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 OSU Opp.  Overall 
1939 Wake Forest W64-5210Elite Eight
1939 Villanova W53-3620National Semifinals
1939 Oregon L33-4621National Championship
1944 Temple W57-4731Elite Eight
1944 Dartmouth L53-6032National Semifinals
1945 Kentucky W45-3742Elite Eight
1945 New York L65-70 OT43National Semifinals
1946 Harvard W46-3853Elite Eight
1946 North Carolina L57-60 OT54National Semifinals
1946 California W63-4564National 3rd Place
19502CCNY L55-5665Elite Eight
19502Holy Cross4W72-5275Regional 3rd Place
19603Western Kentucky W98-7985Sweet Sixteen
19603Georgia Tech13W76-5495Elite Eight
19603New York12W86-69105National Semifinals
19603California2W75-55115National Championship
19611Louisville W56-55125Sweet Sixteen
19611Kentucky20W87-74135Elite Eight
19611St. Joseph's17W95-69145National Semifinals
19611Cincinnati2L65-70 OT146National Championship
19621Western Kentucky W93-73156Sweet Sixteen
19621Kentucky3W74-64166Elite Eight
19621Wake Forest13W84-68176National Semifinals
19621Cincinnati2L59-71177National Championship
1968 East Tenn. St. W79-72187Sweet Sixteen
1968 Kentucky5W82-81197Elite Eight
1968 North Carolina4L66-80198National Semifinals
1968 Houston1W89-85208National 3rd Place
197110Marquette2W60-59218Sweet Sixteen
197110Western Kentucky7L78-81 OT219Elite Eight
198010Arizona State18W89-75229Round of 32
198010UCLA L48-552210Sweet Sixteen
1982 James Madison L68-722211Round of 64
1983 Syracuse W79-742311Round of 32
1983 North Carolina8L51-642312Sweet Sixteen
1985 Iowa State W75-642412Round of 64
1985 Louisiana Tech8L67-792413Round of 32
1987 Louisiana Tech W91-772513Round of 64
1987 Georgetown4L79-822514Round of 32
1990 Providence W84-83 OT2614Round of 64
1990 UNLV2L65-762615Round of 32
19915Towson St. W97-862715Round of 64
19915Georgia Tech W65-612815Round of 32
19915St. John's20L74-912816Sweet Sixteen
19923Mississippi Valley St. W83-562916Round of 64
19923Mississippi Valley St. W83-562916Round of 64
19923Connecticut W78-553016Round of 32
19923Michigan15L71-75 OT3117Elite Eight
1999*14Murray State W72-583217Round of 64
1999*14Detroit W75-443317Round of 32
1999*14Auburn4W72-643417Sweet Sixteen
1999*14St. John's9W77-743517Elite Eight
1999*14Connecticut3W58-643518National Semifinals
2000*8Appalachian St. W87-613618Round of 64
2000*8Miami (FL)23L62-753619Round of 32
2001* Utah State L68-77 OT3620Round of 64
2002*14Davidson W69-643720Round of 64
2002*14Missouri L67-833721Round of 32
20066Davidson W70-623821Round of 64
20066Georgetown L52-703822Round of 32
20071Central Connecticut St. W78-573922Round of 64
20071Xavier W78-71 OT4022Round of 32
20071Tennessee W85-844122Sweet Sixteen
20071Memphis5W92-764222Elite Eight
20071Georgetown8W67-604322National Semifinals
20071Florida3L75-844322National Championship
2009SiennaL72-74 2OT4323Round of 64
spacer*The NCAA tournament records of the tOSU men's basketball team
spacerwere vacated for the 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 tournaments.
spacer(Ohio State University Penalized for Infractions)

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