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Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
August 23, 2006 Source: Bucknuts "Mr. Bucknuts was mightily inspired by the reaction of a bunch of well-meaning yet mis-directed Penn State fans. Their hostile stance to his last Bucket motivated this special Mid-Week Bucket of Bullets that acknowledges their rhetorical questions, brings Wall St. to High St. and picks on Michiganís recruiting prowess, Willie Williams and CBSís credibility, amongst other burning topics of the day..."

Buckeyes, Irish on Collision Course but WVU Could Crash Party
Despite losing nine of 11 defensive starters, Ohio State is the clear-cut choice as the nation's No. 1 team in the preseason. The Buckeyes were ranked No. 1 in eight of the 15 polls we used. No other team received more than three first-place votes...

The Buck starts here: Ohio St. tops first AP poll of season
August 18, 2006 Source: Associated Press "When Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr. and the rest of Ohio State's blazing Buckeyes were last seen on a big stage, they were whizzing around Sun Devil Stadium at warp speed..."

Ohio State has been ranked in 53 of 57 preseason polls, the most of any school. Notre Dame and Oklahoma have been ranked 48 times.

Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings
August 18, 2006 Source: USA Today Where do you think he ranked the Buckeyes?

Ohio's Top Export: Football Talent
August 20, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer An interesting article about Ohio High School Talent that is playing D1 football at schools other than Ohio State.

Take a Look at 2007 Prospects for the Buckeyes
From Scout's Bucknuts.com: Here you can take a look at a comprehensive list of prospects that OSU is looking at for 2007.

Rivals' 2007 Offer List for the Buckeyes
From Rivals' Buckeye Sports: A comprehensive list of those prospects that OSU has offered for 2007.

2007 Scout's Top 100 Recruits

The first 2007 Scout.com National Top 100 and initial prospect rankings are unveiled. Who's the No. 1 prospect in the country? Well, to many it will be a suprise that it's not running back Noel Devine or quarterback Jimmy Clausen. (Here's a hint: it's the player pictured.)

Here's more.

2007 Rivals' Top 100 Recruits

This is the Rival's network National Top 100 high school recruits.

OSU practice proves a signature event
August 22, 2006 Source:COLUMBUS DISPATCH "Buckeye Nation was out in force last night, in part because of the admission price (free), but mostly just because it was the Buckeyes. School officials estimated attendance at 28,000..."

Photo gallery from Ohio State's open practice and autograph session

August 22, 2006 Source:Bucknuts Another OSU Night Practice Photo Gallery

August 22, 2006 Source:The Ozone OSU Night Practice Photo Gallery

Autograph Day Brings Goose bumps to Stadium Visitors
August 22, 2006 Source:The Ozone "It's almost impossible to relate to unless you've experienced it first hand. The fervor for Buckeye football and the esteem for OSU football players around Ohio was evidenced yesterday when the lines for the autograph session reached hundreds of yards in length...outside the stadium two hours ahead of the event..."

Talking the Color Red
August 20, 2006 Source: BuckeyeCommentary "Jim Tressel's first year at Ohio State brought waves of change. Different staff, different technique and - gasp! - open practices. With these open practices, you got a pretty good feel for who was stepping up and who wasn't, not to mention which freshmen were likely to play. I can still remember watching (and taking pics) Chris Gamble (#83) awe fellow frosh with his mouthwatering speed and change of direction. We may not have any Chris Gamble's this year or open practices but we are far enough into fall camp to predict which true freshman are guaranteed to redshirt, which are on the cusp and still those who are readying themselves for an immediate impact..."

Top 25 Countdown: No. 2 Ohio State
August 16, 2006 Source:The Sporting News "Jim Tressel's conservative philosophy of running the ball, playing tough defense and being sound in special teams is going to take a hit. There will be more spread formations and more of quarterback Troy Smith creating and free-lancing. Running back Antonio Pittman is a speedy, powerful slasher. The offensive line could be Ohio State's best in Tressel's tenure..."

The Sporting News: Top 25 '06

Fox Sports' 2006 Preseason Rankings: 1-10
August 21, 2006 Source:Fox Sports "Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate. Going into the year, these are how good the teams appear to be from No. 1 through 119..."

Jury still out on the secondary
August 18, 2006 Source: The Morning Journal "The fate of the Buckeyes' rebuilt secondary rests in part on a future attorney and a former walk-on. One thing is certain: Both are smart enough to handle their new roles..."

Sophomore shaping up as starter for OSU
August 18, 2006 Source: Akron Beacon Journal "Since he made his first start in the Fiesta Bowl in January, Ohio State's Lawrence Wilson has analyzed films of last year's defense. He's studied his Buckeyes idols, Mike Kudla and Will Smith. He's lost seven pounds of what he calls ``baby fat'' and fine-tuned his 6-foot-6, 270-pound frame..."

August 19, 2006 Source: SI.com: "SI's Top 20 Scouting Reports"

The development of a young defense will be key to the Buckeyes' championship hopes.

Rolling With Troy
August 16, 2006 Source: SI.com "SI.com college football writer Stewart Mandel shares his commentary...When I met up with Troy Smith in Columbus last month for the feature story that appears in this week's Sports Illustrated, I told him I wanted to experience a typical day in the life of a star quarterback. Three hours later, I found myself standing in a parking lot loading stacks of dry cleaning into the back of his car..."

He also writes: "Northern Illinois at Ohio State: You won't have to wait until the following week's Texas game to get a read on the Buckeyes' rebuilt defense. Right off the bat, they're faced with the nation's leading returning rusher, Garrett Wolfe (175.6 yards per game), who sprang for 148 yards on just 17 carries in last year's opener at Michigan."

 Bucknuts Radio: Tressel, Ginn, UM Preview
August 20, 2006 Source: BuckeyeCommentary August 22, 2006 Source:Bucknuts.com "It goes without saying that it's never too early to talk about the Ohio State-Michigan game if you are a Buckeye fan. That's what we'll be doing on this week's Bucknuts Radio Hour, and much more, including some audio from Jim Tressel and Ted Ginn, the latest news and recruiting views, plus commentary from the Bucknuts staff. Listen now!"

No. 1 Buckeyes hope to finish where they start
Saturday, August 19, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch For Ohio State, the 2006 season will be a matter of Hang on, Sloopy because the Associated Press preseason poll made it a consensus: The Buckeyes are No. 1..."

Linebacker lineup shuffled
August 18, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer "Ohio State linebackers coach Luke Fickell revealed a different picture than expected Thursday in the battle to replace A.J. Hawk, Anthony Schlegel and Bobby Carpenter..."

 August 17, 2006 The Heisman Trophy campaigns of former Glenville stars Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr. hit the Internet as Ohio State has created individual websites for both featuring quotes, stats, audio and video. They can be found at:
Troy SmithTed
Ted Ginn

Pittman Often Overlooked In Explosive Ohio State Offense
August 17, 2006 Source: Associated Press "Antonio Pittman had a spectacular 2005 season with little attention and fanfare. The Ohio State tailback ran for 1,331 yards - the 10th-best single-season mark in school history - and he's at best the third-most recognizable player on an explosive offense led by quarterback Troy Smith and receiver Ted Ginn Jr..."

Tressel expects offense, defense to work 'in concert'
August 17, 2006 Source ESPN.com "The formula that Jim Tressel has used to win at Ohio State is Midwestern simple. The Buckeyes depend on defense and special teams to pin the opponent in its own territory until it makes a mistake. If the offense contributes, as it did last season, great. If it didn't contribute much, as was the case in the previous three years, that was OK, too..."

Remedial Defensive Scheme May be Evolving into Honors Program
August 17, 2006 Source: The Ozone "The dumbed-down Ohio State defense that everyone expects this season because of its youth may not be so dumbed-down after all..."

Fall Camp Competition Heating Up
August 16, 2006 Source: The Ozone "The Buckeyes got the pads on Monday for their first hitting of the season, then on Tuesday endured their first two-a-day practice session as fall camp geared up and into full swing this week..."

Captain's Corner: Gift Or Curse?
August 14, 2006 Source: Bucknuts: "There are more than a few people in Buckeyeland who would rather not see Ohio State be given a preseason No. 1 ranking. Some think it may be a bit of a curse. But ex-Buckeye Jerry Rudzinski, who played and was captain for the 1998 Ohio State Buckeyes, says that the No. 1 ranking can work in the opposite fashion. Read more in this edition of Captain's Corner..."

Last Post about the New Unis
August 13, 2006 Source: BuckeyeCommentary (Scroll Down on Page for Story)"Picture day has come and gone and, to this point, I've managed hold my tongue about the new duds. It was a topic months back when they were first unveiled but, naturally, it was hard to gauge since the jersey wasn't being worn over pads. But, with picture day, we now have seen the design as it will be worn during the season. You can view galleries here, here and..."

Buckeye Backfield Loaded in 2006
August 12, 2006 Source: The Ozone: "It isn't too often that a tailback rushes for 1,331 net yards in his sophomore season and is seen by some as an underdog to keep his position as a junior. That's exactly the position that Antonio Pittman found himself in as fall camp opened this year..."

Heacock Talks Defense As Pads Go On
August 12, 2006 Source: Bucknuts "Ohio State defensive coordinator Jim Heacock met with the media before Saturdayís practice, which was the first of the preseason camp to be in full pads.Read his thoughts on that task as well as how the Buckeyes have looked in the first week and details on a small dust-up between the coaches..."

2006 Ohio State Football Season Outlook
From Ohio State's official website: "...expectations will again be high in 2006. No matter that the Buckeyes must replace nine starters from one of the best defenses in college football, not to mention finding replacements for their leading receiver, top two linemen and field-goal kicker..."

2006 Preseason Rankings National Title Contenders - No. 1 to No. 10
"QB Troy Smith should make the spread offense sing making big play after big play with his legs as well as his arm. The receivers are big, fast, and talented with Ted Ginn Jr. appearing to be ready to blossom into a superstar wideout. The backfield is full of talent with star freshman Chris Wells ready to push possible All-Big Ten runner Antonio Pittman. The line might be the best in the Jim Tressel's six years in Columbus with a world of talent, especially at tackle."

August 11, 2006 Source:SouthernCollegeSports.com "We've spent the last month or so previewing each and every team from around the country, so now it's time to make postseason reservations for those squads based on our predictions. The 2006 bowl season will feature a record 32 games, meaning 64 teams (over half of those playing Division I football) are slated for postseason play this winter..."

Buckeyes Become Selective
August 9, 2006 Source: SuperPrep.com/Bucknuts "Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel has taken it up a notch in Columbus on the field. He already has one National Championship and is gunning for another. And with the winning comes success in the all important recruiting wars..."

Title Contender: Ohio State
August 8, 2006 Source:SI.com "Why Ohio State can win it all: Multidimensional quarterback Troy Smith has the ability to elevate his team much the way Vince Young did for Texas last season, and the weapons around him -- the speedy Ted Ginn Jr. and underrated Anthony Gonzalez at receiver, 1,300-yard rusher Antonio Pittman and heralded freshman Chris Wells at tailback -- are second to none..."
With no clear-cut favorites, title race is wide open August 8, 2006 Source:SI.com

Five-star tight end lands at Woodland Hills
August 10, 2006 Rob Gronkowski, from upstate New York, is transferring to Woodland Hills High School, and is someone the Buckeyes would love to land!

Scout Profile: Rob Gronkowski

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