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Defensive end won't return
January 23, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Now two juniors are leaving Ohio State. But Alex Barrow, unlike fellow defensive end Vernon Gholston, isn't headed to the NFL. 'I enjoyed the time I had here in football, but I am ready for the next step in life,' Barrow said yesterday. A fourth-year player from Dublin Coffman, Barrow is scheduled to graduate in June with a communications degree..."

Pryor won't cure defense
January 19, 2008 Source: Mansfield News Journal - "It's natural to fixate on offense and drool over the prospect of can't-miss quarterback Terrelle Pryor saving Jim Tressel from his moth-eaten playbook, but there's bigger scapegoats to fry on the other side of the ball...Looking for a common denominator in OSU's back-to-back losses in the BCS national championship? Start with a defense that has made two ordinary quarterbacks -- Florida's Chris Leak and LSU's Matt Flynn -- look extraordinary by allowing them time to text BFFs from the pocket and by giving their receivers too much respect and cushion...Where is the aggression we witnessed when Mark Dantonio was running the defense? Where are the Dantonio-like, on-the-fly tweaks to the game plan that would have prevented a second touchdown grab by LSU tight end Richard Dickson after he flummoxed the Buckeyes on the first?..."

Competition stiff on Ohio State's No. 1 defense
January 17, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State's No. 1-ranked defense is losing two starters in senior linebacker Larry Grant and junior defensive end Vernon Gholston. But the Buckeyes will throw three formerly injured regulars back into the mix...there will be 181 games of starting experience among 16 different returning players. With so few spots open, players who have been biding their time will find it hard to punch their way into the lineup..."

First look at 2008 Top 25
January 18, 2008 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "Fans of the SEC won't like it one bit, but the Buckeyes are at No. 1 in CFN's very early look at the Top 25 for the 2008 season..."

Listen to the audioOne More Season
January 18, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "AUDIO SLIDE SHOW: The Dispatch's Ken Gordon talks to Alex Boone, Marcus Freeman, Malcolm Jenkins and James Laurinaitis about their decision to return to Ohio State..."

The gift of time
January 17, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Ken Gordon posts about his interview session with Marcus Freeman, Malcolm Jenkins, James Laurinaitis and Alex Boone."

For love of game: Ohio State juniors decide as one
January 18, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Chance to return as seniors and play a final year with teammates trumps opportunity to be selected in NFL draft..."

NCAA Playoffs...
Buckeye alumnus bashes the Big Ten
January 15, 2008 Source: Toledo Blade - "Southeastern Conference president Michael Adams (an Ohio State graduate) has accused the Big Ten and Pac 10 conferences, along with the Rose Bowl, of being "the largest impediment" to the implementation of a playoff system at the highest level of college football...Adams essentially claimed that the Big Ten has had unworthy participants in the title game...Adams, who holds two postgraduate degrees from Ohio State, offered the Rose Bowl, the Big Ten and the Pac 10 a bitter compromise that would leave them out of the championship game tournament, and move another bowl into the open slot. 'The Rose Bowl is certainly within their rights...But I think the Cotton Bowl or the Chik-fil-A - assuming the other three bowls went along and the Rose Bowl didn't - I think we could find a fourth bowl to come in and do what I've suggested.'...(it was) pointed out what a potent recruiting tool that scenario would provide for the SEC and Big 12 - if they could offer recruits the chance to play for a national championship, while the Big Ten and Pac 10 teams would forfeit that opportunity..."

Let the annual whining for a playoff begin, with a twist
January 17, 2008 Source: SportingNews.com - Matt Hayes writes: "Here is Michael Adams, everyone. Isn't he cute with his red and black pompom and everyman values? You just want to hug him. You say advocate of change. I say disingenuous fraud..."

Ohio State president Gordon Gee is a fervent supporter of the schools' athletic program but remains one of the most outspoken critics of a playoff system in the FBS. He's not alone. With only a couple of exceptions, the presidents of FBS schools are vehemently against altering the current system.
Like Buckeyes, college football national title process needs tweaking
January 14, 2008 Source: Mansfield News Journal - "...An eight-team playoff, involving the six BCS conference winners and two at-large schools, would be the fairest way to determine a national champion. The four highest seeds could host first-round games, with the four BCS bowls hosting the semifinals and the title game on a rotating basis. Every four years, one of the four BCS bowls is thrown back in the general pool with the other 29 bowls, which go on as usual, meaning no more or less than they do now..."

Resistance to playoff still strong
January 12, 2008 Source: Rivals.com - "The possibility of a playoff seems to be picking up steam, but in reality its supporters might be just blowing off steam as change in the postseason format figures to come slowly. That is, if it comes at all. But uncompromising resistance by the majority of university presidents and major conferences, the Big Ten, in particular, indicate that possibility would be in the future.

Georgia president: Schools need to regain control of postseason - "The president of the University of Georgia proposed an eight-team playoff system to determine the NCAA's national football champion..."

NCAA may give playoff format further consideration
January 13, 2008 Source: USA Today - "The head of the NCAA's Division I Board of Directors approaches Monday's meeting and marquee agenda item with care. Clemson President James Barker echoes common apprehensions about a playoff. How would it affect a now-healthy regular season? Would it kill off a decades-old bowl system? 'All of us must be concerned,' he said, 'about what kind of ripple effects these decisions might have and the sometimes-unintended consequences.' At the same time, Barker said, 'I don't think we should stifle thoughtful discussion.'..."

LSU most deserving, but it's still a flawed system
January 8, 2008 Source: ESPN.com - "...Clearly, LSU was the most deserving No. 1. The Trojans might have played like the sport's strongest team down the stretch, but a national champion can't lose to a 41-point underdog...LSU won't be remembered as one of the greatest national champions this sport has seen, but the Tigers were most deserving..."

OSU All-American linebacker James Laurinaitis will return for his senior season.
Ohio State's Laurinaitis will return for senior season
January 14, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State All-American linebacker James Laurinaitis told the Plain Dealer this afternoon that he will return for his senior season at Ohio State..."

Laurinaitis Says NFL Can Wait
January 14, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com

Another year for Li'l Animal?
January 14, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "It certainly sounds more and more like James Laurinaitis will come back for his senior season. The fact that Alex Boone -- who has a class with Laurinaitis and talked to him Friday -- said he thinks he will return is the best evidence yet. We'll know in the next 24 hours or so...."

Early entrants
January 15, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Junior and sophomore college players who have declared for the 2008 NFL draft..."

Recruiting Class of 2008
Jermil Martin
Jermil Martin, of Cleveland (OH) Glenville, who previously committed to Iowa, told Jim Tressel January 13th that he has committed to Ohio State. Martin continues the pipeline of Glenville kids to Columbus. Martin said: "I told [the coaches at Ohio State] I was going to be a Buckeye right before I left to come back home. Being a Buckeye has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little kid." The 6' 220 lb fullback said, "They told me I will be playing both fullback and tailback. I'm not sure which one I will start out at when I actually get there. My position isn't that important to me. I just want to thank Ted Ginn for all he has done for me as a coach, and as a mentor." Martin gained 239 yards and scored three touchdowns as a running back for the Tarblooders this past season and also accounted for 52 tackles, nine sacks and two forced fumbles at defensive end/linebacker. In addition to Ohio State, Martin had offers from West Virginia and Iowa, among others. Welcome aboard, Jermil.

Buckeyes get another Tarblooder
January 14, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

'A' for effort: Overachieving Buckeyes have room for improvement
January 13, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Looking back on Ohio State's season after another decisive loss in the national championship game, how easy it is to forget the Buckeyes won a third straight Big Ten title and posted a fourth straight win over Michigan. It also seems like small consolation to point out how much Ohio State exceeded preseason expectations...The fact this team overachieved during a season in which so many other teams underachieved will be lost on most. That said, OSU could be one of the underachievers next season, which is why what happened in New Orleans will resonate for a while. Whether OSU truly belonged in the game will be debated for years..."

Boone To Return For Final Season
January 13, 2008 Source: WBNS-TV10 - "Ohio State offensive tackle Alex Boone made a decision about his future with the Buckeyes this weekend. Boone told 10TV's Dom Tiberi that he will return to Ohio State for his senior year..."
Cool-off brings Boone back to Buckeyes

Freeman to return for senior season
January 13, 2008 Source: Dayton Daily News - "Ohio State linebacker Marcus Freeman announced Saturday he's coming back for his senior season - and this time he means it. After saying last week he was staying for one more year, Freeman had a change of heart following the national title game. But after meeting with his parents, coach Jim Tressel and linebackers coach Luke Fickell, the Wayne High School grad said he has no more second thoughts. 'The big thing is, you can regret leaving early, but you can't regret coming back,' he said..."

Schoenhoft to transfer to Delaware with two years of eligibility
January 13, 2008 Source: ESPN.com - "Ohio State quarterback Robby Schoenhoft said Sunday he will transfer to Delaware. 'I like the offense here,' Schoenhoft said from Deleware. 'I believe I will get an opportunity to play at Delaware that I never got at Ohio State. No guarantees, but I think I have a great chance. I have no regrets about attending Ohio State. I feel I was given a fair chance, to an extent.'..."

Recruiting Class of 2008
Zach Domicone

Zach Domicone, of Xenia (OH) Beavercreek, has committed to Ohio State. Ironically Domicone was planning a trip to Oklahoma this weekend when the call from Ohio State came on Friday (January 11). The 6' 3" 215 lb athlete said, "They are talking about strong safety now but everyone thinks I am going to move into a linebacker. They think I have a good potential to grow more. I think I have a good combination of size and speed, I have been timed at a 4.47 40 twice. I think I can play back in coverage as a safety or come up and stop the run at both positions." In addition to Ohio State, Domicone had offers from Oklahoma, Nebraska, West Virginia, Connecticut, Air Force and others. Welcome aboard, Zach.

VideoDomincone: Jr. Season Highlights

Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
January 13, 2008 Source: Bucknuts - "Mr. Bucknuts lectures us on managing expectations; he then goes off on tangents covering recruiting, the returning juniors (and some surprises...), Terrelle Pryor and - yes - another Charlie Weis insight. All this in a very fresh and steaming Bucket of Bullets..."

Rivals.com Conference and Conference, Player and Coaches Power Rankings
January 11, 2008 Source: Rivals.com - "The Southeastern Conference isn't atop the Rivals.com final 2007 League Power Rankings only because LSU won the national title...Instead, the SEC is atop the mountain for a variety of reasons...2007 Head Coach: #5 Jim Tressel Ohio State Head Coach (previously #1) The Buckeyes made mistakes at critical times against LSU...2007 Running Back: #4 Chris Wells...2007 Linebacker: #2 James Laurinaitis...2007 Defensive Line: #5 Vernon Gholston...2007 Defensive Back: #4 Malcolm Jenkins...2007 Offensive Line: #5 Kirk Barton (previously #3)...2007 Defensive Coach: #3 Jim Heacock (previously #1)...2007 Offensive Coach: #9 Jim Bollman..."

Gholston heading to NFL, Jenkins plans to return
January 11, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "The Ohio State football team will lose defensive end Vernon Gholston to the 2008 NFL draft, the school announced late this afternoon. But cornerback Malcolm Jenkins said he will return for his final season with the Buckeyes..."
Gholston The First To Go Source: BuckeyeSports.com
Jenkins Says Yes To One More Year Source: BuckeyeSports.com
Schoenhoft will visit Delaware Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Jim Tressel is 28-9 against ranked opponents during his career as head coach at Ohio State. He is 8-4 against opponents ranked in the top 10.Tressel's critics off the mark
January 11, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State was picked to finish third in the Big Ten. Then the Buckeyes won their fourth conference football title in seven years. They knocked off Michigan again. They went to the national championship game and were crushed, 38-24, by LSU. That proves it, Jim Tressel is a lousy big-game coach. If I hear that one more time, I'll tear out all my hair..."

Tressel takes it like a coach
January 13, 2008 Source: Canton Repository - "In the days after Ohio Stateís burial in the bayou, fans sent e-mails asking the same question. Just after how in the world did that happen..."

The following is from E MAIL OF THE DAY to Alan Cutler, on Cincinnati's 1530Homer. (Note: Grippa is the Head Football Coach at LaSalle High School in Cincinnati, 2008 recruit Devier Posey's high school, which is in the GCL, one of the tougest high school football conferences in America.)

"Alan, I listen to your show every morning coming into school and you said this morning that you wanted to hear from Jim Tressel supporters and that is why I am e-amiling you this morning.

"First of all I am a die hard Ohio State fan. I have met Jim Tressel on multiple occasions while he was recruiting at LaSalle and of all of the head college football coaches that I have met in my 21 years as a head high school football coach he is by far the most impressive.

"I heard you challenge him as a game coach and that he got out coached by Les Miles and I think that you are wrong. Jim won 4 National titles at Youngstown State and 1 at Ohio State. A few years ago Jim went head to head against Les Miles and the buckeyes won easily by 30 or so points. Ohio State had more talent than Oklahoma State that year just like LSU had more talent than OSU this year. It still comes down to having players and I sincerely believe that the true measure of a coach is how they do when they don't always have the best talent. I maintain that this was a rebuilding year for OSU and for the buckeyes to get to the national championship game at all speaks volumes about coach Tressel.

"As a true OSU fan I have to admit that Jim is a little conservative on offense. I wish that they would air it out more but that is not his style. I believe that Boeckman the OSU QB had trigger problems and that hurt the buckeyes as much as the mental mistakes. I saw receivers open and he couldn't pull the trigger. Maybe they didn't want him taking chances but sometimes you have to roll the dice and take chances. Michigan did that against Florida and that is one of the reason that they won.

"Is the SEC better than the Big Ten? Yes, the SEC puts more players in the NFL than any other league in America. Like I said before it is all about the players. The competition in the SEC is brutal. Can the top teams in the big Ten compete with the SEC? I say yes. The big ten over the last 23 head to head games with the SEC is 11-12. Not bad? The bottom teams in the big ten are terrible. The bottom teams in the SEC are still pretty good. UK's win against LSU is a prime example of that.

"In the GCL we experience that same thing in all of the sports. The GCL teams always do well in tournaments because we are battled tested from playing in our league.

"I have to get going but I wanted to end with this story about Jim Tressel. Two years ago he was visiting LaSalle for the firts time and he stayed for 2 hours. He visited with our administrators and guidance staff and coaches. While we were waiting for a player to come out of class he said to me that when he gets fired from this job (that says a lot to me) he wants to teach Math at a Catholic High School and be the JV QB coach. He is not looking to go the NFL. He is a teacher first and he cares about his players. Troy Smith was saved because of coach Tressel. His family and home life was as bad as it gets and Jim Tressell helped save him with direction and guidance. In fact, one of the OSU assistant coaches shared with me that Jim never gives up on kids and they somtetimes wish that he would cut some loose but he believes that he can change individual lives and to be honest that is what we are here for.

"Thanks for listeng to me...Tom Grippa"

Ohio State's Robiskie to return for senior season
January 10, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State won't be losing all of its juniors with NFL potential. Brian Robiskie, the Buckeyes' leading receiver, said tonight that he will return for his senior season. 'For a while it was a decision for me,' Robiskie said. 'But after being with my dad for the last few weeks, all we talked about was me coming back.'..."


LSU vs OSU in the BCS National Championship Game January 7, 2008

LSU vs OSUPostgame

Jim Tressel's Ohio State team has lost back-to-back games for the BCS national championship. OSU head coach Jim Tressel's record in BCS games drops to 3-2, with a 4-3 bowl record overall.Bayou triumph: LSU knocks out Ohio State for BCS title
January 7, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Too easy. No. 2 LSU danced, dodged and darted its way into the end zone Monday night, turning the BCS national championship game into a horrible replay for No. 1 Ohio State. It was over early, with Matt Flynn throwing four touchdown passes in a 38-24 win..."

BCS Postgame Press Conference
January 8, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "An Interview With: Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel, Beanie Wells & Vernon Gholston..." plus Audio and Video links: Ohio State Formal Postgame Press Conference Jim Tressel, Vernon Gholston, Chris 'Beanie' Wells, & LSU BCS Postgame Press Conference

Game Stats: Team and Individual Statistics, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart,
Participation Report & More Source: BCS Official Site

Recap | Game Trax | Box Score | Head-to-Head
Source: FoxSports.com

Chris Wells breaks free of the LSU defense on route to the first touchdown and score of the game Monday, January 7, 2008, in the BCS National Championship game.

OSU RB Chris Wells breaks free of the LSU defense on route to a 65-yard touchdown gallop and the 1st TD in the BCS National Championship game. Wells broke Archie Griffin's record for OSU rushing yards as a sophomore. Appropriately, Wells said he didn't care about that at all after the game. This was his ninth 100-year rushing game of the year. With 1,609 yards this season, Wells passed Pepe Pearson, Tim Spencer and Archie Griffin to move into fourth place among all-time single season rushers in Ohio State history.

OSU's James Laurinaitis prevents Jacob Hester from scoring in the second quarter Monday, January 7, 2008, in the BCS National Championship game.

OSU LB James Laurinaitis prevents Jacob Hester from scoring in the second quarter in the BCS National Championship game. Laurinaitis' 18 tackles set an all time BCS bowl game record.

Highlights: BCS Championship
Source: FoxSports.com
"Watch highlights of LSU's 38-24 win over Ohio State in the 2008 BCS Championship game."

Team Statistics (Final)
2008 BCS National Championship Game
#2 LSU Tigers vs #1 Ohio State Buckeyes
R u s h i n g126
P a s s i n g910
P e n a l t y41
Rushing Attempts4930
Average Per Rush3.14.8
Rushing Touchdowns11
Yards Gained Rushing195189
Yards Lost Rushing4344
Completions - Attempts - Int19-27-115-26-2
Average Per Attempt6.48.0
Average Per Completion9.213.9
Passing Touchdowns42
Total offense plays7656
Average Gain Per Play4.36.3
Fumbles: Number-Lost2-03-1
Penalties: Number-Yards4-367-83
Avg Yards Per Punt56.750.0
Net Yards Per Punt40.340.7
Inside 2002
50+ Yards22
Fair catch00
Avg Yards Per Kickoff59.170.0
Net Yards Per Kickoff41.449.5
Punt returns: Number-Yards-TD1-8-01-9-0
Average Per Return8.09.0
Kickoff returns: Number-Yds-TD2-22-07-124-0
Average Per Return11.017.7
Interceptions: Number-Yds-TD2-38-01-23-0
Fumble Returns: Number-Yds-TD1-14-00-0-0
Miscellaneous Yards130
Possession Time33:5626:04
1st Quarter8:296:31
2nd Quarter8:196:41
3rd Quarter9:365:24
4th Quarter7:327:28
3rd Down Conversions11 of 183 of 13
4th Down Conversions1 of 12 of 3
Red-Zone Scores-Chances6-63-3
Sacks By: Number-Yards5-361-15
PAT Kicks5-53-3
Field Goals1-11-2

Ohio State tight end Brandon Smith (87) and running back Brandon Saine (3) wait out the end of the BCS Championship game.

LSU defeated Ohio State 38-24 to win the title.

VideoOhio State Postgame Press Conference
January 7, 2008 Source: SugarBowl Media - "Jim Tressel, Vernon Gholston, Chris "Beanie" Wells."

Ohio State Postgame Press Conference
January 8, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "After the game, OSU head coach Jim Tressel, running back Chris Wells, and defensive end Vernon Gholston were among the Buckeyes to speak with the media. View their comments in this video, courtesy ESPN.com."

Ohio State video rewind: A final review of the National Championship
January 13, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "For those of you too frightened or depressed to rewatch the BCS National Championship game, it's been done for you. And from the postgame talk it's obvious that not everyone will agree with this, but here's the conclusion - Ohio State wasn't going to win this game. Take away all the stupid penalties and the big plays, and LSU still comes out on top nine times out of 10..."

VideoAnalysis: Pat Forde & Mark Schlabach
January 7, 2008 Source: ESPN.com - "For the second year in a row, the SEC got the best of Ohio State. What happened to the Buckeyes?"

Instant analysis: BCS title game -- LSU vs. Ohio State
January 7, 2008 Source: ESPN.com - "Here's a look at how LSU sprinted past Ohio State to a 38-24 win in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game..."

BCS National Championship Game Post Game Notes
January 8, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "LSUís 38-24 win is its second national championship in five years and third overall. The Buckeyes were seeking their eighth all-time national championship and second in six years..."

College Football : BCS Championship Game Recount
January 9, 2008 Source: FoxSports.com - "Iím not going to say that OSU was a better team than LSU. I think we all believed that LSU was the better team coming into the contest. I honestly believe when all was said and done, the better team won on Monday night...What I will dig into is the difference in this contest. A contest that was much more competitive than any media member, blogger, or sports enthusiast would ever like to admit. Iíll simply start with my 3 keys to the outcome of this contest..."

Tress' breakdown: Breakdowns hurt
January 9, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "OSU coach laments key plays that turned game toward LSU..."

LSU wins battle of the special teams
January 8, 2008 Source: FoxSports.com - "Ricky Jean-Francois atoned for a season-long suspension by getting his big right hand on the ball for LSU. If only Austin Spitler could have gotten a piece of it for Ohio State. Everyone wants to talk about offense and defense, but it was a couple of lesser-known players - both of them putting in time on special teams - who played pivotal roles in LSU's 38-24 victory over the Buckeyes in the BCS national championship game Monday night..."

Six points
January 8, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch

Instant Analysis: BCS Championship Game
January 8, 2008 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "After all the hype and anticipation, the buildup and the buzz, the talk and the tension, yet another college football championship game was decided by a Mark Bradley moment. Because the victim was an Ohio State receiver named Brian Robiskie, the LSU Tigers won their second national title in the past five seasons..."

Captain's CornerCaptain's Corner: Bucks Will Benefit From Spotlight
January 9, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "Ohio State once again found their flaws exposed for the world to see in the latest BCS championship game. While the game did not produce enjoyable result for fans and players, Jerry Rudzinski says that the exposure will eventually help in the lives of the young Buckeyes..."

BCS Championship Game Notebook
January 8, 2008 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "From the officiating files, Further proof that BCS title games are rarely about coaching or strategy, and all about emotions and momentum, Donít blame OSUís Austin Spitler for the roughing-the-punter penalty in the third quarter...at least, not in the way youíd expect, Donít bag on Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel after a second straight BCS title game loss and Finally, donít trot out the SEC-Big Ten angle, or Ohio Stateís 0-9 record against SEC teams in bowl games..."

How did the Buckeyes grade out against LSUThe Bottom Line
January 8, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "If at first you don't succeed against an SEC team in a bowl game, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try again. But if anyone says the Buckeyes deserved to walk away from this one with a trophy, they're lying. Leaves are awarded on a zero-to-five basis..."

OSU Report Card
January 8, 2008 Source: CentralOhio.com - "...Defensive Line F: It's probably a done deal that Vernon Gholston is heading for the NFL. He played Monday night like he already had one foot out the door. But then nobody up front distinguished themselves. Quarterback Matt Flynn was given excellent protection...Coaching D: Jim Tressel's big-game reputation took another hit, but this wasn't so much about Xs and Os as five personal fouls, three turnovers, a dropped touchdown pass and a blocked field goal. The lack of discipline on the penalties is most glaring. Ultimately, that falls on the head man..."

FACTS & FACTORS: LSU vs. Ohio State
January 9, 2008 Source: TigerRag.com - "Hitting the high points from LSU's 38-24 win over Ohio State in the BCS Title Game. Quote of the Game: 'We actually showed you all we can actually play four quarters if we were healthy, when we're healthy.'- Rickey Jean-Francois on LSU finally getting healthy...By the Numbers: The Tigers finished 11-of-18 on third down, but at one time were 11-of-14. Ohio State, on the other hand, finished 3-of-13..."

Turnovers, penalties cripple Buckeyes' chance at beating LSU
January 9, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "For the second year in a row, Ohio State self-destructed in the national championship game. How did they fall apart? Count the ways: penalties, missed tackles, a blocked kick, an interception and, in general, moments when they looked completely befuddled by everything taking place on the field. Funny, but heading into the game, Ohio State was seen as the more stable of the two teams. LSU was prone to penalties and mistakes, to giving up big plays and then making up for them with big plays of their own. The Buckeyes weren't flashy, but dependable..."

Penalties hurt OSU in setback
January 9, 2008 Source: Baton Rouge Advocate - "Ohio State, one of the nationís least-penalized teams, hurt itself with a slew of personal fouls as LSU won the BCS national title game 38-24 Monday night at the Superdome. Ohio State had five personal fouls and finished with seven penalties for a season-worst 83 yards. The Buckeyes had averaged just 40.9 yards per game in penalties, seventh-best nationally, and just 5.4 penalties per game, 21st-best..."

Breaking down bummer of a BCS final
January 8, 2008 Source: Dayton Daily News

LSU showed it's simply good all over
January 9, 2008 Source: FoxSports.com - "Consider the fact that the championship game's defensive MVP was another lineman, about whom little had been said, Ricky Jean-Francois. Francois had six tackles (two for a loss) and a blocked field goal. Still, one assumes that Ohio State hadn't seen much of Francois, as he was playing in just his second game of the season due to academic problems..."

No. 1 defense fails Buckeyes
January 9, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Hereís how bad it was for Ohio Stateís once-mighty defense. The Buckeyes had to compare which performance was worse - last yearís 41-14 loss to Florida in the BCS title game or Monday nightís 38-24 loss to LSU in the BCS title game. 'The fact that we lost, it still hurts bad,' linebacker Marcus Freeman said. 'But when we look at the film, it wonít be as bad.'..."

BCS defeat should offer OSU, Tressel ways to improve in 2008
January 9, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "The five lessons from Ohio State's 38-24 BCS National Championship loss to LSU..."

BCS National Championship New Orleans January 7, 2008
Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery
Ohio State vs. LSU, National Championship Source: The Ozone
Ohio State vs. LSU Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
2008 BCS National Championship Game Source: OSU Official Site
LSU 38, Ohio State 24 Source: Columbus Dispatch
AP Photo Gallery Source: Associated Press
BCS Championship Game Source: CentralOhio.com
BCS Title Game: LSU vs. OSU Source: Dayton Daily News
Highlights from the BCS Bowl Source: CoxSports.net
Ohio State vs. LSU pre-game gallery Source: Columbus Dispatch
BCS Pregame Source: CentralOhio.com

Ohio State's fire gets out of control
January 9, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Coming into the game, the assumption was that LSU was a sloppy, undisciplined team that at times underperformed. OSU, stung by last year's memory, was expected to come in and play hard and smart. Instead, the opposite was true...."

'That's not Ohio State football'
January 9, 2008 Source: Dayton Daily News - "The way it sounds, some Ohio State players were rougher on each other than they were on Louisiana State. 'I couldn't believe that guys were fighting with other guys, this isn't a barroom. You don't need to be fighting with your own teammates. We were here to play football, (but) some guys didn't get that,' a still-stunned Alex Boone, the massive Ohio State tackle, said as he stood in the middle of the nearly empty Superdome field an hour after his Buckeyes had been embarrassed by LSU, 38-24, in the BCS Championship Game. 'Everyone was fighting with each other and I'm like, 'Calm down. It's OK. It's halftime.' But everyone's like, 'This is your fault,' and 'No, this is your fault.' I was like 'Calm down, we got a half to go.' But some guys panicked like the game was over.'..."

Jim Tressel might need to change his ways for Ohio State to get back on top
January 8, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...Critics today are saying that Jim Tressel is one controversial pass interference call from being John Cooper. A penalty flag was the 15-inch-square patch of polyester that became Ohio State's magic carpet in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl..."

Stream of Consciousness - 2008 BCS Championship
January 7, 2008 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "LSU had to battle a bit after getting out to a big lead, but it pulled off its second national title in five years beating Ohio State 38-24. Check out Pete Fiutak's quirky, self-serving thoughts and musings on an interesting title game..."

Brian Robiskie has been sure-handed all season, but a big one was pryed away by an LSU defender Monday night.Robiskie's drop gave LSU momentum for win
January 9, 2008 Source: FoxSports.com - "After all the hype and anticipation, the buildup and the buzz, the talk and the tension, yet another college football championship game was decided by a Mark Bradley moment. Because the victim was an Ohio State receiver named Brian Robiskie, the LSU Tigers won their second national title in the past five seasons..."

Mistakes, Solid Play by Tigers, Too Much for Buckeyes to Overcome
January 8, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "The feeling was just about unanimous in the OSU postgame locker room after the Buckeyes lost their second-straight BCS National Championship game. Pretty much to a man the Buckeyes finished the game with great respect for LSU, and with a feeling that they were their own worst enemies..."

Ohio State Falls To LSU In BCS Championship
January 7, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "Costly errors combined with a solid overall showing from LSU sent the Buckeyes to their second straight loss in the title game..."

Buckeyes Again Fall Short In Title Game
January 7, 2008 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Ohio State suffered the worst case of dťjŗ vu Monday night... Just like last year, the Buckeyes jumped out to an early lead. Just like last year, that lead evaporated quickly. And just like last year, the team wound up on the..."

The-Ozone Note and Quotebook (Who is to blame edition)
January 9, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "There are three things which you can count on to occur with immutable regularity. They are the rising and setting of the sun, the changing of the tides, and the need for football fans to find somebody to blame after a loss. This Note and Quotebook will be dedicated to talking about some of today's targets of criticism..."

Buckeyes have selves to blame
January 9, 2008 Source: Akron Beacon Journal - "...the Buckeyes have only themselves to blame for the 38-24 loss to LSU on Monday night in the BCS National Championship Game at the Superdome. This junior-laden OSU team found itself ahead 10-0 in the first quarter courtesy of some mistake-free, impressive play. It then fell apart when greeted with adversity. Did the Buckeyes think the Tigers would curl up in a corner and meow when faced with that deficit? Instead, LSU turned around and attacked, gaining a tie early in the second quarter. How a team reacts in such situation reveals its character. OSU? It panicked. Freaked. Screamed like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. The Tigers scored 31 points in a row, dominated the game and cruised to what eventually turned into an easy victory..."

LSU proves it's Miles ahead of Buckeyes
January 9, 2008 Source: Mansfield News Journal - "...Tressel's once-saintly image was further scarred by a SEC-ond straight lopsided loss in the title game. Had he won, everybody would have been talking about OSU's fifth BCS bowl win, tying USC's mark...Instead, the floor belongs to ESPN's Mark May and Skip Bayless and all of the other naysayers whom Tressel tried to use to Ohio State's advantage on the motivational DVD given his players. That ploy worked about as well as the decision to keep the Buckeyes in Columbus as long as possible before the game...Aware the backlash is going to get uglier, Tressel dug in and delivered the team's sixth personal foul on the miserable evening. 'There's a whole lot of people that don't really have much understanding of what it takes to be at this game, but yet love to have opinions,' Tressel said, chop-blocking his critics..."

Off TopicWhen it comes to wits, Tressel miles ahead of Les
January 4, 2008 Source: CBSSports.com  - "LSU coach Les Miles is lucky the BCS national championship game isn't a board game between the coaches. If they were playing checkers, Ohio State's Jim Tressel would quadruple-jump Miles into submission. If they were playing chess, Miles would ask to play checkers..."

Buckeyes and BCS title game: Third time's a harm
January 8, 2008 Source: ESPN.com - "...If you've ever seen lions maul a water buffalo, you've seen the last two title games. You've seen a fierce pair of SEC teams -- Florida last year, LSU this year -- blow the vulnerable Buckeyes back to the Bratwurst Belt by a combined 41 points. You've seen the best of one league flex, and the best of an inferior league collapse..."

Speed kills, and coaches should focus on it more
January 8, 2008 Source: Dayton Daily News - "...Much was made in the pregame hype of OSU being Clydesdales compared to the SEC teams. The Buckeyes did show team speed early in the 38-24 loss to LSU. But as the game wore on, it was obviously LSU's edge in team speed and quickness was a factor. If you watched any of the endless bowl games the last two weeks, it was the same story. Teams with speed and quickness were the ones holding up the trophies..."

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Top 25 Overview
Top 25 Weekend Review
Coaches Poll
 Source: USA Today

AP Poll
 Source: Associated Press

Top 25 Overview - Final, 2007
January 8, 2008 Source: ESPN - Overview of all Top 25 Teams for the final week of the season, including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos (links to all 'previous weeks' results too)

Outlooks for the final Top 25
January 9, 2008 Source: USA Today - "A look ahead at what's in store for teams in the USA TODAY coaches' poll..."

Surging Bulldogs start atop '08 preseason top 10
January 8, 2008 Source: SI.com - Stewart Mandel: "...2) Ohio State: It's hard to believe the Buckeyes reached their second straight BCS title game despite fielding a team with just two senior starters. RB Beanie Wells and QB Todd Boeckman lead the guaranteed returnees, while defensive stars Vernon Gholston, James Laurinaitis and Malcom Jenkins face impending NFL decisions..."

OSU's prospects bright no matter who stays
January 10, 2008 Source: CentralOhio.com - "...When asked after making 18 tackles in Monday night's 38-24 BCS title game loss to LSU if he would become another statistic in the almost annual exodus of OSU juniors to the NFL, Laurinaitis gave a weary sigh. With or without Laurinaitis and a handful of other juniors contemplating an early departure, the Buckeyes should be favored to win a fourth straight Big Ten title in 2008. Depending on the outcome of a Sept. 13 showdown at USC, they also could contend for a third straight berth in the national championship game..."

Delany, Big Ten may get left out of future BCS title gameplans
January 9, 2008 Source: Detroit Free Press - "A little humility would serve Jim Delany well. The Big Ten commissioner remains the most powerful figure in intercollegiate athletics, ruling his fiefdom with the indifference of a despot who turns up his nose to change. But if Delany's not careful, someday soon the peasants may revolt, and the Big Ten could be left on the outside of the next evolution of the Bowl Championship Series. It hasn't been a good 12 months for Delany. The cracks in the Big Ten's reputation are evident..."

Big Ten didn't look as bad as you think
January 11, 2008 Source: FoxSports.com - "Has there ever been a backlash like the one against the Big Ten for having the temerity to lose a second straight national championship game? Columnists and radio talk show hosts across the country couldn't shovel dirt on the league and Ohio State fast enough after the bowls, like getting whacked by LSU is like losing to Appalachian State or Duke at home. Well, the Big Ten did lose to Appalachian State (Michigan) and Duke (Northwestern) at home, but that doesn't mean the conference is somewhere between the MAC and Conference USA on a national perception scale, as a my-dog-just-died looking Kirk Herbstreit said..."

Jon Peters, AKA Big Nut, left, from Fremont, Ohio, and Larry Lokah, AKA Buckeye Man, from Urbana, Ohio, stand outside the the Louisiana Superdome before the BCS Championship game between Ohio State and LSU.Jon Peters, AKA Big Nut, left, from Fremont, Ohio, and Larry Lokah, AKA Buckeye Man, from Urbana, Ohio, stand outside the the Louisiana Superdome before the BCS Championship game between Ohio State and LSU.

VideoTwo Of The Biggest Buckeye Fans Around
Source: CSTV

Proudly wearing their scarlet and grey, four OSU fans raise the OHIO letters during a cheer for their team at the New Orleans Convention Center for an OSU rally Sunday, January 06, 2008. .Ohio State seeks redemption, LSU validation, then they meet in BCS title game
January 7, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Top-ranked Ohio State enters the BCS national championship game against LSU searching for redemption, hoping to bury the memories of an embarrassing loss in last year's title game. 'As much as you try to forget about it, there's no way of forgetting about it,'' Ohio State fullback Dionte Johnson said. ``I can close my eyes and go through that game like I'm still there.'..."

VideoTwo faces of New Orleans
January 7, 2008 Source: USA Today - "As BCS football fans party, New Orleans still struggles to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina..."

Mike Lanese: Bucks playing more than one game tonight
January 7, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - The former Buckeye standout (Mike Lanese played receiver at Ohio State from 1982 to '85) offers his view on the game and also comments: "Even Kirk Herbstreit will have to give his beloved alma mater a little respect." and "although Mark May and Herbstreit continue to annoy us with talk about SEC "speed"...

The Tressel household, clockwise from back left, Zak, Whitney, Eric, Jim, Ellen and Carlee. The dogs are Scarlett and Gracie.Behind the vest
January 6, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "When Jim Tressel enters a roomful of Ohio State fans, the floor immediately tilts in his direction. Worshippers flow toward him like water rushing to a drain. Out pop pens and paper as the star-struck crowd clamors for autographs and asks "Tress" to pose for pictures. The Buckeyes football coach signs and smiles. Mothers swoon. Men melt into boys. 'He gets mobbed,' said OSU offensive lineman Kirk Barton, shaking his head. 'Everyone wants an autograph and a photo or 'kiss my kid.'..."

Three for the title
January 6, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Comparing Jim Tressel's three Ohio State teams that made the national championship game..."

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