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Current Football News Archive

Ohio State Players of the Week
Michigan 11/27/10:
Offensive Player of the Week: Terrelle Pryor, QB
Defensive Player of the Week: Jermale Hines , S
Attack Force Award: Nathan Williams, DL
Jim Parker Lineman Award: Justin Boren, OG
Special Units Player of the Week: Jordan Hall, KR/RB
Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award: Jermale Hines, S
Scout Team Champions: Offense: Verlon Reed; Defense: Nate Ebner and David Durham; Special Units: James Louis

Op-Ed BlogspacerI Thought the World of Him
From the book: 'Tales from Michigan Stadium' - "The relationship between Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes is well-documented. After Michigan upset Ohio State in 1969 in Bo's first year as the Wolverine coach, the media seemed to focus on their relationship. Part of the reason was because Coach Hayes was such a huge figure in collegiate football. When one of his former assistants beat one of Woody's greatest teams in a huge upset, their relationship took on a life of its own. As a matter of fact, Woody once told Bo about that '69 game, "You'll never win a bigger game."...The competition between Bo and Woody wasn't just on the field. After the 1969 game, it moved to the homes of high school prospects in recruiting. Bo had great success in recruiting the state of Ohio, and Woody didn't like that too much...Such was the case with Rob Lytle..." Click to Read the rest

10 Buckeyes First-Team All-Big Ten Conference
November 29, 2010 Source: OSU Official Site - "Ten student-athletes from the six-time defending Big Ten champion Ohio State Buckeyes, including seven seniors, were named first-team all-Big Ten Conference today by either a vote of the conference head coaches, a vote of the conference media or in five cases, both.

First-team all-Big Ten Buckeyes as selected by both the coaches and the media are defensive lineman Cameron Heyward, receiver Dane Sanzenbacher, linebacker Brian Rolle, cornerback Chimdi Chekwa and offensive tackle tackle Mike Adams.

Those Buckeyes named first-team all-Big Ten by the coaches include running back Dan "Boom" Herron, linebacker Ross Homan and safety Jermale Hines. Additional first-team media choices were offensive guard Justin Boren and center Mike Brewster...

The first-team honors, which boost Ohio State's total to 361 all-time first-team honorees, are the first for all of the Buckeyes except for Boren, who was also chosen last season by the media. The 10 accolades ties five other Ohio State teams for third on the school's all-time lists of most all-Big Ten selections. The 1969 team and the 1975 team each had 11 first-teamers.

Kicker Devin Barclay was a second-team selection by the conference media. Buckeyes picking up honorable mention honors on both the coaches and the media ballots are quarterback Terrelle Pryor, receiver DeVier Posey and defensive lineman John Simon.

Senior offensive guard Bryant Browning was chosen as Ohio State's Sportsmanship Award honoree.

"It's a huge honor to be selected for the all-conference team in a league with so much great talent across the board as the Big Ten." - Dane Sanzenbacher

"I am extremely honored and proud to be named to the all-Big Ten team." - Mike Brewster

"This is a huge honor. I am humbled to be chosen with all the great talent in the Big Ten this year." - Justin Boren

"This is just a blessing and a dream come true. It belongs also to my teammates at running back and all our offensive linemen." - Dan "Boom" Herron

"I am excited an honored to recognized as one of the best in the Big Ten. It's a tribute not just to me, but to my teammates. I thank God for this opportunity." - Chimdi Chekwa

"An honor like this means the world to me. To say that I am all-Big Ten is truly a blessing because that was one of my goals from the day I entered college. I have always wanted to be a part of that elite group." - Cameron Heyward

"I am humbled and a little overwhelmed. And to have so many Buckeyes on the team is really sweet." - Ross Homan

"Thank you, Jesus, for all the opportunities, and thanks to my teammates and coaches for all we have done together." - Brian Rolle

"Wow! This is an amazing honor and a dream come true." - Jermale Hines..." Click to Read the rest

2010 All-Big Ten Conference Football Teams As selected by CONFERENCE COACHES & CONFERENCE MEDIA


Current National Rankings
National Rankings
The Ohio State University


Stat Watch

Big Ten
Big Ten
Big Ten Stats: Team Report Source: NCAA.org
Team & Individual Leaders Source: BigTen.org


Buckeyes How do they compareMichigan State  Wisconsin

SCORING OFFENSE          G   TD  XP 2XP DXP  FG Saf  Pts   Avg
1. Wisconsin........... 12   68  67   0   0  15   0  520  43.3
2. Ohio State.......... 12   59  58   1   0  19   1  473  39.4
5. Michigan State...... 12   48  44   1   0  14   0  376  31.3

SCORING DEFENSE          G   TD  XP 2XP DXP  FG Saf  Pts   Avg
1. Ohio State.......... 12   20  19   0   0   7   0  160  13.3
3. Michigan State...... 12   30  26   1   0  11   0  241  20.1
4. Wisconsin........... 12   30  25   1   0  13   0  246  20.5

RUSHING OFFENSE          G    Att   Yds   Avg  TD  Yds/G
2. Wisconsin........... 12    538  2968   5.5  46  247.3
4. Ohio State.......... 12    502  2636   5.3  25  219.7
5. Michigan State...... 12    416  2026   4.9  25  168.8

RUSHING DEFENSE          G  Rushes  Yards  Avg.  TD  Yds/G
1. Ohio State.......... 12     373   1132   3.0   9   94.3
3. Michigan State...... 12     407   1463   3.6  10  121.9
4. Wisconsin........... 12     397   1580   4.0   7  131.7

PASS OFFENSE             G   Att  Cmp Int  Pct.  Yds  Avg TD Yds/G
4. Michigan State...... 12   344  230   9  66.9 2854  8.3 22 237.8
7. Ohio State.......... 12   324  214  13  66.0 2750  8.5 28 229.2
9. Wisconsin........... 12   255  190   6  74.5 2434  9.5 17 202.8

PASS EFFICIENCY          G   Att  Cmp   Pct  Int  Yds TD Effic
1. Wisconsin........... 12   255  190  .745    6 2434 17 172.0
3. Ohio State.......... 12   324  214  .660   13 2750 28 157.8
4. Michigan State...... 12   344  230  .669    9 2854 22 152.4

PASS DEFENSE             G   Att  Cmp Int  Pct.  Yds  Avg TD Yds/G
1. Ohio State.......... 12   338  183  18  54.1 1875  5.5  7 156.2
3. Wisconsin........... 12   344  194  14  56.4 2302  6.7 19 191.8
7. Michigan State...... 12   399  224  17  56.1 2590  6.5 18 215.8

TOTAL OFFENSE            G  Rush Pass Plays Yards Avg/P TD Yds/G
2. Wisconsin........... 12  2968 2434   793  5402   6.8 63 450.2
3. Ohio State.......... 12  2636 2750   826  5386   6.5 53 448.8
4. Michigan State...... 12  2026 2854   760  4880   6.4 47 406.7

RED ZONE OFFENSE         G  RedZone Percent TDs  R/P  FG-AT Fumb/Int/Downs/Other
2. Wisconsin........... 12   59-65     90.8  52 37/15  7-7     1/  1/  1/  3
3. Michigan State...... 12   39-43     90.7  30 17/13  9-9     0/  2/  1/  1
6. Ohio State.......... 12   55-63     87.3  39 20/19 16-18    1/  3/  0/  2

TOTAL DEFENSE            G  Rush Pass Plys Yards  Avg  TD Yds/G
1. Ohio State.......... 12  1132 1875  711  3007  4.2  16 250.6
3. Wisconsin........... 12  1580 2302  741  3882  5.2  26 323.5
4. Michigan State...... 12  1463 2590  806  4053  5.0  28 337.8

RED ZONE DEFENSE         G  RedZone Percent TDs  R/P  FG-AT Fumb/Int/Downs/Other
1. Ohio State.......... 12   19-27     70.4  14  9/5   5-6     2/  1/  4/  0
2. Michigan State...... 12   30-41     73.2  21  8/13  9-10    1/  7/  1/  1
7. Wisconsin........... 12   28-32     87.5  19  7/12  9-11    0/  0/  2/  0

KICKOFF RETURNS          G   Ret  Yds   TD   Avg
1. Ohio State.......... 12    35  942    1  26.9
4. Wisconsin........... 12    50 1142    1  22.8
11.Michigan State...... 12    43  808    0  18.8

KICKOFF COVERAGE         G  No. Yards   Avg  Retn  TB NetAvg
4. Michigan State...... 12   72  4636  64.4  1202  12   44.4
6. Ohio State.......... 12   89  5575  62.6  1670   7   42.3
9. Wisconsin........... 12   93  5911  63.6  1949  11   40.2

PUNTING                  G  No. Yards Avg/P   PR  Avg  TB Net/P
2. Michigan State...... 12   51  2286  44.8  217  4.3   6  38.2
6. Wisconsin........... 12   35  1497  42.8  156  4.5   2  37.2
9. Ohio State.......... 12   41  1649  40.2  150  3.7   3  35.1

PUNT RETURN AVG          G   Ret  Yds   TD   Avg
1. Michigan State...... 12    19  245    1  12.9
2. Wisconsin........... 12    17  189    0  11.1
3. Ohio State.......... 12    28  284    1  10.1

SACKS AGAINST            G  Sacks Yards
2. Wisconsin........... 12     12    80
7. Michigan State...... 12     19   151
10.Ohio State.......... 12     22   133

TURNOVER MARGIN          G  Fum Int Tot Fum Int Tot Mar  Per/G
1. Ohio State.......... 12   11  18  29   2  13  15 +14   1.17
   Wisconsin........... 12    9  14  23   3   6   9 +14   1.17
4. Michigan State...... 12    7  17  24   9   9  18  +6   0.50

TIME OF POSSESSION       G  Total Time   Avg/G
1. Ohio State.......... 12     392:59    32:44
2. Wisconsin........... 12     391:49    32:39
5. Michigan State...... 12     368:59    30:44

Top 25 Overview
Top 25 Weekend Review
Top 25 Coaches Poll

AP Poll
See how each AP voter, 60 sportswriters & broadcasters, voted in the poll

BCS Standings Current BCS Standings

Harris Poll

Top 25 Overview WEEK 13 2010
Source: ESPN - All Top 25 Teams for the 13th week of the season,
including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos

Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings & Jeff Sagarin Conference Rankings
Check out all of the polls on our Polls, Rankings & BCS page.



Ohio State Players of the Week
Iowa 11/20/10:
Offensive Player of the Week: Terrelle Pryor, QB
Defensive Player of the Week: Brian Rolle, LB (Rolle also named Big Ten Def. Player of the Week)
Attack Force Award: John Simon, DL
Jim Parker Lineman Award: Mike Adams, OT
Special Units Player of the Week: Devin Barclay, PK
Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award: Jermale Hines, S
Scout Team Champions: Offense: Rod Smith; Defense: Darryl Baldwin; Special Units: Julian Vann;

0spacerOSU Insider
November 22, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Who's hot?: Terrelle Pryor can be hot and cold, and when he's cold, he leaves OSU fans shivering. But when he's hot, like on the clinching drive at Iowa, he leaves them giddy with thoughts of what could be if he ever becomes the constant force of, say, a Cam Newton. But Pryor's 50-yard fling to DeVier Posey was on the money before it was dropped, his 14-yard scramble on fourth-and-10 the next play was a season-saver, and his fling to a leaping Dane Sanzenbacher was another one for the highlight reel. The two interceptions he threw were costly, though; he dropped from fifth to 14th nationally in passing efficiency.

What's not?: At the start of the game, it was the offense. When OSU settles for field goals instead of taking the lead with touchdowns, it gives the opponent a sense of being in it. There was no argument here with the play selection in the red zone this time; the rollout by Pryor could have resulted in a TD pass to Jake Stoneburner, but Iowa's pressure changed that. If the offense would start games the way it has started second halves lately - with a touchdown drive - the angst would subside.

What went right?: In the fourth quarter, the OSU defensive front turned up the wick, with a raging John Simon leading the way. It was reminiscent of the way Doug Worthington and the D-line took charge in overtime last year against Iowa when a Rose Bowl trip was on the line. This time, survival in the Big Ten race was hanging in the balance, and Simon, Cameron Heyward and company came through.

Back to the drawing board: What took so long for the defense to amp it up? Iowa and quarterback Ricky Stanzi mixed up the pass and run pretty well, although the Hawkeyes weren't exactly moving up and down the field. But the Hawkeyes had their moments against the Ohio State secondary, drawing pass interference calls against Chimdi Chekwa and a marginal personal foul call against Jermale Hines. The defense had better be on its toes this week because Denard Robinson is coming to town.

Dinged up: Pryor felt some stinging in his right arm after getting tackled on a keeper, but he recovered quickly. And running back Daniel Herron had to have his right ankle re-taped at one point. But linebacker Brian Rolle played with vigor, leading the team in tackles, despite the heavy tape job on his left ankle. All major hands appear to be on deck for The Game..." Click to Read the rest

Top 25 Overview
Top 25 Weekend Review
Top 25 Coaches Poll

AP Poll
See how each AP voter, 60 sportswriters & broadcasters, voted in the poll

BCS Standings Current BCS Standings

Harris Poll

Top 25 Overview WEEK 12 2010
Source: ESPN - All Top 25 Teams for the 12th week of the season,
including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos

Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings & Jeff Sagarin Conference Rankings
Check out all of the polls on our Polls, Rankings & BCS page.



Current National Rankings
National Rankings
The Ohio State University


Stat Watch

Big Ten
Big Ten
Big Ten Stats: Team Report Source: NCAA.org
Team & Individual Leaders Source: BigTen.org



Op-Ed BlogspacerTressel got mad, OSU got better
November 19, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Tressel unloaded on his players during intermission against the Nittany Lions. It was shocking only to those of us outside the inner circle, and said circle measures roughly 105 players and a dozen coaches in diameter. To outsiders, Tressel is the buttoned-down senator with the buttoned-up playbook. But what do we really know?..." Click to Read the rest

Tressel vents during halftime speech
November 17, 2010 Source: Associated Press - "...It isn't often that coach Jim Tressel puts on his Knute Rockne disguise and tells his team to "Win one for the Gipper!" But he felt it was necessary to exhort the Buckeyes on Saturday after they'd fallen behind Penn State 14-3 by halftime. "I was disappointed that we weren't playing like we were capable of playing," Tressel said Tuesday. "We've all been in games where you've played as well as you could and you lost and that happens, or you played as well as you could but you made those two mistakes and, therefore, you lost. I didn't think we were playing anywhere near we were capable of playing."

So when the players stepped into the locker room, for a change they encountered an angry Tressel. "I really can't repeat" what Tressel said, WR DeVier Posey said. "He got pretty animated. He definitely spilled his heart out to us and he challenged us." Posey said he could tell Tressel was upset. "His heel didn't stop moving and he was shaking his leg," he said. "I knew he had something to say. I just didn't know what it was going to be. He definitely got our team fired up and I think we needed that."

Tressel said he was disappointed more than angry. "We were playing in our stadium and at this time of year when you're supposed to have been improved," he said. "So, yeah, I was disappointed." The Buckeyes ran off the final 35 points of the game, including a 21-0 blitz in the final quarter. "It was what it ought to be and that should never surprise us," he said of the Buckeyes' play after halftime. "If that surprises us, then we're in trouble."

SPOILED BOO BIRDS: Posey said he didn't actually hear the thousands of people booing at halftime until he was told after the game. "My reaction after the game was, well, I really wasn't surprised, that's Ohio State it's just our fans, they're pretty spoiled," he said. "We've got guys like Woody Hayes and Earle Bruce and coach Tressel, those guys get a chance to spoil you."..." Click to Read the rest

I just recently listened to this song on SportsCenter's TitleTown series, and I immediately was motivated to make this video commemorating the history and tradition of the 'Old Horseshoe on the Banks of the Olentangy'. kitchel22130

VideoCoach Tressel Weekly Press Conference Transcript/Video November 13, 2010 Source: OSU Official Site

Ohio State Players of the Week
PENN STATE 11/13/10:
Offensive Player of the Week: 'Boom' Herron, RB
Defensive Player of the Week: Chimdi Chekwa, CB
Attack Force Award: Cameron Heyward, DL
Jim Parker Lineman Award: Mike Brewster, C
Special Units Player of the Week: Drew Basil , K
Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award: Brandon Saine, TB
Scout Team Champions: Offense: Spencer Smith; Defense: Don Matheney; Special Units: Vince Petrella

Listen to the audioJim Tressel, and all Big Ten coaches', Teleconferences November 16, 2010 Source: Big Ten Network

0spacerOSU Insider
November 15, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...In the polls/BCS The Buckeyes remained No.7 in both the USA Today coaches poll and the Harris Interactive poll, which make up two-thirds of the Bowl Championship Series ratings formula. Unfortunately for OSU, it made little headway in the third variable, the average of six computer rankings (with the highest and the lowest dropped). They stayed ninth in the BCS ratings.

Who's hot?: Daniel Herron is smokin', and the more carries he gets, the hotter he gets - 38 carries the past two games, 304 yards, including a career-high 190 against Penn State. One reason is because the more the Buckeyes run, the better the offensive line performs. Exhibit A: Herron's 5-yard TD run that capped a 96-yard drive. Center Michael Brewster and guards Justin Boren and Bryant Browning did a pile-driver on the heart of the Penn State defense.

What's not hot?: The passing game and Terrelle Pryor throwing the ball. Pryor tried just 13 passes, completing eight for 139 yards and two TDs (career total now 52), so on paper it didn't look bad. But there was the interception near the Penn State goal line early in the fourth quarter, and the TD pass to Dane Sanzenbacher actually bounced off DeVier Posey and two defenders before Sanzenbacher saved the day. And there wasn't a pass aimed at Sanzenbacher, the team's leading receiver, all game? That's not a good plan.

What went right?: Ohio State's shift of pass-coverage emphasis in the second half. After Penn State QB Matt McGloin looked like Drew Brees on three long drives in the first half with mainly nickel and dime throws underneath, the Buckeyes rolled the coverage into more of a two-deep/man-under approach - in their dime package especially - and McGloin never seemed to grasp it. Devon Torrence and Travis Howard took interceptions back for touchdowns.

Back to the drawing board: Why did it take so long to make that defensive adjustment? And on several OSU pass plays, another undesirable trait emerged: receivers running routes to the outside, leaving a gaping mass of green over the middle with no Scarlet streaking across. There was more to be had against that youngish Nittany Lions defense in the passing game, but the Buckeyes did not take advantage.

Dinged up: No OSU player appeared to be any worse for wear. Starting linebacker Ross Homan returned and played all day after missing two games because of a foot sprain. Backup linebacker Dorian Bell, returning after extended time off because of a concussion, made a tackle on kickoff coverage. Both were glad to be in the mix again.

Catch that?: In the past three games, 13 different Buckeyes players scored touchdowns. Herron led all with four, followed by Posey and Sanzenbacher with two TD catches and Jordan Hall with two TD runs. The other scorers: Spencer Smith, Jake Stoneburner, Brandon Saine and Corey Brown (one TD catch each), Pryor (one run) and defenders John Simon (fumble return), Zach Domicone (blocked punt recovery) and Howard and Torrence (one interception return each)...." Click to Read the rest

Top 25 Overview
Top 25 Weekend Review
Top 25 Coaches Poll

AP Poll
See how each AP voter, 60 sportswriters & broadcasters, voted in the poll

BCS Standings Current BCS Standings

Harris Poll

Top 25 Overview WEEK 11 2010
Source: ESPN - All Top 25 Teams for the 11th week of the season,
including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos

Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings & Jeff Sagarin Conference Rankings
Check out all of the polls on our Polls, Rankings & BCS page.



"Your offense isn't always going to be there due to wind, rain, competition, things like that, but defense is always the basis. The best teams we ever had, we always started with defense."
- Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz

Listen to the audioOhio State's own Jim Tressel November 5, 2010 Source: Fox Sports Radio
A class act, and a football legend. Jim Tressel was on the show,

PLAY OR LEAVE?: Everybody hears the rumors at this time of year: "If so-and-so doesn't get more playing time, he's going to transfer." Tressel was asked if he ever worried about such speculation, particularly involving acclaimed freshmen who are locked into supporting roles in which they seldom see the field.

"You'd like everyone to be happy but it's hard to be .... Of course, we wish all of our guys would have everything they could dream of. But there's one ball and it is what it is," he said. So, does the coach ever go up to a kid — such as two or three of his young TBs — and tell him to hang in there, his time will come? "They're aware of what's going on," he said. "On the other hand I hope they're saying, 'What if I'd get that many carries I'd get 114 yards too. I hope they feel that way. There's a fine line there. Source: Associated Press 11/06/10

Times announced for Ohio State games with Iowa and Michigan: The Big Ten today announced the times for Ohio State's final games. The Buckeyes will play at Iowa on Nov. 20 with a 3:30 start in a game to be televised by ABC and ESPN. The season finale against Michigan on Nov. 27 in Ohio Stadium will kick off at noon and be televised by ABC and ESPN. Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer 11/06/10

Recruiting Class of 2011

Buckeyes Land Maryland Linebacker  - "Ohio State received a commitment from Waldorf (MD) North Point senior linebacker Conner Crowell. The three-star linebacker becomes commitment number 18 for the Ohio State 2011 recruiting class, and fills a definite need at linebacker. Crowell made his announcement Friday evening at his high school...Crowell, 6-1, 219-pounder, became Ohio State's 18th commitment in the class of 2011 on Friday night. He chose the Buckeyes over Penn State and a host of other suitors, including Michigan, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Stanford, Rutgers, West Virginia, Connecticut Duke and Hawaii. Crowell is the No. 23 middle linebacker in his class and is the first linebacker to give a pledge to OSU in the class. He is the first player from Maryland to commit to the Buckeyes since Dominic Clarke of Frederick Tusacarora in the class of 2009. Source: BuckeyeSports.com 11/05/10

VideoConner Crowell Highlight Video 2009 Source: YouTube

Welcome aboard, Connor!

The Crowell Impact: "...This commitment is great news for the Buckeyes, not only because they get a tremendous talent in Crowell, but also because they filled a gaping need at the linebacker position and plucked a gem out of a region of the country they don't normally delve to far into...The linebacker position was one that the staff needed to fill, especially after losing in state products Jordan Hicks (Texas) and Trey DePriest (Alabama) the last two recruiting seasons. Unable to land a player at the position thus far this year, getting Crowell allows the staff to focus their needs elsewhere instead of sweating out the decisions of Ejuan Price, Curtis Grant and Anthony Wallace, the other two backers currently remaining on their board...Finally, the fact that the Buckeyes flat out stole a player from Penn State, in an area that the Nittany Lions and assistant coach Larry Johnson own, is just fantastic..." Click to Read the restSource: Eleven Warriors


Sanzenbacher, Heyward Tressel Talk Penn State & more (multiple videos; select from menu) Source: 10TV WBNS Columbus


Balanced Buckeyes hinting that OSU offense won't ground to a halt this November Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Listen to the audioJim Tressel, and all Big Ten coaches', Teleconferences November 9, 2010 Source: Big Ten Network

PSU coming to Columbus with confidence
November 8, 2010 Source: Associated Press - "Everybody hears the rumors at this time of year: "If so-and-so doesn't get more playing time, he's going to transfer."...Winners of three straight, Penn State (6-3, 3-2 Big Ten) has turned around its season a month after a demoralizing two-game slide left many fans wondering if they would ever win again. Lethargy has been replaced by energy — and the dramatic half-to-half mood swing vs. the Wildcats was the perfect example of Penn State’s season to date.

"We are definitely going to try to go to Columbus with the attitude we had in the second half," said defensive tackle Devon Still, who had four tackles and a sack. "We are going to try to shock the world and beat Ohio State."

Just like in 2001, when the Nittany Lions rebounded from an 18-point deficit in the third quarter to beat the Buckeyes and secure another milestone for Paterno, win No. 324 to pass Alabama’s Paul "Bear" Bryant for most victories by an FBS coach..." Click to Read the rest


"Let's go beat Ohio State"
- Joe Paterno after he won his 400th game as Nittany Lions came back from being down 21-0 to win 35-21

OSU seeks balance in running, passing for final stretch run
November 5, 2010 Source: Toledo Blade - "...Tressel is looking for absolute offensive equilibrium. He wants his team tiptoeing along the equator, with a perfect balance of running plays in one hemisphere, and passing plays in the other. That is the optimum position for creating havoc for the opposition. As Ohio State (8-1) completes a week of self-examination, rest, and work on fundamentals, Tressel said the Buckeyes are edging closer to having no discernable tipping of the scales, in one direction or the other.

"We're probably better balanced right now than maybe we've been," Tressel said here Thursday. "And we're going to need to have great balance as we get ready for what lies ahead here in November." Tressel referred to the triumvirate of traditional Big Ten heavies that Ohio State must face before a conference champion is determined. The Buckeyes, chasing a sixth straight Big Ten title, have Penn State at home a week from Saturday, a trip to Iowa seven days later, and then they close the season with Michigan in Ohio Stadium.

The current numbers reflect a sharing of power within the Ohio State offense. The Buckeyes have 100 first downs running the ball, and 98 via the pass. They have 1,906 rushing yards that have produced 22 touchdowns, and 2,196 passing yards that translated into 23 touchdowns. Ohio State is tied for the Big Ten lead with Michigan State at 4-1, with Wisconsin and Iowa just a half game back at 3-1. The Buckeyes have averaged about 212 rushing yards per game in 2010, and 244 passing yards per outing. "I think our running game, at the outset, wasn't quite as far along and I think that was in large part because we didn't give it as many reps," Tressel said. "That's the problem sometimes in games - you don't have as many reps as you would like. If you are going to throw it 30 times, that means you are not going to run it [as much]. There have been games where we've run it in the high sixties."...

BYE BLUES: ...Tressel is not an ardent supporter of the bye week in the schedule, preferring the rigid routine that playing every Saturday mandates. His concern this bye week is centered on having his team work, without locking in too early on the next opponent. "The one thing that we've talked about, and we've consciously worked on this bye week, is not to get too excited about the next game," Tressel said, referring to the home date with Penn State that is still over a week away. "We don't want to get so much preparation for the next game that by Wednesday of next week, we wish the game were here. And all of sudden we're not on an upward flow, but we're on a downward flow. We consciously decided to stay away from getting too excited about that."..." Click to Read the rest

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Top 25 Coaches Poll

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BCS Standings Current BCS Standings

Harris Poll

Top 25 Overview WEEK 10 2010
Source: ESPN - All Top 25 Teams for the 10th week of the season,
including Recap, Box Score, Play-by-Play, Drive Chart, Photos

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Watch: Tressel Bye Week Update, Wall to Wall Sports Panel discusses Special Teams and the next three games (multiple videos; select from menu) Source: 10TV WBNS Columbus


Thursday Tressel Talk: Bucks Expect Homan, Bell Back Source: The Ozone 11/04/10

Pryor uses bye week to sharpen his skills: "..."We just need to get healthy. I know I'd like to get my legs back a little bit," the junior said. "Also, I'm going to do some working out, get back to some of the technical sound stuff, like dropping back, keeping the ball up high, just make sure we take care of that." With Penn State coming to Ohio Stadium on Nov. 13 to begin a three-week run to end the regular season, "We've got to be crisp, all together as a team and individually," Pryor said...

he said, is that he has developed an appreciation for studying video, something that was not his favorite exercise his first two seasons. "This year is totally different," he said. "I actually love watching it. I actually can sit back, relax, and enjoy what football really is - the studying part. I enjoy that now, to see what I can find that will give me some clues what the coverage is, where the blitz is coming from. Something small like that, it can have an impact on the game." Bad footwork and other errors of technique can have a negative impact, which is why he said he was looking forward to honing those aspects this week, much to the delight of coach Jim Tressel. "From Terrelle's standpoint, consistency is the key to that position," Tressel said. "Consistent sets. Consistent pre-snap reads. Consistent awareness of the post-snap recognition (of the defensive pass coverage). Consistent ball delivery..." Source: Columbus Dispatch 11/04/10

"If given a choice between having the bye week now and having Thanksgiving week off for our kids, I think I would take Thanksgiving week for them."
- Jim Tressel, Ohio State football coach

Ohio State's DeVier Posey stays 'humbled' by a challenging junior season: ...Nine games into the year, Posey's numbers are very close to what they were at this point last season. He has 40 catches for 601 yards and five touchdowns, compared to 43 catches for 595 yards and six touchdowns in 2009. But as the Buckeyes get back to the practice field Wednesday, after taking a few days off during their bye week, Posey does so as a smaller piece of a growing passing offense. Last season at this point, his production accounted for 34.9 percent of the Buckeyes' passing yards. This season, it's 27.4 percent.

"I never get frustrated," Posey said. "Guys get paid millions of dollars and they drop passes. It's just part of the game and I just play the game, I'm not going to be perfect. I'm definitely not the receiver I want to be by the time my career is over. I always take things as a humbling experience. I never think I'm better than what I am. And I don't know -- just the Wisconsin [loss] and this whole season has really been humbling for me. I take things in stride and I try to learn from everything and I never get down on myself. I just always try to keep my feet moving up the hill no matter what."..." Click to Read the rest (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer11/3/10)


Listen to the audioJim Tressel, and all Big Ten coaches', Teleconferences November 2, 2010 Source: Big Ten Network
Each coach talks about their team and answers questions from the media.


Ohio State gets a bye week before embarking on critical three-game stretch at end of schedule: ...Their next game is Nov. 13 at home against Penn State. Then comes a huge showdown at No. 15 Iowa that is shaping up to be for at least a piece of the Big Ten championship — with the loser possibly falling all the way to fourth place. Then there's the annual blood-letting with rival Michigan two days after Thanksgiving at Ohio Stadium. The players don't hit the practice field again this week until Wednesday. They make no apologies for seeking a respite in a long season..."We're looking to get some guys back healthy," defensive end Cameron Heyward said...

The bye also allows the coaching staff to evaluate where the team stands. Through the first nine games, the Buckeyes have proven to be a good defensive team with an at-times solid offense centered on Pryor, a threat to run or pass, and tailback Dan "Boom" Herron. But special teams continues to be a problem. The Buckeyes are 101st among the nation's 120 Bowl Subdivision teams in defense against punt returns (allowing 13 yards per return), and 84th in kickoff return yardage allowed (22.5 yards per attempt). Only four teams in the country have given up more than Ohio State's one punt return touchdown and only one team (Oklahoma State, with three) has given up more touchdowns on kickoff returns than the Buckeyes' two...

Tressel, who is just 2-4 in games coming off a bye week at Ohio State, says a bye this late in the season doesn't allow for a whole lot of changes in scheme or approach. "We haven't had a bye week a whole bunch around here. ... Sometimes it's been early. Sometimes it's been late," he said of the week away from games. "Your health is first, catching up academically is second — just less time for them in football."..." Click to Read the rest (Source: Los Angeles Times 11/1/10)


_ichigan Monday...: ..._ichigan has been defrauding their fanbase since the arrival of Rich Rodriguez on campus and will continue to do so until the day he departs -- almost certainly in scandalous chaos with paper shredders working at paces not seen since Enron's final days. Let's look at the Rich Rod Regime (RRR) by the numbers and you tell me, all of you _ichigan fans with the guts to read this blog with an unbiased eye, where is the hope that he's getting you to the long gone happy days. We'll keep it simple and just go in the range from zero to 20. Now, _ichigan Fan, you might have to take off your shoes and socks to count that high, but try, please.

0 - Number of losing seasons by _ichigan in the 40 years before the RRR
1 - Wins in each of '08 and '09 against FCS teams
2 - Total number of Big Ten wins at the Big House in the RRR
3 - Losing seasons in the RRR (if they can't fix 2010 before it's too late)
4 - Total number of Big Ten wins by Tressel at the Big House
5 - Longest _ichigan losing streak (accomplished twice and potentially in 2010 as well) during the RRR
6 - Fewest points allowed in the RRR in a single game (twice)
7 - Years since _ichigan beat Ohio State--this is Year 7 (a trend not changed under Rich Rod)
8 - National rank in rushing offense for _ichigan in 2010; counterbalanced by their horrible defense (see No. 14 below)
8.5 - Average offensive scoring against Ohio State in the RRR
9 - Losses to their Big 4 rivals (Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Penn State) in the RRR
10 - Finish in the Big Ten each of the first two years of the RRR
11 - Total defense in the Big Ten in 2010
12 - Major statistical categories in the Big Ten that _ichigan is ranked No. 6 or lower (below the average, in other words)
13 - Number of times the _ichigan defense has surrendered 35 or more points in a game in the RRR
14 - Spots from last place in the FBS in total defense in 2010 (No. 106)
15 - Rich Rod's contract, in millions of dollars, that _ichigan is on the hook for over his 6-year contract
16 - Big Ten losses for _ichigan in the RRR
17 - Approximate gap in points allowed per game between Big Ten leader Ohio State (13+) and Big Ten No. 11, _ichigan (30)
18 - Big Ten wins by Jim Tressel in the RRR
19 - Overall losses in the RRR, in just over 2 and a half seasons
20 - Overall wins by Lloyd Carr in two years (2006, 2007) before the RRR

Now tell me, _ichigan fan ... why are you keeping Rich Rod around?..." Click to Read the rest (Source: Columbus Dispatch 11/1/10)


How Ohio State fits into the Big Ten title and BCS pictures: ...Iowa created chaos when it beat Michigan State on Saturday. The Hawkeyes’ win created a four-way tie for first place. Now we have to wait and see how this all plays out. Given Wisconsin and Michigan State’s remaining schedules, it’s highly likely both will win out. This means the November 20 showdown between Iowa and Ohio State could determine the third conference champion. From there the issue of determining bowl positions can get murky...Method to Determine Big Ten Conference Automatic Representative to Bowl Championship Series...For now, the Buckeyes need to focus on getting healthy and winning the rest of their games. While certain things are out of their hands, if they win out, it will help their case to get into the BCS and win a share of their sixth consecutive conference title..." Click to Read the rest (Source: examiner.com Columbus 11/1/10)


Inside the Beat: Big wins over bad teams provide few answers: Each week during the Ohio State football team's season, Dispatch OSU football writers Tim May and Ken Gordon engage in a give-and-take that brings readers "inside the beat" of Buckeyes football...KEN: This is one problem when you play a team that's so inferior. It's hard to judge. I felt the same way last week after the Purdue game. For example, the Boilermakers allowed OSU to convert a third-and-17, with no pressure on the quarterback and soft coverage in the secondary. Against Minnesota, the Buckeyes made mistakes, but they could count on gashing a porous Gophers defense, by ground or by air, almost at will. So credit OSU for pouring on the points and the defense for stopping the run and pressuring the quarterback, but yes, otherwise, you find yourself trying to imagine what the score would have been against a tougher opponent. That's happened a lot this season..." Click to Read the rest (Source: Columbus Dispatch 11/1/10)


Nineteen days, and counting, for Hawk followers: Ohio State the focus for Iowa fans: ...The Hawkeyes take their show on the road for the next two weeks. Unless you’re going to chase them to Indiana and Northwestern, you sit back here in Iowa and cross off the days between now and the 20th. Nineteen days. As foolish as it is to assume anything in college football, especially on the road, you can’t help but see a matchup of 5-1 Big Ten teams when the Buckeyes get to Kinnick Stadium...If OSU and Iowa live up to their billings beforehand, the game will be for a share of that Big Ten championship. Because there’s no way the Buckeyes lose at home to Michigan the following Saturday, nor do the Hawkeyes tumble at Minnesota..." Click to Read the rest (Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette (IA) 11/1/10)


Buckeyes will use bye to heal, energize
November 2, 2010 Source: Toledo Blade - "The Buckeyes become spectators this week, sitting out Saturday’s competition with a bye on the schedule. Ohio State, locked in a four-team logjam at the top of the Big Ten standings, will use the time to heal, study, and get cranked up for the final three games. Following their dominant 52-10 win at Minnesota on Saturday, the Buckeyes, along with Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan State, all have just one loss in conference play. Ohio State faces Iowa in a little more than two weeks, following a home date with Penn State on Nov. 9.

"We can go about it in a couple of ways," Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor said about how his team utilizes the off week. "From healing our bodies, to getting a head start on academics at school, and also it may give us a chance to miss the game for a week." Pryor, who ran the ball five times at Minnesota for 55 yards and scored a touchdown, seems back at full strength after straining a thigh muscle at Illinois a month ago. He said Ohio State (8-1, 4-1) is on a roll with two straight lopsided wins, and the Buckeyes will be hungry to play after an idle Saturday. "When we finally get back out on the field, we’ll get a ferocious attitude," he said after the rout at Minnesota, "because something is taken away from you for a while — like the game is going to be taken away from us for a week."

The Buckeyes have good reason to want to continue playing right now. They have scored 101 points the past two weeks, and allowed just 10. The victims — Purdue and Minnesota — are several notches below the competition Ohio State should expect from Iowa and Penn State, but Pryor said the anxiousness to ride this wave of momentum is strong. "We have no control on [not] playing a game," Pryor said about the bye week. "Maybe it’s weird to sound like that, but the game is going to be taken away from us for a week. So while the game is taken away, we just have to sit back, and then come back the next game against Penn State and just be ferocious. We have to be ready to play, and just be mentally sound and technically sound."

Pryor, who has 50 touchdown passes in his career, tying him with Art Schlichter for fourth place on the Ohio State all-time list, said sitting out the weekend will make his team very hungry. "I think that’s what the bye week will give us," Pryor said. Pryor said the developments of the past weekend served as yet another reminder of the vulnerability of even the top teams. "I saw Michigan State go down, and Missouri went down," Pryor said. "Everything is in our hands right now, so we just have to keep on taking care of business, because on any given day in college football you can get knocked off. We just have to take care of the things we can control."

Since the loss to Wisconsin, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel has urged his team to approach each game with intense pride and a touch of anger. He expects a tumultuous month as the Big Ten championship race is settled and the national bowl picture gets resolved. "I think we all know November is going to be turned up a notch," Tressel said recently. "So if we all go to work and get ready for November, you never know what can happen."

0spacerOSU Insider
November 1, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...Who's hot?: The offensive line. Herron gained 114 yards on 17 carries, his first 100-yard game and the best rushing performance by a Buckeyes player this season. But the junior had some huge holes to run through, courtesy of a line led by tackle Mike Adams and guard Justin Boren on the left side and augmented by tight end Reid Fragel, especially on a 10-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. OSU is No.2 in the Big Ten in total offense (455.78) and leads in scoring (42-point average). The line, obviously, has a lot to do with that.

What's not?: For a while, it was the pass coverage over the middle. The Gophers were employing the football version of the lob into the paint, and Ohio State couldn't always stop it, going against those tall receivers. But John Simon, Cameron Heyward and others started to impose pressure, and Minnesota quarterback Adam Weber went away from it, causing the Gophers offense to go benign. In the end, the defensive stats improved again, with OSU climbing to No.2 nationally in total defense (234.22-yard average) and No.4 in scoring defense (13.56).

What went right?: The idea to throw to DeVier Posey against press coverage. More often than not, he sideswiped his defender and left him behind, especially on the 38-yard TD pass just before halftime. Posey wound up with six catches for 115 yards, and fellow receiver Dane Sanzenbacher had five for 67 yards. Terrelle Pryor went 18 of 22 for 222 yards with two TDs and one interception.

Back to the drawing board: On kickoff coverage, the Buckeyes appeared to be teetering on the brink of allowing a breakout just about every time. Coach Jim Tressel said that will be one of the points of emphasis this week when the Buckeyes resume practice Wednesday. But Jordan Hall's 70-yard punt return was electrifying. Too bad it was followed by an interception.

Dinged up: Cornerback Devon Torrence (head) and linebacker Brian Rolle (ankle) had to leave the game for a while, but both returned and played well. The Buckeyes are hoping linebacker Ross Homan, out the past two games because of a foot injury, will heal during this bye week.

Catch that?: Tressel appeared to be a man with a headache in the postgame news conference. He pointed out some of the good things and not so good things the Buckeyes had just done, but it was clear he was agitated most by the interception Pryor threw from the Minnesota 2-yard line after Hall's big punt return. It was a wasted opportunity to deliver the mortal blow. But with his eighth 200-plus yard passing performance in the past 10 games, Pryor now has 20 TD passes this season, and he climbed to No.6 in the nation in passing efficiency..." Click to Read the rest

Op-Ed BlogspacerThe Myth That Tressel Only Beats Up On Bad Michigan Teams
October 28, 2010 Source: Bucknuts.com - "Point out that Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel is a staggering 8-1 against rival Michigan, and it won’t take long for one of his detractors to say, 'Yeah, but he’s had the luxury of playing a bunch of bad UM teams'...However, let’s examine it a bit further..." Click to Read the rest

"Pissed and proud. That's how we have to play — pissed off. We have to be pissed off, technically sound and play with pride for The Ohio State University."
- Terrelle Pryor declared this as the new attitude in Columbus. He said the Buckeyes are playing with a new mantra ever since being bullied themselves by Wisconsin in Madison.


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Video of the Minnesota postgame celebration as the band played Hang On Sloopy, Carmen Ohio (with the players) and Fight The Team. (Source: Bucknuts.com)

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