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Ohio State Players of the Week
OU Game 9/06/08:
Offensive Player of the Week: Dan "Boom" Herron, RB
Defensive Player of the Week: Malcolm Jenkins , DB
Attack Force Award: Lawrence Wilson, DE
Jim Parker Lineman Award: Alex Boone , OT
Special Units Player of the Week: Shaun Lane , DB
Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award: Not awarded
Scout Team Champions: Offense: Ross Oltorik; Defense: Nate Oliver; Special Units: Joe Gantz

Scarlet and gray should be red-faced
September 8, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Todd Boeckman completed 16 passes against Ohio University on Saturday - 10 of them went for 5 yards or fewer. There was a post in the end zone to Brian Hartline that was open for a moment but became triple covered by the time the ball got there...The 110-yard passing game was one of the six worst for the Buckeyes in the past four seasons, and you know most of the others - the national title loss to Florida, the wet Michigan game last year when running Beanie Wells was enough, the narrow escape at Illinois in 2006...Those moments of offense ineptitude had their reasons. So did Saturday, with the absence of Wells. Without him, the OSU offense wasn't scaring anyone..."

OSU Insider
September 8, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Back to the drawing board - A veteran Big Ten offensive line should not be handled like that by a Mid-American Conference defensive front seven. For three quarters, the Bobcats were beating the blockers to the point of attack on run plays and getting penetration on pass plays. The members of the ferocious USC defensive front had to be taking copious notes in between their belly laughs...Who is not hot? - OSU's two veteran receivers, Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline, did not get off to the expected big start the first two weeks against inferior competition. Though both have had a couple of big moments, what sticks in the mind is the way the ball didn't stick to their hands on a couple of possible big plays against Ohio. Quarterback Todd Boeckman, bothered by pressure, hasn't been as sharp as expected, and freshman Terrelle Pryor delivered no jolt when he entered the game in the first half Saturday...The challenge - Just like in the weeks following their second straight national championship game loss eight months ago, the Buckeyes again find the college football world seriously questioning their credentials. This is an ideal opportunity to change public perception..."

Looking back, Week 2
September 7, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "1. MAKE A BIG PLAY EARLY...VERDICT: Didn't happen...2. EXPLOIT YOUR BIGGEST ADVANTAGE For OSU, I thought it would be on both lines of scrimmage. VERDICT: Nope..."

VideoOSU Players Reflect and Look Forward
September 7, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "The Buckeyes talk about the game vs. Ohio and the upcoming game vs. USC. Check out the comments by Shaun Lane, Todd Boeckman, Malcolm Jenkins, James Laurinaitis, Ray Small, Robert Rose, Kurt Coleman and Lawrence Wilson.

The-Ozone Note and Quotebook
September 7, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "Horseshoe Inspiration, So What Happened?, Not All Bad, How About Those Hands, and Impact Play of the Game; they're all covered in the-Ozone Note and Quotebook..."

OSU must rebuild psyches ahead of big USC game
September 7, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Ohio State coach Jim Tressel would never admit it, but the Buckeyes' lackluster victory against Ohio University might make his job a little easier this week...'I don't want to read too much into it because everyone has (bad games), but I have a tough time believing a lot of those other top teams in the country would've played like we played today,' an angry wide receiver Brian Hartline said after Ohio State's 26-14 victory...If not for five turnovers by the Bobcats -- four interceptions and a pivotal fumbled punt -- the Buckeyes might be hearing the words "Appalachian State" a lot this week...'Well, we have to play better than we did this game, that's for sure,' Tressel said moments after Saturday's escape. 'I think everyone knows that they (the Trojans) are a great team, but the key to the game for us will be us. We'll see which team is better, but that's why we've got to go to work on us.'..."

Top 25 Overview
Top 25 Weekend Review
Coaches Poll
 Source: USA Today

AP Poll
 Source: Associated Press

Top 25 Overview WEEK 2 2008
Source: ESPN - Overview of all Top 25 Teams for the second week of the season, including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos

What We Learned: Big Ten lessons in Week 2
September 7, 2008 Source: ESPN - "...3. Pryor not ready for clutch situations: Ohio State trailed or barely led for 54 minutes of Saturday's game against Ohio, but heralded freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor got on the field for just three plays during that span. The coaches are still hesitant about putting the amazingly talented Pryor in pressure situations, which likely will limit his availability next week against USC. He could play a role as a running quarterback in special packages, but if the game is close, which it should be, Ohio State will go with Todd Boeckman..."



OU vs OSU  Postgame


Buckeyes Score 800th All-Time Win, 26-14, Over Ohio
September 6, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "No. 3 Ohio State came from behind in the second half to earn its 800th gridiron victory, a 26-14 win over Ohio in the latest “battle of Ohio.” The Buckeyes have now won 34-consecutive games against other Ohio schools dating back to the 1921 season...(Jim Tressel) 'This game, in a nutshell, looked like what people predicted it might look like between your opener and your national stage game. So that was a little disappointing. We did make progress, though. It was nice to see a home run on a punt return. The good news is we are 2-0 and it is September, but we have a lot of work to do.'..."

Scoring Summary, Team Statistics, Individual Statistics, Drive Chart,
Defensive Statistics, Game Participation, Play-by-Play

Postgame: Player Quotes  -  Postgame Notes

VideoOhio at Ohio State Video Highlights
September 6, 2008 Source: Big Ten Network

Buckeyes survive Ohio's threat, 26-14
September 6, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "After barely beating Ohio University, No. 3 Ohio State was not a happy football team. In fact, the sluggish win felt more like a loss. 'That was pathetic. It was a pathetic performance,' Buckeyes wide receiver Brian Hartline said after the Buckeyes rallied in the fourth quarter for 26-14 win over plucky Ohio, a 33 1/2-point underdog. 'OU should've won the game. I don't know how we came out with it.'..."

Six points
September 7, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "THE PLAY -Shaun Lane's edge-of-the-sideline grab of a punt muffed by Ohio's Mark Parson at the Bobcats 25-yard line with 58 seconds left in the third quarter. It set up the struggling Buckeyes' go-ahead touchdown...THE STAR - There wasn't one. Seriously, no one on the Buckeyes stood above the rest. Ray Small had a 69-yard punt return for the final TD, but that was a moment in time....THE STAT - Ohio State's four interceptions and five takeaways overall. The four picks were the most since four in a win over San Diego State on Oct. 20, 2001..."

Team Statistics (Final)
2008 Ohio State Football
Ohio vs #3 Ohio State (Sep 6, 2008 at Columbus, Ohio)

 Team Totals  OHIO  OSU 
FIRST DOWNS  15  17 
   Rushing  10  10 
   Rushing Attempts  31  40 
   Average Per Rush  4.7  4.1 
   Rushing Touchdowns 
   Yards Gained Rushing  155  186 
   Yards Lost Rushing  10  24 
   Completions-Attempts-Int  12-34-4  16-28-0 
   Average Per Attempt  3.2  3.9 
   Average Per Completion  9.1  6.9 
   Passing Touchdowns 
   Total offense plays  65  68 
   Average Gain Per Play  3.9  4.0 
Fumbles: Number-Lost  2-1  1-1 
Penalties: Number-Yards  2-9  1-5 
PUNTS-YARDS  6-230  5-200 
   Average Yards Per Punt  38.3  40.0 
   Net Yards Per Punt  26.3  34.4 
   Inside 20 
   50+ Yards 
   Fair catch 
KICKOFFS-YARDS  3-168  6-419 
   Average Yards Per Kickoff  56.0  69.8 
   Net Yards Per Kickoff  39.7  49.2 
Punt returns: Number-Yards-TD  3-8-0  3-72-1 
   Average Per Return  2.7  24.0 
Kickoff returns: Number-Yds-TD  4-84-0  3-49-0 
   Average Per Return  21.0  16.3 
Interceptions: Number-Yds-TD  0-0-0  4-39-0 
Fumble Returns: Number-Yds-TD  0-0-1  0-0-0 
Miscellaneous Yards 
Possession Time  24:08  31:15 
   1st Quarter  6:55  8:05 
   2nd Quarter  7:40  7:20 
   3rd Quarter  0:33  9:50 
   4th Quarter  9:00  6:00 
Third-Down Conversions  9 of 17  5 of 15 
Fourth-Down Conversions  0 of 0  0 of 1 
Red-Zone Scores-Chances  1-1  3-3 
Sacks By: Number-Yards  3-6  1-1 
PAT Kicks  2-2  2-3 
Field Goals  0-0  2-3 

VideoJim Tressel Postgame Press Conference-OU Sertember 6, 2008
Postgame Press Conference Transcript
Source: OSU Official Site

VideoPostgame Player Press Conference -OU Sertember 6, 2008
Source: OSU Official Site

Play of the game
Shaun Lane makes the play of the game versus OU- Photo The Ozone
Shaun Lane recovers a fumble after OU's Mark Parson muffs a punt on the OU 25 with a minute to go in the 3rd quarter that led to an OSU TD and a 19-14 lead.

Buckeyes Sidestep Upset-Minded Ohio U. 26-14
September 6, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "...OSU then forced a three-and-out, but went three-and-out itself. But OU’s Mark Parson fumbled A.J. Trapasso’s punt and OSU’s Shaun Lane recovered it barely before falling out of bounds at the OU 25 with 58 seconds left. The play was reviewed – very briefly – and the officials’ call for the Lane recovery stood up. 'I was shocked he dropped it,' Lane said. 'I’m sure he felt me coming. They sent the anti-sniper to block the punt so I got down there clean. I was trying to lean to get him and then I saw he dropped it. I just dived for it. I don’t want to call it the play of the game. It was just me taking advantage of my opportunity and doing what my team depends on me to do.'..."

Buckeyes Survive Scare from Ohio U for 26-14 Win
September 6, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "What everybody thought would be a walk in the park turned out to be anything but as the Bobcats of Ohio put a real scare into the Buckeyes before finally wearing down. Check out the-Ozone game report..."

How did the Buckeyes grade out against YSUThe Bottom Line
September 7, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Leaves are awarded on a zero-to-five basis, five being the best: Offense (two leaves)...Defense (three leaves)...Coaching (two leaves)..."

What we'll remember...
September 7, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "My biggest memory is either of a feeble attempt by coach Jim Tressel to force USC to prepare in earnest for Terrelle Pryor or a show of only loosely bridled confidence in the freshman prodigy...It's intriguing speculation. Use a callow kid on hostile ground on national TV next Saturday in a 'national stage game,' as Tressel called it? Maybe Ohio U's three sacks of less mobile Todd Boeckman had something to do with his stated choice to use Pryor. I think it's a smokescreen. But Tressel reveres former Browns coach Paul Brown, who once said of his most potent weapon, running back Jim Brown, 'If you have a big gun, use it.'..."

Play by PlayOU-OSU September 6, 2008
Source: ESPN

Buckeyes get win but waste opportunity
 - "The Buckeyes may have had an eye on the trip to USC a week from now because they almost got burned at home...Ohio State players insisted their eyes were locked on the players in front of them, not on the bigger, stronger and faster men 2,000 miles away. They insisted the energy level was high, even higher than it had been before the season opener against Youngstown State...'Everybody was ready to play,' cornerback Malcolm Jenkins said...'I said to coach Bolls, 'Why don't we have Terrelle see if he could take this,'' Tressel said. 'And coach Bolls says, 'You sure you want to put him under pressure like that?' And I said, 'When would you like his first pressure to be?''..."

Buckeyes survive life without Beanie -- barely - "Minus Beanie Wells, Ohio State got to see the depth of its running back corps. How did they grade themselves against Ohio? Big Ten blog
September 6, 2008 Source: ESPN


Opposite sideline
September 7, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "We'll never know what would have happened had first-string Ohio quarterback Theo Scott not suffered an injury to his left shoulder after being planted by safety Jermale Hines with 1:27 left in the first quarter. Understudy Boo Jackson led the Bobcats to their only offensive touchdown but was picked off three times and too often threw like a golfer who sprays the ball off the tee...The Bobcats turned away the Buckeyes 10 out of 15 times on third down and gave up only one big pass play, a 25-yarder by tight end Jake Ballard. There were three sacks and three other tackles for loss. OSU receivers Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline are tall enough to be shooting guards, but they had no field day against 5-foot-8 Idris Lawrence of Brookhaven and 5-10 Mark Parson in combining for zero touchdowns and zero receptions longer than 10 yards..."


Photo GalleryPhoto GalleriesOhio State vs. Ohio Source: OSU Official Site
Ohio State vs. OU Source: Associated Press
Ohio State vs. Ohio Source: The Ozone
Ohio State vs. Ohio Source: Bucknuts.com


Big Ten Football Recap
Big Ten Football Recap
September 6, 2008
6Mia-O 16MICH Recap Box Video
10EastMi 42MSU Recap Box Video
14Ohio 26OSU Recap Box Video
10NoCol 42PUR Recap Box Video
21EastIl 47ILL Recap Box Video
0FlaInt 42IOWA Recap Box Video
14Marsh 51WISC Recap Box Video
14OreSt 45PSU Recap Box Video
24NU 20Duke Recap Box
3Murray 45IU Recap Box Video
42MINN 17BGSU Recap Box Video


OU vs OSU  Game Preview  OU Bobcats Brutus Go Bucks!

Coach Tressel Addresses Media Thursday
Listen to the audio
Coach Tressel Addresses Media Thursday
September 4, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "Thursday, Jim Tressel met with media for the final time before the Buckeyes and Bobcats face off Saturday. Listen to Coach Tressel's comments at the link above..."

VideoFreeman and Nicol Preview Ohio Game
September 5, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "Seniors Marcus Freeman and Rory Nicol each took time to speak with OhioStateBuckeyes.com this week as the team looked ahead at the second game of the season vs. Ohio. Nicol reflected on his "last first game" as he plays his final season with the Scarlet and Gray, while Freeman spoke about the significance of posting a shutout last Saturday..."

No. 3 Ohio State's Wells out for Ohio
September 4, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said tailback Chris "Beanie" Wells will not play when the third-ranked Buckeyes take on Ohio on Saturday...Asked if he worries that Wells may not be available when the Buckeyes play at No. 1 Southern California on Sept. 13, Tressel added: 'No, not at all. Not at all. But that's easy to say today.'..."

Buckeyes have backs other than Beanie
September 4, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Even though the injured Chris "Beanie" Wells will not play for No. 3 Ohio State against Ohio on Saturday, the Buckeyes have plenty of other options. Really. They do. For instance, Maurice Wells is more than just those droopy dreadlocks that hang out the back of his helmet. Brandon Saine and Dan Herron are both scatbacks who can turn a slit of an opening into a long touchdown..."

The OzonePersonnel Report
September 4, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "...'Beanie won't go this week,' said Tressel...Also expected to miss the game against Ohio is backup outside linebacker Brian Rolle. 'He had a concussion and
we're very conservative on those,' said Tressel...On the plus side, injured starting safety Kurt Coleman will likely play against Ohio after missing the season opener...And finally, defensive back James Scott has not been with the team this fall due academic issues. It was at first believed that Scott would return to the Buckeyes, but now that appears to be untrue. 'I don't think he'll be coming back,' Tressel said today..."

Offensive Notebook: Beanie-less Bucks Prepare For Bobcats
September 5, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "In this offensive notebook, we check in with Ohio State's Brandon Smith, Maurice Wells, Dane Sanzenbacher and DeVier Posey for their thoughts on a number of topics. Are the Buckeyes concerned that tailback Chris "Beanie" Wells will miss this game? What did they think of Terrelle Pryor's debut and what his role might be going forward? What does Posey think about facing off against his older brother? We have that and much more...."

DeVier Posey scores his first TD against YSUOSU's Posey eager to show he can add to high-powered offense
September 4, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...freshman DeVier Posey, Tressel has said more than once, was the young player the veteran Buckeyes were most impressed with this summer....Posey scored his first touchdown Saturday in his OSU debut -- but his season may be different. At a polished and confident 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds, Posey doesn't come across as a fluke. On his touchdown, a short Todd Boeckman pass he turned into a 25-yard score with one move, he acted like he couldn't help himself. ..."

Bucks' DT Nader Abdallah
Bucknuts TV: Nader Abdallah
September 4, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "We have a special video interview with Ohio State senior defensive tackle Nader Abdallah. He discussed the play on the defensive line, the importance of line play in the scheme, not looking past Saturday's game against Ohio U. (noon, ESPN) and the recent storms in his home state of Louisiana. Click this free link for more...."

Defense needs more action
September 5, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...The Buckeyes' defense played just 39 snaps, compared to the 74 plays of the OSU offense. Last year, Ohio State's defense averaged 64 plays per game. So that was 25 fewer plays Saturday than the OSU defenders are used to and with the defense rotating as much as it does early in the season, some of the starters had fewer than 20 snaps of action...Defensive ends Cameron Heyward and Rob Rose each worked on the inside for a few snaps and showed that they can provide a push from in there, so watch for that a little more this week..."

Fullback Smith is ready, sore feet and all
September 5, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "He's got sore feet, but he's going to start in the backfield anyway for Ohio State on Saturday against Ohio University. This story is about fifth-year senior fullback Brandon Smith. He suffers from chronic turf toe in both feet. But with this being his first season as a bona fide starter, he'd likely run barefoot on hot coals if it means playing. Finally, the linebacker-turned-tight end-turned-fullback has a spot he can call his own, and he wants to be out there as much as possible..."

Browning holding down right tackle spot
September 5, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "I've heard a few fans wondering about the first-game performance of right tackle Bryant Browning. I thought he was fine, though coach Jim Tressel said the sophomore didn't quite grade out at a winning performance...'We thought Bryant did well in the game,' Tressel said Thursday. 'There are some things he needs to do better. I think a young guy like J.B. Shugarts did well also.'..."

Ohio State Welcomes Ohio University Saturday
September 2, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "Ohio State plays its second in-state opponent in as many weeks when it welcomes the Bobcats for a noon kickoff Saturday on ESPN...This will be the sixth meeting between the Buckeyes and the Bobcats on the football field. The two schools last met in 1999, a 40-16 victory for the Buckeyes in Ohio Stadium...With one more victory, Ohio State will become the fifth major college football program to reach 800 all-time wins. The Buckeyes have an all-time record of 799-304-53 in their 119 seasons..."
Ohio State Game Notes (PDF)
Ohio U Game Notes (PDF)

Football Audio: Coaches Heacock, Fickell, Dick Tressel Preview Ohio
September 3, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "Assistant coaches Jim Heacock, Luke Fickell and Dick Tressel met with the media Wednesday at the Woody Hayes Athletic Facility to preview Saturday's game with Ohio University."

Listen to the audioJim Heacock, Luke Fickell and Dick Tressel


Buckeye Extra GamedayBuckeye Extra Gameday
September 5, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "BuckeyeXtra.com delivers all you need to know about the Buckeyes’ upcoming game. Click here for everything from the top story and key factors to player spotlights and game predictions. Features include: Saturday's Game, Five Key Facors, Play of the Week, On The Edge, In The Spotlight, Meet A Buckeye, (more)..."

On the edge
September 6, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "When Buckeyes run - EDGE: OSU With Chris "Beanie" Wells out for today's game, it will be tailback by committee. Running backs coach Dick Tressel said he'd like to see Maurice Wells, Dan Herron and Brandon Saine get 12 carries each if possible. And don't forget backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Ohio gave up 160 yards rushing in a loss at Wyoming last week...When Buckeyes pass - EDGE: OSU Quarterback Todd Boeckman got off to a good, but not great, start last week. Receiver Brian Hartline showed explosiveness, Brian Robiskie had a touchdown catch but tweaked his shoulder and freshmen DeVier Posey and Lamaar Thomas showed they are capable. Opportunities will be there today against an aggressive Ohio defense, if the offensive line can protect the passer..."

5 key factors
September 6, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...4. Convert red-zone chances - Both teams struggled with this last week. Ohio State scored one touchdown in five trips, with three field goals and a turnover. Of course, scoring three long TDs isn't a bad thing, but finishing drives is a good habit to get into. Likewise, Ohio scored one TD in four red-zone trips at Wyoming, including losing the ball on downs after coach Frank Solich eschewed a 33-yard field-goal try and the Bobcats failed on fourth-and-2..."

Game Data: Ohio U. at Ohio State
September 3, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "We have the pertinent data, depth charts and a prediction for Ohio State's game against Ohio U. this Saturday. This will be OSU Athletic Hall of Fame Day with the 2008 class announced at halftime. The game will be televised nationally by ESPN with a noon start. Click this free link for more..."

Ohio State vs. Ohio Preview
September 4, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "Tony Gerdeman's preview of the OSU vs Ohio matchup is now on Columns and Features..."

OSU-Ohio Matchup Breakdown
September 5, 2008 Source: The Morning Journal - "OSU RUN OFFENSE: Coaches and players love Dan Herron, but the Bucks lose something between the tackles when Wells isn’t in there. Senior Mo Wells is too small to run inside and too slow to get to the edge, sophomore Brandon Saine is a speedster who can’t stay healthy and then there is Herron, a hard runner who is a bit of an unknown at this point...OSU PASS OFFENSE: Freshman DeVier Posey had a nice debut last week, catching four passes against YSU. His brother, Julian, is a sophomore cornerback for Ohio..."
Buckeye Planet2008 Ohio Bobcats Game Preview
September 3, 2008 Source: Buckeye Planet - Analysis and more, including: "...Against current members of the Big Ten conference, Ohio has an all-time mark of 6-35-1, which includes a combined 0-6 record against MSU and PSU in games before they joined the Big Ten. That also includes four losses to the pre-Big Ten Buckeyes between 1899-1902. The only recent contest between the two teams was a 40-16 tOSU victory in 1999...2008 Ohio Bobcats Offensive Preview...Defensive Preview..Special Teams Preview..."

Crunching The Numbers: OSU vs. YSU
September 3, 2008 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "This week's edition we look at a potential milestone for Todd Boeckman and his team, the opponent's record against ranked teams, some shared alma maters, the series history and more..."

Solich Leads Ohio U. Into Ohio Stadium
September 4, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "Ohio State will welcome an Ohio team in to Ohio Stadium for the second consecutive week as Ohio U., coached by Frank Solich, will visit the Horseshoe Saturday (noon, ESPN). The Bobcats, 6-6 last year, opened the season with a heartbreaking 21-20 loss at Wyoming last week. Click for more..."


2008 Buckeye Football Depth Chart

OSU & OU Depth Charts


Make room for this kid
September 3, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Buckeyes need a well-prepared Pryor to be a big part of the game plan...Pryor took 20 snaps in his college debut against Youngstown State. He needs to take at least 30 against OU, not because the Buckeyes require his services to defeat the Bobcats but because they need him to be as comfortable as possible in two weeks against Southern California..."


News from and about the other side

Ohio University Official Site
2008 Media Guide
Ohio Ohio State Game Notes (PDF)

Frank Stolich, Head Coach Source: Youngstown State Official Site

Bobcat Blitz Airs Second Episode
September 5, 2008 Source: Ohio University Official Site - "The “Battle of Ohio” is upon us! The Ohio Bobcats are set to take the trip up U.S. Route 33 this weekend for a game in Columbus against the third-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. In order to get ready for a chance to pull off an upset in “The Horseshoe”...On the latest edition of Bobcat Blitz, host Jaime Baker breaks down the game against the Cowboys with the help of head coach Frank Solich and defensive tackle Jameson Hartke. Bobcat Blitz reporter Jeff Schaffer provides an inside the huddle review of the 21-20 loss in Laramie..."

Know Your Opponent

Darby graduate off to fast start
September 5, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Price, now a junior at Ohio University, is still wowing them. Last year, he caught 33 passes for 464 yards and four touchdowns for a team that featured Kalvin McRae, the best running back in Bobcats history. In a 21-20 loss at Wyoming in the opener last Saturday, Price caught a team-record 14 passes for 139 yards. Nine catches were for first down, including one on fourth down..."

Size is secondary for cornerback
September 4, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Drive to succeed stirs Brookhaven graduate...Lawrence, a redshirt junior from Brookhaven, is listed as 5-8, 166, but he might not even have those dimensions. Solich said size is not a factor for Lawrence..."


NCAA Team Stats
NCAA Team Stats
  Ohio State

  Ohio University

Stat Watch

Big TenBig Ten Stats

National Rankings: Total Offense   Total Defense

Sports Lines For amusement only...

Ohio University at No. 3 Ohio State:

Sports Babe Official
covers.com Match-Up Preview - Live Odds - Matchup Edge

bodog.com Matchup & Preview

Vegas Insider Matchup Analysis

pregame.com Point Spread / Total / Money Line

DonBest.com Matchup Report

Stat Fox Current Power Ratings

The Weather Channel Columbus Weather Forecast

Cupcake comsumption moderate for the BuckeyesBuckeyes' cupcake consumption is moderate
September 5, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Interesting breakdown by espn.com examining the nonconference schedules of BCS teams. And not bad news for Ohio State fans. Over the last 10 years, not including this season, the Buckeyes rank 23rd out of 60 BCS teams when it comes to scheduling other BCS schools in nonconference games...counting all BCS schools the same, but by this standard, Ohio State is in the top half of toughest nonconference schedules..."

Cupcake statistics: The BCS from top to bottom
September 5, 2008 Source: ESPN - "Is your favorite team a BCS bully or a formidable fighter? Check the complete rankings..."

Jard Work: Friday Afternoon Notebook
September 5, 2008 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Get ready for a weekend of Ohio State football with this collection of notes from the last week. Find out what sort of advantage the Buckeyes might have against USC next week, what people have been asking Marcus Freeman and Rory Nicol and how head coach Jim Tressel borrowed from the Buckeyes during his time at Youngstown State..."

What Must Boeckman Do to Earn Some Love?
September 4, 2008 Source: Eleven Warriors - "You’d think that a 14 of 19, 187-yard day that included two touchdowns and no interceptions (good enough for a 191.1 quarterback rating) would be cause for much chest-thumping, but there remains a palpable sense of nervousness among Buckeye fans whenever Todd Boeckman becomes the topic of conversation. I’m just as guilty as the next guy that might doubt whether Boeckman has the moxie and skill necessary to win the big game, but is it a sad indictment of just how things have become in Columbus when a first-year starter leads a rebuilding squad to the national championship only to find himself booed after his first bad toss in the following season’s opener?..."

MarblesBuckeyes losing their marbles
September 4, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Shortly before the start of the season, coach Jim Tressel gave each of the seniors a small case that contained 12 marbles -- one for each game on the schedule. Some were scarlet, some were gray (representing the school colors) with a blue one (for archrival Michigan) tossed in...Before Saturday's 43-0 victory over Youngstown State, each of the seniors gave Tressel one marble. It's something they'll do before each game, underscoring how fast their final year passes and how they have to make each game count...James Laurinaitis, the Buckeyes' Butkus Award-winning linebacker, said the message has gotten through. 'Every time you play a game you take one out, you see it getting smaller and smaller,' he said. 'You have that mental picture: You're time's running out.'..."

OSU's Ray Small in action against Youngstown State.Small eager to outrun mistakes of offseason
September 4, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Small's punt return Saturday was heavy with symbolism. After a humiliating spring and summer spent in Ohio State coach Jim Tressel's doghouse, Small finally was outrunning his troubles. Well, mostly. Youngstown State cornerback Jabari Scott tracked down Small and tackled him after a 45-yard runback. 'It's the first game, still kind of winded a little bit,' Small said afterward. 'I was kind of mad I got caught.'..."

OSU RB Daniel 'Boom'HerronWith Wells hurting, Boom Herron gets chance to live up to his nickname
September 4, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...The nickname started as a misinterpretation. David and Brenda Herron named their sons David and Daniel, then gave them each a frontier moniker - "Crockett" for David and "Boone" for Daniel. By high school, Boone Herron was hitting holes and busting up tacklers. And though he kept his original nickname with his family, to the football world, including coaches at Ohio State, he became 'Boom'...Now, 'Boom' is no "Beanie." At 5-10 and 193 pounds, Herron is three inches shorter and 45 pounds lighter than Chris Wells, Ohio State's injured starting tailback who is questionable for Saturday when Ohio State hosts Ohio. But as part of a three-man backfield - if Wells can't go Saturday - that includes Mo Wells and Brandon Saine, Herron is the closest thing the Buckeyes have to a second stud tailback. Running backs coach Dick Tressel hopes each will get 12 to 15 carries against OU..."

Checking in with ... James Laurinaitis
September 3, 2008 Source: ESPN - ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg interview with the senior linebacker: "...You're obviously going to be facing some tougher teams later on, but what did you get out of that first game against Youngstown?...What are some of the things you'd like to see improve personally and as a unit?...Fans would love to see you guys play a big-name team every week. How does this schedule prepare you? You obviously have a huge game next week. How do these games prepare you for a matchup like USC?...You mentioned the businesslike approach being more of a factor this year. Do the expectations this year have anything to do with that?..."

Seniors Playing For All The Marbles
September 3, 2008 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Faced with a number of upperclassmen dotting the Ohio State roster, head coach Jim Tressel came up with a unique way of helping keep them focused on both the immediate future and the big picture as well. Find out why Tressel has a blue vase on his desk and who is filling it up with marbles..."

Ohio State's Chris Wells is in obvious pain after injuring his foot during OSU's 43-0 win over Youngstown State on Saturday (August 30, 2008) afternoon in Columbus.News from the Doc
September 3, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Doc Tressel, that is, otherwise known as the OSU running backs coach...He said there may not be a risk of further structural damage to the foot (he said the injury is at the base of the big toe), but that playing on it could risk making the pain worse, and at some point, that limits his ability to play. So, even if it's not a ligament or tendon at risk, there is still a downside to playing Wells this week. -- Bottom line: The chances of Wells playing went from 20 percent to 5, in my book..."

Beanie's Toe, and a Note on Terrelle
September 3, 2008 Source: The Ozone - "Is there anything more important today that Beanie Wells' toe? Check out the-Ozone report (and the obligatory Terrelle Pryor Note) now..."

Asst. Coach: Wells injured big toe
September 3, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "...'Is he injured or does he just have some pain he can play through?' running backs coach Dick Tressel said. 'We've got a long way to go, we're counting on playing a lot of football this fall. We're going to be smart with his rehab.'...Wells has an injury at the base of his big toe on his right foot, said Tressel, the older brother of head coach Jim Tressel. Wells has difficulty putting pressure on the foot and has not participated in full practices this week, Tressel said..."

Mom's injury report: It's Wells' toe
September 2, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Ohio State running back Chris "Beanie" Wells has a toe injury -- but not turf toe -- and has every intention of playing against Ohio University on Saturday. So says Wells' mother, Paulette. That's about the clearest report yet on Wells' status, which isn't saying much...Paulette Wells said her son is "very optimistic" about playing Saturday. 'You know him,' she said. 'He doesn't want to sit for a week and be rusty (for USC).'..."

Wells says he'll be fine for Trojans
September 2, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "You think you were nervous, Buckeyes fans? Paulette Wells spent the weekend "like a person jumping out of an airplane without a parachute," she said Tuesday night. 'I was a nervous wreck.'...("Beanie' Wells) walked down the hall at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center Tuesday afternoon walking a bit gingerly, but waving his protective boot over his head at reporters...'Mom, that pain came so fast and so intense, I dropped the ball,' Paulette Wells said. 'I was scared, he was scared. It's just hard to see your baby, he's all excited about this year and all of a sudden, from nowhere, this happens.' ..."

Tressel reassures Buckeyes fans on Wells
September 2, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "Coach Jim Tressel has some reassuring words for all those fretful Ohio State fans who have had trouble sleeping since tailback Chris "Beanie" Wells hit the deck with a right foot injury on Saturday. 'Tell them to worry about (hurricanes) Gustav and Rita and those kinds of things,' Tressel said Tuesday. 'Beanie's going to be fine.'..."

Transcript from Coach Tressel Weekly Press Conference
September 2, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - "...There were some very, very good performances. Weren't quite as many winning performances as we've had in some ball games. I think our coaches and our players are setting a standard for themselves that they want to be very, very good and so the performances were solid, but I don't know that they were extraordinary, so now we have a chance to get out on the field and see if we can get better at a lot of things. And we did have some players of the week...REPORTER: Anything you know about Beanie's injury that you didn't know Saturday? COACH TRESSEL: I would have said when we had our trainer's report. Kind of labeled them as doubtful for Saturday, and then he should be in good shape and then I saw Beanie about 10:30ish in the training room and he said he felt great, so I guess I didn't know either of those things since we last talked..."

Part 1 - Jim Tressel @ Media Luncheon - 02Sep08
Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
Source: The Ozone

Tressel Talks Wells, More With Media
September2,, 2008 Source: Bucknuts.com - "Chris Wells is on the minds of fans everywhere, so it's not surprising that Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel faced plenty of questions about the star running back during today's media sessions. Tressel talked about Wells's injury status and more, starting off with the Big Ten coaches teleconference..."

VideoVideo link with the first 15 minutes of Jim Tressel's press conference
Source: Bucknuts.com

Senior linebacker Marcus Freeman.Players Meet with the Media Tuesday
September 2, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Rory Nicol, senior tight end, On improving the redzone offense -'We have to be more disciplined. When you get to the redzone, the field shrinks and the defense is able to blitz more and have better coverage. It’s a matter on performing when it comes down to it and we have to get better at it.' Marcus Freeman, senior linebacker, On improvements for the defense-'Our biggest focus is on creating more turnovers. If we want to be a dominate defense, we have to be able to create turnovers. We need to be able to execute that part of our defense.'..."

Listen to the audio
Players Audio
September 2, 2008 Source: OSU Official Site - Listen to Marcus Freeman , Maurice Wells, Rory Nicol, Nader Abdallah, Ryan Pretorius, DeVier Posey, Brandon Smith, Dane Sanzenbacher and Shaun Lane as they speak with the media on Tuesday

Chris Wells being helped from the field during Saturday's game against YSU.Ohio State Buckeyes mum on condition of injured running back Chris "Beanie" Wells
September 2, 2008 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State running back Chris "Beanie" Wells has had an MRI on his right foot. That is true, though an OSU spokesperson wasn't sure how conclusive the results were. X-rays on Wells' foot Saturday were negative, and he was wearing a protective boot while sitting out practice Monday. Those are two more facts, at least as presented by Ohio State. Otherwise, facts have been in short supply. Today, when coach Jim Tressel holds his regular Tuesday news conference at noon, 70 hours after Wells hit the turf at Ohio Stadium and began writhing in pain, the Buckeyes coach should be prepared to talk some podiatry..."

Wells' foot injury jogs the memory
September 2, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Ohio State's star tailback was down. He had serious pain in his foot. And so much of the Buckeyes' offensive plans revolved around him. What were they going to do now? The same scene and immediate questions were acted out Saturday when Chris "Beanie" Wells suffered an injury to his right foot in the season-opening win over Youngstown State. But OSU fans might remember a similar circumstance 23 years ago. Keith Byars was the preseason Heisman Trophy favorite. The Buckeyes were going to hand, toss and pass him the ball, and maybe even let him throw a pass or two. 'Then it was our last real big contact scrimmage before the season opener, and he goes down,' then-OSU coach Earle Bruce recalled..."

Buckeyes waiting on status of hurting Beanie
August 31, 2008 Source: Associated Press - "The Beanie watch is on for the Buckeyes...Ohio State spokeswoman Shelly Poe sent an e-mail to reporters Sunday, restating that Wells had no broken bones. 'It’s not likely that there will be any update until probably (Monday) after some initial treatments and therapy,' she wrote. Coach Jim Tressel said Saturday team doctors told him the X-rays were negative and the injury was not turf toe...'As I handed the ball back, he didn’t even grab the ball,' quarterback Todd Boeckman said. 'I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t know what he did. He went down and he was in some serious pain.'...Should Wells be laid up for a while, his replacements would be Brandon Saine, Dan Herron and Maurice Wells..."

Buckeyes to wait and see with Wells
September 1, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "There was no official word on the status of injured Ohio State running back Chris "Beanie" Wells yesterday, but he gave a thumbs up to Jamaal Berry...Berry also might have gotten the scoop on Wells, whom he saw report to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for treatment on his injured right foot yesterday. 'He said he's going to be OK,' said Berry, who was visiting from Miami Palmetto High School. 'I asked him how he was doing, and he seemed cool with it. He wasn't down or anything. He was like, 'No problem. 'I guess he'll be back, if not this week, he'll be fine by next week for the trip to No. 3 Southern California.' An OSU official said the school will let the treatments and evaluations run their course for a day or two before issuing a definitive statement on Wells' status..."

Beanie Wells’ foot update
August 30, 2008 Source: Men of the Scarlet and Gray - "A team insider said that after immediate X-rays showed showed no broken bones, further evaluation indicated it likely was a soft-tissue injury to the forefoot. Such an injury could cause him to miss anything from just a week to the rest of the season..."

Inside the Beat: Thinking outside the Beanie box
September 1, 2008 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Each week during the Ohio State football team's season, Dispatch OSU football writers Tim May, left, and Ken Gordon engage in a give-and-take that brings readers "inside the beat" of Buckeyes football. Was the Ohio State-Youngstown State contract signed at a moonlit crossroads in the Mississippi Delta? Did the Buckeyes make a deal with the I-AA devil? Last year, defensive end Lawrence Wilson was lost for the season with a broken leg while playing the Penguins. Maybe that was a warning. Last weekend, star running back Chris "Beanie" Wells went down in a heap, clutching his right foot in pain. We don't know the extent of the injury at this point, but we can certainly talk about possible implications, replacements and adjustments. That will keep us working hard this Labor Day:..."

Ohio State Players of the Week
YSU Game 8/30/08:
Offensive Player of the Week: Rory Nicol, TE
Defensive Player of the Week: Marcus Freeman , LB
Attack Force Award: Nader Abdallah, DT
Jim Parker Lineman Award: Alex Boone, OT
Special Units Player of the Week: Ray Small , WR/KR
Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award: Malcolm Jenkins, DB
Scout Team Champions: Defense: Zach Domicone; Special Units: James Georgiades; Offense: Ryan Schuck

Top 25 Overview
Top 25 Weekend Review
Coaches Poll
 Source: USA Today

AP Poll
 Source: Associated Press

Top 25 Overview WEEK 1 2008
Source: ESPN - Overview of all Top 25 Teams for the first week of the season, including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos

Terrelle Pryor, Dane Sanzenbacher, Marcus Freeman, Boom Herron, Ray Small and Ryan Pretorius
talk with reporters following their 43-0 victory over Youngstown State.
(Aug 30)

Source: The Ozone

True freshman wide receiver DeVier Posey, who is 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds.New Ohio State blood gets hearts pumping
September 1, 2008 Source: Mansfield News Journal - "...At one point in Ohio State's season opener Saturday, the Buckeyes flooded the field with freshmen and sophomores on offense. We're not talking mop-up time either...There was true freshman Terrelle Pryor at quarterback, operating behind giant true freshmen Mike Adams, J.B. Shugarts and Mike Brewster. Pryor's first snap was a pass to another true freshman, wide receiver Lamaar Thomas...The best freshman debut ended in a tie between Pryor and wide receiver DeVier Posey, who, at 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds, is built along the sturdy lines of former wideout Roy Hall and even wears his No. 8. Posey led the Buckeyes with four catches. His 25-yard touchdown showcased the speed of the ex-Cincinnati LaSalle sprint champion as he streaked the sideline and stretched for the pylon..."

Recruiting Class of 2009
Jaamal Berry
Miami (FL) running back Jaamal Berry has committed to Ohio State
One of the most highly sought recruits in the country, five star running back Jaamal Berry is the newest member of the 2009 OSU recruiting class. Berry, from Miami (FL) Palmetto, is 5'11" and 186lbs and runs a 4.31 40. Ranked as one of the top five running backs in the country, he has a 'very strong upper body that allows him to thwart would-be tacklers and gain yards after contact. A bit of a slasher and rarely runs around people. Very physical player who has exceptionally soft hands.' After making his commitment, Berry stated: 'I am a Buckeye. I made my decision for a reason. I feel at home at Ohio State. I like everything about Ohio State.' Berry had dozens of offers and interest from schools including Florida, LSU, Florida State, Michigan, West Virginia, Auburn, Mississippi, South Carolina, Clemson and Minnesota. Welcome aboard, Jaamal!

VideoJaamal Berry Highlights
Source: Rivals.com

Palmetto RB Berry commits to Ohio State
September2, 2008 Source: Miami Herald - "Palmetto's Jaamal Berry, the top-ranked running back according to ESPN, says he committed to Ohio State on Sunday after an unofficial visit to Columbus, Ohio.... 'They've been my leader all along,'' Berry said. 'I went up with my mom this weekend. She liked it a lot. I loved it and had a great time and committed to coach [Jim] Tressel before I left.'..."

A 'Berry' Good Day For Ohio State
August 31, 2008 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Miami Palmetto superstar tailback Jaamal Berry is the 25th member of the 2009 Ohio State recruiting class. Berry committed to Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel earlier today. The landing of Berry is yet another five-star recruit in this amazing class. Bill Greene spoke with Berry immediately after the commitment and has this report..."

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