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Movie Trailer: 2008 Is Our Year

2008 CFN Big Ten Preview
July 31, 2008 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "...First of all, it’s time to stop punishing Ohio State for losing the last two national title games. There’s no shame whatsoever in losing to the national champions...Big Ten Game of the Year Ohio State at Wisconsin, Oct. 4 – What?! Uh, isn’t Michigan playing at Ohio State this year? Yeah, but there’s a very good chance the Wolverines will be finishing up a major rebuilding project while the Buckeye – Badger battle could have real, live national title implications. If nothing else, the game in Madison will go a long, long way to deciding the Big Ten championship..."

2008 Big Ten Preview - Unit Rankings
July 31, 2008 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "...Offenses 1. Ohio State...Running Backs 1. Ohio State...Defenses 1. Ohio State...Linebackers 1. Ohio State...Defensive Backs 1. Ohio State...Quarterbacks, Receivers, Offensive Line, Special Teams 2. Ohio State..."

Buckeyes report: Strategy and personnel
July 31, 2008 Source: CBS Sportsline - "The rest of the nation might be tired of watching Ohio State get hammered in national title games, but the Buckeyes might just have a third-straight run in them. With 20 starters returning (including special teams), the Buckeyes return nearly every key player from a team that won the Big Ten last season. They will attempt to become the first team in the 112-year history of the Big Ten to win three-straight outright conference championships...SCOUTING THE OFFENSE, DEFENSE & SPECIAL TEAMS..."

Big Ten conferenceBig Ten tour: How is conference perceived?
July 31, 2008 Source: ESPN  - "What do college football fans around the country think about the Big Ten? Daryl Seaton decided to find out. Seaton is the Big Ten's assistant commissioner for branding, joining the conference six months ago after working for Coca-Cola...Seaton has conducted market research to get a sense of how people inside and outside the Big Ten region regard the league. Focus groups recently were conducted in the Midwest, West Coast and Southeast. Here are some of the findings..."

Ohio State's Justin Boren is a player divided
July 31, 2008 Source: Sporting News - "If you are a particularly ardent Michigan Wolverine, Justin Boren is a turncoat...He did the unthinkable, the unforgivable. Justin Boren transferred from Michigan to Ohio State...'Coach Tressel is a total players coach,' Boren says. 'He's a first-class guy and down to earth. Coach Bollman is the same way. One of the toughest things I've ever done was telling Coach Tressel I was going to Michigan. I loved those guys so much and had become so close.'...'I never wanted to quit Michigan,' Boren says. 'But when I left, Ohio State was the only school I ever considered.'...When asked why he prefers the Ohio State staff, Boren provides some insight into his disaffection for the new Michigan coaches. '(Tressel and his staff) coach with class and emphasize education,' he says. 'They put what's most important first. Each player is important. There's no bashing of players. You're not going to be belittled. Each player has feelings. They treat each person with respect.' ..."

Beanie Wells, after throwing down his cap, reacts in shock after failing to score on the last play of the game, falling in a semifinal to Donald Washington (back to the camera).Ohio State football: Buckeyes take video games very seriously
July 31, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "If you're an Ohio State fan with $65 to spare, you might want to watch some videogames next year. Wednesday's charity event at Eddie George's 27 Grille didn't get a ton of publicity in its first go-round, and the players were only told about it Sunday night. But come on ... it was playing NCAA 2009 to raise money for cancer. Not exactly heavy lifiting. Still, it was stunning to find nearly every major member of the Buckeyes, at least more than 50 in total, hanging out Wednesday, with so few fans there to soak in the atmosphere, get autographs at will and watch what college athletes might really act like in their free time..."

Photo GalleryPhoto GalleryUplifting Athletes Fundraiser and Video Game Tournament
Source: OSU Official Site

Worthington Pleads Not Guilty To DUI
July 31, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "Ohio State junior defensive tackle Doug Worthington was in court Thursday morning and pleaded not guilty to charges that he drove under the influence of alcohol Saturday morning on OSU's campus....Worthington will next face a jury trial in the near future...Worthington’s father – Douglas Worthington – was also at the courthouse to show support for his son. 'Doug has always been a good kid and a good young man – he’s never been in trouble before in his life,' Douglas Worthington said. 'However, he knows he was out too late and he needs to handle this like a man. And that’s what he is doing. When the facts come out, hopefully it goes our way, but he knows he shouldn’t be out that late..."

Worthington facing DUI charge
July 29, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Starting defensive tackle Doug Worthington faces a drunken-driving charge after he was arrested early Saturday morning on campus. Worthington, 20, was pulled over by OSU police at 3:13 a.m...practically right in front of Ohio Stadium. He was going 41 mph in a 25 mph zone, police reports show. His exact blood-alcohol level wasn't listed, but by definition of the charge, it must have been between 0.08 and 0.17..."

Top Six College Football Storylines for the 2008 Season
July 30, 2008 Source: bleacher report - "...No. 4: Does the winner of the USC- Ohio State game have the inside track to get to Miami? Week 3, Sept. 13. All eyes will be focused on the Coliseum where the Buckeyes and Trojans will duke it out Rose Bowl style. If Ohio State wins, they’ll have little trouble waltzing through their Big Ten schedule all the way to the Orange Bowl. At Wisconsin and at Illinois are the only potential roadblocks. If USC wins, they also will have minimal resistance from their conference. With all their “tough” conference games at home, the Trojans are set up nicely for a title run. But with an untested quarterback, I can see USC maybe slipping up somewhere along the way, ruining their shot to play for a championship. That’s okay though, apparently the Trojans don’t need to play in a championship game to win a title (see 2003)..."

Chris 'Beanie' Wells reminds many of Jim BrownWells reminds Griffin of Brown, too
July 30, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...'People probably think I'm crazy when I say it, but Chris Wells is the closest thing to Jim Brown that I've ever seen,' (Archie) Griffin said on a teleconference today. 'That says a whole lot, I know, but I really believe it.' Ohio State running backs coach Dick Tressel famously made the comparison when Wells arrived in Columbus. Eddie George, Ohio State's most recent Heisman Trophy-winning running back, agreed with that assessment. And Griffin and his two Heisman Trophies have confirmed it..."

Off Topic
ESPN expose could undo Paterno
July 30, 2008 Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Joe Paterno's reaction to the Outside the Lines piece about Penn State's off-field issues could play a role in getting the longtime coach out the door, Bob Smizik writes in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Most college athletic programs like nothing better than for ESPN to visit their campuses...But if it's a visit from "Outside The Lines," the ESPN show that often takes a look at the seamy side of sports, well, that's different...Penn State football received the "Outside The Lines" treatment Sunday, and it made the once-admired program looked like a renegade outfit with its revered coach seemingly out of touch with his team and its players..."

Who'll replace Joe Paterno at Penn State (next season)?
July 30, 2008 Source: Sporting News - "Read the signs — this is Joe Paterno's last season at Penn State. Matt Hayes says school president Graham Spanier will pick JoePa's successor, and Wisconsin's Bret Bielema is one of the top five candidates to replace the Lions' legend..."

Ohio State, USC top targets of fans' ire
July 29, 2008 Source: ESPN - "The college football team fans love to hate? The discussion used to begin and end in South Bend. But Notre Dame's drop in the polls also has caused the Irish to drop in my rankings that are topped by college football's Public Enemy No. 1..."

College football fans love to hate
July 29, 2008 Source: ESPN - "Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins isn't sure how the Buckeyes became one of college football's most hated teams. Maybe it's the way many Buckeye fans refer to their school as "The" Ohio State University. Maybe it's coach Jim Tressel's sweater vests. Does Jim Tressel's sweater vest have have anything to do with the hatred of the Buckeyes? Or maybe it's just all the winning.'It doesn't surprise me,' Jenkins said. 'Half the nation doesn't like Ohio State.'..."

Ohio State football: Are the Buckeyes No. 1?
July 28, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...Gotta say, I have no clue. But if it's going to be Ohio State, the Buckeyes may have to be undefeated. I have been espousing the logic put forth here by Dennis Dodd (If twice they didn't succeed, will polls let Buckeyes try again? July 25 CBSSportline.com) that pollsters will hold their last two national title game losses against the Buckeyes..."

Big Ten Power Rankings
July 28, 2008 Source: Big Ten Network -  Brent Yarina writes: "With kickoff just about a month away, I thought it was a good time to unveil my preseason power rankings. One look at the rankings proves the obvious: Ohio State is going to be good -- real good. The other thing is that I don't see Iowa, which was bowl eligible last season, being able to keep pace with potential up-and-comings Northwestern and Minnesota. So that means the Hawkeyes bring up the rear..."

Expectations run high for Ohio State
July 28, 2008 Source: FoxSports.com - "It's not like Ohio State got waxed in two straight Poinsettia Bowls. It's not like the Buckeyes have been pummeled by Vanderbilt and Kentucky. The team lost two straight national championship games (let that sink in for a moment) to teams that would've beaten at least 115 other teams in a BCS Championship game. Yes, it really is possible Ohio State was very good and just plain lost two really big games...."

Despite all his talent, Terrelle Pryor is driven to learn.Pryor's competitive nature makes him student of game
July 27, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...The physical abilities are obvious. Pryor is the first player in Pennsylvania high school history to both throw and run for more than 4,000 career yards. He possesses a rare blend of size, speed and strength...But when it comes to Pryor, it's not measurables that matter most. It's his attitude. A player who comes to college so highly touted could pose a severe challenge to team chemistry if he gives off a sense of arrogance or entitlement...According to those around him, though, one of Pryor's best traits is that he knows how much he doesn't know. He is driven by a desire to improve, and he yearns to be challenged..."

Ohio State's Boeckman watching Pryor's moves
July 25, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "'He's a special player, a special talent,' Boeckman said on the second day of the Big Ten pre-season kickoff conference. 'I haven't seen what he can do on the field, so we're looking forward to seeing what he can do on Aug. 4.'...But Tressel is confident the reliable Boeckman will lead this team, picked again to win the Big Ten. 'I think Ohio State is important to him and he's going to lay it on the line for Ohio State,' Tressel said. 'He did it as an 18-year-old and he's doing now as a 35-year-old, or whatever he is. That's why you root for him so hard.'..."

July 25, 2008 Source: Brent's Big Blog BigTen Network.com - "...Life is good for Buckeye quarterback Todd Boeckman. He's the conference's reigning highest-efficient passer, he boasts weapons all over the field, and he calls Ohio Stadium home. He has it all, really -- that is, everything but an IPod. I was shocked to find this out when I asked him what his favorite song was on his IPod. And here I was thinking I'm the only 20-something who hasn't come to grips with technology. Glad to know I'm not alone..."

Jim Tressel, James Laurinaitis and Todd Boeckman are interviewed
during the 2008 Big Ten media conference in Chicago.

Media Guide Depth Chart Holds Several Surprises
July 25, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "There weren't a whole lot of surprises yesterday at the first day of the annual Big Ten Football media event, but the depth chart listed in the OSU media guide did have some things in it that raised a few eyebrows. Check out the-Ozone report now..."

Donald Washington may have to sit for the first two games of the season.Washington's future still cloudy
July 25, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel today would not get into specifics on the immediate future of starting cornerback Donald Washington, though the scuttlebutt continues that Washington might have to sit out the first two games of the season because of a breach of unspecified team rules in the spring..."

The Big Ten luncheon
July 25, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "The Big Ten media days have come to a close, with this afternoon's 37th annual Kickoff Luncheon...Jim Tressel confirmed Eugene Clifford's departure from Ohio State for Tennessee State...Terrelle Pryor continued to be the topic of the session and Tressel told everyone who asked that he expects Pryor to play a role in the offense this season...Freshman lineman Mike Adams, recovering from shoulder surgery, could be back sooner than expected..."

Coach Tressel at Big Ten Media Day July 24

Jim Tressel Press Conference Transcript

Ohio State Named Big Ten Football Preseason Favorite
July 24, 2008 Source: BigTen.org - "The Big Ten Conference announced today that Ohio State has been selected as the preseason favorite among members of the media attending the conference’s football media day. Wisconsin was chosen to place second, while Illinois was selected third. The Big Ten announces only the top three teams in its preseason poll. The voting members of the media also honored Ohio State running back Chris “Beanie” Wells as the Preseason Offensive Player of the Year while teammate and linebacker James Laurinaitis was tabbed Preseason Defensive Player of the Year for the second straight season..."

VideoJim Tressel and seniors James Laurinaitis and Todd Boeckman met with media Thursday in Chicago
July 24, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site

VideoJim Tressel discussed Terrelle Pryor
July 24, 2008
Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel was asked about incoming freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Thursday at the 2008 Big Ten football media conference.

VideoHear from all the Big Ten coaches at Media Day
July 24, 2008 Source: Big Ten Network

Big Ten Football Media Days Coaches Session
July 24, 2008 Source: BigTen.org - "...links to transcripts and video for all the Big Ten coaches from the first session of the 2008 Big Ten Football Media Days.."

Tressel Looks Forward To 2008
July 24, 2008 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - " The 2008 season is just more than a month away, and again the Buckeyes are viewed as the team to beat in the Big Ten. At the annual Big Ten Football Kickoff in Chicago, Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel looked forward to the season and updated the situations facing several current -- and soon-to-be-former -- players on the roster...."

Jim Tressel In Chicago
July 24, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "...with updated links for the OSU football roster and latest depth chart..."

Photo GalleryPhoto GalleryGallery: Big Ten Football Media Day
Source: OSU Official Site

Tressel uses old 49ers to drive home championship point to Buckeyes
July 24, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...OSU coach Jim Tressel has been wary of boring his veteran Buckeyes with things they've heard and done before. So during the summer doldrums, Tressel decided to blind his players with Super Bowl rings, bringing in former San Francisco 49ers Rice, Lott, Joe Montana and Roger Craig to talk to the team...."

Tressel still answering title game questions
July 24, 2008 Source: Rivals.com - "...But Tressel did seem agitated – a bit, at least – at persistent questions about the strength and general manhood of the Big Ten in the wake of Ohio State's foibles in the past two BCS title games...All of a sudden, Ohio State is getting less credit for getting to the past two BCS title games and more grief for its colossal collapses. It's almost as if the world has forgotten that Tressel led Ohio State to a national title in 2002...."

It's aye, aye for the Buckeyes
July 24, 2008 Source: Chicago Sun Times - "Ohio State is team to beat again, but potential threats loom...Even though Ohio State has been ridiculed for losing to Florida and LSU by a combined 79-38 in the last two title games, it's a testament to the program Jim Tressel has put together that the Buckeyes got there -- and have the ingredients to get back for a third season in a row..."

Analysis: Answering Buckeyes' questions
July 24, 2008 Source: LimaOhio.com - "With 18 starters back from last year's 11-2 team, which lost to LSU in the BCS national championship game, the Buckeyes are the obvious choice to win the Big Ten this fall...But, like any year, even a year in which you're everybody's early favorite, Ohio State faces some questions. A few of those questions are:..."

Boredom could be Buckeyes' biggest obstacle
July 24, 2008 Source: Mansfield News Journal - "There are precious few hot-button issues on a team that has 20 returning starters, the nation's No. 1 high school recruit and a coach who, when he isn't climbing the New York Times' bestseller list, could beat Michigan wearing his sweater vest as a blindfold. Where is the air of mystery? A hint of controversy?...I'll stick to the following five questions in Chicago, although you and I already know the answers. ..."

Coach Tressel's book signing tour is drawing large crowds.Tressel the next Hemingway?
July 23, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "OSU coach Jim Tressel's book has landed at No. 3 on the New York Times bestseller list in the "advice, self-help and miscellaneous" category, according to the publisher, Tyndale House. Tressel's "The Winners Manual" has been out only since July 15. The most interesting facts in the Tyndale House press release is the number of books Tressel signed last week: Tuesday, New Jersey: 400 Wednesday, Columbus (three different stores): 3,000 Thursday, northeast Ohio (three stores): 3,700 Saturday, Pickerington: 1,500 That adds up to 8,600 autographs in five days. Do him a favor, if you see him in the next week or two, don't offer to shake his hand!"

OSU football coach Jim Tressel signs books, jokes with Michigan fans
July 18, 2008 Source: The Morning Journal - "In a room drenched in scarlet and gray, chants of O-H-I-O ringed around John McKay last night...Then there was McKay. Wearing a Michigan hat and t-shirt, he looked like a steak lover at a PETA convention...Can I punch him in the nose?' Tressel cracked..."

Tressel Drawing Large Crowds at Book Signings
July 17, 2008 Source: The Ozone - (Story and photos)

Coach Tressel on ESPN’s College Football Live July 21

Chris 'Beanie' Wells 'Beanie' for HeismanWells aims to prevent a Tebow double dip
July 20, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Archie Griffin's niche in college football history as the only two-time Heisman Trophy winner is being threatened again. But his Ohio State protege, running back Chris "Beanie" Wells, doesn't plan to stand idly by and let it just happen...'It would be great, too, to be able to defend his honor,' Wells said of Griffin, the Heisman winner in 1974 and '75..."

Heisman To Do List for Beanie Wells
July 14, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "Big things are expected of the Buckeyes this year, and big things are expected of tailback Beanie Wells, like contending for the Heisman Trophy. Tony Gerdeman has come up with a little to-do list for Beanie that will help him along toward that Heisman..."

Vote for Beanie's Stiffarm Nickname Source: The Ozone

Obsessing over OSU's QB race? Buckeyes' defensive issues will decide their BCS fate
July 19, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "The OSU defense has been exposed against top teams as stat-padders, feeding off weaklings. The defense fell apart in the final games against Michigan and Florida in 2006 and crumbled again against LSU last season. How were LSU tight ends 10 yards open for touchdowns? The great strength of the 2002 team was its front four..."

Off Topic

Coach Carroll on his first Rose Bowl with the Buckeyes

From Ames to Columbus
July 22, 2008 Source: Eleven Warriors - "When the Buckeyes and Trojans finally do tangle — and judging by recent activity, it can’t get here fast enough for fans of every stripe — Pete Carroll will be taking the field against a school he formerly coached at for the first time in his career. Carroll arrived in Columbus for the 1979 season attached to new head coach Earl Bruce... ..."

Brandon Saine is one of the feastest players in college football.The Fastest Players In College Football, 2008
July 18, 2008 Source: HeismanPundit.com - "Here’s our annual list of the fastest players in college football. Now, some of you are going to disagree with parts of this, probably by quoting a hand-timed 40-yard dash that you read about somewhere on a fan site. But I am basing this list upon hard data, meaning verifiable and recent track times. I have taken this data and combined it with my knowledge of track and field as well as my own observations of how these players move on the gridiron. So, without further ado:...6. Brandon Saine, So., RB, Ohio State–Saine should be a great replacement for Chris Wells in 2009. His 10.38 100-meter speed is amazing considering his rather solid size (6-0, 210)...."

Off Topic
Bengals QB Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer Hates Ohio State
July 18, 2008 Source: cavsboard.com - "This is definitely off-topic, but still interesting for those fans who cheer for the Buckeyes and/or Bengals. Carson Palmer, the Bengals quarterback who was drafted out of USC, was not at all hesitant to let his true feelings show when an LA-based sports radio station asked about his loyalties. Listen to his comments below..."

Listen to the audioCarson Palmer: "I Can't Stand The Buckeyes"

Coach Tressel on ESPN First Take

They're Baaack: Big Ten predictions
July 15, 2008 Source: ESPN - "Is the nation ready for more Ohio State? With an experienced team returning, the Buckeyes are the team to beat..."

Tressel On ESPN Wrapup: Chat Transcript, Videos
July 15, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - Links to: "...video highlights of Jim Tressel on ESPN2 Tuesday afternoon, discussing OSU's upcoming season...Tressel was also on Rome Is Burning...link to the interview...(and) the chat transcript from Tressel's chat session today on ESPN.com..."

Team preview: Ohio State
July 15, 2008 Source: ESPN - Links to: "...ESPN has teamed with Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook to provide a comprehensive look at all Division I-A teams...Grading the Ohio State Buckeyes: Offense B+, Special teams C+, Defense B, Intangibles A-...The talent and depth is amazing. Traditionally, quarterbacks make big improvements in their second full year of starting...With a horse like Wells at his disposal, experienced receivers, and a veteran line in front, he doesn't need to try and do too much...Defensively, the front needs to step up...the defense has incredible depth. No question, this is the favorite to win the Big Ten...But the Buckeyes face a tough road schedule...OSU also must watch for stumbles against teams that usually play the Buckeyes tough..."

Blue Ribbon Unmasked
July 21, 2008 Source: Eleven Warriors - Links to: "After ESPN released their Buckeye football preview last week (courtesy of Blue Ribbon) there was a bit of confusion over the grades assigned...the writer saw fit to give the offense a C+, the defense a C and the special teams a B+. Shortly after the preview comments section blew up, the grades were changed to a B+ for offense, B for defense and C+ for special teams...Well the author of the preview finally outed himself (ESPN did not publish the original byline) and it’s none other than the Dispatch’s very own Ken Gordon...(who) published evidence to support his defensive evaluation:..."

Defending the grade
July 18, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - The Dispatch's Ken Gordon defends his analysis of the Buckeyes, which is noted above.

Big Ten's 5 biggest game-changing players
July 15, 2008 Source: Big Ten Network - Links to: "Are you craving some football? If so, I'm here to help out with my list of the Big Ten's five biggest game-changing players. Like any top 5, this list is subjective. To rank the players, I considered qualities like track record, potential upside and team success, among other things. I also tried to think from a coach's perspective, in that of all the Big Ten players, which ones would I spend the most time preparing my team for?..."

Buckeyes Looking for Depth at Quarterback
July 15, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel says his numbers are a little thinner than he would like at quarterback as fall camp approaches, but the coach has a plan. He also says the news is not so good for a senior offensive lineman but better for a highly touted freshman. Check out the complete story now..."

Coach Tressel met with the media Monday at the Les Wexner Football Complex to discuss his new book
Listen to the audioCoach Tressel Press Conference Source: OSU Official Site
The OSU head coach talks about his new book The Winners Manual at a press conference Monday at the WHAC. Tressel’s proceeds will benefit the Ohio State Library Renovation Fund.

Tressel Becomes Author With The Winners Manual
July 14, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "...The 304-page book contains inspirational and educational anecdotes from Tressel's life and career as a college football coach. Click for more on the book as well as Tressel's Tuesday chat on ESPN.com and book signing appearances, plus video of Tressel's press conference..."

Former Buckeyes Speak to Ohio State Football Team
July 14, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "A number of experts spoke out in an evening program presented by OSU's athletics compliance department to members of the Buckeye football squad Thursday (July 10)...including the responsibility of being an Ohio State student-athlete, ways to succeed in the classroom and in life, avoiding substance abuse and gambling, and financial and other awareness issues when planning a professional sports career. The panel included Scottie Graham, now on staff with the National Football League Players Association; Anthony Gonzalez, who now plays for the Indianapolis Colts; Roy Hall, now with the Indianapolis Colts; and Will Allen, who plays for the Miami Dolphins..." (Quotes in article)

Jim CordleCordle expects pressure on Bucks
July 14, 2008 Source: Chillicothe Gazette - "...As a returning starter on a team that's made it to - and lost - the last two National Championship games, Cordle knows the pressure is on to have another successful season in Columbus. 'We should expect that. When you're at Ohio State you should have expectations,' he said. 'With the year we had last year and coming back with all these guys, of course we'll take it one game at a time, but we have expectations for ourselves. We're trying to live up to that.'..."

Animosity toward Ohio State is a badge of honor
July 9, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "A Web outfit called Bleacher Report recently published its list of the "most disliked" college football programs of the past 25 years...the list soon ended up on SI.com and who knows how many other sites. A couple of clicks later, up pops a drawing of a gray sweater vest. There is a red tie beneath it and a little red symbol of some kind over the heart...That mysterious, headless drawing seems vaguely familiar, and sure enough, as we scroll down and tick off the numbers from No. 10 to No. 1, there are Jim Tressel's Buckeyes sitting right near the bottom, er, top...They're not No. 1. They're only No. 3..."

Recruiting Class of 2009
Sam Longo
Sam Longo makes it official: he's a Buckeye
Bellbrook (OH) HS's Sam Longo officially committed to the Buckeyes today (July 7). The coaches were informed last week but he waited until today to make the announcement. "I committed to Ohio State. The people at Ohio State are great. They treat you great. It's always been my dream to play for Ohio State," Longo said. A 6'5" 267lb offensive lineman, who runs the 40 in 4.7, he played both guard and tackle in high school. "Coach Bollman thinks I can play all three positions, tackle, guard or center. I prefer tackle, but I'm open to anything," Sam said. In an evaluation of him, Scout's wrote: "Longo is a devastating blocker. He uses his long arms and strength to toss the opposition aside like dish towels. Solid is pass protection. Has very good feet and moves well in space. Has outstanding knee bend and seems very athletic for a lineman." Longo's strengths, according to Scout, are "Aggresiveness / Tenacity, Explosion andToughness." Rivals rates him as the most athletic offensive lineman in the Class of 2009. Longo, whose Dad played his college football at OSU (Gene Longo played linebacker for the Buckeyes), had offers from Notre Dame, Illinois, Florida State, Nebraska, Penn State, Stanford, Miami, Michigan State, Boston College, Virginia, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Miami (OH) and Northwestern among his 20 plus offers. Welcome aboard, Sam!

VideoSam Longo Highlights
Source: Rivals.com

Bellbrook's Longo will play for Buckeyes
July 8, 2008 Source: Dayton Daily News - "'It's a big deal for me,' Longo said. 'I cut it down to two schools (Ohio State and Penn State) and kept going back and forth. I just thought if the offer closed up, could I live with it? I stopped worrying and jumped on it.' Longo, who said he had offers from 32 schools...is 6-foot-51/2 and weighs 276 pounds...'At Ohio State, you're going to play with the best,' Longo said. 'It is kind of scary playing with all the big guys, but it will only help me in the long run.' Longo's father, Gene Longo, was an outside linebacker for the Buckeyes from 1981-84..."

Tressel has long history with '09 recruit's family
July 9, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch

Since 2002, Jim Heacock's defense's have helped Ohio State win at least a share of four Big Ten titles.Heacock's accomplishments with Buckeyes speak loudly
July 6, 2008 Source: CBSSportsline.com - "This is the ninth of a 10-part summer series rating the top D-I college football coaches in the country...Maybe it's just a coincidence of excellence, but consider the life and times and Jim Heacock at Ohio State...The Buckeyes' defensive coordinator has been part of one of the best runs in school history. Since 2002, the Bucks have played for three national championships and won one while winning at least a share of four Big Ten titles. Win one or both of those BCS title games and we're talking about Ohio State in the same terms as USC this decade..."

Stable coaching staff is a lure for recruits
July 6, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...The Buckeyes' relative stability likely has played a part in recent recruiting successes. Ohio State signed a consensus top-five class in February and has 23 oral commitments for 2009. When choosing a school, 'kids look for the success of the program, the academics, and then the stability of the staff,' recruiting analyst Bill Kurelic said. 'And it all starts at the top. Everyone knows Jim Tressel is not going anywhere, and that filters down to the assistant coaches. When the same coaches recruit the same schools year after year, they establish a relationship, and that goes a long way toward Ohio State's success.'..."

Terrelle Pryor is on campus and working out with the team.The Pryor Has Landed
July 3, 2008 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Ohio State fans have been clamoring for Terrelle Pryor to be a Buckeye since even before his senior season began. Now that Pryor is on campus and working out with the team, find out what his mindset was like heading into the summer and what sort of player former head coach Ray Reitz thinks the Buckeyes are getting..."

Three games picked up by Big Ten Network
July 3, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Youngstown State, Troy games will air there, plus a league game...Ohio State football fans who don't get the Big Ten Network on their cable television system might miss only three games this season, rather than the four they missed in 2007...The Big Ten announced yesterday that the Sept. 6 game against Ohio University will be at noon on ESPN or ESPN2...The Big Ten Network was launched in August 2007 and still is not available to about 60 percent of Ohio households that have cable or satellite service..."

First look: 2009 team recruiting rankings
July 2, 2008 Source: Rivals.com - "It is still relatively early in the recruiting process for the Class of 2009, but several schools are already beginning to fill up their recruiting classes with commitments from some of the nation's top prospects. Rivals.com national recruiting editor Jeremy Crabtree takes a look at how the top 25 currently stands and gives us his take on those teams' efforts. This first sampling of the team rankings is based strictly on rated high school players: 1. Ohio State..."

Preseason Consensus Poll: July 1 Update
July 1, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "We provide the first installment of our Preseason Consensus Poll for the 2008 college football season. We take all of the available national top 25 polls and average them out. Accordingly, we look at the possible BCS bowl projections. The 2008 season is just over eight weeks away. Click the link for more..."

Top 25: July 1st Edition
July 1, 2008 Source: Buckeye Commentary - "So the biggest question starting off…is a Preseason Poll how you think the teams will finish or is it who is the most talented? No one knows, honestly. Is it which team will cruise on their schedule or which team would cruise on any schedule? I’d say there’s no rhyme or reason to the poll, or anyone’s poll for that matter...That being said:..."

Ten season-defining games in '08
July 1, 2008 Source: SI.com - "Here are 10 potentially season-defining games in 2008: 1. Ohio State at USC, Sept. 13. This showdown of likely top five teams is as much about credibility as anything. After consecutive BCS title game whitewashings, the Buckeyes desperately need a win, or at least a down-to-the-wire finish, to show they're capable of competing at the highest level...5. Ohio State at Wisconsin, Oct. 4. While many cynics assume the loaded Buckeyes will once again cruise through the "soft" Big Ten, this game represents an unquestioned challenge. The last time these teams played in Madison, in 2003, the Badgers snapped a 19-game Ohio State winning streak -- and that was before Wisconsin began its current run of four-straight seasons of nine or more victories..."

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