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In memory and honor of the men and women who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice while in the service of the armed forces in defense of our nation, we take this day — Memorial Day — to pause and remember their efforts and pay tribute to their unselfish devotion to protecting our way of life...Let No Hero Be Forgotten

spacerMr. Bucknuts' Annual Recruiting Extravaganza!:
How to get away with saying "mofo" in recruiting

May 30, 2010 Source: Bucknuts - "With real facts, amazing gossip, fascinating analysis and incredible anecdotes!...Here’s a story from a long-time Bucknuts source where he points out that not all recruits are coddled or even tolerated at a certain point…

Gary Berry was nearing the end of his recruitment in his senior year of high school and he had whittled his list down to Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame. He kept vacillating amongst the three. The media was reporting how "torn" he was, but behind the scenes, most of the coaches thought that he was just milking the attention.

He would periodically call Ohio State to talk to a player or a coach – and they all sucked up to him hoping he would pick Ohio State. One day, he called Bill Conley and wanted to talk to Joey Galloway. Galloway was out on the practice field doing drills with a drag parachute. An assistant was sent to tell Galloway that Berry was on the phone and Conley wanted Galloway to come in and talk to him.

This pissed off Galloway, who was more focused on his workout. He unstrapped himself from the parachute harness and begrudgingly walked into the Woody Hayes center, got to Conley’s office, walked straight to the phone, picked up the receiver and said, "Listen mofo, everybody is sick of your crap. Quit screwing around with all these schools and just pick one. No one cares where the f**k you are going; really, just pick one and leave people the f**k alone." Then he hung up the receiver and walked back out to finish his workout.

The room was silent. Finally Conley busted out laughing and called Coach Cooper into his office. He told Cooper that Ohio State probably likely lost Gary Berry because Joey Galloway just "mofo-ed" him.

Berry announced that he was attending Ohio State two days later...." Click to Read the rest

Spring Back: Defensive End
May 30, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "It's starting to feel a whole lot like summer, but that hasn't stopped Brandon Castel from continuing his Spring Back series...When the 2009 season ended, Cam Heyward had a decision to make. It was a life-altering decision for Heyward, and only a season-changing one for the Buckeyes, but his decision to hold off on NFL fame and riches may have single-handedly altered the course of Ohio State’s 2010 season.

"I want to be the best. I want to be the most dominant to ever play," he said this spring. "Me and Coach Heacock talked about that before the beginning of the season. The main thing is that I’m not there right now, but I want to be there by the start of the season. It’s just going to be a growing process."

Key losses: Thad Gibson, Lawrence Wilson, Rob Rose
Returning lettermen: Cam Heyward, Nathan Williams
Spring newcomers: None
Help is on the way: J.T. Moore, Darryl Baldwin, David Durham

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Fall outlook...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

spacerOSU Recruiting: 11 In....11 To Go
May 28, 2010 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "As the summer camp circuit is about to begin it's worth noting that Ohio State is exactly at the halfway point, in their attempt to land a top-rated class, one that should number 22 members. Will summer camp lead to more offers for 2011 prospects, or merely give the Buckeye staff a headstart on recruiting the 2012 class? Bill Greene takes another look at Ohio State's 2011 recruiting class.

With 11 commitments in the fold, and Ohio State probably settling with 22 members of the 2011 recruiting class, there probably won't be any camp offers...Which top prospects will round out the 2011 Ohio State recruiting class, and who will grab spots 12-22?..." Click to Read the rest

Spring Back: Doc Excited About Fullback Options
May 27, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "The bruising, power fullback has returned to the OSU roster. Brandon Castel's Spring Back series takes a look at the fullback position...Considering the current trends in college football, however, many wondered if the Terrelle Pryor era wouldn’t signal the end of the power run game at Ohio State.

"I don't think the I-formation will ever die or Woody (Hayes) will rise up and get after us," OSU running backs coach Dick Tressel said before the 2008 season. At the time the Buckeyes didn’t even know who their fullback was going to be, but they knew they would need one.

Key losses: None
Returning lettermen: Zach Boren, Adam Homan
Spring newcomers: None
Help is on the way: None

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Fall outlook...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

Best of the Big Ten: Offensive Line
May 26, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "...This group is actual pretty solid across the conference, especially at wide out, and was very hard to rank from 1-11...

...This year’s crop of Big Ten offensive line units is up there with the best in terms of widespread talent throughout the league. This make it extremely hard to rank the units from top to bottom with a 1-11 rank. Instead of the tradition methods used for past segments of this series, we will rank the offensive line units in three tiers. Tier A will be the best of the bunch in the conference. Tier B will be a second group of teams that are solid, but just not on the elite level. Finally, Tier C will be the last group of units that can hold their own on any given day, but lack the experience, consistency, or talent of their counterparts across the conference.

2. Ohio State: The Buckeyes narrowly edge Penn State behind Wisconsin, as they bring back four starters of their own. Those starters are right tackle JB Shugarts and "The Killer Bs", in guards Bryant Browning and Justin Boren, along with center Mike Brewster. The left tackle spot is up for grabs, but it will most likely be occupied by either Andy Miller or Mike Adams, both of whom saw extensive minutes last year. The interior line could be the best not only in the conference, but in the country, and it will be up to the tackles to see if this unit can play to their sky-is-the-limit potential. Filling out the rest of the unit are back-up guards Jack Mewhort and Connor Smith, back-up centers Scott Sika and Corey Linsley, and back-up tackles Sam Longo, Marcus Hall, and freshman Andrew Norwell, in addition to the loser of the Miller/Adams battle. Hall could see significant minutes spelling Shugarts at right tackle, as he showed a great talent for pass blocking last season, while Mewhort has impressed many in the past and could contribute this year at right guard, his third position in two years (tackle and center previously). Is this the year Bollman’s unit finally puts it together? Only time will tell, but one thing we do know is that the talent is there..." Click to Read the rest

Preview 2010 - Big Ten Quarterback Rankings
May 24, 2010 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "The Big Ten should be stronger than it's been in years, and while Terrelle Pryor might get the Heisman recognition on the loaded Buckeyes, Wisconsin's Scott Tolzien might end up being the key to the conference race. Check out the CFN Preview 2010 ranking of the Big Ten quarterbacks.

1. Terrelle Pryor, Jr. Ohio State
He appears to be working his way up in the logical progression of a great college quarterback’s career having relied on his raw skills as a freshman and expanding his passing abilities last year, completing 57% of his passes for 2,094 yards and 18 touchdowns with 11 interceptions. He completed 61% of his throws for 1,311 yards with 12 touchdowns and four interceptions as a freshman, but he wasn’t allowed to do anything that wasn’t ultra-safe. After a year and a half of starting experience, he’s more in command of the offense now, appears to be quicker with his decision making, and he’s ready to open up the attack more to unleash his tremendous arm on more downfield throws. Work-level isn’t an issue; he has had problems with a sore arm from overuse working on throw after throw. Toughness isn’t an issue; he played hurt at the end of last year and underwent minor knee surgery to clean everything up. This is his team and his season for the taking, and for all the hype and all the promise, he appears ready to be the player everyone has been waiting for. The pressure has gone up ten-fold on his career and the success of the team rest squarely on his shoulders..." Click to Read the rest

Preview 2010 - Big Ten The Top Running Backs
May 24, 2010 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "4. Dan Herron, Jr. Ohio State
Herron doesn’t get any attention or any of the spotlight with Terrelle Pryor the most dangerous rushing weapon in the offense, but he led the team in rushing last year with 600 yards and 11 touchdowns despite missing a chunk of the midseason with an ankle injury. The 5-10, 202-pounder bulked up a little bit to take more of a pounding, and he showed at the end of last year that he could be a workhorse who can carry the offense from time to time getting 32 carries for 97 yards and a score in the pivotal Iowa win and running 19 times for 96 yards against Michigan. "Boom" has blazing speed and tremendous cut-back ability, and while he’s not going to beat anyone up as an inside runner, he’s just tough enough to get a few carries here and there up the cut. He’s trying harder to be a tough between-the-tackles runner, but he’s at his best in space and could be used more as a receiver after making 11 catches for 66 yards and a score...

9. Brandon Saine, Sr. Ohio State
Saine is No. 1A on the depth chart next to Dan Herron, and he can be the featured runner whenever needed. The 6-1, 219-pound veteran has good size and is one of the team’s fastest player with 4.35 wheels. Ohio’s 2006 Mr. Football hasn’t quite put it all together to be the special player many were thinking he’d be coming out of high school, but he was fine last year running for 739 yards and four touchdowns averaging 5.1 yards per carry. A nice receiving threat, he caught 17 passes for 224 yards and two scores. His biggest issue is health, and that carried over into this offseason with a hamstring problem. But when he’s 100%, he has all the tools to be terrific..." Click to Read the rest

Preview 2010 - Big Ten The Top Receivers
May 24, 2010 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "2. DeVier Posey, Jr. Ohio State
The next in the lineage of NFL receivers from Ohio State is Posey, a 6-2, 213-pound junior who has all the tools to be a No. 1 target at the next level once he becomes more consistent and once he refines his technique. With 6-2, 213-pound size, great athleticism (with a 33-inch vertical), and blazing speed (running the 200 in 21.5), he has the raw tools, and he has the smarts and the drive to become a star. While his blocking leaves something to be desired for a player of his size, everything else is in place. He had a good 2009 regular season, and then he showed just how good he could be with eight catches for 101 yards and a score in the Rose Bowl to finish with 60 grabs for 828 yards and eight scores on the year. He also threw a 39-yard touchdown pass against New Mexico State...

12. Dane Sanzenbacher, Sr. Ohio State
Facing single coverage with all the attention paid to the other Buckeye weapons, Sanzenbacher was able to flourish averaging 15.8 yards per grab making 36 catches for 570 yards and six touchdowns in a steady season. At 5-11 and 180 pounds he’s not all that big, but he’s a sharp route runner and he always produces when he gets the ball. While not a deep blazer, he’s shifty enough to make things happen in the open field, and he’s trusted on key plays to keep the chains moving..." Click to Read the rest

Preview 2010 - Big Ten The Top Tight Ends
May 24, 2010 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "8. Jake Stoneburner, Soph. Ohio State
Yes, the tight ends really will be a part of the equation this year meaning the 6-5, 245-pound Stoneburner could be the biggest surprise in the attack. The sophomore only caught two passes for 30 yards last season as he played second-fiddle behind Jake Ballard, but with the expected emergence of the passing attack as more wide open and more dangerous, he’ll be a regular, steady target. He looked the part this offseason and will be used like a big wide receiver who’ll create matchup problems down the middle of the field..." Click to Read the rest

Preview 2010 - Big Ten The Top Kickers
May 24, 2010 Source: CollegeFootballNews.com - "5. Devin Barclay, Sr. Ohio State
Barclay wanted to be a soccer star, and he was on track to be special as the USA Today player of the year and a four-year MLS starter before getting injured and walking on at OSU. He took over when Aaron Pettrey got hurt and connected on 7-of-10 field goals including the overtime game-winner from 39 yard out to beat Iowa. While the 27-year-old has a great leg, he hasn’t shown it off much yet; his range is just inside the 50..." Click to Read the rest

Spring Back: Center of Attention
May 24, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "Brandon Castel's Spring Back series continues with a look back at the center positions...There is no denying that quarterback is the most watched, analyzed and scrutinized position on any football team, but if there’s another position in major college football that might actually be harder to play as a true freshman it’s got to be the offensive line.

Nowhere on the line is it tougher than the center position, which of course is exactly where Brewster was asked to play in his first start as a Buckeye. Not only did he need to know his own blocking assignments, but also those of the other four linemen around him

Key losses: Jim Cordle
Returning lettermen: Michael Brewster
Spring newcomers: None
Help is on the way: None

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Fall outlook...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

Spring Back: Senior Guards Strengthen Veteran Offensive Line
May 20, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "Brandon Castel's Spring Back series continues with a look at one of the strengths of OSU's offense, the interior offensive line...the real strength of the Ohio State offensive line was largely overlooked this spring.

But with all three starters back from a year ago, including guards Justin Boren and Bryant Browning, that’s exactly where offensive coordinator Jim Bollman would place his focus when it comes to the offensive line. "It's always a luxury when you have the same three guys back who played a lot of games last year. I think Justin missed one game and I think Mike (Brewster) and B.B. (Bryant Browning) were in there every other game," Bollman said...

As a former five-star prospect and a part of the "Block O" recruiting class, Brewster is probably the most talked about of the bunch, but today we take a look at the guys surrounding Brewster in the middle of that Ohio State offensive front. We continue our "Spring Back" series with a look a further look at the offensive line as we slide inside to the guards.

Key losses: None
Returning lettermen: Justin Boren and Bryant Browning
Spring newcomers: None
Help is on the way: None

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Fall outlook...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

Do Saine, Herron Form Big Ten’s Best 1-2 Punch?
May 19, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "...This group is actual pretty solid across the conference, especially at wide out, and was very hard to rank from 1-11...

...In Ohio State’s 27-24 overtime win against the Hawkeyes in Columbus, Saine and Herron combined for 47 touches and all three touchdowns. Saine went for 103 yards and two scores while Herron racked up 97 yards to go with his 11-yard touchdown run. "Ohio State will always have that power game that we can line up like in the Iowa game and go at it with anybody," said Saine, who scored on runs of 22 and 49 yards in the game...

For the season, Saine and Herron averaged 125 yards of offense per game despite the fact both dealt with injury issues throughout the course of the year. Herron missed three games with an ankle injury while Saine had five games with single-digit carries, including the New Mexico State game where he managed just 13 yards on seven carries after getting banged up. They still accounted for 1,339 and 11 touchdowns on the ground while average 4.5 yards per carry for the season. Add in Jordan Hall’s 248 yards and the tailbacks were closer to five yards per carry last season, and that’s with Hall not playing in seven games..." Click to Read the rest

Best of the Big Ten: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends
May 19, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "...This group is actual pretty solid across the conference, especially at wide out, and was very hard to rank from 1-11...

...1. Ohio State The Buckeyes finally get the top spot in the Big Ten position rankings and they can thank the conference’s top receiving duo in DeVier Posey and Dane Sanzenbacher. Posey had a tremendous sophomore season (60-828-8) and has emerged as Terrelle Pryor’s go-to-guy. Expect his numbers to eclipse 1,000 yards and 10 scores this season with Pryor’s acceleration as a passer and an early jump to the NFL is not out of the question. Sanzenbacher may be undersized, but nobody can question his toughness and ability to hold on to passes thrown over the middle. Dane has a knack for making big plays, which will continue in 2010, and his production should go up for the same reason as Posey’s. Although he hasn’t been cleared yet, Duron Carter will claim stake on the third receiver job once he spends the first few weeks of August getting out of Jim Tressel’s dog house. The guy who currently holds that spot, Taurian Washington, provides good leadership and experience to the unit, and Chris Fields seems likely to emerge as a legitimate receiving threat after posting an excellent spring. James Jackson, Grant Schwartz, and freshmen Corey Brown, James Louis, and Tyrone Williams provide talent all the way down the depth chart, giving the Buckeyes insurance this year and a bright future ahead. A tight end may finally get involved in the passing game this year, as Jake Stoneburner appears to be the real deal. After having a minor role in the offense in 2009, Stoney showed everyone this spring why he will be too fast for linebackers to cover and too big for defensive backs to stop. If the coaches actually open up the offense look for him to have a big year. Reid Fragel takes over as the blocking tight end, while Nic DiLillo and Spencer Smith provide some depth to the unit. If Terrelle Pryor progresses as we believe he will, expect this corps to do some big things a la Teddy, Santonio, and Gonzalez..." Click to Read the rest

spacerOSU Recruiting: Quarterback & Running Back
May 18, 2010 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Let's take a look at Ohio State's attempt to recruit a stellar class for 2011. In this segment, we will concentrate on two positions, quarterback and running back, as we look at who has been offered, and who could be in line to receive one.

At the current time, Ohio State has accepted 11 verbal commitments, and it's believed the 2011 class could number up to 22 members by Signing Day next February.

QUARTERBACK: BRAXTON MILLER: The Chosen One for Ohio State in 2011, and the only quarterback currently holding a written offer from the Buckeyes. The Huber Heights (OH) Wayne star is being looked at the replacement for Terrelle Pryor, and Ohio State is currently all-in on Miller, with the other candidates waiting in the wings. OUTLOOK: Right now, things look good for the Buckeyes, and Miller is the only viable quarterback candidate to be in the 2011 Ohio State recruiting class..." Click to Read the rest

Spring Back: Position of the Hour
May 17, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "...For the second year straight year, the offensive tackle position took center stage during spring practice at Ohio State. Since the departure of four-year starter Alex Boone follow the 2008 season, there has not been a more talked about spot on the football field in Columbus—outside of Terrelle Pryor of course—than the left tackle spot.

The Buckeyes tried four different players at the position last season as they searched for someone to protect Pryor’s blindside. After starting the year with Andrew Miller on the left side, they moved J.B. Shugarts over until Mike Adams returned from his two-game suspension. None of that seemed to get the job done and eventually they settled on versatile senior Jim Cordle to hold things together.

The group returns nearly intact from last season with four starters back, but once again the Buckeyes were searching for an answer at one of the most critical positions on the field this spring...

Key losses: Jim Cordle (Undrafted)
Returning lettermen: J.B. Shugarts, Mike Adams, Marcus Hall and Andrew Miller
Spring newcomers: None
Help is on the way: Andrew Norwell (Cincinnati Anderson)

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Fall outlook...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

spacerDefensive lineman commits to Ohio State
May 17, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Ohio State picked up a major commitment to its 2011 football recruiting class last night in defensive lineman Michael Bennett of Centerville, Ohio."I made up mind where I wanted to go, so I decided I didn't have to wait any longer," said Bennett, 6 feet 3, 280 pounds, who picked OSU over Northwestern.His final two might seem interesting, considering he's ranked No.6 among defensive tackle prospects nationwide by Scout.com. But he plans to prep for medical school. He'd been offered scholarships by at least 30 other schools, including Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama and Oklahoma."This is a major pickup for Ohio State," Bucknuts analyst Bill Kurelic said. "Even though he'd been favored to go to OSU, you never know until a young man makes up his mind."

Centerville lineman commits to Buckeyes
May 17, 2010 Source: Dayton Daily News - "Ohio State’s medical school swayed Michael Bennett, who plans to play defensive tackle and be a premed major..." Click to Read the rest

spacerBuckeyes building dynamic class
May 18, 2010 Source: 610 WTVN - "CBS College Sports recruiting expert Tom Lemming---impressed with how Ohio State's 2011 class is shaping up...listen to recruiting expert Tom Lemming of CBS College Sports discuss Ohio State's early 2011 recruiting success..." Click to Read the rest

'11 may be greater than '10
May 16, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Buckeyes pursue QB considered top prospect in nation...No.1 target, quarterback Braxton Miller of Wayne High School in Huber Heights...Depending on the point of view, Ohio State is either off to a fast start for its 2011 football recruiting class or it's making up for a few late stumbles this year..." Click to Read the rest

spacerLofty expectations await Pryor in 2010
May 14, 2010 Source: FoxSports Ohio - "...As the 2010 season approaches, no player has gone through a bigger rollercoaster ride than Terrelle Pryor, and the turmoil may not be over yet.

He’s expected to be the leader of a loaded team, and he’s got the experience under his belt to deal with the lumps that a top team will face. Fortunately for Buckeye fans, this is the first year he’s had the talent, dedication and experience to start a season. The fans were not always willing to wait for him to get that experience before they demanded the wins.

Mobile quarterbacks were not common at Ohio State until Troy Smith took over the team in 2004 and won the Heisman Trophy two seasons later. Smith was the hero of the entire state and when he graduated, the state wanted more. Todd Boeckman earned the starting quarterback position after Smith left for the NFL, but had a tendency to get "happy feet." When pressured, Boeckman would force his throws, whereas Smith would tuck the ball and run.

Fans began to miss that fleet-footed leadership, and when Pryor chose Ohio State, they envisioned the second coming of Smith. But they forgot that Troy Smith wasn’t a superstar from Day One, but rather needed time to grow into the Heisman winner they loved so dearly. They expected immediate results and didn’t allow Pryor to grow and learn from his own mistakes..." Click to Read the rest

Spring Back: Stoneburner Gives Tight Ends New Look
May 13, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "The two-deep is pretty settled at tight end. What isn't settled is whether or not he'll actually get used as a receiver this season. Brandon Castel takes a look at that in his Spring Back series...Jake Ballard made only 14 grabs in 2009, but the one he made on New Year’s Day in Pasadena was the kind that never gets forgotten. Watching the 6-foot-7 Ballard climb the ladder to come down with a leaping catch from Terrelle Pryor late in the fourth quarter to keep the drive alive was the kind of play Ohio State fans will be telling their kids about in 10 years.

But was it the kind of play that will have Pryor looking for his tight ends more often in 2010? In our latest "Spring Back" piece we take a look at the tight ends and how they might fit into the offense this coming season.

Key losses: Jake Ballard (Undrafted)
Returning lettermen: Jake Stoneburner
Spring newcomers: None
Help is on the way: None

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Fall outlook...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

Here's just a taste of what's to come for 2010 and the 3-Part Ohio State Movie Trailer series. Enjoy.

Spring Back: Third Receiver Spot Still Up for Grabs
May 11, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "There is still some things to be ironed out in the two-deep at wide receiver. Brandon Castel's Spring Back series continues with a look at the wide outs...

Key losses: Ray Small (Undrafted), Lamaar Thomas (New Mexico)
Returning lettermen: DeVier Posey, Dane Sanzenbacher, Taurian Washington, Duron Carter, Grant Schwartz
Spring newcomers: None
Help is on the way: Tyrone Williams (Cleveland Shaw), James Louis (Delray Beach, Fla.), Corey Brown (Springfield, Pa.)

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Fall outlook...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

Pieces in place for wide-open offense
May 9, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "With plenty of experienced players returning, could Tressel break away from running game?...If ever a season were set up for the Buckeyes to be more adventurous on offense, this would seem to be it. OSU returns nine starters offensively. Seven experienced linemen return (four of them starters), providing hope that the Buckeyes can avoid their recent early-season struggles up front. The top two receivers, four tailbacks and two fullbacks are back...

But this is Tressel's team, after all, and he has never been one to throw caution to the wind - or throw much at all.

Tressel's biggest success came when he focused on running the ball - in 2002, when the Buckeyes won the national title while running 69 percent of the time. He has never overseen an offense that ran it less than 57 percent...

Still, when Tressel trusts his quarterback, the offense opens up just a bit. Two of the three years in which he has called the most pass plays were with senior quarterbacks - Craig Krenzel in 2003 and Smith in 2006..." Click to Read the rest

Taking a look at the Tight Ends
May 9, 2010 Source: BuckeyeGrove.com - "At Ohio State, the tight ends have usually been considered the forgotten position. This season, though, that could change. Especially if spring football is any indication of the way the offense will look come fall camp and into next season.

Today we start the a series in which we will look at each position on the team and discuss what we know, what we can expect, and what we have learned and break it down for the 2010 season. First up are the tight ends...

Tight end depth chart
11 Jake Stoneburner (rSo., 6-foot-5, 245)
88 Reid Fragel (So., 6-foot-8, 260)
81 Nic DiLillo (So., 6-foot-4, 265)
48 Spencer Smith (Jr., 6-foot-2, 235)..." Click to Read the rest

spacerCameron Heyward has a simple goal: 'The most dominant who ever played'
May 8, 2010 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "With spring football behind them and national title hopes ahead, the Ohio State Buckeyes have three months to work out and gameplan before fall practice begins. One idea for success is simple: Get the Buckeyes' best player on the field more often. Defensive coordinator Jim Heacock estimates that a year ago, Cameron Heyward played about 60 percent of the defense's snaps. He was part of a defensive line rotation that went nine deep and included a second unit that could have started for some of the Buckeyes' opponents.

"We're going to ask him to play a lot more," Heacock said. "We'd like to get him in that 80 to 90 percent range. He loves to play, so he's excited about that opportunity, and it'll give him the chance to get into the flow and do some more things, I think."

His challenge will be to maintain his edge. Heacock said that will require him to sit Heyward at times during practice stretches, while increasing his playing time. "He can't do less than full speed," Heacock said. "You really have to be careful and get him out of there so he doesn't end up hurting somebody or getting hurt."..." Click to Read the rest

The Forgotten Man
May 8, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "The 2009 Ohio State defensive line was full of big names. Thad Gibson was the feared assassin, Doug Worthington the larger than life captain and Cam Heyward the NFL legacy. Even freshman John Simon was already being called the next big thing.

Yet the biggest guy in the group happened to have the smallest name: Dex. At 6-foot-2 and 310 pounds, Dexter Larimore was the cog in the middle of OSU’s defense for much of last season. As the Buckeyes’ starting nose tackle, his job was to clog up the line of scrimmage and free up the linebackers behind him, but it’s not just the length of his name that was overshadowed on last year’s defensive line..." Click to Read the rest

Rebuilding offenses in the Big Ten
May 6, 2010 Source: ESPN - "...Let's start on the offensive side: IN NEED OF REPAIR 1. Minnesota...2. Illinois...3. Ohio State: Another Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl championship make it easy to forget how much Ohio State struggled on offense for most of 2009. Ohio State finished last in the Big Ten in passing (173.6 ypg) and seemed to be operating in no-mistakes mode for much of the fall. Terrelle Pryor and his teammates got it together in Pasadena, but Ohio State finished a middling 68th nationally in total offense for the season.

FASTEST ROAD TO RECOVERY 1. Ohio State: The Rose Bowl showed the Buckeyes' offense what it could be, and the unit took some steps forward this spring. Pryor looked a lot more comfortable both in practice and at the spring game, and while his mechanics might never be perfect, his footwork is much better. A veteran offensive line played well down the stretch last fall and should be even better in 2010, especially if Mike Adams locks down the left tackle spot...2. Minnesota...3. Illinois..." Click to Read the rest

Spring Back: Depth Unprecedented at Tailback
May 6, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "How deep are the Buckeyes at running back? Brandon Castel looks at that position as his Spring Back series continues with the tailbacks...After rushing for only 66 yards in their 26-18 loss at Purdue, the Buckeyes re-committed themselves to the power run game the rest of the year. Over the next four games, they averaged over 254 yards on the ground, including 236 rushing yards per game in November, a month where they faced two of the top run defenses in the Big Ten. As a result they finished tops in the conference in rushing offense during the regular season.

Key losses: None
Returning lettermen: Brandon Saine, Boom Herron, Jordan Hall
Spring newcomers: Carlos Hyde (Fork Union Military Academy)
Help is on the way: Roderick Smith (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

What we knew...What we thought...How it went...Filling out the two-deep...Post Spring Depth Chart..." Click to Read the rest

Big Ten spring team recaps 2010
May 5, 2010 Source: ESPN - "Team by team...Ohio State spring wrap...

Spring answers:
1. Pryor ready for expanded offense...
2. Sabino steps up: Ohio State returns two All-Big Ten linebackers in Ross Homan and Brian Rolle, but it needed a third player to step up and Etienne Sabino answered the call this spring. He spent the entire session with the first-team defense and finished things off with a game-high seven tackles and a forced fumble in the spring game.
3. Guiton provides insurance at QB...

Fall questions:
1. The kicking game...
2. Left tackle...
3. No. 3 pass-catching option: Some folks don't think this is a big deal in Tressel's offense, but if Ohio State really wants to open things up, Pryor needs a third target after Posey and Dane Sanzenbacher. Wideout Taurian Washington made a good case in the spring game with 83 receiving yards and a touchdown, and he'll compete with Chris Fields and most likely Duron Carter this summer. Tight end Jake Stoneburner also should be a much bigger part of the passing attack this season.
4. Running back rotation..." Click to Read the rest

Basil Benefitted From Early Enrollment
May 5, 2010 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "As one of two freshman in uniform for Ohio State's spring practice, Drew Basil had a chance to prove that he could contribute this fall. The kicking specialist did just that, establishing himself as a kickoff specialist with leg to spare as he adjusted to the rigors of college life..." Click to Read the rest

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