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Meyer upped their record to 5-0 in games starting after 5:00pm.
September 30, 2013 Source: Land-Grant Holy Land - There's a reason why Meyer wants more night games: he wins them.

The Buckeyes beat Wisconsin on Saturday, 31-24. It wasn't that close. Urban Meyer put on his best sweater vest, played field position and let a 17-point lead hold to give the Buckeyes their fifth win of the year, and the seventeenth straight victory since Meyer took the reins from Luke Fickell, who took the reins from the coach Meyer seemed to emulate on Saturday night.

The gameplan was simple enough: let Braxton Miller be XBRAX360 on offense, sell out against Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon and James White on defense, and make Joel Stave (and Jared Abbrederis) try to beat you. The first part of that plan worked just fine, thanks, as Miller went for 198 yards through the air, with four touchdowns. The second part worked even better, as the two-headed Badger monster was held to 105 yards, and both backs were out-gained on the ground by Miller. Part three, well...two out of three ain't bad, as the poet once said.

But it all adds up to a win, another in a long line of consecutive ones since Meyer took over. The 17 straight wins is impressive, and with the rest of the Big Ten looking suspect once again, the Buckeyes could be on to something special yet again.

Meyer is a force on the recruiting side of the Buckeye world, and his field generals are among the best in the nation. For seemingly ever, the biggest draws to coming to Ohio State were usually the tradition, the gameday experience, the staff and the rivalry against Michigan. But Meyer knows how the winds are shifting. He knows that recruits need more than just a sousaphone dotting an "i". They need special guests at the Skull Session. They need different threads than the ones they grew up seeing. And more than anything, they want to play under the lights, in front of the whole country. Meyer gets this. He wants night games, and not only because of the benefit to the future of the program.

Meyer probably also wants them because of how well his teams play when the sun goes down, especially on offense and in the win column.

Let's take a look back at some of Meyer's teams in games that started after 5:00pm EST...

Add it all up, and in his two championship seasons at Florida, and so far in his tenure at Ohio State, Urban Meyer is 15-1 after the clock strikes 5:00pm, and is beating opponents by an average of 37-20, while putting up over 430 yards of total offense per game, on average. Some purists may hem and haw at the possibility of playing less of the standard Noon games in the Big Ten. But Meyer knows the future of the Buckeyes, of the Big Ten, and of recruiting are in making changes for the better.

With 15 wins (and counting) in four very important years for Meyer, this is one change that is a no-brainer...


Urban Meyer's weekly press conference September 30, 2013
Above is video of the press conference. Here were some of the highlights Source: Bucknuts

Coach Tom Herman September 30, 2013

Offensive coordinator Tom Herman Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

• Herman said that Philly Brown has made a commitment to becoming a professional at his craft and in his life. He said not only has Brown become a real leader for Ohio State's offense, but he has been more efficient in all the things in his life off the field as well.

• Herman said the way he calls the game changes significantly when his team is up by 17 in the fourth quarter. He said fans want to see some of the same things they saw in the first quarter, but in that situation it just isn't going to happen because Ohio State has a responsibility to simply win the game. He said there are "justifiable reasons" for the way Ohio State approached play calling in the fourth quarter.

• Herman said it was Ohio State's intention to get Hyde more involved in the offense, but it wasn't the intention to reduce Jordan Hall's contributions. Hall carried the ball only once against Wisconsin, but Herman echoed Meyer's thoughts in saying the Buckeyes need to keep him more involved.

• Herman said Miller isn't that much different physically than he was last year, but he has improved dramatically with his consistency with mechanics and things of that sort. Herman added that there's a whole new confidence in Miller, and it was evident in his back-shoulder throw to Devin Smith for the touchdown. Herman said Miller would have physically been able to make that throw last year, but wouldn't have done it because he may have questioned his ability.

• Herman said that he was worried that Miller would be set back with his injury, but he said Miller stayed prepared mentally and physically. However, there is only so much he could have done when missing game action for three weeks and there were a few mis-reads Miller had against Wisconsin as a result. Herman, overall, was pleased with Miller keeping himself up to speed.

• Doug asked Herman if they ever worry about style points, and Herman basically said that it has never been discussed in a meeting room. Though there's conversation that Ohio State has to win the country over to play in the title game, Herman said they're only worried about winning games, whether that's by a point or 100 points.

Coach Kerry Combs September 30, 2013

Cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

• Coombs said punter Cameron Johnston's development has been extraordinary since he arrived from out of the country. He said that would be an intimidating thing - to come from out of this country and be forced to perform at Ohio State – but Johnston has handled it quite well.

• Coombs said that Pittsburgh Brown is a very versatile player and has been plugged in various situations and performed. Coombs said that's important as the Buckeyes find a way to replace Bryant.

• Coombs thinks that Pitt Brown will be the starting safety when Ohio State goes out to practice tomorrow. However, making sure Ohio State's defense is in top shape for Saturday will be evaluated all week.

Fr Punter Cameron Johnston September 30, 2013

Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week: Cameron Johnston, Ohio State
Fr., P, Geelong, Australia/St. Joseph’s
Pinned Wisconsin inside its own 20-yard line on each of his six punts, including five inside the 10-yard line, helping Ohio State defeat the Badgers
Averaged 39.8 yards per punt, totaling 239 yards
Finished with a long of 55 yards on his final attempt, pinning the Badgers at their own 10-yard line with 1:29 to play in the game
Wins his first Special Teams Player of the Week honor
Last Ohio State Special Teams Player of the Week: Corey Brown (Nov. 19, 2012)

Jr. DL Michael Bennett September 30, 2013

Current National Rankings
National Rankings
The Ohio State University
Team Stats - Through games 09/28/2013
Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 17 501.2
Rushing Offense 12 287.2
Passing Offense 86 214.0
Team Passing Efficiency 10 170.54
Scoring Offense 6 48.2
Total Defense 18 304.0
Rushing Defense 8 84.6
Passing Yards Allowed 54 219.4
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 47 118.49
Scoring Defense 23 17.0
Turnover Margin T-22 1.0
3rd Down Conversion Pct 41 0.464
4th Down Conversion Pct 8 0.786
3rd Down Converstion Pct Defense 4 0.232
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense 89 0.625
Red Zone Offense T-27 0.917
Red Zone Defense T-12 0.667
Net Punting 20 40.33
Punt Returns 24 13.83
Kickoff Returns 30 23.90
First Downs Offense T-5 127
First Downs Defense 64 85
Fewest Penalties Per Game T-80 6.60
Fewest Penatly Yards Per Game 84 57.60
Time of Possession 20    33:05
View Complete Ranking Summary

Stat Watch

0spacerOSU Insider
September 30, 2013 Source: Columbus Dispatch

25 words or fewer
Ohio State pushes the nation’s longest win streak to 17, but a fourth-quarter offensive hibernation brought nervous late-night yawns as thoughts turned toward Northwestern.

In the polls
The Buckeyes are experiencing elevation stagnation, staying No. 3 in the USA Today coaches poll behind Alabama and Oregon, and No. 4 in the Associated Press media poll, behind Clemson at No. 3. Voters weren’t impressed by how Ohio State turned a potential runaway win into a seven-point victory. But now comes the prime-time showdown at Northwestern — yes, showdown — and any kind of win over the Wildcats (No. 15 in the coaches poll, No. 16 in AP) should at least strengthen the Buckeyes’ stance.

Who’s hot?
Braxton Miller, or at least he was for three quarters. During that time, he returned from his almost-three-game hiatus because of a left knee sprain to throw four touchdown passes as the Buckeyes built a 31-14 lead. After what he indicated was a tentative start running the ball, he wound up rushing-scrambling for 83 yards, second only to teammate Carlos Hyde’s game-leading 85. Miller was 17 of 25 passing for 198 yards and no interceptions. He was slinging it with gusto, too.

What’s not hot?
The Ohio State pass defense. All-Big Ten cornerback Bradley Roby in particular found himself on an island often with Wisconsin go-to receiver Jared Abbrederis, yet Abbrederis shook free from him and others to make 10 catches for an astounding 207 yards. That included a 36-yard TD pass from Joel Stave over the close-covering Roby, and a 64-yard wide-open catch-and-run that was a coverage bust by the secondary. A Wisconsin offense known for pounding the ball on the ground instead threw 34 passes, with Stave hitting 20 for 295 yards and two TDs while getting sacked just twice. But Roby, who had to leave briefly after getting banged up early, did get the night’s only interception.

What went right?
In the beginning, it was Ohio State’s wide-open attack. Miller had the Badgers guessing on defense, and he took advantage, as on a quick roll left and then a pinpoint 25-yard touchdown pass to Evan Spencer for the first TD. Miller’s back-shoulder throw to Devin Smith for the second TD was another example of crisp execution.

Back to the drawing board
The Buckeyes’ gas pedal isn’t accustomed to being pushed in the second half this season. That’s evident. The offense gained only 116 yards on seven possessions in the last two quarters. The only OSU score in the second half was a 1-yard TD pass from Miller to Corey Brown midway through the third quarter after the Roby interception. OSU is No. 6 nationally in scoring at 48.2 points a game but has scored just 10 points in the fourth quarter.

Dinged up
Senior safety and co-captain Christian Bryant was lost for the rest of season after suffering a broken ankle on the penultimate defensive play of the game. It’s likely that Corey Brown will take his place in the starting lineup, although that will be settled in practice this week.

Catch that?
After the Buckeyes went three-and-out and were forced to punt from their 38 with 1:40 to play, Australian punter Cameron Johnston stepped up in the clutch and boomed a 55-yarder that pinned the Badgers at their 10, where Camren Williams tackled returner Abbrederis. Four defensive plays later, the win was clinched.

Up next
Northwestern, which had Saturday off to rest up and lie deeper in wait. The Wildcats (4-0) probably have had this game circled on the calendar for a couple of years, given that they haven’t played Ohio State since 2008, when the Buckeyes won 45-10 at then-No. 25 Northwestern. The Wildcats are ranked 87th in total defense (426.8-yard avg.), but they are a creative 30th in total offense (483.3) under the leadership of QBs Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian. A bonus this week could be the possible return of running back Venric Mark, who has been out since the opener after suffering a lower-body injury.

This week’s challenge
It’s to go on the road and knock off one of only two other unbeaten teams in the Big Ten. The Buckeyes obviously have few chances in their Big Ten schedule to make a national statement. One came against Wisconsin. The next comes at Northwestern. With designs on more than a Big Ten title, they can’t afford to waste it.

Current National Rankings
National Rankings
The Ohio State University

Team Stats - Through games 09/21/2013
Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 15 529.0
Rushing Offense 6 311.0
Passing Offense 76 218.0
Team Passing Efficiency 17 167.02
Scoring Offense 4 52.5
Total Defense 13 280.3
Rushing Defense 9 79.8
Passing Yards Allowed 49 200.5
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 34 112.09
Scoring Defense 21 15.3
Turnover Margin T-19 1.0
3rd Down Conversion Pct 36 0.481
4th Down Conversion Pct 7 0.833
3rd Down Converstion Pct Defense 5 0.228
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-87 0.667
Red Zone Offense T-11 0.955
Red Zone Defense T-15 0.667
Net Punting 22 40.83
Punt Returns 21 14.55
Kickoff Returns 25 25.33
First Downs Offense 6 106
First Downs Defense T-58 65
Fewest Penalties Per Game T-86 6.75
Fewest Penatly Yards Per Game 94 61.25
Time of Possession 15    33:47
View Complete Ranking Summary

Stat Watch

0spacerOSU Insider
September 23, 2013 Source: Columbus Dispatch

25 words or fewer
Ohio State prepares to take the Big Ten plunge against defending champ Wisconsin still wondering — but not worried — whether Braxton Miller will be the quarterback.

In the polls
Ohio State held station at No.?3 in the USA Today coaches poll, behind Alabama and Oregon, and at No.?4 in the Associated Press media poll, behind No.?3 Clemson. For the first time this year, the Buckeyes will take on a ranked opponent in Wisconsin (No.?23 AP, No.?24 coaches).

Who’s hot?
“Backup” quarterback Kenny Guiton used three straight games to pad his previously thin collegiate scrapbook. In the romp over Florida A&M, he threw for a school-record six touchdowns. The San Diego State, Cal and Florida A&M defenses were like frogs in a high-school biology class, and Guiton dissected them expertly. He is tied for fourth nationally in TD passes with 13.

What’s not hot?
Ohio State’s nonconference schedule difficulty. Buffalo, SDSU, Cal and FCS Florida A&M are a combined 3-10, with SDSU still winless (0-3). The others have one win each, but each is over an FCS school: Buffalo beat Stony Brook, Cal beat Portland State, and Florida A&M beat Mississippi Valley State. Whether that prepped the Buckeyes for Big Ten play is debatable, but OSU did wade through it by a combined score of 210-61.

What went right?
If the idea of scheduling Florida A&M was to gain a lopsided win and give the reserves valuable game experience, then mission accomplished. Certainly, freshman running back Ezekiel Elliott won’t be returning his first 100-yard (162) and two-TD college game. By game’s end, though, tight end Jeff Heuerman indicated the starters were eyeing Wisconsin.

Back to the drawing board
The 4-3 defense against the run was drawn up eons ago, but a thorough review is on tap. Wisconsin is third in the nation in rushing at 349.8 yards a game. Ohio State is ninth in run defense (79.8) but has not faced a two-headed monster like Badgers backs Melvin Gordon and James White.

Dinged up
Miller is expected back after sitting out the past two games because of a left knee sprain he suffered three weeks ago. But he was expected back against Florida A&M, so who knows? Urban Meyer said defensive end Adolphus Washington (groin strain) might be back this week after missing two games. Freshman receiver James Clark suffered a broken left leg and is out for the season.

Catch that?
OSU topped 600 yards of offense (603) and 300 yards rushing (388) for the second straight week. Along the way, running back Jordan Hall scored two more touchdowns. With eight TDs, plus a two-point conversion in the opener, he is averaging 12.5 points per game, third-best in the nation.

Who’s next?
Wisconsin, which probably is a botched call by Pac-12 officials from being undefeated. In the first year under coach Gary Andersen, the Badgers blasted Purdue 41-10 in their Big Ten opener on Saturday. They will enter with the nation’s leading rusher in Gordon (624) and 10th-leading rusher in White (442). Call it the Bret Bielema legacy.

This week’s challenge
The Miller situation is a head-scratcher. Meyer said after the FAMU game he had expected Miller to play, but Miller told him he wasn’t ready. Yet Meyer also said that Miller is the No.?1 quarterback, which means the coach probably expects Miller to play this week. But if he can’t, well, the Buckeyes have that guy named Guiton.

Friday interview with Urban Meyer

Op-Ed BlogFootball, racism and an unbreakable bond: The tale of Rudy Hubbard and Woody Hayes  The emperor of Ohio State football would periodically check on his players after dark to ensure they were studying. So one night when a tailback named Rudy Hubbard hosted a poker game in his dorm with a few teammates and a couple of non-players who smoked cigarettes, the telling taps on the door shot pangs of hot fear into Rudy's belly. He knew those knuckles belonged to Woody Hayes...

Vrabel Seeing A Lot Out Of His Young D Line
Going into the season there was a lot of concern with how the defensive line would look and perform with the departure of all four starters from a year ago.

Line coach Mike Vrabel had a quiet confidence however in his young line and so far the line has looked good, even if injuries have thinned the ranks. Tommy Schutt will be lost until mid-season at the earliest and Adolphus Washington has been battling a groin injury and missed the Cal game and is an unofficial "questionable" for the next game against Florida A&M.

Even with that players like Michael Bennett and Noah Spence have been living up to expectations while young guys like Joey Bosa are a welcome addition to a line that is getting things done in Ohio State's 3-0 start on the year.

On Monday we talked with Vrabel about the play of the line against Cal and a host of other topics. Check it out in this free video update. Source: BuckeyeGrove.com

0spacerOhio State recruiting: State Secrets, 9/17 - Richard LeCounte offered; latest on Larry Scott
September 17, 2013 Source: Land-Grant Holy Land - ... the recruiting hustle never ends for the Buckeye coaching staff. With only a week to go until the huge Wisconsin game (in more ways then just recruiting) plenty of recruiting news is flying around. Columbus will be hosting a bevy of recruits next weekend, but a few are showing up this weekend.

One of those recruits is '15 RB Larry "LJ" Scott who is making the trip to Ohio State this weekend. Scott, a 6'0", 205 running back out of Hubbard, Ohio is ranked as the seventh best running back in the country for the class of 2015, and the seventh best prospect overall out Ohio. In 2012

The Buckeyes did send out one offer on Monday, when they contacted '17 ATH Richard LeCounte out of Hinesville, Georgia. LeCounte only has one offer to this point from Florida, but it's obviously extremely early in his recruiting process but that's two BCS-level programs now that have offered him. LeCounte is 6'1", 175-pounds as a freshman in high school and already has the backing of top '14 LB Raekwon McMillan

'15 OL Drew Richmond has obviously been in contact with Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and Tim Hinton about possibly bringing his talents to Columbus. The 6'5", 300-pound offensive tackle hails from Memphis, Tennessee and already has offers from top programs such as Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and many more...


Head Coach Urban Meyer Weekly Press Conference September 16, 2013

Urban Meyer Presser Recap: Florida A&M
September 16, 2013 Source: Eleven Warriors - Meyer thought the Cal game was a "great atmosphere." He raved about Cal quarterback Jared Goff, and said the Bears had skill players that could play anywhere in America.

• Evan Spencer played huge. Meyer said it was one of the best efforts out of a wide receiver he's ever seen.

• Hasn't studied FAMU well enough yet, but they have some athletes and said Ohio State can't look past the Rattlers.

• Braxton, if he's ready to go, will play. Meyer said they had a lot of work to do.

• Carlos Hyde is back. On Hall and splitting carries: "Carlos did a lot for us last year. It's a good problem to have. I don't know." And: "Jordan Hall has certainly earned the right to touch the ball in a big way."

• On the tackling problems at Cal: "Ryan Shazier had, I think, four or five missed tackles." Meyer said he looks at effort and thought effort was good. Pointed out the team had 16 missed tackles, which is a concern, because they want to be in the single digits on missed tackles. Meyer also discussed "triggering" on screens and getting better at that.

• Asked about coaching in games when his team is a big favorite like Saturday's match with Florida A&M, Meyer quipped: "I've coached in a few games where I'm a 21-point underdog and those aren't really fun either." Meyer went on to mention that it's a good opportunity for players to get touches, carries, throws, etc. and that is based on how they practice.

• Meyer repeatedly mentioned how tough the trip to Cal was, getting home at 6 a.m. on Sunday.

• On the competition at certain positions, Meyer said it's every coach's dream. But he mentioned that there are positions with no competition, like linebacker and he wants to see more of that.

• At quarterback, Meyer said he "Kenny Guiton has earned some time," and that he's "absolutely" surprised at what's happened at quarterback this year.

• Asked if there are things that Kenny does better than Braxton, Meyer said: "Probably certain things. Kenny is a natural option quarterback, pitching the ball. That's probably something he excels at. When you say the word 'distributor,' he's a distributor."

• How close is this offense in terms of weapons and pace: "Cal was the first time I saw what you guys saw." Meyer said they're approaching the tempo they want to have and that's why he gave so much credit to Cal because they put that in quickly and Ohio State wasn't able to do so in Meyer's first year.

• Meyer said Braxton fought him to play at Cal. When asked if it was possible he's sit again, "I don't think so. He's working out today. He's probable for Saturday."

• On Braxton's injury, "It can linger. It's something we have to watch – it's the lateral movement we have to watch. Straight ahead, he could go right now."

• Meyer on whether both quarterbacks can be on the field at the same time: "We didn't have that luxury a year ago, but it's something we're thinking about." Meyer stressed getting the best 11 on the field.

• Meyer on Guiton: "It's arguably one of the best case studies, I've had as a coach. If you want to buy stock, buy stock in Kenny Guiton, because what he's going to do after football some day is going to be great."

• Meyer raved about Evan Spencer, saying it was a shame he didn't get a touchdown in the game because his work blocking on the safeties was "incredible."

• On Joey Bosa: "Adolphus Washington is one of our best players, but a true freshman jumped in there and played 79 plays, earning defensive player of the game. That's good coaching, good recruiting."

• Meyer said Washington is questionable for this weekend's game.

Also updates from tight ends/fullbacks coach Tim Hinton and defensive line coach Mike Vrabel...


Ohio State QB Kenny Guiton on how the Buckeyes might handle the quarterback situation when Braxton Miller is ready

Current National Rankings
National Rankings
The Ohio State University

Team Stats - Through games 09/14/2013
Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 28 504.3
Rushing Offense 13 285.3
Passing Offense 75 219.0
Team Passing Efficiency 23 163.40
Scoring Offense T-17 44.7
Total Defense 46 347.0
Rushing Defense T-12 89.7
Passing Yards Allowed 87 257.3
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 49 117.97
Scoring Defense T-44 20.3
Turnover Margin 24 1.0
3rd Down Conversion Pct 42 0.476
4th Down Conversion Pct 18 0.750
3rd Down Converstion Pct Defense 9 0.261
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-82 0.667
Red Zone Offense T-1 1.000
Red Zone Defense T-19 0.667
Net Punting 20 41.64
Punt Returns 42 10.57
Kickoff Returns 28 25.33
First Downs Offense T-23 72
First Downs Defense T-90 63
Fewest Penalties Per Game T-105 8.00
Fewest Penatly Yards Per Game 114 75.00
Time of Possession 27 32
View Complete Ranking Summary

Stat Watch

0spacerOSU Insider
September 16, 2013 Source: Columbus Dispatch

25 words or fewer
Now that Kenny Guiton the Genie is out, how do you put him back in the bottle? Or do you? That’s a good football conundrum.

In the polls
Ohio State remained third in the USA Today coaches poll (behind Alabama and Oregon) and No.?4 in the Associated Press media poll (behind Alabama, Oregon and Clemson).

Who’s hot?
In his first collegiate start, Guiton, a fifth-year senior, ran the offense with aplomb, and was named the Walter Camp Football Foundation national offensive player of the week yesterday. He passed for 276 yards and four touchdowns, and ran for 92 yards against one of the poorer defenses in the nation. He set the tone with two early touchdown rainbows to Devin Smith, including a 90-yarder, the longest play from scrimmage in Ohio State history. And it was his direction on three straight TD drives to start the second half that put the game away as OSU rolled to more than 600 yards of offense.

What’s not hot?
For a game, at least, it was the pass defense. But Cal and freshman quarterback Jared Goff having success was expected even by Urban Meyer and his assistants. That kind of spread-it-and-wing-it approach is going to find some creases. It was just the rapidity of a couple of Cal TD drives, and the poor tackling during them, that was cause for consternation. That, and the couple of penalties that helped the Bears’ cause.

What went right?
The balanced offensive approach. While Guiton was having a career day, so was running back Jordan Hall, his 168 yards rushing topping his previous single-game personal best of 159 set in the season opener against Buffalo. It also is clear that offensive coordinator Tom Herman and his staff want to keep adding touches for speedy freshman Dontre Wilson, who is still just that one move away from popping a big one.

Back to the drawing board
The offense in the fourth quarter. It’s picky to point this out after consecutive and increasing point totals of 40, 42 and 52, but the Buckeyes still haven’t scored a touchdown in the final quarter. Of course, some might call that piling on, but it doesn’t seem to affect Oregon’s reputation. Keeping the foot on the gas is necessary to take this OSU team where it wants to go.

Dinged up
Maybe quarterback Braxton Miller will return this week after a game off to rest his sprained left knee, but who knows? Meyer was fairly optimistic early last week that the junior would be able to play at Cal, but all Miller did was throw a few passes before pregame warm-ups began. Sophomore defensive end Adolphus Washington (groin strain) did not make the trip, and his will be a week-to-week evaluation.

Catch that?
The way Buckeye Nation invaded Cal’s Memorial Stadium. Conservative estimates were more than 40 percent of the 62,467 were OSU fans, an impressive showing both in terms of loyalty and outlay, considering a great portion of those fans were scattered in scarlet pockets throughout the “Cal” section. As for the south end zone portion, it was OSU through and through.

Who’s next?
Florida A&M (1-2) is an FCS school better known for its band which, despite being back after a one-year hiatus because of a hazing death, won’t make the trip. The Rattlers opened with a win over Mississippi Valley State, then dropped their next two games to Tennessee State and Samford. Enough said.

This week’s challenge
For Meyer and staff, it might be deciding whether it would be wise to sit Miller for another game, giving the medial collateral ligament sprain more time to heal. Otherwise, considering the opponent, the Buckeyes must find a way to win big and save face, while getting a lot of players into the game for experience. It’s best never to take anyone lightly, but that will be difficult for the Buckeyes this week.

Current National Rankings
National Rankings
The Ohio State University

Stat Watch

Buckeyes HC Urban Meyer Press Conference September 9, 2013

Urban Meyer Presser Recap: Cal September 9, 2013 Source: Eleven Warriors - Miller was called "fearless" by Meyer. He said he was injured on a play that was a pass "all the way." Meyer said Miller wanted back in the game and wants to go Saturday, but they'll know more tomorrow morning, mentioning the first 48 hours are huge for an injury like this... PLAYERS of the GAME: Guiton (offense), Bennett/Shazier (defense), Armani Reeves (special teams)... Updates from Co-Defensive Coordinator and Safeties Coach Everett Withers... & Updates from Co-Offensive Coordinator and OL Coach Ed Warinner...

Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Ed Warriner answered questions from reporters at the weekly Monday press luncheon.

Asst. Head Coach/Co-Def. Coordinator/Safeties Coach Everett Withers answered questions from reports at the weekly Monday press luncheon.


'14 LB Raekwon McMillan has been a top target for Ohio State since the beginning of his recruitment, and it's easy to understand why. McMillan is no doubt one of the most talented linebackers in the class of 2014, and the Georgia-native recently gave an update on where schools stand. McMillan is set to make his official visit to Ohio State on October 26th. Source: Land-Grant Holy Land

Noah Brown becomes Ohio State's 18th oral committment in the 2014 class: Buckeyes recruiting
September 9, 2013 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - Ohio State’s coaching staff rolled out the red carpet for Sparta (N.J.) Pope John XXIII wide receiver Noah Brown during his visit to Columbus this past weekend hoping to earn a commitment before he left town.

The Buckeyes were unsuccessful in achieving that goal, but Brown didn’t make Ohio State wait that much longer.

A four-star prospect rated by Scout.com the No. 36 wide receiver in the 2014 recruiting class, Brown confirmed to Cleveland.com that he issued an oral commitment to Ohio State’s staff on Monday evening.

Brown – who was seen chatting with Buckeyes player personnel director Mark Pantoni on the sidelines before Saturday’s game – posted on his public Twitter account that he shared dinner with OSU coach Urban Meyer later in the evening.

Two days later, the 6-1, 190-pound receiver became oral commitment No. 18 in Ohio State’s 2014 recruiting class.

Brown also became the fifth wide receiver to join the class, along with Curtis Samuel of Brooklyn (N.Y.) Erasmus Hall, Malik Hooker of New Castle, Pa., Terry McLaurin of Indianapolis Cathedral and Lonnie Johnson of Gary (Ind.) West Side.

Noah Brown 2012 Highlight Video

0spacerOSU Insider
September 9, 2013 Source: Columbus Dispatch

25 words or fewer
In a battle of backup quarterbacks, Kenny Guiton reigned supreme. Now it’s “Go West, Ohio State young men,” where frenetic Cal awaits.

In the polls
The voters weren’t as impressed by a backup quarterback leading the Buckeyes to a lopsided win as OSU fans probably were. Ohio State dropped one spot in both major polls. It fell to No.?3 in the USA Today coaches poll, jumped by Oregon after its smothering 59-10 win at Virginia. OSU slid to No.?4 in the Associated Press media poll, in which Clemson is No.?3 behind Alabama and Oregon. It’s pretty obvious that OSU’s 27.5-point average win margin over inferior opponents has not gained it many style points.

Who’s hot?
Guiton. San Diego State coach Rocky Long said after the game that Guiton is as good a backup quarterback as there is in the country. OSU offensive coordinator Tom Herman has been saying that for a while, since Guiton replaced injured Braxton Miller against Purdue last year and saved the unbeaten season. Maybe Guiton’s arm strength leaves a little to be desired, but his football moxie is without question.

What’s not hot?
Miller’s Heisman Trophy campaign. In fact, it incurred a major wound when he had to sit out the last 57 minutes against San Diego State after suffering a knee sprain on the first OSU scoring drive. While defending Heisman winner Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M and Georgia’s Aaron Murray were among others piling up big numbers in victories, Miller had 30 yards passing and 5 yards rushing.

What went right?
On both sides of the ball, the Buckeyes got after it from the start. The defense was jumping gaps and attacking, so much so that San Diego State went to backup quarterback Quinn Kaehler early, but not because of injury. And the Buckeyes’ offense ran off plays faster than many in the press box could keep track. It was 21-0 less than 15 minutes in.

Back to the drawing board
Maybe it’s because the points have come so rapidly in the first quarter of the first two games that production has paled in the later quarters. But that’s two straight games in which the offense has appeared to lose its edge when an outright steamroll of a win — style points to catch the attention of those poll voters not watching at home — was quite possible.

Dinged up
Defensive end Adolphus Washington has a groin injury. Usually, any such strain or pull not only takes a while to heal, but also can be easily aggravated. Steve Miller and Joey Bosa picked up the slack. Braxton Miller returned to the field in pads and wearing a brace on his left knee. The coaches opted not to send him back in, but he’s expected to be available this week.

Catch that?
Right guard Marcus Hall delivered some punishing blocks. He also drew an uncharacteristic hat trick of penalties. Yet, after the game, Urban Meyer stepped in next to Hall during the singing of Carmen Ohio in front of the band. The senior is one of Meyer’s favorites this season.

Up next
It’s a trip to California (1-1), a team in its first year under Sonny Dykes. The Bears are in search of themselves, especially on defense, after a 44-30 opening loss to Northwestern and a 37-30 win over Portland State of the FCS. Ohio State leads the series 6-1, with Cal’s win in the Rose Bowl after the 1920 season. OSU won the Rose after the ’49 season and has taken the past five in the regular season, including last year’s entertaining 35-28 victory in Ohio Stadium. This will be OSU’s third trip to Cal’s Memorial Stadium, where it won in 1953 and ’72.

This week’s challenge
It will be up to the OSU defense not to let this game get out of hand. Dykes wants to run 90 or more plays, and he wants to wing it. Freshman quarterback Jared Goff is catching on quickly, too, passing for 445 yards in the loss to Northwestern and 485 yards against Portland State. Can the OSU offense match the pace? Will Miller be able to play a whole game for the first time in 2013? Will Guiton be ready if needed? Of course he will.

Coach Bruce Talks About OSU vs. San Diego State

0spacerOSU Insider
September 2, 2013 Source: Columbus Dispatch

25 words or fewer
Mixed reviews follow a season-opening 20-point victory over a heavy underdog, then here comes San Diego State, which just lost to Eastern Illinois.

In the polls
The Buckeyes were No. 2 behind Alabama going into the weekend. Whether they will remain there after the victory over Buffalo remains to be seen, because the polls are delayed until Tuesday because of a Labor Day game. Alabama wasn’t great offensively, but still won convincingly over Virginia Tech. No.3 Oregon smacked Nicholls State and No.?4 Stanford doesn’t play until Saturday. Upwardly mobile will be No. 8 Clemson, which held off No. 5 Georgia.

Who’s hot?
Quarterback Braxton Miller was at the start, throwing a couple of touchdown passes. Then he played hot potato with running back Jordan Hall, who was running like he had seasons to make up for, which, incidentally, he does. An inside handoff out of the pistol formation with the option look sprung Hall for touchdown runs of 49 and 37 yards on his way to a career-high 159 yards rushing.

What’s not hot?
Taking one’s foot off the gas, which Ohio State appeared to do in the second quarter as the high temperatures started to take their toll. It also was obvious that as the game progressed, Buffalo liked trying to get outside linebacker Khalil Mack isolated one-on-one with sophomore first-time starter Taylor Decker at right tackle. When Mack is a first-round draft pick in April, OSU’s offensive linemen can tell the tales of trying to block him. Or not.

What went right?
Everything senior backup quarterback Kenny Guiton did. He converted on consecutive two-point attempts in the first quarter. Then, when Miller had to leave for an extended period after experiencing cramping for the second time in the third quarter, Guiton threw a touchdown pass to Chris Fields, the second touchdown catch of the game for Fields. Teammates voted Guiton co-captain for good reasons.

Back to the drawing board
Actually, it’s back to the depth-chart board on defense, now that all-Big Ten cornerback Bradley Roby is available after a one-game suspension. Buffalo took aim often at his replacement, sophomore Armani Reeves, making his first start. One of the two touchdowns from the Bulls’ offense came on a lob from Joe Licata to Alex Leutz over a battling Reeves. Whether San Diego State challenges Roby remains to be seen, but he’s likely hoping for it.

Dinged up
Center Corey Linsley, out of action for much of preseason camp, left after 17 plays against Buffalo but appeared to be ably replaced by Jacoby Boren. That might be the scenario for a while. Safety C.J. Barnett, dealing with a sprained left ankle, likely could have played if needed, coach Urban Meyer said.

Catch that?
Ron Tanner did. After being redshirted as a freshman in 2011 and playing primarily on special teams last year, he saw significant time at safety, along with Barnett’s primary replacement, Corey Brown. Tanner was in the right place at the right time to grab a deflected pass for his first interception.

Up next
San Diego State, coming off a 9-4 season that included a Mountain West co-championship, was expected to roll into 2013 with a nice little home opener against Eastern Illinois of the Football Championship Subdivision. Tied at 19 in the third quarter, Eastern Illinois scored the next 21 points for a 40-19 shocker. San Diego State’s Adam Dingwell was 28 of 63 passing for 318 yards, but he also had four interceptions and was sacked four times.

This week’s challenge
Usually it should be the Buckeyes not getting caught looking ahead, but at what? Their September 14 opponent, California, is starting a freshman quarterback, but couldn’t keep up with a banged-up Northwestern team late Saturday. After that comes Florida A&M of the FCS. What Meyer and his staff have going for them is after a 20-point victory, there was plenty to improve for the offense and defense. The goal is for it all to come together against San Diego State, much as it did for Eastern Illinois..

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