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August 23, 2006 Source: wager.com Some funny lines...my favorite regarding Tennessee and their admissions: "they would accept Stalin if he ran a 4.4"

Is Lloyd Carr on the hot seat?
August 24, 2006 Source: Detroit Free Press "The Michigan football coach is coming off a 7-5 season and ANOTHER loss to Jim Tressel and Ohio State. Is Carr on the hot seat entering this season? Send us your thoughts about Carr to mfrancescutti@freepress.com and INCLUDE your FULL NAME and WHERE you live. We'll print your responses in a future issue of the Free Press." My take: He's won a national championship, so he has that in the bank, but there's a sense in some quarters that the Wolverines have underachieved in recent years. Athletics director Bill Martin insists Carr is safe. The number to remember: 1-4 The most alarming number in the state of Michigan. Lloyd Carr's record against Ohio State's Jim Tressel. The grumbling is about waist-high for Carr, which may not be the fairest thing, given his career performance. But any Michigan coach with the above figures could count on enough heat to make popcorn.

Also from the Free Press: Warm up for the college football TV frenzy Captain Pigskin's 19 best things about college football (besides games)

Grueling start awaits nation's top-ranked team
August 30, 2006 Source: Associated Press "Over the past six weeks, the Ohio State Buckeyes have heard again and again about how good they’re going to be. After all that talk, it’s now time to prove it. 'No one knows if we're a good football team until we line up,' coach Jim Tressel said Tuesday. The No. 1-ranked Buckeyes take on Northern Illinois on Saturday, opening a September in which they play three ranked teams..."

Optimism and Question Marks Fueling Buckeye Mania Before Opener
August 30, 2006 Source: The Ozone "There are two things that fuel anticipation for a season opener more than anything else; anticipated success and big questions about the team. This fall the Buckeyes have a rare blend of both of those qualities as the opener approaches, and that is sending the anticipation quotient off the charts..."

Starters on defense still hard to identify
August 30, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch "Three weeks of preseason camp left the Ohio State defensive picture as clear as mud. The same questions surround the Buckeyes now as they did entering camp: How well can OSU replace nine starters? And who is going to step up and seize starting roles?..."

And this about the "D": New-name D
August 30, 2006 Source: The Morning Journal 

Capital idea: Buckeyes take show on the road
August 25, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatchh 

My take: Nothing Gets By Tressel...JT is the ultimate micromanager in that nothing escapes his attention. OSU held an impromptu night practice at Capital University You might ask: Why would he move a practice off campus with the kinds of facilities OSU features? Because Capital has the exact same surface as Darrell K. Royal Stadium in Austin. Nothing seems to escape the man's attention.

The numbers are clear in college football, except who is No. 1
August 26, 2006 Source: USA Today "It's a long road that is the most unpredictable in years, meaning lots of schools think they have a genuine chance to make it. And lots of boosters will be upset when they don't. But not at West Virginia or Ohio State. They'll be there..."

Preview 2006 Top 200 Players
August 23, 2006 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com "The nation's best players going into the season - 1 to 50" Any OSU players on this list?

Here's FoxSports.com's list: Top 200 Players: Preseason 1 to 50

The Nation's Best: Sixth Annual Herbie Awards
August 23, 2006 Source: ESPN.com "It's the sixth anniversary of the Herbies, and we're celebrating with one of the top classes of award winners. This list has everything to do with the playmakers, the hogmollies, the difference makers and, in short, just great college football players. It has nothing -- nothing -- to do with their pro potential..."

Buckeyes Stepping Up in Fall Camp
August 23, 2006 Source: The Ozone "For Buckeye fans fall camp is a lot like December 24 for little kids. They know the presents are under the tree and pretty soon they will be able to open them, but the wait until the next morning to open them can be just excruciating. It's the same way for Buckeye fans and fall camp. They know the players are in camp, but they just can't wait to find out who is making a move, who is standing out, which young players are making an impression, who will be on the field for the opener, who is likely to be the big play maker in the upcoming season..."

All Eyes Will Be on Smith As He Runs the Show for Top-Ranked Ohio State
August 30, 2006 Source: Washington Post "Troy Smith chats in his sharp suit and bright earrings, looking every bit the part of a Heisman Trophy hopeful. A crowd gathers around and listens to him delve into his newfound love for the film room, how he's trying to become a better passer and the inevitable comparisons to Vince Young..."

Note: You need to sign up to view this, but it's free...or you can use the following username and password to access it: webmaster@buckeyefansonly.com / woody1968

PiRate Preview: The Big 10
August 30, 2006 Source: Scout.com "The media chose Ohio State first, Michigan second, and Iowa third. It sounds like the preseason choice from several past seasons. According to the PiRates, those choices are almost on the mark..."

Pettrey wins kicking duel - for now
August 30, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch "Ohio State coach Jim Tressel named a No. 1 kicker, redshirt freshman Aaron Pettrey, for Saturday’s season opener against Northern Illinois. But he stopped short of anointing him the latest in what has been a strong line of OSU kickers..."

Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
August 30, 2006 Source: Bucknuts "Everyone talks about the potential problems for OSU's young defense and about offensive line recruiting. But no one does anything about it! Until now, that is. Mr. Bucknuts tackles those issues as well as telling everyone what to expect this Saturday in another mid-week edition of his nearly-famous Bucket of Bullets column..."

Fast learner is quick to impress
August 25, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer "Brandon Mitchell laughed. He couldn't help it. When Anderson Russell arrived to join the football team at Ohio State, it was that bad. "He had no clue," said Mitchell, a senior expected to start at safety for the Buckeyes. "He didn't know anything. He had never played defensive back before." After redshirting last season as a freshman, that clueless kid from Atlanta will likely line up as the Buckeyes' nickel back - or fifth defensive back - this season, finding the field on most passing downs..."

No high school can match the impact of OSU's Glenville Seven
August 24, 2006 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer "The link between Glenville High and Ohio State has developed into the most important in college football: Ohio State has 6 players from Glenville on its roster..."

Ohio State No. 1 with fans too
August 24, 2006 Source: USA Today "The coaches vote. The media vote. Even computers help determine college football rankings. Now fans have their say with the USA TODAY/Gallup College Football Top 15 Fans' Poll. Ohio State, which was No. 1 in both the USA TODAY coaches' poll and the Associated Press writers' poll, earned the faith of fans across the land as well, picking up a first-place vote from nearly half of our 400 voters..."

Official Depth Chart Released for NIU

The Ozone Comments: Not Many Surprises in Starters in OSU Depth, but Backup Situation is Interesting

The Shout Outs
August 27, 2006 Source: BuckeyeSports.com "It's one of the most general questions that sometimes yields the best insight to a player's development. 'Who has caught your eye so far in camp?'..."

Freeman made most of time off Injured linebacker spent season learning
August 26, 2006 Source: Columbus Dispatch "There were two ways Marcus Freeman could have taken last season’s unexpected year off just when his college career was supposed to be shifting into high gear. He could have felt sorry for himself, or he could use the time to study and prepare for 2006. He did both..."

Kicker's march to OSU unique
August 24, 2006 Source: Akron Beacon Journal Ex-pro rugby player Ryan Pretorius vies to kick for Buckeyes

OSU Rappers
Have you seen this? If not check it out!

The Ohio State rappers...www.sleepyrappers.com...ND board wants to make fun of this and OSU. Here's something for them to think about: 25,495+ days (and counting) since Notre Lame last beat OSU on Oct. 31, 1936, in South Bend, 7-6.

Buckeyes are prepared to walk the walk
August 22, 2006 Source: Akron Beacon Journal "...The Buckeyes are ranked No. 1 in the AP preseason poll for the sixth time. They have never ended a season in the top spot after starting there. As a matter of fact, half the time they've been No. 1 before the season started, they didn't finish in the top seven teams in the country..."

Tressel Discusses NIU, Defense, More
August 29, 2006 Source: Bucknuts "For the first time this season, Jim Tressel held his weekly Tuesday meetings with the media, both at the coach's luncheon with the local media and the Big Ten coaches teleconference with the national media. Tressel talked about Northern Illinois and much more..."

Game Data: Northern Illinois at OSU
August 30, 2006 Source: Bucknuts "In preparation for Saturday's opener against Northern Illinois, we look at the pertinent information, the TV coverage map, depth charts and one man's opinion on how it might play out. Click this free link for all of the details on top-ranked Ohio State's opener with Northern Illinois (3:30 p.m., ABC)..."

No. 1 Ohio State green but talented on defense
August 29, 2006 Source: Associated Press "Now if the Ohio State Buckeyes can just defend like this during the season. Everyone seems to know that the nation’s No. 1 team has only two defensive starters back from last season, and that new frontliners will be filling in at every linebacker and secondary position. Despite those losses - or maybe because of them - the Buckeyes have spent the preseason defending their defense..."

 Ginn out to make big plays rule rather than exception
August 23, 2006 Source:Columbus Dispatch "He announced the other day that he wants to be called Ted. Not "Teddy," just Ted...And in this case it seems fitting, because Ohio State receiver Ted Ginn Jr. has worked hard to morph from flash-onthe-scene freshman to a more mature, more polished junior..."

Preview 2006 Unit Rankings: Defenses

Preview 2006 Unit Rankings: Defensive Lines

Preview 2006 Unit Rankings: Offenses

Preview 2006 Unit Rankings: Offensive Lines
August 21, 2006 Source:CollegeFootballNews.com Where did they rank OSU, or did they?

The Sporting News: Top 25 '06

30 Questions That'll Shape the Season: Part One
August 18, 2006 Source:CollegeFootballNews.com The number 5 question regards Ohio State. My opinion is that they completely missed the boat with respect to the Buckeyes' D line.

Fearless Predictions for 2006's Biggest Games
August 18, 2006 Source:Fox Sports "Below are 40 of the biggest, most important, most interesting games going into the 2006 season and the mid-August picks for each..." (Guess who's playing in the #1 game?)

 Going mobile: Athletic QBs have become mainstream commodity
August 22, 2006 Source:SI.com "Thanks to the efforts of Young and Michael Vick before him, the modern mobile-quarterback concept has gone mainstream in college football. The shotgun passer and zone-reading runner rolled into one is now a tried-and-true route to success. Just how deep has it taken root? Consider this..."

"Carrying the torch Smith, White top the list of mobile QBs..."

OSU's defense has questions, offense answers
August 16, 2006 Source:Associated Press " In a brief respite from another scorching August workout, Jim Tressel hesitated when asked to look back on his first five years as Ohio State's head coach. 'I have a hard time reflecting on anything that's history right now, other than what play we should have called against Texas,' Tressel said. A year later, the Longhorns are still on the Buckeyes' minds and in their heads..."

Also from the Associated Press: "Ranking the Best NCAA Conferences..."

Scouting the pro prospects: Defensive linemen
August 18, 2006 Source:CBS Sportsline Look who checks in at #5...

Also: 2006-07 Bowl Schedule
August 18, 2006 Source:CBS Sportsline Think there are enough bowl games?

Ten freshmen ready to take college football by storm
August 10, 2006 Source:SI.com "From gunslingers, speedsters, an offensive tackle who never allowed a sack in high school and even a certain Chosen One -- the freshmen class of 2006 seemingly has it all..." (Check out who's listed on page 2)

Preseason Consensus Poll: Final Update
August 19, 2006 Source: Bucknuts "We are back one last time with the latest update of our world renowned 2006 Preseason Consensus Poll. This is where we take the various published preseason polls from national magazines and Internet sites and mold them into one poll. We take that data and also plug teams into the various BCS bowls. Ohio State, led by QB Troy Smith, is the early No. 1 pick...We wrap this up with as many as 23 preseason polls. With this update, we add the AP poll and the Sports Illustrated poll..."

 Tressel top reason for OSU's return to glory
August 18, 2006 Source: MSNBC.com "It says many things that Ohio State was voted No. 1 in both the Associated Press and the coaches preseason polls, but mostly what it says is this: Jim Tressel has mined Ohio State’s enormous potential like no one since Woody Hayes..."

Why Ohio State
August 20, 2006 Source: CoachTressel.com This is an impressive presentation on the JT's official website regarding the virtues of OSU.

August 20, 2006 Source: thegamelive.com Another way to listen to the Buckeyes, especially if you wish to avoid the nominal charge of $4.95 per game. Find an opposing teams broadcast station to listen online.

Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets
August 18, 2006 Source: Bucknuts "Mr. Bucknuts likes to get out the crystal ball from time to time and look into the future to make some predictions. Such is the case in this edition of the Bucket of Bullets. Check out his thoughts and predictions for this coming season, the recruiting classes to come, and much more..."

Quick Predictions for the Biggest Games of 2006
August 16, 2006 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com The Buckeyes are in 4 of the top 23 games!"

OSU Offense 06
August 16, 2006 Source: Uweekly.com "Why is OSU No. 1? They lost so many guys to the NFL. Well, we know why they’re No. 1, and it has as much to do with the future Buckeye stars..."

SI.com 2006 NCAA Football Preview Ohio State
At Ohio State, a place once known as the graveyard of coaches, Jim Tressel has managed to find a cushy seat with 50 wins in five years and the 2002 national championship. However, Tressel could be taken out of his comfort zone in 06 even though the Buckeyes, once again, will be expected to contend for the title.

From cstv.com: Ohio State Team Report
"...The 2006 season, however, comes down to two things: Is Troy Smith as good as advertised and can the Buckeyes replace Nine starters on defense, including the country's best LB corps in A.J. Hawk, Bobby Carpenter and Anthony Schlegel? Hawk and Carpenter were first round picks and Schlegel was taken before the end of the first day..."

August 4, 2006 SI.com Fan Gallery - Ohio State
Some great pics!

Summer Program Focuses on Speed, Strength...Football
From The Ozone: "As was reported in Part One of this series, Eric Lichter has been been in Columbus long enough now to have established his program and set a tone in the OSU football weight room and football conditioning program. He also has been here long enough to familiarize himself with the OSU personnel, and for the most part, he likes what he sees very much. Lichter says that not only have certain individuals impressed him, but entire position groups. One that has impressed him the most is not one that you usually associate with weight room excellence."

What Big 10 freshmen will make an immediate impact for their teams?

Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State - Scout.com's top prospect from this past recruiting season, Wells is a bruising back that has been compared to Adrian Peterson. At 6-1, 220 and with 4.5 speed, he has the tools to step on the field from day one. Expect Wells to share carries with 1,000-yard runner Antonio Pittman. He will fit in nicely to his role with this new high-octane offense the Buckeyes are sporting.

Ross Homan, LB, Ohio State - While the Buckeyes lost 9 starters from last year's outstanding defense, the cupboard is not bare. Homan is already being compared to A.J. Hawk with his natural feel for the game, along with his ability to close on a play. Just another in a long line of outstanding Buckeye linebackers.

Ohio State Buckeyes: Preview 2006
How do you lose most of an NFL caliber defense and be better? Ohio State appears to have reloaded on D, while Antonio Pittman and the offense should be terrific.

Wake up the echoes Irish will win national title
The Sporting News states: Notre Dame has genius of Weis, talent of Quinn and easy schedule... Wait a minute, haven't we heard that Weis is a genius before? Oh yes...for six weeks leading up to this year's Fiesta Bowl.

College Football News doesn't see it that way.

READ THIS: August 12, 2006 Source: MSNBC: Look out for the bully, Biff Weis

I Don't Get Notre Dame

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