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UM vs OSU   Game Preview


  UM Wolverines Brutus Go Bucks!

"This game has been won by the underdog many, many times. We still have to block, tackle and hit 'em."
Earle Bruce, former OSU coach whose teams went 5-4 against Michigan

Buckeyes Talk Michigan Rivalry
Source: Big Ten Network

5 key factors
November 22, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "1. Straight and narrow: It's no secret Ohio State wants to run, and run a lot -- 50 times a game, if it can. The Buckeyes have run a fair amount of spread-option, but that's what Michigan's defense practices against every day. A better bet might be to line up in the I-formation and try the middle. The iso, the fullback lead -- these are the plays OSU's linemen know and love...2. Get the quarterback:...OSU should attack him mercilessly...3. Hold onto the rock: The Wolverines...have 36 fumbles this year and have lost 16. They've had 28 turnovers this season, and their minus-9 turnover margin is the worst in the Big Ten...4. Repeat that first quarter: In this space last week, we called for more diversity in first-down play calling...keep Michigan guessing early, grab a lead, then run to your heart's content...5. Margin might count: It's not as if Ohio State can name its score; the hunch here is Michigan will play over its head...if the Buckeyes get a lead, they need to try and expand it...when you're competing for an at-large spot in the Bowl Championship Series and this is your last chance to impress, style is important..."

Chris Wells scores in The Game: 2006Menace to Michigan
November 22, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Wells has done some of his best work against the Wolverines...Wells, a freshman (2006), gave the Buckeyes the lead for good with a 52-yard touchdown in the second quarter...Wells (2007) etched his name into series lore that day, rushing for 222 yards and both TDs in a 14-3 victory. The yardage was the most for an Ohio State player against Michigan, shattering the mark of 186 yards set by David Francis in 1962...'Beanie, when he's 100 percent healthy, I haven't seen him have too many bad games,' Tressel said. 'But he, in my opinion, has a little bit more than most and he even takes it up another notch.'...'He's tough -- I don't know that he wears down throughout the season,' tight end Rory Nicol said. 'I think that probably happens to a lot of other people, but he trains hard. I think that's allowed him to be strong throughout, so when maybe some people are dying off, he's pressing the pedal.' And if Wells has a big day today, it might be said that against Michigan, no Ohio State running back ever pressed the pedal better."

Beanie Wells hopes to become the next notable name in OSU-Michigan rivalry
November 21, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...Wells really burst onto the scene with his backfield spin and 52-yard run for a touchdown against Michigan as a freshman. With 278 yards in two games against the Wolverines, Michigan ranks fourth among teams he has punished most, behind Michigan State (414), Northwestern (349) and Minnesota (312), teams he has already played three times...Wells needs 137 yards Saturday to make Michigan his greatest victim, and he needs 184 to reach the target of 467 yards that Tressel set for him at the start of the month. That would match his November total from last year and cement him as a Wolverine-killer..."

Wolverines out to salvage sorry season
November 20, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "There's a sign in the Ohio State locker room that says, "Do you remember the score the last time Michigan beat us?'' It's a reminder -- in the chill of winter or the heat of August -- that "The Big Game'' is never far away...Michigan is a three-touchdown underdog playing out the string in a dreadful season, hoping to end on a good note while deflating the Buckeyes' hopes...But this series is marked by major upsets. The biggest took place in 1969, when a rookie coach named Bo Schembechler led the Wolverines to a 24-12 upset of the top-ranked and defending national champion Buckeyes, ending a 22-game winning streak.Woody Hayes, Schembechler's friend and former boss, would say later that those Buckeyes were 'probably the best team that ever played college football.' Earle Bruce, who followed Hayes as Ohio State's coach in 1979, spoke to the Buckeyes on Sunday night. He brought up the 1969 game and talked of how overconfidence can ruin a team. They say they got the message. 'There's plenty of history of people saying there's no way this team could lose this game in the rivalry, and the other team ends up winning,' linebacker James Laurinaitis said."

More Incentives for Michigan? No way.
November 20, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "As a certain former football coach turned television buffoon likes to say, 'Not so fast my friend!' We've heard all week how much incentive Michigan has in the game this year...Story lines always emerge the week of the Michigan game...writers and on-air people around both Michigan and Ohio are looking for that angle that describes this year's meeting between the two long-time arch-rivals. The three obvious ones have been beaten to death this week, and they all concern incentives in this year's game...What Nobody is Talking About..."

Listen to the audioCoach Tressel looks ahead to Michigan
Source: Big Ten Network - Big Ten teleconference audio; audio link at bottom of page.

No. 10 Ohio State, Michigan Square Off in 105th Meeting
November 18, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "Ohio State can win a share of its fourth straight Big Ten championship with a victory over its century-old rival - No. 10 Ohio State (9-2/6-1) hosts Michigan (3-8/2-5) for the renewal of Americaís greatest sports rivalry Saturday, November 22, 2008, at Ohio Stadium (102,329) in Columbus. This noon Eastern game will be televised by ABC. Since 1951, the Buckeyes hold a 29-26-2 lead, including victories in six of the seven games during the Jim Tressel era. Ohio State has won the last four meetings with Michigan...Ohio State will hold its annual ďLose the BlueĒ clothing drive Nov. 17-20. Buckeye fans can donate gently used items of blue clothing at the Ohio State Official Team Shop located in the concourse of the Jerome Schottenstein Center and receive a free ďBeat MichiganĒ Nike t-shirt (while supplies last)..."

Ohio State Game Notes (PDF)

OSU Cumulative Season Statistics

Bucknuts TV: Tressel Previews Michigan Game Source: Bucknuts
Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel held what will be his only press conference of the week as his team prepares to host Michigan on Saturday. The video above is of the first 14 minutes of Coach Tressel's press conference. You can watch or listen to the rest with the links below.

Head coach Jim Tressel and the senior Buckeyes met with the media Monday to preview the matchup against Michigan.
Coach Tressel's Weekly Press Conference
November 17, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site

Transcript from Coach Tressel Weekly Press Conference
"Well, the most exciting week of the year arrived just at the end of the ball game on Saturday and all thoughts turn to the privilege of playing in the Ohio State-Michigan game. We were proud of the way our guys went on the road and came up with a Big Ten win at Illinois. The conditions were interesting, to say the least, and the kids played hard..."

Malcolm Jenkins spoke with Big Ten Network's Katie
Witham about the game Saturday vs. Michigan
James Laurinaitis talks about the OSU-Michigan Rivalry
and reflects on what will be his last game in The Shoe.

Seniors have a chance to go undefeated against Michigan
November 20, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "There's an aspect of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry that many Buckeyes are in danger of never experiencing. Twenty-five seniors who will take the field against the Wolverines on Saturday never having suffered the devastation of losing in this rivalry...The Buckeyes have won four straight in the series, tying the Ohio State record set by teams from 1934-37 and 1960-63. If Ohio State wins Saturday to make it five in a row, it would be the longest streak on either side of the series since Michigan won six straight from 1922-27..."

The Game stokes Laurinaitis
November 20, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "He thought he knew what it took to play on the major college level, but then he was introduced to Michigan running back Mike Hart. 'Mike Hart blasted me,' Laurinaitis said...'I got blasted and did a little somersault. I got up and said to myself, 'All right, from now on I am always going to hustle to the ball and jump on the pile or something. I am not going to get blasted like that again.' '...'Really, the mood of your state depends upon the outcome of this game...You're still going to see that the most physical game of this weekend will be Ohio State-Michigan,' Laurinaitis said...'He brings his football smarts to the table, and when he's out there, he's always emotional and getting us going,' defensive tackle Nader Abdallah said. 'He shows poise and patience out there. That's what you need. He's not out there panicking. He's a great leader, and when he's out there, there is the sense that we're going to be all right.'..."

'D' dooms Wolverines
November 20, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "It was supposed to be the unit that kept Michigan's season from collapsing. Sure, people expected the offense to struggle...Factor in a new offense under first-year coach Rich Rodriguez and inexperienced quarterbacks, and it's no surprise Michigan has gained the fewest yards in the Big Ten. But the unexpectedly poor performance of the defense has contributed just as much to Michigan's dismal season. In Lloyd Carr's 13 seasons as coach, the Wolverines surrendered 40 points or more in only three games. They have done that three times this season. Entering a game Saturday against Ohio State, Michigan has yielded 27.2 points per game. The school's record was 23.8 per game by the 1962 team that, not coincidentally, went 2-7..."

Listen to the audioPlayers Address Media on Michigan Monday
November 17, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "Nine Ohio State seniors spoke with members of the media Monday afternoon after Jim Tressel's weekly press conference. The players were: Nader Abdallah, Marcus Freeman, Malcolm Jenkins, James Laurinaitis, Rory Nicol, Ryan Pretorius, Brian Robiskie, Brandon Smith, A.J. Trapasso..." (Individual audio links to each player's remarks.)

Each player on the Ohio State team get 12 marbles at the beginning of the season...Losing Their Marbles
November 21, 2008 Source: Buckeye Grove - "...Before the start of the season the more than two dozen seniors were each given a glass container that held 12 marbles, each one symbolizing the final 12 games (not including a bowl game) left in the Ohio State career of each of the players. Every Friday like clockwork the players have to put their one marble in a vase in Tressel's office and it keeps everyone focused on the fact that time is ticking and that nothing can last forever. All of the marbles are the same except for one blue one. And of course that blue one signifies the last game of the regular season, the game against the Michigan Wolverines...'Every time you give him one it is like, 'Man, that's one more gone,' it just keeps reminding you that have you have only got a certain amount of games left and you better make the most of them.' defensive lineman Nader Abdallah said...But it will never be lost on any of these players what their Ohio State careers meant to them both on and off the field and how they came into the program as 18-year-old kids and now are ready to enter the world, wherever it takes them, as men..."

Personnel Report
November 19, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "The Buckeyes appear to be in relatively good health heading into the Michigan game...Head Coach Jim Tressel indicated on Monday that there is a definite possibility that Small would play...Tressel said the safety/nickel back Jermale Hines was doubtful, but on Tuesday while addressing The Quarterbacks Club Tressel indicated that Hines would attempt to practice this week...Both Marcus Freeman and Thaddeus Gibson are nursing ankle injuries but both should play against Michigan. Beanie Wells tweaked a hamstring in the Illinois game when making "The Hurdle" over a would-be tackler...He is expected to be at full strength for Michigan..."

Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel
Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez
Tressel, Rodriguez Discuss Ohio State-Michigan Rivalry
November 18, 2008 Source: Bucknuts - "The final Big Ten coaches teleconference of the year led off with Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel and Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez sharing their thoughts on this weekend's version of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. Here is a recap of the highlights from each coach...Rodriguez's team comes in as a 20.5 point underdog, the largest in the history of the series. This year's game does not carry the implications for both teams that other recent versions of the game have, but Rodriguez still views the game as extremely important. 'I don't want to ever underscore the importance of the game,' he said. 'The rivalry's so big that our players should feel the intensity. They should have the urge and the sense of urgency to prepare better than they ever had all year...'...Tressel feels that the mere fact that it's Ohio State-Michigan week will be the primary motivation for his players. 'Typically, the Ohio State-Michigan game has a lot of things that are results of that game, but anyone that's ever played in it or coached in it, the only thing that is important as they prepare for the game and as they play the game is that game,' Tressel said. 'So there's no question about it -- that is the only mention. That is the only line of business that goes forward this week.'...Another storyline during this game will be Ohio State freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who was seriously considering the Wolverines before signing with the Buckeyes earlier in the year. Rodriguez was asked if he was disappointed to not hear from Pryor himself after the decision was made. 'I don't remember all the details,' he said. 'Once they decide to go somewhere else, you kind of move on...'..."

Rodriguez on path like Cooper's
November 21, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "The coach who got into hot water for getting into hot water understands the heat Rich Rodriguez has gotten into at Michigan. John Cooper can't help but see similarities between RichRod's first season in Ann Arbor and his early years in Columbus...It will be interesting to watch, even if he turns things around up there, whether the 45-year-old guru of the spread offense suffers the same fate as Cooper, namely, a lack of acceptance based on initial impressions. Consider the connections:..."

Michigan, Ohio State coaches reflect on recruiting war for Terrelle Pryor
November 19, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "When coach Rich Rodriguez made the decision to leave West Virginia for Michigan, one of the first calls he made was to Terrelle Pryor. When Pryor finally ended his recruiting process more than month after National Signing Day, choosing the Buckeyes over the Wolverines, he couldn't call Rodriguez to tell him the news. 'My dad told him. I didn't tell him,' said Pryor. 'Sometimes you get guys to sign with you and sometimes you don't,' Rodriguez said this week. 'You'd like to get them all to come your way, but that doesn't always happen. As a coach, you'd always like to talk to them one more time before they sign.'...While the Ohio State coaches, including quarterbacks coach Joe Daniels, were confident Pryor would wind up a Buckeye, even after Pryor delayed his decision, at least one OSU fan was worried about a different outcome. 'It gave me heartburn, needless to say,' Ohio State President Gordon Gee said..."

Bravado suits Pryor, but not his coach
November 20, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Where quarterback Terrelle Pryor goes, bold statements and bravado seem to follow. The Ohio State freshman has produced his share of eyebrow-raising incidents and quotes this year: He engaged in some indirect give-and-take with ESPN analyst Mark May...He jawed with a Minnesota coach who Pryor said taunted him about running out of bounds...He said he didn't care what Pennsylvania people thought of him leaving his home state...Last week at Illinois, he smiled and pointed at fans who were yelling at him from the stands...Taken individually, it has been mostly harmless. But coach Jim Tressel isn't the biggest fan of such behavior. 'He loves to compete and he loves people questioning whether he can get something done or not,' Tressel said. 'But is that always the best thing to communicate back and forth? Not always.'..."

Ohio State win would move OSU ahead of Michigan in all-time Big Ten standings
November 18, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "There is more on the line Saturday for Ohio State than a share of the 2008 Big Ten football title. A victory over Michigan would move the Buckeyes into first place in the all-time Big Ten football standings. Michigan enters Saturday's game with a slight advantage in winning percentage (72.4 percent to 72.2 percent) all-time. A Buckeye victory would move Ohio State in front (72.283 percent to 72.282 percent)..."

No, Javon Ringer (or Dantonio) will not cheer for Michigan
November 20, 2008 Source: Dayton Daily News - "'Um,' running back Javon Ringer sighed when asked if he could root for U-M. After a 10-second pause, he continued. 'Honestly, I donít know. I know the whole thing ó if we beat Penn State, we need Ohio State to lose to Michigan ó but, man Ö I donít know, man. I donít even know if I can get that out of my mouth. Iíll just try not to pay attention to them and try to focus in on our game, and whatever happens with that game happens.'...Still, itís a good question, and even steel-jawed Mark Dantonio got a quip in. 'I'm not rooting for Michigan,' MSU coach Mark Dantonio said Tuesday. 'Iím going to focus on our task at hand here and worry about the things we can control here. I have too many good friends and too many people that would not let me back into their house if I did that, so, uh, you knowÖgo Bucks.'..."

Spread offense has one foot in grave, Michigan's difficulties give it a nudge
November 20, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "First-year head coach Rich Rodriguez implemented the "spread offense" for the Wolverines. Could Michigan's woes be a sign that the spread offense is on its last legs?...This may sound strange when coach Mike Leach's version of the spread has Texas Tech near a national title game, but Michigan's struggles this season while Rodriguez has implemented his system into college football's winningest program might be a sign: The spread, in fact, is dead..."

Buckeyes ready to forget the past
November 18, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Coach Jim Tressel declared yesterday that No. 10 Ohio State is taking nothing for granted Saturday against Michigan, even if the Wolverines are 3-8 and in the throes of their losingest season. Tressel's boss, OSU president E. Gordon Gee...put a wager on the 105th renewal of The Game, and in doing so referenced an anecdote about late Ohio State coach Woody Hayes, whose dislike for all things Michigan was legendary. 'If we lose, I will buy gas in Michigan,' Gee said...For the seniors, something more tangible is up for grabs: another pair of gold pants, the small charm that is awarded to every Ohio State player on a team that beats Michigan. Fourth-year seniors such as linebacker James Laurinaitis and cornerback Malcolm Jenkins already have three pairs. Fifth-year seniors such as tight end Rory Nicol and defensive tackle Nader Abdallah have four. They have known nothing but success against Michigan. Under Tressel, Ohio State is 6-1 against the Wolverines, the lone loss coming in 2003. What's it like to lose to Michigan? 'I wouldn't want to know,' Jenkins said..."

Bob Hunter commentary: Success vs. Michigan starts with Tressel

Michigan Week Arrives For Tressel, OSU
November 17, 2008 Source: Buckeye Sports - "IIt was a press conference that began with a senior Ohio State captain introducing the university president for opening remarks and ended with head coach Jim Tressel talking about jumping into Mirror Lake. That can mean only one thing: Michigan week is here, and we have our first report on how the Buckeyes look heading into this weekend's showdown..."


Key Matchup: Ohio State TB Chris "Beanie" Wells against the Michigan defense. The Wolverines are allowing just 128 rushing yards a game; Wells is averaging 120 by himself. A year ago he torched Michigan for 222 yards, the most ever by an Ohio State back in the series, and scored both TDs. If he runs wild again, it'll be a long, quiet trip back to Ann Arbor, Mich.

Players to watch:

Michigan: Whomever starts at QB, Nick Sheridan or Steve Threet (coming off an injury), along with RBs Brandon Minor, Michael Shaw, Sam McGuffie. LBs Obi Ezeh and Jonas Mouton, Ss Stevie Brown, Brandon Harrison must make Ohio State take yardage in small bites instead of with long-gainers.

Ohio State: QB Terrelle Pryor, WR Brian Robiskie, the entire offensive line, CB Malcolm Jenkins, LBs James Laurinaitis and Marcus Freeman. The offense, in particular, has been erratic since Pryor took over eight games ago.

Series Record: Michigan leads the all-time series with Ohio State by a 57-41-6 count. Michigan leads 27- 22-2 in games played in Columbus. Since 1951, the Buckeyes hold a 29-26-2 lead, including victories in six of the seven games during the Jim Tressel era. Ohio State has won the last four meetings with Michigan. The two teams first met in 1897 and the rivalry has been continuous since 1918. Since 1935, the game has been the traditional conference finale between the two schools.
TALE OF THE TAPE: 2008 Totals
OSU  Offense  UM
26.9   Pts/gm  21.5
332.7  Total yds/gm   299.2
187.9   Rush yds/gm  150.9
41.6  Carries/gm  37.5
4.5  Yds/carry   4.0
144.8  Pass yds/gm   148.3
20.5  Pass att/gm  28.5
11.2  Yds/completion  10.4
OSU  Defense Allows  UM
13.6  Pts/gm  27.7
286.6  Total yds/gm  362.5
115.3  Rush yds/gm  128.3
30.5  Carries/gm  38.1
3.8  Yds/carry  3.4
171.4  Pass yds/gm  234.2
28.4  Pass att/gm  32.5
9.2  Yds/completion  12.4

FINALES: In regular season finales, the Buckeyes are 60-54-5 all-time. In home finales, Ohio State has a 71-44-3 all-time record.

Matchup Edge
MICH   Edge in: OHIST
Yards Gained
Yards Allowed
Time of Possession

Michigan Report Card (3-8)
L, 23-25 Utah
W, 16-6 Miami (Ohio)
L, 17-35 at Notre Dame
W, 27-25 Wisconsin
L, 20-45 Illinois
L, 10-13 Toledo
L, 17-46 at Penn State
L, 21-35 Michigan State
L, 42-48 at Purdue
W, 29-6 at Minnesota
L, 14-21 Northwestern

AT STAKE: Ohio State can win a share of its fourth straight Big Ten championship with a victory and it's fifth win in a row over its rival, which would be the longest streak by OSU in the series.

THE SENIOR CLASS: Before the game, the 28-member senior class will be honored. This class enters the Michigan game with a 42-7 record, three Big Ten titles, three wins over Michigan, two trips to the BCS title game and three BCS bowl appearances to its credit over the past four seasons. The most wins by an Ohio State senior class? 43, in 1995-98 and 2002-05. More importantly, with a victory this will be the first class to go undefeated against Michigan in OSU history.

DID YOU KNOW: Besides the fact that a victory over Michigan would move the Buckeyes into first place in the all-time Big Ten football standings (see article above), because the Buckeyes are nationally ranked and UM is not, OSU continues to close one more gap between the rivals. Michigan is No. 1 in all-time appearances in the Associated Press poll at 752. Ohio State is No. 2 with 748. With four more polls this season, the Buckeyes should finish tied with the Wolverines at No. 1. And when next season begins, the Buckeyes should move into first place.

DID YOU KNOW II: A loss by Michigan in 'The Game 2008' and one by Tennessee, in either of their last two games, will mean that Ohio State will be the only current FBS school to have never lost eight games in a season.

ALL TIME RESULTS: Click on RESULTS to see the results for every game played in the series, as well as some history and on Game Classics for a recap of some of the more memorable battles over the years.

OSU BY THE NUMBERS: Ohio State continues to boast the Big Ten's most formidable defense.
15: The Buckeyes have allowed just 15 offensive TDs in 11 games this season.
8/15: They've given up just eight rushing TDs since the start of the 2007 season. For a little perspective, consider that no other team in the nation has given up fewer than 15.

The problem for OSU has been the offensive decline, which manifests itself in the most basic of all stats: TDs.
30/42: Ohio State has just 30 offensive TDs through 11 games. At this point last year, they had scored 42.
In losses to USC and Penn State the Buckeyes have been plagued by an inability to establish the run.
215/66: Ohio State has averaged 215 rushing yards in its wins, while putting up just 66 in its two losses.

EVERYONE IS LEARNING: Ohio State's Michigan-game traditions aren't necessarily well known by the Wolverines. When a Columbus reporter asked defensive tackle Terrance Taylor whether Wolverines players received any special mementos for beating the Buckeyes, Taylor looked at him like he was crazy. So the reporter explained Ohio State's tradition of the gold pants, the little charm each player receives for winning the game. "Gold pants?" Taylor said. "Wow."


OSU UM: Big Ten Stats Offense
TEAM G Pts/G TotYds Yds/G 3rdD% 4th% Pen PenYds TD Plays
OSU 11 26.9 3660 332.7 .438 .500 59 480 30 684
MICH 11 21.5 3291 299.2 .296 .667 54 485 27 725

Stat Watch

Game Data: Michigan at Ohio State
November 18, 2008 Source: Buckeye Sports - "Ohio State is working on an historic winning streak against its archrival, but there are plenty of other interesting statistics, facts and figures floating around for the 105th edition of The Game...Turnover margin is generally a good indicator for determining the winner of a football game, but Ohio State is minus-6 in the last three Michigan contests. The Buckeyes won all three games despite not recording a single takeaway...Both teams enter the game Saturday with 21 wins (and one tie) in the series in games played at Ohio Stadium...Since The Game was moved to the final game of the season in 1935, it has had potential for major impact on the final conference standings 43 times, including the last eight meetings. That will continue this year when the Wolverines can deny the Buckeyes a share of their 33rd Big Ten title..."

Crunching the Numbers: The Game
November 19, 2008 Source: Bucknuts - "We take a look at the pertinent data, depth charts and make a prediction on the 105th edition of The Game between No. 10 Ohio State and Michigan Saturday at Ohio Stadium...



This Week's Game Previews

College Football NewsspacerMichigan (3-8) at Ohio State (9-2)
November 20, 2008 Source: College Football News - "Why Michigan might win: Yes, really, Michigan does have a good defensive line that has just enough talent to be solid against the one-dimensional Buckeyes. The secondary has been the biggest problem, but thereís little fear of getting beaten through the air as long as Terrelle Pryor is under center...Why Ohio State might win: The Michigan offense hasnít done anything this year. The plays have been there, and there have been moments when the Rodriguez offense actually worked...Who to watch: Ö the star of the Buckeye show has been Beanie Wells...What will happen: Oh yeah, itís a rivalry game and Michigan will likely play at a high level, but so will Ohio State. Donít think for a second that the Buckeyes are taking this game lightly. CFN Prediction: Ohio State 34 Ö Michigan 10..."

AccuScore, "the leader in sports forecasting," simulated 'The Game' over 10,000 times. The results: OSU won 97.3% of the games. The average score through "10,000 Sims" was OSU 39.7 UM 11.7. (If you're wondering "AccuScore forecasts the future of sports, just like the weather forecast predicts the weather. We use a highly complex simulation engine run off of a bank of super computers and then we analyze the results." Learn more HERE.)

Eleven WarriorsspacerPreview: #11 Ohio State vs. Michigan
November 21, 2008 Source: Eleven Warriors - ...The best player on Michiganís roster may be the guy thatís seen the most work. Punter Zoltan Mesko, the Graham Harrell of punting, has NFL potential and the Wolverines are second in the nation in net punting. He should get plenty of chances to show off in front of a national audience...Michigan knows that this game is their season and they will come out and punch the Buckeyes in the mouth. In the end, the horses just arenít there and at risk of sounding like the captain of the Titanic, I just donít see a way for the Buckeyes to lose this game. My only fear is that Tressel wonít hang 50 on them because if he gets up by about 17 or so, itíll be run-city for the remainder of the game..."

The OzonespacerOhio State vs. Michigan Preview
November 20, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "Tony Gerdeman's preview is now online, and Tony has this thing broken down so well that you won't even need to watch the game. Find out how it will come out in Tony's preview...With preferred starting quarterback Steven Threet likely unable to go this weekend, the Wolverines will instead be lead by Nick Sheridan, whose passing efficiency rating of 84.8 is about 16 points below the tenth-ranked passer (Northwesternís C.J. Bacher) in the Big Ten. Sheridan has played in nine games this year and thrown for 526 yards while completing just 48.7 percent of his passes. He has thrown five interceptions and just two touchdowns. He provides a little bit more mobility that Threet..."

Buckeye Gameday ExtraspacerBuckeye Extra Gameday
November 21, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "BuckeyeXtra.com delivers all you need to know about the Buckeyesí upcoming game. Click here for everything from the top story and key factors to player spotlights and game predictions. Features include: Saturday's Game, Five Key Factors, Play of the Week, On The Edge, In The Spotlight, Meet A Buckeye, (more)..."

Buckeye Planetspacer2008 Michigan Wolverines Game Preview
November 20, 2008 Source: Buckeye Planet - Analysis and more, including: ...Michigan's offense has shown occasional flashes of promise, combined with a healthy dose of mediocrity and significant spells of completely abysmal play. Most of their statistical totals rank outside of the top 100 (of 119) of FBS teams.,,(Brandon) Minor has led the way recently, starting several ballgames and demonstrating a punishing running style. After playing sparingly early in the season, his production swelled at mid-season, and he is now second on the team in yardage and leads the team in TDs with 8...Brandon Graham is a speedy rush end who once ran the 100 in 10.9 seconds. He lead the Wolverines with 8.5 sacks in 2007 as he can get in to the backfield in a hurry....Michigan Wolverines Offensive Preview...Defensive Preview..Special Teams Preview..." (more)

BucknutsspacerMichigan Hoping To Deny OSU's Big Ten Title Bid
November 20, 2008 Source: Bucknuts - "Rich Rodriguez reflects on a trying first season on the job with Michigan, which visits No. 10 Ohio State on Saturday. We take a detailed look at Michigan, just 3-8 on the year. On the other hand, OSU can make history with a possible fifth straight win in the series and fourth straight Big Ten title...Ohio State (9-2, 6-1) has plenty riding on this game. OSU has a chance to win a share of the Big Ten championship for the fourth straight year. The Buckeyes, going for an unprecedented fifth straight win over Michigan, can also possibly punch their ticket for a BCS bowl berth..."

ESPNUspacerMichigan-Ohio St. Preview
November 19, 2008 Source: ESPNU - "Michigan-Ohio State doesn't quite have the luster of past seasons, but that doesn't mean there's nothing on the line. The Buckeyes are trying to win five straight over the Wolverines for the first time in school history, and in doing so, clinch a share of the Big Ten. Only one other Michigan coach (Harry Kipke) has ever lost his first game against Ohio State..."

CBS SportslinespacerOhio State vs. Michigan
November 20, 2008 Source: CBS Sportsline - "...The Wolverines have the eighth-ranked defense in the Big Ten (362.5) and are giving up nearly 28 points per game...(Backup QB who will get the start due to injury to starter Threet) Sheridan has appeared in seven games, including last week's loss when he went 8-for-29 for 61 yards as Michigan finished with a season-low 83 passing yards. Rodriguez also said leading rusher Sam McGuffie is expected to play after attending a funeral. McGuffie has run for 486 yards and three TDs this season. Heading into the final game of Rodriguez's first year, the Wolverines are 105th nationally in total offense and last in the Big Ten with less than 300 yards per game. Last season, Michigan finished 10th in the conference with 385.1 yards a contest..."

Buckeye CommentaryspacerMichigan Position Preview: Defense
November 21, 2008 Source: Buckeye Commentary - "The defense was supposed to be what each team hung its hat on throughout the year. Defense was supposed to keep the Wolverines from being awful and defense was supposed to lead the Buckeyes to a National Championship. Missions unaccomplished... Michigan Position Preview: Running Backs and More: If Ohio State didnít have Beanie Wells, the match-up would be a whole lot closer. That said, OSU does have Beanie and a capable Boom Herron. Michigan has approximately 37 players that could run the ball, most likely sideways, and none of them do it effectively. Michigan Position Preview: QB..."


News from and about the other side

UM Official Site
Cumulative Season Statistics
2008 Media Guide

Rich Rodriguez, Head Coach
Ass't Coaches & Team Roster
Source: UM Official Site

"We go down there and beat them, they have no chance to go to the Rose Bowl," Michigan safety, and Dayton Ohio native, Brandon Harrison said. "That's what we're playing for. We're playing for pride because this is one of the greatest rivalries in college football."

Michigan seniors want to experience beating OSU
November 22, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "No current Wolverine knows what it's like... Terrance Taylor could be a millionaire right now. The Michigan defensive tackle is not, partly because he craved the satisfaction of beating Ohio State just once. Taylor contemplated declaring himself eligible for the NFL draft last winter. He said he was told he would likely have been a second-round pick. Players taken that early should have financial security for life. 'I was pretty close (to leaving),' Taylor said. 'I just thought about it and didn't feel right about leaving without my degree and leaving without beating Ohio State. It just didn't sit right with me.'..."

Turnovers - 28/27: The Wolverines have more turnovers (28) than offensive TDs (27). Those 28 TOs are the sixth-most in the nation.

UM's Taylor has plans for Wells
November 20, 2008 Source: Toledo Blade - "If Ohio State running back Chris "Beanie" Wells doesn't know what a suplex is, he should ask Northwestern counterpart Stephen Simmons. Or, he could just wait for Michigan defensive tackle Terrance Taylor to show him. Taylor, who is listed at 308 pounds, scooped up the ball-carrying, 185-pound Simmons last week and slammed him to the turf. The move is commonly known as a suplex. Asked on Monday if he had a similar smackdown planned for Wells, Taylor said: 'You watch, you might see a little something if I get the opportunity.'..."

Weekly Press Conference: U-M Concludes Season with The Game
November 17, 2008 Source: UM Official Site - "...On Ohio State?... 'They're a very talented team. You don't see them out of place. They play hard. Again, they've got some of the best talent in the country, and some of the guys are playing at a high level for them. I know that they've got a lot at stake, but I like to think that we do, too'...On Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor?... 'I have not watched. I've been watching more of the defense. I just watched a couple of games of their offense, but every quarterback as you play more and get more experience, you're going to get more comfortable and you rely more on your playbook...'

UM QB Nick Sheridan One-on-One

Michigan RT Schilling injures knee; QB Threet practices
November 19, 2008 Source: ESPN - "Michigan tackle Stephen Schilling is questionable for Saturday game against No. 10 Ohio State because of a sprained knee. Coach Rich Rodriguez said Wednesday that running back Sam McGuffie is expected to play after attending a funeral, and quarterback Steven Threet has practiced with shoulder injury and is being evaluated as a backup possibility behind Nick Sheridan. Receiver Zion Babb has been kicked off the team for violating team rules and defensive tackle Jason Kates has chose to leave the team, Rodriguez said. Both played minor roles...'

Rich Rodriguez coached by many on OSU-Michigan tradition
November 19, 2008 Source: Detroit Free Press - "Rich Rodriguez didn't make any brash statements about beating Ohio State when he became Michigan's coach in December 2007. That didn't mean he lacked an understanding of the fierce football rivalry that ends each team's Big Ten season. Some think Rodriguez hasn't fully embraced the rivalry as Jim Tressel did when he replaced John Cooper as Ohio State's coach in 2001...Rodriguez was asked Tuesday if he has been coached up on the rivalry. 'Yeah, I've had about 480,000 alumni that's coached me up,' Rodriguez said...Rodriguez took exception Monday when asked why he hadn't made the rivalry the ultimate priority. 'Well, I don't know. Maybe I have and you all don't know it,' Rodriguez said. 'I don't think everything that I'm thinking or telling the team is made public. But I didn't make any public statements or declarations or anything like that because there are a whole lot of things that we're trying to do.'...'

Rodriguez on negative fans: 'Get a life'
November 19, 2008 Source: mlive.com/Ann Arbor News - "There's very little question that this season, and all its mounting losses, are eating away at Rich Rodriguez. And he had some words for all those spouting negative messages. 'It's amazing some of the things that people would say [on a message board] or yell at you of a personal nature,' Rodriguez said Monday. 'You almost want to tell them, 'Get a life.' There's a whole lot bigger problems. Look at the economy.'..."

Howard: 'This isn't Michigan'
November 18, 2008 Source: Detroit News - "Ex-Wolverine says fans' patience for Rodriguez could wear out quickly...Question: The defense looks like it has had no fire. Defense was supposed to be the strength of this team. Has the offense been so bad it's had an effect on the defense? Howard: 'I don't know what the answer is on defense. Like I said, there's enough blame to go around. It starts with the coordinator, Scott Shafer, but then individual players have to have pride in what they're doing, too. When you see a team that at times looks as bad as they've looked, you know it's not just one thing.' ...'


Know Your Opponent

Brandon Graham#55 Brandon Graham
CLASS: Junior

Has 9 sacks (leads team again) and 18 tackles for a loss this season...team's top returner in sacks from 2007 (8.5) ... returning starter at defensive end ... two-year lettermen ... played in 24 career games and made five starts at defensive end ... needs one sack to reach double digits in his career ... posted 28 tackles, 10 tackles for loss and nine sacks during his career.


Tim Jamison#90 Tim Jamison
CLASS: 5th Yr Senior

Has 4.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for a loss this season...three-year letterman ... returning starter at defensive end ... U-Mís active career leader in sacks ... played in 38 career games and made 13 starts at defensive end ... amassed 79 stops, 19 tackles for loss, 14.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, one interception and three pass breakups during his career ... 14.5 of his 19 career tackles for loss are sacks.

Obi Ezeh#90 Obi Ezeh
CLASS: Sophomore

Leads team with 96 tackles, 56 solo, and has 7 tackles for a loss and 1 sack this season...top returning tackler from 2007 ... lone starter returning in linebacking corps ... 2007 Freshman All-America ... started 10 games at inside linebacker and played in 13 contests during career ... posted 68 career tackles.


Brandon Minor#4 Brandon Minor
CLASS: Junior

Leading rusher with 466 yards for a 5.2 average per carry... two-year letterman ... battling for starting tailback spot ... played in 22 career games ... rushed 132 times for 623 yards and scored three touchdowns in his career ... made four career receptions totaling 10 yards ... returned 14 kickoffs for 261 yards (18.6 avg.) during his career.


Greg Mathews#13 Greg Mathews
CLASS: Junior

Leading receiver with 409 yards for a 11.7 average ... top returning wide receiver and punt returner ... two-year letterman ... played in 26 career games and made eight starts at wide receiver ... needs four receptions for 50 in his career ... 66 yards shy of 500 receiving in his career ... made 46 catches for 434 yards and three touchdowns during his career ... returned 30 punts for 238 yards (7.9 avg.)


National Rankings
Total Offense   Total Defense

Sports Lines For amusement only...

Michigan (3-8) at No. 10 Ohio State (9-2):

Sports Babe Official
covers.com Match-Up Preview - Live Odds - Matchup Edge

bodog.com Matchup & Preview

Vegas Insider Las Vegas Line Movements
Matchup Analysis
Current Line OSU -20.5 11/18/08

pregame.com Point Spread / Total / Money Line

Stat Fox Current Power Ratings: OSU #7


The Weather Channel Columbus Forecast



Former Ohio State Head Football coach Woody Hayes
  Ohio State Head Football coach Jim Tressel


Events of 1913 laid foundation for bitter rivalry
November 21, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "The seeds of discontent were sown well before the Snow Bowl, Bo Schembechler, David Boston and Jim Harbaugh -- to name just a few -- turned The Game into a border war. The seed was planted in 1897, the first time Ohio State played Michigan, but the rivalry did not sprout until 1913, when three events combined to foreshadow the generations of revulsion to come. The first event was lesser known than the other two, but nonetheless brought the rivalry to a fuller boil 11 years later, in 1924...In 1924, (George) Little stepped in for Yost, becoming the first of two former OSU assistants to become coach at Michigan. Schembechler was the other..."

Loss of Pryor to OSU still hurts UM
November 19, 2008 Source: Toledo Blade - "Is Terrelle Pryor a touchy subject, after he allowed himself to be intensely courted by both sides in the bitter Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, and the wooing carried on well past the stroke of midnight in the recruiting season? Are the Wolverines still a bit steamed that the freshman quarterback chose the Buckeyes, and has led them to seven wins in his eight games as a starter? 'Go on to the next question,' Michigan offensive lineman David Moosman said Monday when Pryor's name came up. 'I don't want to talk about that right now. All I really want to focus on is guys we have for us on our sideline. He's on their sideline.'..."

'Go Bucks': Despite Rose Bowl implications, Dantonio won't be rooting for U-M
November 19, 2008 Source: Detroit Free Press - "Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio had an interesting quote posted on espn.com today. To go to the Rose Bowl, his Spartans need to beat Penn State a few hours after archrival Michigan beats Ohio State. Still, Dantonio, a former Ohio State assistant and protege of Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel, said he's pulling for the scarlet and gray. 'I'm not rooting for Michigan,' Dantonio said, according to espn.com blogger Adam Rittenberg. 'I'm going to focus on our task at hand here and worry about the things we can control. I have too many good friends and too many people that wouldn't let me back into their house to let me do that. 'So Go Bucks.'..."

Boren being looked to for inside UM info
November 19, 2008 Source: Dayton Daily News - "Woody Hayes was always spotting suspicious cars and people around his practices...And it's not just old school, either. Let's face it: One reason coach Jim Tressel closes all practices to the media is so nothing leaks out...Now the current Buckeyes are presented with a perfect way to get some insight into Michigan's attack ó without having to send a person to Ann Arbor. A spy has come in from the cold. Justin Boren...left Michigan in a huff earlier this year and has enrolled at Ohio State. A big offensive lineman, he'll be eligible to play next season...Tressel said Boren was uneasy about his situation. 'I'm sure that he would be very happy when this weekend is over because he's got a lot of dear friends (at Michigan) and he has a different scenario in his life,' Tressel said..."

Chris SpielmanSpielman: Wolverines are 'dead men walking'
November 18, 2008 Source: Detroit News - "Herbstreit says U-M is 'sorry' it has to play Ohio State...Here are excerpts of the conversation that took place Monday on WBNS 1460 AM's "The Big Show," hosted by Bruce Hooley. He was joined by former Ohio State players Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Spielman, now both analysts for ESPN..."

Spielman, Herbie Stoke the Rivalry Flames
November 18, 2008 Source: Eleven Warriors - "In case you donít get 1460 The Fan...Herbstreit and Spielman had a great back and forth yesterday...Spielman lobbed this bomb to kick it off: '...For Michigan, I think itís vital for them because they have absolutely nothingÖThis team has no confidence, man. Theyíre dead men walking.'...Herbie, correctly, lamented the fact Michigan stinks but Spielman didnít seem too sympathetic...God Bless Chris Spielman..."

OSU football: 2008 game has same feel as 1978
November 19, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "A much-hyped freshman quarterback shows up at Ohio State, takes over from an established veteran, and performs well enough to lead the Buckeyes into the Michigan game with a Big Ten title and Rose Bowl bid at stake. It happened in 1978 with Art Schlichter, and 30 years later, it's happening again with Terrelle Pryor...The 1978 Buckeyes were 7-2-1 and ranked 16th, and a win would send them to Pasadena. This year's team is 9-2 and ranked 10th, and a win on Saturday will send it to Pasadena if Michigan State beats Penn State. Ohio State fans hope the parallels end there, as Schlichter's team lost 14-3 to Michigan..."

Michigan-OSU: A most upsetting history
November 17, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Great OSU-Michigan upsets since 1951...Since 1951, Woody Hayes' first year at Ohio State, OSU and Michigan have played 57 times. Eight times, the teams had the same record going into their rivalry game. One of those games ended in a tie, as did one other game. Here's the breakdown on the other 48 games, in which the team with the better record has won 63 percent of the time. But since 1980, the team with the better record has won barely half the time.

Since 1951
Team with the better record: 30-18
Michigan with the better record: 11-8
Ohio State with the better record: 19-10
   Since 1980
Team with the better record: 13-12
Michigan with the better record: 7-5
Ohio State with the better record: 6-7

Since 1951
Ranked team against an unranked team: 7-6
Ranked Ohio State against unranked Michigan: 4-1
Ranked Michigan against unranked Ohio State: 3-5
   Since 1980
Ranked team against an unranked team: 3-5
Ranked Ohio State against unranked Michigan: 1-1
Ranked Michigan against unranked Ohio State: 2-4

Here are the biggest upsets since 1951, when a ranked team lost to an unranked team or a team in the top two ranked to a team ranked much lower:
1952: No. 12 Michigan (5-3) vs. OSU (5-3): Ohio State wins, 27-7
1969: No. 1 OSU (8-0) vs. No. 12 Michigan (7-2): Michigan wins, 24-12
1981: No. 7 Michigan (8-2) vs. OSU (7-3): Ohio State wins, 14-9
1982: No. 13 Michigan (8-2) vs. OSU (7-3): Ohio State wins, 24-14
1993: No. 5 OSU (9-0-1) vs. Michigan (6-4): Michigan wins, 28-0
1995: No. 2 OSU (11-0) vs. No. 18 Michigan (8-3): Michigan wins, 31-23
1996: No. 2 OSU (10-0) vs. No. 21 Michigan (7-3): Michigan wins, 13-9
2001: No. 11 Michigan (8-2) vs. OSU (6-4): Ohio State wins, 26-20
2004: No. 7 Michigan (9-1) vs. OSU (6-4): Ohio State wins, 37-21

OSU-Michigan memories:
The Big Ten Network will show two memorable games from the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry this week. The 1969 game will air at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday and repeat at midnight. In that contest, Woody Hayes and top-ranked OSU went to Ann Arbor with a 22-game winning streak, only to be upset by Bo Schembechler and the Wolverines, 24-12, starting what became known as the "Ten Year War." On Thursday at 2 p.m. and Friday at 8 p.m., the 1974 game will be shown. Archie Griffin notched his 22nd straight game with at least 100 yards rushing, and the Buckeyes came away with the 12-10 victory when Michigan missed three field-goal attempts, including one as time expired."

Even at 3-8, it's still Michigan
November 17, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "It takes some serious squinting to look at Michigan's 3-8 record and see the potential for a Wolverines upset Saturday in Columbus. Michigan has been dreadful this season, in ninth place in the Big Ten and loser of six of its past seven games. Ohio State, on the other hand, can clinch a share of the Big Ten title with a victory and would stand a good chance at making a Bowl Championship Series game. OSU coach Jim Tressel is 6-1 against his arch rivals, and the Buckeyes have won four straight. Ohio State (9-2, 6-1 Big Ten) has never won five in a row in the series. With all the motivation on the Buckeyes' side, that would seem to make the outcome a no-brainer. But in the history of this storied rivalry, there are always interesting pages to flip to that can support any possibility, and this year is no exception..."

Upsets stand out in OSU-UM rivalry
November 17, 2008 Source: Toldeo Blade - "In the moments following Michigan's 21-14 loss to Northwestern Saturday, coach Rich Rodriguez already knew what the pundits would say about his Wolverines leading up to this weekend's game against rival Ohio State. 'I'm sure [we'll] hear all week that our guys have no chance,' Rodriguez said...Upsets are rare in this rivalry, but they do happen. Since 1937, the lower-ranked school has won 21 times, and only eight times has an unranked team knocked off its ranked opponent. The last year that happened was 2004, when Ohio State stunned then-No. 7 UM 37-21 in Columbus..."

Michigan a 19-point underdog against Ohio State
November 17, 2008 Source: Detroit News - "The Michigan-Ohio State line opened with the Buckeyes being a 19-point favorite, matching the largest spread in the rivalry. Ohio State also was favored by 19 in 1962, and went on to win, 28-0. 'It's 0-0 when you start,' Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said. 'If they're favored by whatever and up 21-0 before you kick off, that's tough. But it's 0-0 when you start. We've got some young guys and they've got some young guys.'..."

Wolverines will be motivated to end season on a high note
November 17, 2008 Source: mlive.com/Ann Arbor News - "The seasons may be as disparate as they've ever been in the history of the rivalry. Ohio State enters the game ranked 10th in the nation, sporting a 9-2 record. The Buckeyes are gunning for a Big Ten championship, and dynamic freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor leads their offense. The Wolverines enter the game already having lost more games than any other team in school history. For the first time in 33 years, no bowl awaits after Ohio State. Those factors make the Wolverines an early 20 to 24-point underdog for Saturday's noon matchup in Columbus. As far as Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is concerned, though, they're also irrelevant..."

UM Coaching History
November 16, 2008 Source: The Webmaster - In the history of Michigan football there have been eleven head coaches, not yet counting Rich Rodriguez, who have played a game against Ohio State in their first season. What does every first year UM coach, sans one, have in common? They have not lost to the Buckeyes in that first meeting. Harry Kipke's 1929 squad, the lone exception, lost to OSU in Ann Arbor 7-0. Only one other coach, Langdon Lea in 1900, neither won nor lost; that game, played in Ann Arbor, ended in a tie 0-0. The last six head coaches, beginning in 1938, have all won. Below is a table reflecting the UM coaches and their first year history against the Buckeyes:

Head Coach

 1st Game
 vs OSU


Gustave Ferbert1897-189910-16-1897W 34-0Ann Arbor6-2-1
Langdon Lea190011-24-1900T 0-0Ann Arbor7-2-1
Fielding H. Yost1901-192611-09-1901W 21- 0Columbus11-0-0
Elton E. Wieman1927-2810-22-1927W 21-0*Ann Arbor6-2-0
Harry G. Kipke1929-193710-19-1929L 0-7*Ann Arbor5-3-1
Herbert Crisler1938-194711-19-1938W 18-0Columbus6-1-1
Bennie Oosterbaan1948-195811-20-1948W 13-3Columbus9-0-0
Bump Elliot1959-196811-21-1959W 23-14Ann Arbor4-5-0
Bo Schembechler1969-198911-22-1969W 24-12Ann Arbor8-3-0
Gary Moeller1990-199411-24-1990W 16-13Columbus9-3-0
Lloyd Carr1995-200711-25-1995W 31-23Ann Arbor9-4-0
Rich Rodriguez2008-?11-22-2008
*Not final regular season game


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