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Off Topic

Inside College Sports' Biggest Money Machine
October 19, 2007 Source: Wall Street Journal - "At $109,382,222 for the current year, Ohio State's athletic budget is the largest in the nation and the biggest in the history of college sports. It allows the school to field 36 varsity teams in everything from baseball and soccer to riflery and synchronized swimming. The school spends about $110,000 on each of its 980 athletes..."

College Football By the Numbers
Ohio State's $100 million athletic budget may help secure a No. 1-ranked football team. But most top-ranked college football schools spend much less. Here's a look at the 2005-06 athletic budgets for the teams who are currently ranked in the top 10 of the Bowl Championship Series as of Oct. 18.





Per Player
(1) Ohio State$101.8  $104.7  $60.8  $32.3  $4.7  $45,630  
(2) South Florida$ 24.3  $ 25.8  $ 8.8  $ 6.7  $1.7  $14,910  
(3) Boston College$ 51.8  $ 53.2  $16.5  $15.1  $3.5  $33,646  
(4) LSU$ 62.7  $ 64.9  $39.5  $14.3  $1.1  $ 8,708  
(5) Oklahoma$ 64.3  $ 64.5  $33.8  $13.8  $1.1  $ 9,150  
(6) South Carolina$ 53.1  $ 53.1  $33.1  $13.3  $1.3  $11,375  
(7) Kentucky$ 57.1  $ 57.1  $19.8  $ 9.3  $1.2  $ 9,016  
(8) Arizona State$ 46.6  $ 48.4  $24.7  $14.4  $2.9  $24,745  
(9) West Virginia$ 39.2  $ 49.9  $22.1  $11.9  $3.6  $24,870  
(10) Oregon$ 44.6  $ 45.1  $18.9  $12.7  $1.0  $ 8,029  
Source: Office of Postsecondary Education
Note: Numbers are in millions except for per-player data.

Recruiting Class of 2008
Lamar Thomas
Thomas Makes It A Dozen, Commits To Ohio State
October 18, 2007 Source: SuperPrep.com - "Fort Washington (Md.) Friendly star Lamaar Thomas deliberated between Ohio State, Illinois and Maryland since making official visits to all three schools in September...That decision has been made and Thomas has committed to Ohio State..."

"With reputed sub-4.4-second speed in the 40-yard dash, Thomas said the OSU coaches promised him he could run track, too. He is projected as a receiver and returner with Ted Ginn Jr.-like potential. 'He's one of the top skill position guys in the country, and teams are always looking for speed like this kid has,' recruiting analyst Bill Kurelic said." Source: Columbus Dispatch

VideoLamaar Thomas Headed To Ohio State
Source: ESPN

VideoRivals.com video feature.
Source: Rivals - "Rivals.com AMP had the chance to see Thomas in action against Potomac high school, check out this exclusive footage and listen to what Lamaar had to say about his pledge to the Buckeye's in this video feature.

Thomas selected Ohio State over scholarship offers from Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan and many others. Welcome aboard, Lamar.

OSU defensive tackle Dexter Larimore chose football over wrestlingOSU's wrestling champ plays tough on line
October 18, 2007 Source: Toledo Blade - "When Dexter Larimore chose football as the sport he would play in college, the move likely disappointed many college wrestling coaches, because they had been beating a path to his doorstep, enthralled by his size, strength and mobility..."

Nadar Abdallah revived his career with his brother's helpOhio State's Abdallah revives career with brother's help
October 18, 2007 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "His baby brother was vanishing, an aching heart and wasted potential ruining a football career that was lucky it ever began. Mazen Abdallah couldn't let that happen...'A lot of people declared him a big disappointment, an underachiever, maybe even a bust,' Mazen said. 'Mentally, he was in a funk. I don't want to say he gave up, but he knew time was passing him by.'.."

Players of the Week (Kent State):
Offensive Player of the Week: Todd Boeckman , QB
Defensive Player of the Week: Donald Washington , DB
Special Units Player of the Week: Brian Hartline , WR
Scout Team Champions: Defense: Tony Jackson ; Special Units: Ben Kacsandi ; Offense: Spencer Smith
Attack Force Award: Dexter Larimore, DT
Jim Parker Lineman Award: Steve Rhering , OL
Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award: Austin Spitler, LB

Players dealing with top ranking
October 17, 2007 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Swaggering with confidence and ranked No. 1 all season, the 2006 Ohio State team stormed the gates of the national championship game. That didn't turn out so hot. This year's team is different -- younger, quieter. Though the players burn with an inner fire to return to the title game, they had hoped to sneak in the back door. Too late. After a slew of higher-ranked teams abdicated, the Buckeyes this week were thrust upon the throne, like a boy king. They're not complaining about being ranked No. 1. They're grateful to control their fate, but they're also not entirely comfortable with it..."

Battered Buckeyes tackle their demons
October 18, 2007 Source: CBSSportsline.com - "Here's Ohio State's motivation in this crazy, mixed-up season: Nine months ago only one team showed up in the BCS national championship game..."

Gator memories motivate Buckeyes
October 17, 2007 Source: Akron Beacon Journal - "'We got smacked in the mouth in January and, to be quite honest with you, I'm still feeling it,' defensive tackle Dexter Larimore said. While many laud OSU coach Jim Tressel for his ability to keep his team focused, he realizes the 41-14 drubbing that the Florida Gators administered to the Buckeyes in the last title game can be a motivator for his team, and he has reminded them of it indirectly. 'I think anytime you come up short in anything it helps you,' Tressel said. 'Unfortunately, I wish life were different, but things that maybe I haven't done as well have helped me the next time I've tried to do them. We don't start every team meeting with, 'Now, don't forget,' because you don't have to.'..."

Loss to Florida still resonating with revamped Ohio State
October 17, 2007 Source: ESPN.com - "Few people expected to see Ohio State back at the top of the BCS standings this season, but the 2006 BCS title game disaster has served as motivation..."

Big Ten Network
BCS Breakdown with Jerry Palm
Source: Big Ten Network - "Jerry Palm, editor of CollegeBCs.com, breaks down the 1st BCS standings and talks about the Buckeyes..."

Tressel won't let OSU look ahead, Dantonio says
October 16, 2007 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Mark Dantonio doesn't know if Ohio State is the No. 1 team in college football. Even if it is, he does not expect it will be the same kind of No. 1 team he encountered in 1998, when he was an assistant coach at Michigan State. Ten years of working with Jim Tressel taught him that much. 'Coach Tressel is very, very good at not letting his players get too far ahead of themselves and keeping them focused on the task at hand," Dantonio said yesterday. "So I would anticipate that some of the things where we may have been underestimated a little bit in the past would not occur this time.'..."

Tough stretch run
"Some things to keep in mind as top-ranked Ohio State prepares for its stretch run:

Michigan State -- The Spartans not only are improved, they also want to repeat history, going back to 1998 when they upset top-ranked Ohio State in Ohio Stadium.

Penn State -- The Buckeyes are 1-2 in Beaver Stadium under coach Jim Tressel, winning 21-20 in 2003. They were sacked 17-10 in a memorable "White-out the night" game in 2005.

Wisconsin -- Tressel's Buckeyes are 1-3 vs. the Badgers, his only losing record against a Big Ten team. The win came during Ohio State's 2002 national title run.

Illinois -- Last year, the Illini had just two wins in their first nine games before scaring the top-ranked Buckeyes. Most of those Illini players are back, and they already have five wins.

Michigan --Tressel is 5-1 vs. the Wolverines. But rumors persist this could be coach Lloyd Carr's last home game. It will be a great chance for the disappointing 2007 Wolverines to leave their mark. "

October 16, 2007 Source: Columbus Dispatch

Reporter's NotebookHartline nabs Big Ten honor for return TD
October 16, 2007 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "He was named the conference's special teams player of the week...(and)...Back in the groove, OSU freshman tailback Brandon Saine...(and) The Big Ten announced that Ohio State's game against Penn State on Oct. 27 will be the national telecast on ABC (8 p.m.)..."

Buckeyes are a little banged up, but nothing major
Wells' ankle injury is still looming

October 14, 2007 Source: The Morning Journal - "The goal for both teams yesterday was apparent early -- survive the day with no major injuries. That didn't seem to be the case for the Buckeyes, who watched James Laurinaitis and Anderson Russell both hobble off the field in the first half...The looming injury concern continues to be the health of Beanie Wells' ankle..."

The OzoneBCS Report - Rating the Confernces
October 17, 2007 Source: The Ozone - "Which Conference is the toughest? Which conference is a bunch of fluff? Jeff Amey takes a look at those questions, and Mr. Ed chimes in with a slant of his own..."

Ohio State Buckeyes, South Florida Bulls very different
October 17, 2007 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "When Jim Tressel arrived at Ohio State in 2001, he started drawing up plans for what wound up as a $21 million renovation to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Around the same time, South Florida's football coaches were just hoping to move their offices out of two double-wide trailers. 'We had to reroute our buses that had the recruits so we wouldn't ever go by the trailers,' USF defensive coordinator Wally Burnham said. 'We had to sell a dream.'..."

Big Ten Network
Brian Robiskie Feature
Source: Big Ten Network - "The Big Ten Network goes in depth with WR Brian Robiskie, including some time with his legendary father. " (Webmaster Note: Father Terry Robiskie, now an assistant coach with the Dophins, was SEC player of the year his senior year at LSU)

Recruiting Class of 2009
Storm Klein
Storm Klein Commits To Ohio State
October 15, 2007 - Linebacker Storm Klein of Newark (OH) Licking Valley has committed to Ohio State. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound athlete, LB/RB, who runs a 4.5 forty, committed to his longtime favorite school The Ohio State University yesterday. "I've wanted to be a Buckeye since my dad first took me to a game when I was a little kid. My family is a huge Buckeye family, so I guess you could say I was born to be a Buckeye. A couple of times since September 1, really I have been thinking about weighing the options of committing early or not doing it," Klein said. "After this season and everything, with OSU number one, I just decided I wanted to bleed Buckeye. I can see myself at the linebacker probably. That's kind of what they told me to keep an eye out for when I watch games," Klein said. "Coach Doc Tressel and Coach Fickell they will mess with each other, and tell me that I don't want to play defense or I don't want to play offense. They just kind of mess around with it, but I see myself as a linebacker." Among the dozens of other scholls that were recruiting Klein were Michigan, Penn State, Southern Cal & Florida. Welcome aboard, Storm.

Licking Valley junior commits Source: Columbus Dispatch

Official BCS Site

National Championship Game New Orleans January 7, 2008
Ohio State, South Florida stand tall atop initial BCS rankings
October 14, 2007 Source: USA Today - "Ohio State, which began the season ranked 10th, took over the top spot in the both the coaches poll and the BCS standings which were released Sunday. The Buckeyes are the only preseason top 10 team still undefeated. But the big surprise was South Florida, a neophyte in major college football but now No. 2 in the BCS and No. 3 in the coaches poll. The difference for the Bulls: computer ratings. They are a consensus No. 1 in the computer component of the BCS formula. They also are No. 2 on the Harris Interactive poll. Boston College, No. 2 in the coaches poll, is No. 3 in the BCS..."
BCS Standings - October 14, 2007, with expanded computer rankings

Breaking down the top BCS teams
October 15, 2007 Source: USA Today - "No. 1 Ohio State, Record: 7-0, 3-0 in Big Ten, Best wins: at Washington, at Purdue, Remaining schedule: Saturday, Michigan State; Oct. 27, at Penn State; Nov. 3, Wisconsin; Nov. 10, Illinois; Nov. 17, at Michigan, BCS history: 4-1, including 1-1 in the title game, See you on Bourbon Street if...victories against major college teams with a combined record of 18-23 (and 5-2 Youngstown State) do not mean the Buckeyes' lofty record is a mirage.

Buckeyes Tops In Initial BCS Rankings
October 14, 2007 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "What was supposed to be a rebuilding season is quickly turning into a rebuilding one. On the strength of a dominating win against Kent State and two big upsets that evening, the Buckeyes are now the top team in the country..."
  1    Ohio State .942  
  2    South Florida .920  
  3    Boston College .891  
  4    LSU .840  
  5    Oklahoma .762  
  6    South Carolina .743  
  7    Kentucky .683  
  8    Arizona State .683  
  9    West Virginia .662  
   Oregon .637  
   Virginia Tech .630  
   California .600  
   Kansas .517  
   USC .472  
   Florida .435  
                 (Source: BCS Official Site)

Top 25 Overview
Top 25 Weekend Review
Coaches Poll
October 14, 2007 Source: USA Today

AP Poll
October 14, 2007 Source: Associated Press

Top 25 Overview
October 13, 2007 Source: ESPN - Overview of all Top 25 Teams for the seventh week of the season, including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos (links to 'previous weeks' results too)

Mr. BucknutsMr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
October 14, 2007 Source: Bucknuts.com - "The Bucket of Bullets, also #1 rated in the nation, returns today to show why Notre Dame is a Top Ten team, why Tressel is better than Pete Carroll, which walk-ons got scholarships since 2001, who will be the next Michigan coach, where Bill Conley ended up, some truly wacky stats and more in a far-reaching but under-grasping new feature column..."

Grading the Buckeyes
October 12, 2007 Source: Lima News - "Itís early in the academic year at Ohio State, but with six football games already in the record books, itís time for mid-term grades for the Buckeyes football team. A look at the grades OSUís offensive and defensive units have earned so far..."

Mr. Painter meet #97 Cameron HeywardStaying grounded
October 11, 2007 Source: BuckeyeGrove.com - "Don't except to see the Ohio State defensive coaches or players start patting themselves on their backs just yet only six games into the season. The national rankings are impressive to look at in seeing the Buckeyes first in the nation in scoring defense, second in total and rushing defense and third in passing efficiency defense. None of that matters in the big picture if the Buckeyes don't keep winning and defensive coordinator Jim Heacock and the rest of the defensive coaches have been quick to keep the defense focused on the task at hand..."

Reporter's Notebook'Steady' Wells steers clear of injuries
October 12, 2007 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel said yesterday that starter Beanie Wells and his tender left ankle had a very good practice Tuesday but not as good Wednesday. Wells had limited repetitions yesterday in practice but reportedly looked fine...(and) Staying focused...(and) Heyward praised..."

Friday Morning OSU Football Notebook
October 12, 2007 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "A rough day for Tyler Whaley. A desperate letter from a potential walk-on running back to head coach Jim Tressel. The state of the Big Ten. These topics and more are covered in this notebook..."

Freshman Chekwa earns recognition
October 9, 2007 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "became the first Ohio State freshman or redshirt freshman defensive player to win a Big Ten player of the week award since linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer did it on Oct. 22, 1996...Rest for the nicked...Just kick it off...MSU on ABC..."

Following orders can be costly for QB
October 8, 2007 Source: Dayton Daily News - "Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman did his best to follow his coaches' orders. But after throwing three interceptions on deep passes against Purdue, he might be wondering whether someone handed him the wrong instructions..."

Accolades don't interest Jenkins
October 8, 2007 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Cornerback Malcolm Jenkins put the brakes on comparing this defense to great Ohio State defenses of the past...Tiller impressed...Quick change...Going deep..."

The-Ozone Note and Quotebook
October 11, 2007 Source: The Ozone - "It's All in the Name, Better Than a Bye (It's rather unusual for the Buckeyes to commence the Big Ten schedule, then in the middle of the Big Ten season have a non-league game, but that's exactly what the situation is this week as OSU will take on Kent State after playing three Big Ten games. While returning to non-league play is unusual, it's better than not playing at all...'It's better than a bye-week. I didn't like bye weeks when we had them,' said OSU offensive lineman Steve Rehring), Seeing the Light, Forty Pounds, and Avoiding Mid-Air Collisions..."

Chimdi Chekwa was named name the Big Ten defensive player of the week
Hidden hitman emerging
October 10, 2007 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Two years ago, Chimdi Chekwa was a defensive back at a Florida high school some scouts couldn't find, with feet that turned out and messed with his running, a 40 time misreported by a Web site that made him look slow, and a first and last name that people couldn't pronounce. It's Chim-dee Chek-wa, by the way, not the Chim-i-dee or Cheek-wa he still sometimes hears. Figure it might be nice to know how to say the name of the Big Ten defensive player of the week..."

No household name, but Ohio State DB has big-time game
October 11, 2007 Source: Associated Press - "First, it was the unique name that drew people's attention. Now it's his game. Chimdi Chekwa is happy being an important although somewhat anonymous part of No. 3 Ohio State's stingy defensive unit. But he is proud of his Nigerian name and wants people to at least know how to pronounce it..."

Demitrios Makridis OSU long snapper
Long Snappers the Ultimate Gridiron Multi-taskers
October 10, 2007 Source: The Ozone - "When you think about it, it's one of the oddest skill sets in all of football. Imagine if you will a position which requires a player to possess ball skills to make a pass to another player 17 yards away, and having to make that pass while literally standing on his head. Once the pass is made, he must then become an offensive lineman, taking on a rusher who is intent on knocking his brains in and disrupting the football play..."

Players of the Week (Purdue):
Offensive Player of the Week: Alex Boone, OL.
Defensive Player of the Week: Chimdi Chekwa, DB
Special Units Player of the Week: Shaun Lane, DB.
Scout Team Champions: Defense: Tom Ingram; Special Units: Donnie Evege; Offense: Scott Sika
Attack Force Award: Marcus Freeman, LB.
Jim Parker Lineman Award: Kirk Barton, OL.
Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award: OSU athletic trainer Doug Calland.

Buckeyes have firm grip on what really matters
October 8, 2007 Source: Bucyrus Telegraph - "Unlike most of their Top 10 brethren, the Buckeyes have done a good job dodging bullets so far this season. Catching them is another matter. Ohio State de-fenders dropped five possible interceptions in Saturday's 23-7 win at Purdue -- six if you include the goal-line deflection that fell from the grasp of unlikely thief Dexter Larimore. He does grunt work at tackle, so at least he had a built-in excuse for failing to react like a Gold Glover. 'I heard Anderson Russell say he needs to cut his hands off," said coach Jim Tressel about the two passes muffed by his free safety. "What are you going to do? Our kids are playing fast. Sometimes when you're playing fast, those things happen.'..."

Buckeyes squarely in title picture
October 8, 2007 Source: Associated Press - "Ohio State's defense has shoved the Buckeyes into the national championship picture. The Buckeyes, ranked third behind LSU and California, shut down one of the nation's highest-scoring teams in a 23-7 win over Purdue Saturday night. The Boilermakers had averaged 45 points and 496 yards per game, but Ohio State held them to 272 total yards..."

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