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BCS Analysis: Week 6
November 19, 2006 Source: College FootballNews.com - "Ohio State is in the national title game. USC, currently third, will play the Buckeyes with wins over Notre Dame and USC. Right now, five of the six computers have Michigan No. 2, and five of the six have USC No. 3, but both human polls have the Trojans second. If just two computers flip and put USC two and Michigan three, it's Trojans vs. Buckeyes..."

Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
November 19, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "Mr. Bucknuts posts THE column from THE game for THE Ohio State University fans. He is hoarse, but the fingers are still willing. He not only posts his thoughts, but a few others as well in this week’s Bucket of Bullets..."

The Game: A Historical Perspective
November 14, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "We take a look back at the incredible history of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. Known far and wide as The Game, this rivalry is described as the greatest rivalry in college football and, perhaps, in all of sports. We go through the years and share the high points of this great rivalry..."

'The Best Game There Is' Gets Even Better
November 17, 2006 Source: Tampa Bay Tribune - "Seven years ago, ESPN ranked its top sports rivalries of the 20th century. The leading vote-getters were predictable. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Ali vs. Frazier. Navratilova vs. Evert. Duke vs. North Carolina basketball. Palmer vs. Nicklaus. Lakers vs. Celtics. The No. 1 choice? Michigan vs. Ohio State (or is it Ohio State vs. Michigan?) football..."

'The Game' doesn't get any bigger than this
November 16, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "Two of college football's biggest bullies, Ohio State and Michigan, have met continuously since 1918. It has normally been the last game of the regular season for each since 1935. They save the best for last..."

VideoMichigan vs. Ohio State PROMO
November 14, 2006 Source: ABC Promo - "#2 Michigan vs. #1 Ohio State promo for what could be THE GREATEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF THE GREATEST RIVALRY IN SPORTS. Includes an intro, and the NFL on CBS intro at the end..."

And also: Mirror Lake Jump In

And also: Ohio State vs. Michigan Football Poem

Brutus vs. Michigan Fan
Source: YouTube - At the OSU NW game a guy decided to be brave and dress in Michigan clothes and wanted to fight with Brutus...watch what happened!

IU vs OSU  TSUN OSU Preview    Preview

No. 1 Ohio State Hosts No. 2 Michigan in Season Finale
November 13, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site

VideoOhio State vs Michigan 2006 Hype Video
November 14, 2006 Source: You Tube

From the Ozone: Depth Chart for the TSUN Game

BucknutsGame Data: Michigan at Ohio State
November 15, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "We have the pertinent information, television coverage details, depth charts and a prediction for Saturday's showdown between No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Michigan at Ohio Stadium (3:45 p.m., ABC)."

It's unanimous: Buckeyes will beat Michigan
November 17, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com

The OzoneOhio State vs Michigan Preview
November 16, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "The biggest regular season college football game ever? Maybe. Check out Tony Gerdeman's preview of this weekends matchup with Michigan..."

The-Ozone Note and Quotebook

Buckeye Planet2006 Michigan Wolverines Game Preview
November 16, 2006 Source: Buckeye Planet - "As we look forward to this Saturday's mega-showdown game in the 'Shoe against That School Up North...Over the last five years, we've all seen their efforts as the team has posted a 54-8 record, including the perfect 14-0 mark in 2002, with two games left in their college football careers..."

No. 1 vs. No. 2: Everything you need to know
November 17, 2006 Source: Middletown Journal - "Interactives: Starting lineups, player bios, key matchups..."

Pat's Keys To A Victory
November 14, 2006 Source: The Buckeye 50 Yard Line

Under The Hood: Michigan @ Ohio State
November 13, 2006 Source: burntorangenation.com - "And we’ve got a pair of huge national games that everyone’s sure to be talking about. We’ll warm things up with the Big One, Michigan at Ohio State. Analysis to follow statistical overview..."

Game of all games
November 16, 2006 Source: U Weekly - "This is usually the time of the week where some puff piece is written about Ohio State’s opponent, hyping them to be bigger than life and a threatening opponent that could steal victory from the No. 1-ranked Buckeyes. Call it the Lou Holtz system of propping up your opponent. But this week, it’s different. Call it fate; call it good fortune; call it a reporter’s dream. Call it whatever you want - but this week, the drama sells itself. And in the infamous words of former ABC play-by-play man Keith Jackson, 'Whoa, Nellie, we got a big one this week.'..."

VideoThere is No Better Coach Than JT
Source: WKYC TV - "Channel 3's Brian Colleran looks at the head coach who is one win away from leading them to the National Championship game..."

And also: Let's get ready to rumble: Ohio State and Michigan

Data on common opponents
November 14, 2006 Source: menofthescarletandgray.com - "For you stat-hungry fans, here are a couple of tables that show the numbers between the six common opponents of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Child Molesters..."

Running Game Preview  The Passing Game
November 14, 2006 Source: The Buckeye Expat

Ohio State: Keys to the game
Michigan: Keys to the game
November 17, 2006 Source: Detroit News

Michigan Game Make or Break for Legacy of This Buckeye Season
November 15, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "It is a brutal, cruel reality. No matter what a football team does in it's other games, it is The Game that defines each season's edition of OSU football..."

This weekend, it's all about Ohio State and Michigan
November 16, 2006 Source: USAToday - "Does anyone want to play for the national championship this year? Maybe it is the daunting task of facing Ohio State or Michigan that has contenders stalling on the side of the road on the way to Glendale..."

Questions will remain post 1 vs. 2
November 16, 2006 Source: azcentral.com - "Does anyone want to play for the national championship this year? Maybe it is the daunting task of facing Ohio State or Michigan that has contenders stalling on the side of the road on the way to Glendale..."

ESPN InsiderFrom ESPN Insider (free 11/17-19 only)
Michigan-Ohio State grabs top billing in Week 12
November 16, 2006 Source: ESPN - "The ability to attack two-deep coverage will be critical in nearly every game played this weekend, perhaps none more so than Michigan-Ohio State..."

Football 101: Keys to Michigan-Ohio State
November 16, 2006 Source: ESPN - "The Michigan-Ohio State game will provide many interesting strategies and personnel matchups, but the most intriguing will occur on passing downs..."

Michigan vs. Ohio State
November 17, 2006 Source: ESPN - "Michigan at Ohio State Matchups QB RB WR OL DL LB DB ST Coach Overall

Michigan films offer proof of Smith's big-game status
Woodley, Wolverines aim to prove defense wins titles
November 16, 2006 Source: ESPN

Transcript From The November 13th Football Press Luncheon
November 13, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site
Video: Press Luncheon

Audio: Tressel Telephone Press Conference
November 13, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Football Quotes
November 13, 2006 Source: OSU Official Site

LLLLoyd JTCarr, Tressel Discuss Showdown
November 14, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "Before heading out to practice, OSU head coach Jim Tressel and Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr had one more meeting with the media to take care of. The two coaches talked about this weekend's game this afternoon at the weekly Big Ten Coaches Teleconference."

Tressel, Carr not exactly buddies
November 16, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Two years after "Bomb-Sniffing Dog Gate," relations between Jim Tressel and Lloyd Carr have returned to normal. Of course, for anyone who coaches Ohio State and Michigan, "normal" is defined as somewhere between cool and tepid..."

OwnedFace it, Tressel owns Carr
November 15, 2006 Source: Ann Arbor News - "OSU Coach Jim Tressel simply dominates U-M's Carr. He's won four of their five meetings. He deflects the credit onto the outstanding performances by his players. But still, Tressel has pushed more of the right buttons than Carr..."

Think LLLLoyd is wound a little tight?
November 14, 2006 Source: Yahoo! Sports - "On Monday, Michigan coach Lloyd Carr stormed out of an interview session here with "ESPN on ABC," loudly uttering F-bombs and screaming about the direction interview questions had taken..."

Composure serves Tressel well against Wolverines
November 16, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "Questions were being fired at him Monday, two and three at the same time. At one point, Jim Tressel looked alarmed. 'We have anarchy here,' he said. Tressel was kidding, of course..."

Tressel calm and cool
November 15, 2006 Source: Ann Arbor News - "OSU players feed off of Tressel's demeanor..."

Tressel, Smith have owned Michigan with focus, drive
November 16, 2006 Source: SI.com - "It had been four hours since Jim Tressel took the Ohio State job when he walked out onto the Schottenstein Center court during a Buckeyes basketball game and set off a frenzy..."

The "T" Factor
November 15, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "Offense, defense, special teams, senior day, BCS ranking, national championship, rivalry game, Troy Smith, Mike Hart, linemen, defensive backs, wide receivers and acid reflux. You name it, it's been talked about, so we're giving you something different..."

Blood runs thicker than colors
November 16, 2006 Source: The Morning Journal - "As a boy, T.J. Downing stood next to his father, Walt, and helped form the tunnel Michigan players ran through on senior day. Then he'd go home and run in his back yard, pretending he was Tim Biakabutuka and shredding Ohio State's defense for 313 yards..."

VideoPreview OSU - TSUN
November 14, 2006 Source: Yahoo! Sports - Terry Bowden gives his take on the game: "OSU offense is the biggest difference maker..."

Perspective Piece: TSUN-Ohio State
November 15, 2006 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "Jim Tressel is your high school calculus teacher. Sweater vest, crisp white shirt, straight-arrow tie, relentless and sober attention to detail, all the personality of a linear equation..."

Battle up front may be brutal - OSU's Downing ready for tough fight
November 13, 2006 Source: Times-Reporter.com - "A brutal Saturday afternoon of football awaits T.J. Downing. Ohio State’s starting right guard can't wait..."

Boone to play; Bucks laud UM
November 14, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State starting left tackle Alex Boone is expected to play Saturday against Michigan, coach Jim Tressel said Monday. Boone, a sophomore from St. Edward, has missed the previous two games because of a knee injury...Tressel and his players praised the Wolverines as if they were the finest college football team ever assembled. As it stands, Michigan is 11-0 and ranked No. 2 in the nation. Michigan might end up as one of the all-time best, but the team it needs to beat to get there is ranked No. 1..."

Buckeyes talk openly about 'The Game'
November 13, 2006 Source: Toledo Blade - "NO MORE HUSH-HUSH - "I heard a lot about the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, and I knew it was big, but you never really know just how big until you experience it," Laurinaitis said at the time. "There's just nothing else like it..."

Historic hype for The Game
November 13, 2006 Source: Akron Beacon Journal - "It's No. 1 vs. No. 2 for first time in storied rivalry...Fellow Akron native LeBron James told OSU tailback Antonio Pittman a week ago that he was coming, apparently unaware of the 3:45 p.m. kickoff and the Cavaliers' game in Washington that night..."

Emotions take over when Wolverines, Buckeyes meet
November 15, 2006 Source: Associated Press - "Archie Griffin has a guess why Michigan-Ohio State is the last game on each team's schedule..."

From ESPN All Player Profiles:  Ohio State      TSUN

From Sports Illustrated:  State of Ohio State    State of Michigan

Also from Sports Illustrated: The top match ups in The Game

From cbssportsline.com: Expert Picks    OSU Notes, quotes, Strategy and personnel    UM Notes, quotes, Strategy and personnel

(Results and recaps for each game for both teams in the 'Pre Preview' below.)

See how the computer plays 'The Game'
November Source: whatifsports.com - Stats, player of the game, full play by play...

NCAA Simulation: 'The Game'
Source: ESPN - "This battle between the top two teams lived up to the hype..."

Other points of view: Pete Fiutak on Michigan vs. Ohio State Preview
November 14, 2006 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - It's finally here. Anthony Gonzalez and No. 1 Ohio State face No. 2 Michigan in, arguably, the biggest battle ever between the two superpowers. Can the Wolverines pull off the upset? Should the loser still get a shot to play for the national championship? It's all just a few hours away..."
Michigan or Ohio State? What do others at CollegeFootballNews.com think?

Everybody has an opinion on 'The Game'
November 15, 2006 Source: Associated Press - "In NFL locker rooms, middle-school study halls and taverns across the country, everybody is talking about Saturday's showdown between No. 2 Michigan and No. 1 Ohio State. Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, for instance, favors a team not even playing in the game..."

Scouting the Michigan offense
November 14, 2006 Source: BuckeyeBanter.com - "The biggest difference offensively between the 2005 edition of the Michigan Wolverines that finished the season 7-5 (5-3 in the Big Ten), and this year's squad that is 11-0, is a healthy Mike Hart..."

Ohioans who played for Michigan get grief from OSU fans
November 14, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "They might as well have miniature winged helmets painted on their foreheads as targets and rent themselves out at Ohio State booster parties as human piñatas.

Who doesn't have vested interest in OSU-Michigan?
November 13, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "Jim Tressel spotted his mini-me in Saturday's media throng, a student reporter wearing the coach's trademark red sweater vest, and self-mockingly cracked, 'You need a new outfit.' It was a funny scene..."

Downing and Gonzalez Did About-Face in OSU vs. Michigan Rivalry
November 14, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "Griffin, Woodson, Spielman, Biakabutuka. Depending on which side of the rivalry you are on, those are names that either bring a smile to your face or the taste of bile into your mouth. Two current Buckeyes, however, aren't quite sure which ones should be which..."

Media Interest in OSU vs. Michigan Game Off the Charts
November 13, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "The hype of this year's OSU vs. Michigan game is going far beyond the borders of those two states. The media interest in The Game is totally off the charts..."

What Brokers Are Saying About 'The Game'
November 14, 2006 Source: Bucknuts - "It should come as no surprise that Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan game is the hottest ticket in the history of Ohio Stadium. But exactly how much would you have to pay for a ticket this week? Have prices gone down in recent weeks? Would a fan have better luck going through a broker or using E-Bay? We address these questions and more..."

Wolverines watch what they say
November 14, 2006 Source: Detroit Free Press - "One by one, Michigan players paraded to the podium Monday, presenting a unified front. They were polite but protective..."

Confident Henne: 'We deserve to win it'
November 13, 2006 Source: Detroit Free Press - "I haven't beaten Ohio State yet, and there has been a lot of stuff building up over the past three years," U-M quarterback Chad Henne said. "We need to win this game, and we deserve to win it because we have gone through a heck of a schedule..."
Henne Interview (Audio)

If The Shoe Fits
November 14, 2006 Source: ESPN - "The idea that the University of Michigan, with its Big House and 42 Big Ten Conference championships is a Cinderella anything is laughable..."

UM-OSU notes and quotes
November 17, 2006 Source: Toledo Blade - "Several Michigan officials are warning students coming to tomorrow’s game. They advised students to stay in groups, avoid High Street..."

LLLLoydMichigan's Carr has a chance to silence remaining critics
November 13, 2006 Source: Associated Press - "LLLLoyd Carr has quieted most of the criticism about his coaching this year, leading Michigan to an 11-0 record and its best season since he won the 1997 national title..."

Monday Presser Transcripts
November 14, 2006 Source: Bo Blue Wolverine Magazine - "Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr previews the epic battle between #1 ranked Ohio State and #2 ranked Michigan. He also updates the status of Antonio Bass..."

Audio: LLLLoyd Telephone Press Conference
November 13, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Wolverines finally can focus on Ohio State
November 13, 2006 Source: ESPN - "Linebacker David Harris didn't admit to it. Cornerback Leon Hall gave the company line. Wide receiver Steve Breaston wouldn't confess. Michigan coach Lloyd Carr almost gave it up..."

University of Michigan Official Site

University of Michigan Team Stats
Source: University of Michigan Official Site

From statsoverload.com: Current OSU vs. TSUN Head to Head Stats Comparison

Stats: Ohio State  -  Michigan

National Statistical Rankings: Total Offense   Total Defense

covers.com UM at OSU: Match-Up Preview - Live Odds - Matchup Edge

bodog.com Betting Preview: UM at OSU & Matchup: UM at OSU

The Weather Channel Columbus Weather Forecast

Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings
November 14, 2006 Source: SI.com - "It was one of the most unpredictable weeks in years. The result: A huge shake-up in Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings. But this isn't about who is the most deserving -- just who's better..."

Pre Preview

tsun vs osu
100 Yard War
I Need Tickets
tsun vs osu
Go Bucks
Tressel & Troy
JT and Carr
The Catch 2005
Pittman scores vs TSUN 2005
TSUN can lick my nuts
Ted Ginn
M Pittman scores vs TSUN 05
M Pittman scores vs TSUN 05
Running through a defense near you
Go Bucks!
Buckeye/Wolverine Stat Comparison
November 12, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "Check out how they stack up going into The Game. This week's stat comparison between the Wolverines and Buckeyes..."

Michigan-Ohio State on Saturday should only be Part I
November 12, 2006 Source: CBSSportsline.com - "The Wolverines and Buckeyes are the only two teams -- even before a crazy Saturday that saw upset losses by Texas, Auburn and California -- that need to be in the conversation for the national championship game. That could change, but only if the Michigan-OSU game Saturday is a blowout. If they are evenly matched, they should do it again Jan. 8 in the BCS title game..."

4 things I thought about the game
November 12, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "I may be getting too caught up in the Chris Wells fumble saga, but as Ohio State's biggest back, he's a piece the Buckeyes will really need..."

It's finally official: OSU-Michigan will be No. 1 vs. No. 2
November 11, 2006 Source: CBSSportsline.com - "The game everybody's been waiting and waiting for is finally a reality. No. 1 Ohio State against No. 2 Michigan next Saturday in Columbus for a spot in the BCS national title game. The Big Ten rivals will meet in a 1 vs. 2 match up for the first time, and it will mark the first time there are two 1-2 games in the same regular season. Earlier, the top-ranked Buckeyes played at No. 2 Texas..."

System makes OSU-Michigan rematch unlikely
November 10, 2006 Source: Dayton Daily News - "...while Ohio State and Michigan could go into their Nov. 18 showdown undefeated, the loser has only a fleeting chance to play for the national championship because of the latest tweaks to the BCS system..."

Former players reflect on OSU-Michigan rivalry
November 10, 2006 Source: Tribune Chronicle - "Thursday at DiVieste’s Banquet Hall, some past Buckeye and Wolverine coaches and players were in attendance in the annual gathering by the Warren Sports Hall of Fame - "The Game". Bob Brudzinski, Bill Conley and Jeff Graham represented OSU, while Jerry Hanlon, Ricky Powers and Greg Skrepenak were the three for Michigan..."

It's difficult not to look ahead to The Game
November 10, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "It’s not often that I find myself thinking like a football coach..."

Enter to win two tickets to OSU-UM!
November 7, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "The folks at Dispatch.com, 1460 The Fan, WBNS-10TV want to make this year's OSU-Michigan experience the best it can be. So we're inviting you to take part in the features and promotions listed...Check back regularly before The Game, because we'll be adding more ways for you to participate..."

This version of The Game could be a first
November 7, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...It would be the first time the conference would have two 11-0 teams. That the two - pegged to meet Nov. 18 in Ohio Stadium - are 10-0 at the moment is no common occurrence, either. The only other time that happened in the Big Ten was 1904, when Michigan finished 10-0 and Minnesota went 13-0..."

Near-loss still has the Wolverines howling
November 7, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Michigan won its 10th football game Saturday, and not a single loss mars its record. The Wolverines are the No. 2 team in the country. Their defense ranks among the best in the nation, and their rushing defense is so good it smothers opponents while allowing a scant 30.3 yards per game. This is, apparently, all news to the Michigan football team. 'We've just got to go back and get refocused, concentrate on our next game and put that one behind us,' offensive lineman Alex Mitchell said Monday, bowing his head..."

City, OSU prep for The Game
November 7, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Plans to empty trash bins, restrict parking aim to curb unrest after Michigan contest...As Ohio State football fans count down to the Michigan game, city and university officials are gearing up for crowd control. They plan to make this year’s postgame different from 2002, when the Buckeyes also went undefeated and there were riots after the Michigan game. Last night, Columbus City Council members were given details on how city and university officials plan to combat problems..."

Head to Head Comparisons, from StatsOverload.com

Buckeyes, Wolverines nearly ruin things
November 5, 2006 Source: CBSSportsline.com - "Both Ohio State and Michigan admitted they were looking ahead. Maybe the real surprise is that Illinois and Ball State had it in them to challenge King Kong and Godzilla..."

The Game, not Ball State, on Michigan’s mind
November 5, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Someone hanged Brutus Buckeye in effigy from a tree near the south end of Michigan Stadium yesterday. The specter of Ohio State was hanging everywhere else around the Big House. Michigan coach Lloyd Carr never once mentioned the Buckeyes, and his players tap-danced around the topic of playing Ohio State in 13 days for a spot in the Bowl Championship Series title game and control of the Milky Way galaxy..."

Michigan, Ohio State keep it mum as game approaches
November 2, 2006 Source: CentralOhio.com - "Yes, Ohio State is No. 1 in the country and Michigan is No. 2, and both are undefeated, and neither has really come close to losing, and they are basically two bullet trains speeding toward each other on one track, and this just might be the biggest, most anticipated, most exciting game in the history of the best rivalry in sports..."

Herbstreit criticizes Breaston, U-M fans
October 31, 2006 Source: Detroit News - "Here are some excerpts from Kirk Herbstreit on his radio show "The Big Show" Monday afternoon on WBNS-AM 1460 in Columbus, Ohio. Herbstreit, a former Ohio State quarterback, is a well-respected college football television analyst..."

Give us a break: Wolverines have tired excuse
October 31, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Up in the land north of Ohio State Territory, they are tired. The Michigan football team has played nine straight football games, has had no breaks and has no bye week looming in the future..."

Buckeyes not looking ahead
October 31, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Some Ohio State fans aren't even bothering to play sneak-peek at the upcoming megamatch with Michigan. They're staring wide-eyed in full anticipation..."

Hype starting early for Michigan-Ohio St.
October 30, 2006 Source: CBS SportsLine.com - "No team wants to be accused of looking past an opponent. Yet that doesn't mean a lot of other people aren't already talking about Michigan vs. Ohio State on Nov. 18..."

Tickets for Michigan? Be rich, and be careful
October 30, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "According to eBay Marketplace Research, a set of two tickets sold for an average of $1,803 last week. Four in Section 15A sold for $4,050, two in Section 27 AA for $2,100, two in Section 7B for $1,525, and two in Section 25C for $1,448..."
A selection of prices...

Buckeye/Wolverine Stat Comparison
October 29, 2006 Source: The Ozone - "Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel isn't letting his team look ahead to that November 18 match up with you-know-who, but that doesn't mean you can't. Check out this week's stat comparison between the Buckeyes and Wolverines..."

Without star WR, big play bypassing Michigan
October 29, 2006 Source: Associated Press - "No. 2 Wolverines have only 2 TD tosses since Manningham was injured..."

Lineman on collision course
October 29, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ohio State defensive end Jay Richardson vs. Michigan left tackle Jake Long Long, a 6-7, 316-pound junior, might be the best tackle in the country, and the Wolverines have protected quarterback Chad Henne well all season, allowing just 12 sacks through their first eight games. But Ohio State's defense is built on pressure from its defensive line, including the resurgent Richardson, who has been dominating the past three weeks. All those interceptions the Buckeyes have grabbed start with pressure up front, and that will need to continue against Henne.

Could it be...OSU-Michigan for BCS title?
October 19, 2006 Source: Fox Sports - "Jerry Palm is no palm reader...What he sees when he looks at Ohio State and Michigan at this point in the football season, headed toward their showdown Nov. 18 in Ohio Stadium, is intriguing: a possible rematch in the Bowl Championship Series national title game Jan. 8..."
From The Cleveland Plain Dealer October 30, 2006: OSU-Michigan rematch would be a trip

Ohio State, Michigan 1-2 in latest BCS poll
October 19, 2006 Source: Fox Sports - "If the latest BCS standings hold up, we could see a new chapter written in the storied rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan. That's because the Buckeyes and Wolverines currently hold down the top two spots, potentially making their Nov. 18 showdown an elimination game for the national title..."

Buckeye pumpkin smashes Michigan van
Source: ONN via You Tube - You'll want to see this video!!!

Can't wait for Ohio State-Michigan?
October 26, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Vote & Comment: Which is Ohio State's best win in the series against Michigan? - What is the most disappointing OSU loss in the Michigan series? - Who had Ohio State's best single-"Game" performance? - Which Ohio State player had the best career vs. Michigan? - What is the best quote about The Game?

"On the Friday before The Game, The Dispatch will feature a special section on Ohio State-Michigan. We're giving you the chance to help decide what we write about."

Michigan coach stumps for running back for Heisman
October 25, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Michigan coach Lloyd Carr told The Detroit News yesterday that if he had a vote, which he doesn't, he'd give it to Hart..."

Michigan wide receiver Adrian Arrington has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.
October 24, 2006 Source: SI.com - "Arrington, 20, was arraigned last week in 14A-2 District Court in Ypsilanti. The charge stems from an Oct. 13 incident in which his girlfriend told police that Arrington had snatched the keys to her sport utility vehicle and driven away..."
Some insight on this from Men of the Scarlet and Gray and also "It turns out that UM wide receiver Adrian Arrington’s legal situation is 'more severe than originally thought.'..."

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