minnesota Official Site

Coach Mason Previews the Match-Up Against Top-Ranked Ohio State
October 24, 2006 Source: Official Minnesota Site - "They’re dangerous offensively and it starts with their quarterback, Troy Smith. A lot of times I watch as the hype unfolds for Heisman Trophy candidates each and every year. Some of the announcers on TV want to crown somebody right away because they did something. Then the next week they bury a guy because he fumbled the ball, and the next week he’s up there again. It is not hype with this guy, I can tell you that. The last time I looked at a guy and thought about the best player in the country in the same regard was when Barry Sanders was at Oklahoma State. The guy is really something..."

Notes & Quotes

U lost a star to OSU
October 26, 2006 Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press - "When one gets away, there's always a tendency to downplay the significance. In the case of James Laurinaitis, the line was something like, 'Oh, he wasn't that good.' Still is in some circles, and that's hard to believe..."

Mason fields bricks from Minnesota fans
October 25, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Like those crazy frat boys from Animal House, Glen Mason is on the 10-year plan at Minnesota. And from the looks of things, he’s not graduating any time soon..."

Random BuckNotes
October 26, 2006 Source: Men of the Scarlet and Gray - "If OSU beats Minnesota by by 17 points this weekend, it will be the first time since 1973 that a Buckeye team has won its first nine games by 17 points or more..."

Stats: Ohio State  -  Minnesota

National Statistical Rankings: Total Offense   Total Defense

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