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BigTen Network Ohio State Preview

VideoCoach Tressel Weekly Press Conference August 30, 2010 Source: The Ozone
Head Coach Jim Tressel spoke at the weekly press luncheon and addresses the issue of moving the OSU-Michigan game to something other than the last game of the season.


Listen to the audioListen: Brandon Saine, Dane Sanzenbacher, Cameron Heyward, Brian Rolle , Ross Homan, Bryant Browning Source: OSU Official Site


Tressel: Let's talk Marshall, not OSU-Michigan August 30, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Jim Tressel wanted to talk today about the season opener with Marshall that's just days away, not the uproar that's been caused by the rumor that -- in the tumult caused by Big Ten expansion, division and a league title game -- the Ohio State-Michigan game might get bumped from its 75-year perch as the regular-season finale.

He sort of made that clear in a long-winded opening statement that eventually dissolved into a no comment about his preferences on The Game. He said he has been in on group discussions with athletic director Gene Smith and others but that outside he believes in the group talking from a consensus standpoint, which hasn't been reached.

As for the Marshall game, the first Thursday night opener for the Buckeyes since a win over Wyoming in 1997, Tressel had plenty to say. He pointed out the new Marshall coaching staff, led by Doc Holliday and including offensive assistants who have had a bent to toward throwing the ball, and said the Buckeyes have sounded the general alert.

"We have to make sure we're ready for anything and expect the unexpected," Tressel said. "And the things I do know about Marshall -- I've faced them a number of times, both at Youngstown State and here at Ohio State, and I know this from a personnel standpoint, they are much better than they were in 2004."..." Click to Read the rest


Quick thought on Tressel's OSU-Michigan stance August 30, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch


Coach Tressel Weekly Press Conference Transcript August 30, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch


Rex Kern weighs in on potential OSU-Michigan game change August 30, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "...He was appalled at the idea of not playing the final week. "That would make both Bo (Schembechler) and Woody (Hayes) come out of the grave," he said. "Why we would terminate something like that?..." Click to Read the rest

Keys to the season; Ken Gordon and Tim May break it down August 29, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "With national-title expectations high, Buckeyes fans risk heartbreak in the second game, against Miami. Beyond Terrelle Pryor, OSU's fate could be decided by the play of Jermale Hines at safety or Mike Adams on the offensive line, or even the emergence of wide-body freshman Jonathan Hankins on the defensive line...

Key offensive player
Gordon: Quarterback Terrelle Pryor. He does not have to repeat his Rose Bowl performance every week, but his accuracy (56.6 percent) and touchdown-to-interception ratio (18 to 11) last season must improve.

May: Center Michael Brewster. He is a third-year starter who now knows all the calls, and he is leading a veteran group up front for which there will be no excuses this season.

Key defensive player
May: End/tackle Cameron Heyward. So many analysts can't all be wrong in labeling him one of the elite players in the nation this year but, as even he has said, he wants to play like one. He could be a force all his own.

Gordon: Safety Jermale Hines. With Kurt Coleman gone, the secondary is in need of a dynamic playmaker, and Hines, a veteran of 31 games and 17 starts, is the best bet to be that guy.

Key early game
Gordon: Miami, Sept. 11. This is a great chance for OSU to solidify the No. 2 spot in the polls and put some distance between itself and No. 3 Boise State. That might be important later.

May: Of course it's Miami, but past that, the poll voters are going to want to see the Buckeyes handle - not just beat - Marshall, Ohio and Eastern Michigan, and, for that matter, Illinois.

New to view
May: The freshman receiver/returner the players call Corey "Philly" Brown (No.10), to differentiate him from redshirt freshman defensive back Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown (No.3).

Gordon: Freshman defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins. The wide-body has drawn rave reviews in preseason camp and might give OSU something it hasn't had in awhile: an NFL-style space eater up the middle.

Best offseason move
Gordon: Finally getting Pryor to learn the proper mechanics. We thought he might have picked it up last offseason, but the sidearm, shot-put style still prevailed at times. This preseason, he looks much more sound.

May: The apparent, slight philosophical shift by the offensive coaching staff to throwing the ball more. Apparent is the operative word, though, because this hasn't been proved yet.

Pressure is on
May: Jim Tressel. He would say "So what else is new?" but almost every analyst expects this team to not only win a sixth-straight Big Ten title but also make a run to the national title game. In this age of parity, that's pressure.

Gordon: Mike Adams. He's getting a second chance to lock down the left tackle spot, where failures often are painfully public. It's time.

Stat that must change
Gordon: 2-4. That's Tressel's record at OSU after a bye week. This year, the bye comes Nov. 6, and the next game is at home against Penn State.

May: No. 68. That's where OSU ranked in total offense in 2009 (369.0 yards per game). This team has the capability to move into the top 30 if it comes out throwing and running as it did in the Rose.

Buckeyes go to a BCS game if
May: They win the Big Ten for a sixth straight time, earning the league's automatic berth. But the national championship game is the destination they truly seek. That should require a 12-0 run.

Gordon: They win at least one of their two toughest Big Ten road games: at Wisconsin and Iowa. Even with two losses, it's a safe bet that a BCS bowl committee wouldn't pass on the Buckeyes.

Bottom line
Gordon: The pieces are all in place. Pryor doesn't have to do it all with this collection of offensive talent. If he cuts down on turnovers and some younger defensive players emerge, OSU should be playing Jan. 10 in Glendale.

May: The Rose showed how diverse Pryor and the offense can be and, with nine starters back, there are no excuses. The defense will be good enough to make it a memorable regular season. In other words, all signs point to Glendale.


Both sides of ball prompt questions August 29, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - " In college football, August is for questions and November is for answers. That's true for Ohio State, which enters the season No. 2 in the polls. So the Buckeyes are highly regarded, but do they have the goods to be a national title contender? That's the big question -- one of many that OSU must answer in the coming months:

Offense: Was the Rose Bowl game plan a dream?...

Is this the year the line will roar? If not this year, then when?...

Can Pryor handle a heavy passing load?...If the scrimmaging is any indication, it appears the Buckeyes want to try to strike intermediate and deep more often...

How will the ball be distributed? That's the question that digs to the heart of it...

What will be the offense's signature? Before the dreams turn to flights of fancy, remember that Tressel has rarely gone cavalier...

Defense: Can young pups add depth on the line?...

Who's going to bring heat to the kitchen? The bottom line is preventing scores and winning games...An increase in production will have to come from either blitzing more often or that same pool of inexperienced linemen listed above.

Are Heyward, Homan, Hines ready to lead? This trio holds the key to all three levels of the defense...

Is Chekwa up for the lock-down challenge?...Chekwa needs to become a shutdown-caliber player for this defense to operate at a premium level, particularly as some of the new safeties are gathering experience.

Will the ballhawks continue thieving? Ohio State was fifth in the nation in turnover margin last year, forcing 35 and committing 18...How will these guys fare in pass coverage?

Special teams Will the initials of the kicker be D.B.?...Definitely. But will it be senior Devin Barclay or freshman Drew Basil? Will there be happier returns? After the near-fiascoes on kickoff coverage against Oregon in the Rose Bowl, Jim Tressel made streaming and tackling a point of emphasis in the preseason...

Will punting net fair catches?...What the team wants to improve most in this realm is the net punting statistic (the average of the length of the punt minus return yards). OSU averaged 36.81 last year, good for only fifth in the Big Ten..." Click to Read the rest


Breaking down OSU's schedule August 29, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Not long ago, Ohio State's 2010 schedule would be considered favorable because Penn State and Michigan both play here. Not this season. The three toughest tests come once a month: Miami in September, at Wisconsin in October, at Iowa in November... Click to Read the rest

Op-Ed BlogspacerBob Hunter commentary: Move The Game? Not if Woody, Bo were around
August 29, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "If Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler were still around, the sacrilegious proposal to move the Ohio State-Michigan game off its end-of-the-season perch would have been stillborn. No one would have dared float this stupid idea in public.

No self-respecting commissioner, university president or athletic director would have tried to make this sound like a reasonable alternative in the Big Ten divisional debate because they couldn't have gotten away with it. They would have faced the angry rants of two strong-willed coaches who made a great rivalry even greater, men who sometimes exercised more power than the suits who thought they ruled the league...

This is one time I wish Senator Tressel were more like Sorehead Hayes. With college football's No. 1 rivalry in danger, a snarling, spitting, seething Hayes is exactly what this proposal needs...

A Michigan week speech Hayes delivered to his troops about the Wolverines in 1968 seems to fit the occasion. If Hayes were alive today, he might give a similar speech again:

"I despise those arrogant sons of (unprintable name)! I despise them all. I don't hate them. I'm not a hater. You can't be a hater in life. But I despise them. It's OK to despise. ... Those arrogant sons of (unprintable name) tried to move the Michigan game."..." Click to Read the rest

Op-Ed BlogspacerBig Ten hellbent on taking $tupidity and greed to the next level
August 24, 2010 Source: CollegeFootballTalk.com - "..."I would put Michigan-Ohio State among the top five events in all of sports for rivalry," Delany said. "It'll get played. Now the question is, how best to play it? Are they in the same divisions or are they not? Do they play in the last game, the second-to-last game, the third-to-last game? How to do that is still under discussion...

How exactly has the Iron Bowl suffered by the two schools being in the same division, as Delany intimates? Last time we checked, 'Bama-Auburn in many parts of this country is viewed as the greatest, most heated rivalry in all of college football, and they've somehow found a way to keep that hatred alive and well for nearly twenty years while residing in the same division..." Click to Read the rest

Can Terrelle Pryor lead No. 2 Ohio State to a national title? August 27, 2010 Source: USA Today - "The intensity was palpable in Terrelle Pryor's voice. "I can't even explain how badly I want to win," the Ohio State quarterback said earlier this week. "I hate losing. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it."

That desire is with him, he said, in every practice, in the weight room and every time he walks past a board memorializing champions of the past. He sees it every day on the way to the team's meeting room.

Pryor and his teammates sense Ohio State is on the cusp of something big. The second-ranked Buckeyes have reached the Bowl Championship Series title game in two of the last four years. Their last national championship came in 2002.

"Another Rose Bowl this year wouldn't be very satisfying," center Mike Brewster said. "(Fans) want us to make the next jump. We're expected to get to the title (game). It's pressure but, when you're at Ohio State, you're always under pressure. If you lose one game, people aren't going to be happy. ... We definitely have high expectations this year."..."Click to Read the rest

Analysis: New depth chart released August 26, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Considering the last depth chart we saw was put together in early April, today's release of the two-deep was much anticipated. Here it is. I'll run through everything that caught my eye:

LEFT TACKLE: Mike Adams over Andrew Miller. I put this down just as a record-keeper, I think we all knew this would be how it came out, particularly with Miller battling an elbow injury. I would have been shocked if it had been flipped. Miller can still overtake this spot, though, if Adams is injured or ineffective.

BACKUP RECEIVER: It appears Taurian Washington is the No. 3 to start, with Chris Fields and Corey "Philly" Brown bracketed as the No. 4/No. 5. Again, no shock, but it's official that Brown is making a serious push for time. And as we saw last year, one or two drops by Washington, and he could be buried.

KICKING: Devin Barclay is listed first for place-kicks, but that is something that can change on a kick-by-kick basis during the season. Drew Basil starts as the kickoff guy, giving him a regular role, at least, which should keep his head in games in case he's called on for a field-goal try.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Freshman Jonathan Hankins (or "Big Hank") is a backup tackle. Adam Bellamy started camp as a backup tackle, so Hankins' emergence forced either Bellamy or Garrett Goebel to either move or be third-string. Bellamy played strong-side end in the jersey scrimmage and looked good, so now he starts the year backing up Cameron Heyward at that spot. Bellamy's versatility helps him, and nagging injuries may have hurt Melvin Fellows' bid to be in the two-deep. It wouldn't surprise me to see Fellows overtake Solomon Thomas as the backup at the other end spot, though.

LINEBACKER: The biggest move of camp was Andrew Sweat overtaking Etienne Sabino for the starting strong-side spot. My colleague Tim May had a story in Monday's paper, strongly hinting this could be the case, and indeed it was. Interesting that Sabino is moved to second-team middle linebacker, bracketed with Storm Klein, while Jon Newsome is the backup strong-side guy. Who's the fourth linebacker into a game -- Sabino, Newsome or Klein? If it's not Sabino, then that shows you he did not make the progress they expected out of him.

STRONG SAFETY: C.J. Barnett is listed as the starter ahead of Orhian Johnson, who has been pretty solid atop the depth chart all year. I have to believe much of this is because Johnson has been injured lately, but Barnett also has been playing well, so it may be a combination of factors. When Johnson is declared fully healthy, watch what happens here. That's when we'll know. It could be that while Johnson is a superior athlete, he's still a former QB and not instinctive enough on defense to start at this point. And Barnett is from Kurt Coleman's old high school (Dayton Northmont). Just sayin'...

Looking even deeper at the depth August 26, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch

Op-Ed BlogspacerRob Oller commentary: OSU-Michigan date must stay where it is
August 26, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "With all due respect to Big Ten presidents, athletic directors and others in positions of power who are considering moving Ohio State-Michigan to earlier in the season: Are you people nuts?

Bump one of the best rivalries in sports, the marquee game of the Big Ten football season, and then rationalize it by promising it will remain the best show? That's like saying the Masters would remain the best golf tournament even if it were played in September. Or that Christmas would feel the same in July. Nothing says Jingle Bells like the taste of eggnog in summer.

The move hasn't happened yet, but I know how conference bigwigs think, and they need to be cut off at the pass before their thinking ruins - yes, ruins - one of the best sporting events in America. No overstatement. To ruin something does not necessarily mean to kill it, but to negatively alter it. Moving Michigan-Ohio State a week or two earlier, or into October, would change it for the worse..." Click to Read the rest

Musburger & Herbstreit break down key players and teams in the Big Ten Source: ESPN

ESPN's Adam Rittenberg previews the upcoming Big Ten season

Buckeyes Name Six Captains for 2010 Season
August 25, 2010 Source: OSU Official Site - "Seniors Bryant Browning, Cameron Heyward, Ross Homan, Brian Rolle, Brandon Saine and Dane Sanzenbacher were elected as 2010 captains of the Ohio State football team, as announced to the squad today.

This is just the second time in Ohio State's 121-season football history that six Buckeyes will serve as season-long leaders for the squad. In 1982, Glen Cobb, Jerome Foster, Joe Lukens, Marcus Marek, Tim Spencer and Gary Williams served as captains; the Buckeyes elected five captains for the 1974, 1989 and 1990 campaigns.

"I'm very happy. I really felt honored when it was announced," said Browning...

"A leader has a responsibility to take care of business, so now I have to step up to the plate," said Heyward...

"I'm excited and humbled," said Homan...

"When I look at the other seniors on this team, this is such a great honor," said Rolle..."It's quite an honor to think that my teammates recognize how hard I've worked. I'm looking forward to a great season."

"I was surprised to hear my name called," said Saine...

"It's a real honor to be mentioned among these great leaders," said Sanzenbacher..."I don't think it will change much for me; I just want to continue to contribute to this program any way I can."..." Click to Read the rest


2010 Ohio State Buckeyes Movie Trailer - The Regime

VideoMust See Video: 2010 Ohio State Buckeyes Football-The Fleet Source: Kitchel

VideoTalking Fall Camp with Taurian Washington August 24, 2010 Source: OSU Official Site
Watch an interview with senior wide receiver Taurian Washington following Saturday's jersey scrimmage.


More from SI.com: Big Ten Conference ReportClick to Read More

Op-Ed BlogspacerBig Ten selling out tradition
August 23, 2010 - Dan Wetzel writes on Yahoo Sports: "Michigan and Ohio State first played football in 1897. Never once has it taken place outside Columbus or Ann Arbor. Since 1935, it's served as the final game of each team's regular season...

It's not just the culmination of a football campaign, but an unofficial, yet beloved, holiday in the Midwest. It represents a Saturday afternoon in late November, after the crops are in, touched by faint sunlight and a crisp wind that occasionally drives flakes of snow...

It's special. It just is.

And now the Big Ten wants to pretend it isn't?..." Click to Read the rest


Comments from Jim Tressel after the jersey scrimmage August 21, 2010 Source: Bucknuts.com

10 Things We Learned from the Jersey Scrimmage August 22, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "...We took a look at the 10 things we learned from the 2010 fall jersey scrimmage...

1. Heyward is OSU's most dominant player. Sorry to interrupt the Heisman hype surrounding quarterback Terrelle Pryor, but the Buckeyes' most dominant player in 2010 will be Cameron Heyward....

2. Andrew Sweat is not going to redshirt. Not only is Sweat not going to redshirt this season, but he just might be a starting linebacker for the Buckeyes this fall...

3. The Buckeyes have depth at corner. Not only did the Buckeyes surrender only one touchdown during the jersey scrimmage Saturday, but they did it without both of their starting cornerbacks...

4. Philly Brown is going to get touches. He only touched the ball a handful of times during the jersey scrimmage, but Jim Tressel made it clear Saturday that he expects freshman wideout Corey "Philly" Brown to get some touches for the Buckeyes this fall...

5. Jaamal Berry has moves. Speaking of shiftiness, no one on the team has more than redshirt freshman Jaamal Berry. He got the most touches (17) in Saturday's scrimmage, so it only makes sense that he would the leading rusher in the game, but it was the way he ran the ball that deserves attention...

6. Taurian Washington is still high-risk, high-reward. There is no understanding the mystery that is Taurian Washington. The senior out of Michigan has incredible talent, and might be Ohio State's best deep threat in 2010, but he just can't put it all together...

7. Nathan Williams could play in season-opener. There were two players on crutches Saturday at Ohio Stadium, but injured defensive end Nathan Williams wasn't one of them...

8. Jordan Whiting is stepping up. With Storm Klein and Dorian Bell both sidelined Saturday, the Buckeyes needed someone to step up and make plays at the linebacker position. Redshirt freshman Jordan Whiting answered the call...

9. Young linemen are making plays...While Heyward was by far the most dominant defensive player on the field, there were a number of young linemen making big plays for defensive coordinator Jim Heacock. Junior Solomon Thomas isn't a young guy anymore, he moved into the starting lineup to replace Williams, but it's the guy he's sharing time with that made the biggest splash Saturday. An unheralded redshirt freshman, Adam Bellamy...He wasn't the only one. Defensive end Melvin Fellows looked good rushing the passer, as did freshman Darryl Baldwin...

10. Taylor Graham can play...We haven't seen a whole of Graham this fall because he is the No. 4 guy behind Pryor, Bauserman and Guiton, but he flashed at the right time Saturday. It's obvious he has a tremendous arm, but his accuracy has looked shaky in practice. Not so during the scrimmage..."Click to Read the rest

Offense Takes over Scarlet Jerseys August 22, 2010 Source:Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, who met with about 30 members of the media following the scrimmage, was pleased with the day overall and he wasn't too concerned that the offense only scored the one touchdown.

"I root for our defense, too," Tressel said. "Our defense doesn't give up many big plays. We pride ourselves on not giving up big plays."...

Because We've Got the Skills: The scrimmage was closed to the general public with players' families and the media allowed to watch. But high above in the press box was a dozen or so members of the official football game day statistical team. The group was prepping for the season opener in 12 days. A peek at their work after the game revealed (and please note these are unofficial stats)...

• Freshman linebacker Jordan Whiting leading the way with 12.5 tackles;
• Freshman tackle Adam Bellamy getting his hands on the quarterbacks enough to be credited with three sacks;
• Sacks credited to Heyward, senior tackle Dexter Larimore, freshmen Melvin Fellows and to true freshman Johnathan Hankins;
• Freshman tailback Jamaal Berry gaining 63 yards off 15 carries and looking shifty and quick in the process;
• Jordan Hall also looked fine carrying the football with 12 carries for 40 yards;
• True freshman quarterback Taylor Graham completing 8-of-10 passes for 73 yards; and
• Fourteen different individuals catching passes, led by the five-for-66 yards day for DeVier Posey. Fullback Zach Boren displayed nice pass catching skills with three receptions for 27 yards.
• Kicks Between DB and DB Senior Devin Barclay and freshman Drew Basil had some field goal opportunities during the scrimmage. Barclay was 2-for-3 with makes from 24 and 53 yards and a miss from 42 yards. Basil missed three times from 54 yards or longer but connected on 46- and 18-yard attempts.
• Five CBs Would be Good Tressel said he's looking forward to Chimdi Chekwa and Devon Torrence to get healthy because they combine for a lot of game experience. In the meantime, though, he said sophomore Travis Howard, freshman Dominic Cornerback and freshman Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown are getting better every day. "We want Devon and Chimdi in there but it will be huge to have a third, fourth and fifth corner."

Sweat Won't Redshirt Juniors Rob Sweat and Etienne Sabino are in a battle at "sam" linebacker. Sweat started with the first unit today with Sabino working mostly with the second unit, but he did move up to No. 1 later on. "Nobody would say it [the competition at linebacker] is finished," Tressel said.

Norwell Steps Up True freshman Andrew Norwell moved into Marcus Hall's backup right tackle position Saturday and drew nice praise from Tressel. "It's going to be interesting watching him," Tressel said. "I'm very impressed with him. We rolled him into the No. 2 position some today. We'll see if he can be a fourth tackle for us, but I'm not sure we can answer that yet."..."Click to Read the rest

Terrelle Pryor throws TD, but can't run wild in Ohio State scrimmage August 22, 2010 Source:Cleveland Plain Dealer - "...Here are 10 thoughts on what happened in the scrimmage in Ohio Stadium, always viewed as the most important day of the preseason...

1. Pryor's good and bad: Unofficially, Pryor was 10-for-22 for 146 yards and one touchdown, with two passes dropped and another three thrown out of bounds to avoid pressure. He nearly had a throw intercepted in the end zone on a bad decision as he rolled right, but also hit tight end Jake Stoneburner down the seam for a 25-yard gain and made a nice throw on the touchdown.

2. Injuries: Five defensive starters missed all or most of the scrimmage: defensive end Nathan Williams, cornerbacks Devon Torrence and Chimdi Chekwa, safety Orhian Johnson and linebacker Ross Homan. Defensive lineman Cameron Heyward also went to the sidelines about halfway through, and starting receiver Dane Sanzenbacher sat out as well. Tressel said all of the injuries other than Williams' were minor...said Williams, who hurt his left knee last Saturday, could be ready for the opener against Marshall on Sept. 2.

3. The lone touchdown: Washington dropped a pass earlier in the day, but caught this bullet over the middle from Pryor. Since he can't run, Pryor stepped up nicely in the pocket on this throw after the play began by looking like the option. Miller said Pryor has been better at that all camp...

4. Less traditional: Pryor still won't be a typical quarterback. On a third-down shotgun snap over his head, Pryor tracked the ball down and wound up running 30 yards for the 12-yard gain and a first down. Something like that should still happen at least once a game.

5. Sweat vs. Sabino:...Sweat worked more with the first team at strongside linebacker than Etienne Sabino, the favorite to start entering camp. Homan said that fight has been on for three weeks. Sweat looks like the winner.

6. Bellamy shines: Finding depth on the defensive line has been a topic all camp. A standout Saturday was red-shirt freshman Adam Bellamy from Aurora High, who was in on three sacks, while fellow second-teamers Garrett Goebel, a red-shirt sophomore, and true freshman Johnathan Hankins also played well...

7. Left tackle battle: No news here. Mike Adams and Miller continue to share the spot, and while Adams played more with the first team Saturday, that was due in part to Miller dealing with an elbow injury.

8. That's Philly Brown: Ohio State has two Corey Browns, a red-shirt freshman defensive back from the Pittsburgh area and a true freshman receiver from Philadelphia. Both played a lot Saturday, but it's Philly Brown that continues to turn heads with his raw speed and quick ability to pick up the offense. Tressel said he and Jordan Hall should be part of the punt return game as much as veterans DeVier Posey and Sanzenbacher, and the Buckeyes seem to like to use Brown on receiver sweeps.

9. Jordan Hall: The prospect of Brown and Hall back on punts should entice fans, while Hall continues to look good almost every time he touches the ball, with his moves and vision out of the backfield. Saine and Dan Herron still work with the first team, but on the second team, Hall carried 10 times for 40 yards, and Jaamal Berry had a few nice moments running the ball as well.

10. Posey pluck: No. 1 receiver Posey had five catches for 65 yards, his best a leaping sideline grab when he snagged the ball right over the head of cornerback Travis Howard. Posey is still Pryor's favorite target, and that play helped show why..."Click to Read the rest

Highlights: Offense Wins Jersey Scrimmage with One TD August 21, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "...FIRST TEAM OFFENSE vs. FIRST TEAM DEFENSE...First Three Drives...Bauserman with the Ones...Pryor Starting to Heat Up...Offense Finally Reaches End Zone...Final Possession at Midfield...FIRST TEAM (UNOFFICIAL) OFFENSIVE STATS..." Click to Read the rest

Backup Defense Steps Up in Jersey Scrimmage August 21, 2010 Source: The Ozone

Buckeye Offense Bests Defense, 53-48 August 21, 2010 Source: BuckeyeSports.com - "Jim Tressel's offense beat Jim Tressel's defense by playing the type of ball that bears the Ohio State head coach's name. The Buckeye offense was steady but far from spectacular as it slogged to a 53-48 victory in the annual preseason jersey scrimmage Saturday at Ohio Stadium..." Click to Read the rest

Offense Regains Jerseys In Scrimmage August 21, 2010 Source: Bucknuts.com - "...Quarterback Terrelle Pryor shrugged off an 0-for-4 start to complete 10 of 22 passes for 152 yards and the day's only touchdown. That came on a 25-yard toss to Taurian Washington. Pryor capped the scrimmage with a third-down conversion to DeVier Posey, who had four catches for 61 yards.

Redshirt freshman Kenny Guiton did some positive things in his battle to unseat junior Joe Bauserman as the backup quarterback. Guiton completed 7 of 17 passes for 50 yards and also had six carries for 40 yards. Bauserman was 2 of 7 for 13 yards. True freshman Taylor Graham also showed well, completing 7 of 9 passes for 58 yards.

Redshirt freshman Jaamal Berry led the ground game with 66 yards on 16 carries. Sophomore Jordan Hall had 35 yards on eight carries. Junior Boom Herron added 30 yards on six carries and also had two catches for 19 yards. Senior Brandon Saine had 26 yards on seven carries and also caught three passes for 24 yards.

Defensive tackle Adam Bellamy led the defense with three sacks. The defense was hamstrung – literally – by playing without three starters in defensive end Nate Williams (knee) and corners Chimdi Chekwa and Devon Torrence (each out with hamstring injuries). The defense was also without linebacker Ross Homan and defensive end Cameron Heyward, who played sparingly before going to the sideline with minor injuries..."Click to Read the rest

2010 Preview: Special Teams
August 22, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "...The spotlight for any special teams unit begins with the kicking game. Devin Barclay is the odds on favorite to win the job after getting plenty of action last year when Aaron Pettrey was bit by the injury bug. Barclay continues the recent trend first established by Ryan Pretorius a few years back of players in their mid to late 20s who discovered place kicking as a new career. Despite being a former MLS soccer player, Barclay didn't show a very powerful leg last year as he struggled from distance. He was 7 of 10 on the year with a long of 39, which happened to come at a most opportune time – in overtime to beat Iowa...There is at least one formadible challenger. Barclay is getting a legitimate push from true freshman Drew Basil, who prepped at Chillicothe High School. Known for having a big leg, there's been some scuttlebutt that Basil will handle kickoff duties and longer field goals. Plus, he's had an excellent August camp...

Where there won't be a rotation is at punter. Ben Buchanan has wrapped up the job by default and performance. Much like Barclay, we know a little about Buchanan already, having punted four times last year for nearly 43 yards a pop. He spent the offseason under the tuttleage of former Buckeye kicker, Tim Williams, where they worked on a two step delivery to minimize any potential for blocks. Buchanan seems to have a very strong leg but doesn't hit it solidily everytime just yet. Having that punter to flip the field when the offense stalls deep in our own territory would be a nice luxury...

While we might have been able to stomach the kicking and punting performances last year, the coverage units were downright nauseating...Some of the problems had to do with improper kick and punt placement which sabotaged the coverage team's tactics. Tressel and staff have vowed to work on this during the offseason but also potentially helping the situation could be Basil's leg. If he earns the kickoff duties, then first order of business would be forcing as many touchbacks as possible. An old Chinese proverb says, the best way to minimize big returns is to not allow one at all.

One way to offset any issues with your coverage is to return the favor to the opposition. In year's past, it has basically been Ray Small doing damage in both punt and kick returns...We'll likely see Brandon Saine and Boom Herron handling the kickoff return duties, at least early on. I can envision Jaamal Berry and Jordan Hall getting a shot as the season progresses especially if one of Zoom or Boom establishes himself as the main running back. On the punt return side of the equation, any number of players could be called upon. The leading candidates at this point appear to be Devier Posey and Dane Sanzenbacker...Devon Torrence did a decent job during the spring game but that experiment isn't likely to carry on the field during the season. If there's one player to watch out for in both punt and kick returns, it's Corey "Philly" Brown. He has been singled out a few times by players and coaches as a guy who has a major burst..." Click to Read the rest

Video Talking Fall Camp with Dexter Larimore Source: OSU Official Site
Talking Fall Camp with Devon Torrence Source: OSU Official Site

Listen to the audioDefensive Seniors Meet with the Media Following Practice Tuesday Source: OSU Official Site
Listen: Brian Rolle, Chimdi Chekwa, Cameron Heyward, Ross Homan, Aaron Gant, Devon Torrence

2010 Preview: Linebackers
August 20, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "Stepping into the "Will" spot, Homan, a redshirt junior, led the team in tackles with 108 on the way to capturing second-team all-Big Ten and the team's Randy Gradishar award. Amazingly consistent, he often saved his best work for the Buckeyes' biggest games, leading the team in tackles against USC (9), Wisconsin (15), Penn State (10), Michigan (12), and Oregon (12). A tremendous run-stopper, Homan is underrated (outside of Columbus, at least) as a pass defender, as he also notched five picks on the year, good enough for second on the team, including a key 20-yard interception return in the Rose Bowl...

...fellow junior Brian Rolle, an undersized defender that had long been the talk of practice because of his oversized hits and uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time. Rolle is generously listed at 5-11, but plays as if he's 6-4 and led the team in clutch plays last season, none more significant than his 98-yard interception return of a Ricky Dobbs two-point conversion throw to seal the win in the waning moments against Navy. The plays would continue, propelling Rolle into a fan favorite on the way to finishing second on the team to go along with seven TFLs in his 13 starts. Returning at the "Mike" or middle spot, all-conference honors are expected of the veteran...

Joining the two...is junior Etienne Sabino. Blessed with a nice blend of size (6-3/240) and speed, the Miami native returnined a blocked punt 20 yards for a touchdown at home against Purdue as a freshman. Limited to special teams duties over the past two years, he's finally getting his chance at the "Sam" position. The former Army All-American had an offer list that was a who's who of elite programs coming out of high school (USC, Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, etc.)...Coaches have pointed out that he made the jump from thinking to reacting this offseason and that should be a lot of fun to watch play out on the field...

Backing the group up is a bevy of talented youngsters led by Dorian Bell and Storm Klein. Bell, a redshirt freshman from Joe Paterno's backyard, will back Homan up, while Klein, a local product from Newark, looks to serve as Rolle's backup in the middle. Andrew Sweat, another Pennsylvania product, looks to be in position to serve as Sabino's backup after rumors persisted all spring about a potential redshirt heading his way due the knee injury and subsequent surgery that kept him out of several games last season. Providing additional depth in the group are redshirt freshman Jordan Whiting, and true freshman and Cleveland St. Ignatius product Scott McVey...A wildcard at the position is sophomore Jonathan Newsome.." Click to Read the rest

2010 Preview: Defensive Backs
August 21, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "For a unit returning three multi-year veterans, the Buckeye secondary is getting a lot of scrutiny in the late heat of a soupy central Ohio summer...The soul of last year's defensive backfield, Kurt Coleman, is off rocking faces in the NFL. His uncanny ability to make a play on the ball will be missed. Hoping to pick up the slack are three rising seniors, two of whom – Chekwa and Hines – have been making big plays for the Buckeyes over the course of the prior 2+ years. Chekwa and Devon Torrence are not shutdown corners, but they were good enough in helping Ohio State finish 5th nationally in pass efficiency defense. The hope among many Buckeye fans is that whatever issues this secondary may have will be masked by a spectacular front seven...

Cornerbacks: It seems like Devon Torrence and Chimdi Chekwa both have been at Ohio State for eight years. In their final season as Buckeyes, they're hoping to evolve into the conference's best corner tandem, if not one of the best in the country. While the latter may be a stretch, Chekwa and Torrence have proven in the past that they can make big plays...

The defensive backfield will rely much more on Hines this season, as he is paired with redshirt sophomore and bona fide newbie Orhian Johnson. Johnson has impressed in camp in his first couple years at Ohio State, enough so that he beat out veteran guys like Nate Oliver and Aaron Gant; guys who have actual game experience. That's impressive, even for a redshirt sophomore...As murky as things seem at corner after the starters, things are even more so at safety: Hines and Johnson are supplement by perennial backups Aaron Gant and Nate Oliver, as well as project player and former late offer Zach Domicone. After that, freshmen, redshirt or otherwise, provide just enough depth to keep things from getting too scary." Click to Read the rest

Another target on offense?
August 20, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Stoneburner sees tight end with key passing-game role...Maybe Jake Stoneburner is living in a fantasy world. Or maybe reality is about to hit him between the numbers. The next few months will tell the tale because Stoneburner thinks he could catch a good share of passes for Ohio State this season, even though he's a tight end. In the past four seasons, tight ends have caught 90 passes for the Buckeyes. That's 90 total, not per season. But Stoneburner, who arrived from Dublin Coffman three years ago as a 6-foot-6 receiver, still has pass-catching blood in his veins...

"I think it's going to happen this year," Stoneburner said. "I think with how many weapons we have on offense, we're not going to rely too much on one guy. With Terrelle throwing the ball, he'll have a lot of opportunities. And with me and him being pretty good friends, and with him having a lot of confidence in me, I think that'll help, too."..." Click to Read the rest

spacerBig Ten: Forget 'athlete', Pryor wants to be known as 'quarterback'
August 19, 2010 Source: CBSSports.com - "Terrelle Pryor is getting mad. Someone has brought up the dreaded "athlete" label. It's a recruiting term that slots a prospect into a catch-all receptacle. An "athlete" may not know a first down from a fourth down. He may not be able to read a defense or a book. He may not be able to cover his bed with a sheet, but, boy, he can run, catch and/or throw ... He's an athlete...

"Someone called me an 'athlete,'" said Ohio State's quarterback, looking like he had swallowed a snail. "I hate that. I know I'm an athlete, but I want to be a quarterback. It's almost an insult." Pryor was just beginning to open up his heart. The issues are hard to find, anywhere, right now for Ohio State, but they are there, at least inside the helmet and jersey of No. 2. Ohio State might start the season as a consensus No. 2, chasing a record-tying sixth consecutive Big Ten title, but the Buckeyes go nowhere without their quarterback, who is one-third Troy Smith/one-third Vince Young and one-third enigma. "There's just something about it," Pryor said again about the "athlete" reference. "I can throw the hell out of the ball and go run and get yards ..."

"The inference of an athlete," said coach Jim Tressel, sitting a few feet away, "is that he [just] shows up on Saturday."...

To have a difference maker at the position, even if he's one-third Troy Smith, is huge. "I really want to be known as a quarterback, as a point guard," said Pryor, who was a renowned hoops prospect in high school as well. "You don't always want him scoring the ball but you want him dishing the ball to the right guys."..." Click to Read the rest

2010 Preview: Defensive Line
August 19, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "...This year's incarnation brings to the table a savvy fourth year vet who watched (LSU) Hester's bowling ball act from the sidelines. Then freshman Dexter Larimore, a former all-state wrestler, had shown flashes of brilliance that season before injuries curtailed his season. While Larimore has found himself time and time again bothered by the injury bug throughout his Ohio State career, with increased depth making the potential for being spelled more commonplace as opposed to a luxury as often was the case in the past, the potential to make it through an entire season unscathed might be all it takes for the DT to finally fully realize that potential he first showcased in 2007...

In the realm of infinite potential, few true freshmen defenders outside the likes of Laurinaitis have ever entered a Jim Tressel oversaw defense and looked like such a natural fit the way sophomore likely starter John Simon has. The Cardinal Mooney product showed the composure and timing of a veteran in virtually all instances of playing time he saw during his first year with the Buckeyes last season. Simon is perhaps most notable to casual fans for being fawned over as a relentless workout warrior including specifically the hyperbole that he's "the only D-lineman with a six-pack". Assuming the work ethic pays dividends in terms of an ability to dodge injuries and stay on the field, there's little doubt the John Simon may just finish as the most highly regarded Ohio State defensive tackle since the likes of Kenny Peterson and Ryan Pickett...Another newcomer who saw action at times last season, sophomore Garrett Goebel, and redshirt freshman Adam Bellamy alike have both been drawing high praise this summer. While getting an athlete the caliber of John Simon out of the mix to do what he does best may never seem like the best idea in principle, having tackles of the caliber of Goebel and Bellamy ready and willing to pick up the slack and provide much needed rest for the front line as needed is a luxury Ohio State's been without for sometime...

Defensive end is perhaps the position most befitting of an historic level of depth the 2010 edition of Buckeyes bring to the table...All-everything Cameron Heyward leads the group, and merits mention that his unique physical abilities also afford him the ability to rotate into the interior of the defensive line on an as-needed basis. Heyward's unrivaled combination of speed, agility, strength, and acumen should equate to plenty of frustrated opposing offenses and fan bases alike as well as inflated stat lines for his running mates across the defensive line. The other defensive end position should primarily be occupied by junior Nathan Williams...The principle understudies on each end of the defensive edge come in the form of redshirt frosh Melvin Fellows and junior Solomon Thomas..." Click to Read the rest

BCS frustration still fuels Ohio State's seniors as 2010 season approaches
August 19, 2010 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Walk-on linemen Scott Sika and Chris Malone, then red-shirting as freshmen, watched Ohio State's BCS Championship Game loss to Florida from the stands in Glendale, Ariz., four years ago. It soon haunted their dreams. "We both looked at each other the next morning," Malone said, "and we both asked if that game really happened. We thought we had a nightmare." Long snapper Jake McQuaide still can't shake that loss to the Gators after the 2006 season, or the loss to LSU the next year. "Those two national championship games are something I can't forget," McQuaide said. "As much as I try, it's with me every day, what a huge opportunity that was and we let it slip...

So Jim Tressel's main concern with his 2010 team may not apply to the 13 fifth-year seniors who opened their OSU careers with consecutive national championship losses. Tressel fears that his team, which is aiming for a sixth straight Big Ten title, a sixth straight BCS bowl and a seventh consecutive win over Michigan, hasn't suffered enough.

"I've always believed it's hard to progress naturally," Tressel said. "When you suffer, it's a little easier to progress. Now, that sounds a little fatalistic, but I think it's true. I can think of many different teams over the years, you didn't really see them get it until you suffered a little.

"The guys in our locker room, they haven't had a whole lot of suffering, which makes me nervous."..." Click to Read the rest

2010 Preview: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends
August 18, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "The wide receiver and tight end positions have been decided well before camp throughout most of the Tressel era, but coming into this year's camp there are definitely some unknowns at the two positions. While DeVier Posey, Dane Sanzenbacher, and Jake Stoneburner will definitely occupy the first and second receiver spots, and starting tight end position respectively, the importance of finding the players to settle in at the rest of the receiver positions and the use of the tight end in actual games has been the topic of debate all off-season...

There are both new and old faces in these two groups that have an excellent chance to break onto the big stage and have a tremendous impact on the 2010 season, something a certain someone didn't realize before the reality of Coffeyville hit. Veterans who couldn't break out of the back-half of the two deep, or just decided April was a better time to shine than October, will battle it out with hot-shot first and second year budding stars to see who will reel in the pigskin when it matters most this fall. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens come the end of camp, but while we have you now, we might as well take a look at how things appear to be shaking out at both the wide receiver and tight end positions for your 2010 Ohio State Buckeyes. Unit Eligibilty... WIDE RECEIVERS...TIGHT ENDS..." Click to Read the rest

Ohio State's defensive line offers talent, but also some questions
August 18, 2010 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - "..."Obviously, it's not good to have a guy go down," senior defensive tackle Dexter Larimore said. "I don't think we're too concerned about how long he'll be out. I think he'll be back a lot sooner than a lot of people think."...Though the Buckeyes' lineup on both sides of the ball is stacked with seniors and experienced juniors, Williams' injury, even if it's minor, is a reminder of the Buckeyes' inexperience on parts of their second unit, especially the defensive line.

"It's far-fetched to say right now," Heyward said, "but at the end of the season I want to be able to say we had the best defensive line in the country."

Williams fits Ohio State's ideal Leo mold. Heyward is an All-American candidate and future first-round draft pick who was probably the main reason Tuesday's practice was stacked with NFL scouts. Larimore has the ability to penetrate in the middle of the line and fits the nose guard role the Buckeyes require when they go to more of a 3-4 look. He was playing very well before going down halfway through last season.

Everything with Ohio State's defense starts up front. That should be a good thing. Throw in an injury or two with this group, and everything could change ..." Click to Read the rest

Better isn't good enough
August 18, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "Driven Pryor works hard to perfect his craft, and knows he has to earn his passes

To the casual observer, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is showing arm strength, touch and poise.

During a 90-minute practice yesterday, he completed a long sideline pass to Taurian Washington, correctly read a blitz and flipped the ball quickly to Dane Sanzenbacher, then feathered a throw over the shoulder of Jake Stoneburner, who made a fingertip grab. It seemed to validate the thinking that Pryor is on the verge of a breakout year - one in which, like in the Rose Bowl, he is given more opportunities to show off his passing skills. But Pryor doesn't feel nearly as good about himself.

"I've got to get so much better," he said. "I have to remember to open my hips more." That same self-criticism is why Pryor is not lobbying coach Jim Tressel and staff to open up the offense and fling it around the field, despite the Buckeyes returning nine starters on offense. Pryor is not pushing for another 37 throws, the amount he had in the Rose Bowl. He doesn't feel he has earned the right.

"I'm not nearly on the coaches' level," he said. "Maybe when I've had a year with two (interceptions) or less, I can (lobby)." Pryor has made gradual improvement, from a raw freshman in 2008 who got by mostly on natural talent, to a sophomore who was given more freedom and who responded with higher highs and lower lows. Tressel expects Pryor's improvement to continue to be more incremental than explosive..." Click to Read the rest


Terrelle Pryor Post- practice interview with the Big Ten Network Crew

Pryor's time to shine as Ohio State's leader
August 17, 2010 Source: SI.com - "This isn't the same Terrelle Pryor who was the starting quarterback at Ohio State as a freshman two seasons ago. It's also not the same guy who wore a message on his eyeblack supporting Michael Vick or who has occasionally lashed out his doubters and grated on his teammates.

"It's a huge difference from when he first got here to now, his maturity and how he became a leader,'' safety Tyler Moeller said. "When he first got here, I don't think too many people liked him, really. He was kind of a punk. But now I have the utmost respect for him. He's a great player and a great leader and I'd follow him into battle any day.''

A wise and wizened junior, Pryor has taken a few shots on the field and off but now is being counted on to guide a Buckeyes team considered one of the best in the country. One brief exchange this summer said volumes about Pryor's progress.

Asked how he would describe what he planned to be this fall for the Buckeyes, he said, "Electrifying.'' Then, tempering his youthful exuberance with a dose of his coach's restraint, he added, "And no turnovers.''..." Click to Read the rest


Jim Tressel Post- practice interview with the Big Ten Network Crew


Cameron Heyward Post- practice interview with the Big Ten Network Crew

Practice Report: Tues, Aug. 17
August 17, 2010 Source: Bucknuts.com - "Ohio State practiced just once on Tuesday, but it was a spirited, full-pads/full-contact day of football...As a good-faith effort, here are some notable observations from Tuesday's practice free of charge:

* Marcus Hall is likely going to "redshirt" this year and is now working with the third-team offense at right tackle. It's a very odd situation to say the least considering the fact that Hall played a decent amount as a true freshman last year and was expected to be the Buckeyes' top backup offensive lineman this year. Could Hall be getting punished for something else and the "redshirt" is just spin-doctoring at its best? Read the thread on the Front Row message board to find out more.

* True freshman tailback Rod Smith is still not with the team, but is expected to be cleared any day. However, barring a rash of injuries at the stacked tailback position, fans should expect to see Smith redshirt this season.

* Nate Williams missed practice due to a left knee sprain. In his place, Solomon Thomas received all of the reps with the first-team defense and looked solid. Thomas is up to 255 pounds, 35 more than he weighed when he reported as a freshman in 2007.

* The Buckeyes worked a lot on passing today and junior quarterback Terrelle Pryor had a sharp day at the office. He will still be inconsistent as a passer this season -- no question about it -- but he is making strides.

* True freshman Drew Basil made a 56-yard field goal which barely cleared the crossbar. (He also made one from 50 and missed from 57.)

* Most of the publicity goes to Cam Heyward when discussing OSU's defensive line. And rightfully so. Heyward could have left early for the NFL and likely would have been a late first-round pick. And he will probably be an early first-rounder next year. However, another player that appears headed for a big season is fifth-year senior DT Dexter Larimore. He is up to 315 pounds and is going to be a hard man to move out of the middle this year. He will clog up the interior and will help the linebackers make plays..." Click to Read the rest

2010 Preview: Offensive Backs
August 17, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "This unit is stocked with proven performers like last year's breakout runner Brandon Saine, fellow tailback Boom Herron and everyone's key to the season, quarterback Terrelle Pryor. It also features some pleasant surprises from last season in the form of RB Jordan Hall and fullback Zach Boren plus there's also a couple hyped guys that have not yet had a chance to show what they can do including the previously oft-injured RB Jaamal Berry and the bruising young RB Carlos Hyde...

2009 Offensive Backs Rushing & Receiving Statistics
Player Rush Yards Avg YPG TD Rec Rec Yds Avg Rec TD
Terrelle Pryor 162 779 4.8 59.9 7 0 0 0 0
Brandon Saine 145 739 5.1 56.8 4 17 224 13.2 2
Boom Herron 153 600 3.9 60.0 7 11 66 6 1
Jordan Hall 48 248 5.2 41.3 1 1 5 5.0 0
Joe Bauserman 9 10 1.1 1.7 0 0 0 0 0

With such a deep stable of running backs, combined with factors such as Pryor taking his share of carries and OSU looking to air it out a little more, it will be interesting to see if and how Tressel uses the cavalcade of running backs at his disposal. Before we do that, let's take a quick look at how the running backs fared last year both rushing and receiving the football...

2009 Ohio State Passing Statistics
Player Comp Att Comp% Yards TD INT Avg/G Effic.
Terrelle Pryor 167 295 56.6 2094 18 11 161.1 128.9
Joe Bauserman 6 19 31.6 124 0 0 20.7 86.4

Jordan Hall remains an afterthought for some fans with Berry-fever but his 5.2 ypc was better than any Buckeye with at least 40 carries last year. Speaking of Berry, he's talking the talk proclaiming, "big plays and touchdowns is what (fans) should expect and that's what I'm going to do." You gotta like the confidence even if his injury woes, specifically a lingering hamstring problem, have kept him from showing fans anything to date. With Tressel's recent comments about airing it out more often and the need to get Berry in space, he could be a prime benefactor in the short/quick passing package..." Click to Read the rest

2010 Preview: Offensive Line
August 16, 2010 Source: Eleven Warriors - "If there's any area of the team that has taken heat over the past few seasons, it's the offensive line and the man responsible for coaching it, Jim Bollman. Some of the heat no doubt was lifted after the team's strong offensive performance in the Rose Bowl. Many people point to the fact that OSU rushed for over 200 yards in each of their last 5 regular season games, and that is indeed an impressive statistic. But the average yards per carry did not significantly jump in the second half of the season; the team just ran the ball a lot more. And they did not rush consistently well in the Rose Bowl despite the victory (3.0 yards per carry). As a result, Ohio State's offensive line is both the biggest area of concern for many fans and one of the biggest opportunities for the team to improve over last season.

Here is a position by position look at the offensive line as it stands today: CENTER...GUARD...TACKLE...CONCLUSION..." Click to Read the rest

Time to loosen reins?
August 15, 2010 Source: Columbus Dispatch - "With an abundance of veterans returning on offense, coach Jim Tressel might be more inclined to open up the playbook... a product of coach Jim Tressel's philosophy, which can be summed up as follows: Practice everything, be prepared to call anything, adjust to what the opponent is giving you. But in the end, win by the surest way possible...

OSU fans...are tantalized by the potential for a high-flying approach. In the Buckeyes' last game, junior quarterback Terrelle Pryor carved up Oregon in the Rose Bowl, throwing a career-high 37 times en route to winning offensive MVP honors. And at the Big Ten preseason meetings two weeks ago, Tressel raised eyebrows by saying Pryor might pass 25 to 30 times per game this season. But before jumping to conclusions, consider that under Tressel, OSU has averaged 24.3 pass attempts a game. So 25 to 30 would not represent a revolutionary change...

Still, there is reason to believe this season could feature a more multifaceted offense - one in which Tressel flips past page 2 of the playbook, simply because the Buckeyes have experience and talent at every spot. In addition to Pryor, OSU has four starters returning on the line, and also returns both starting receivers, both of the main running backs and the starting fullback.

(Justin) Boren...: "I think we're very capable. I think we can do whatever we want to do." Indeed, watching practice so far this preseason has provided glimpses of the potential:.." Click to Read the rest

Talking Fall Camp with Jermale Hines

Senior safety Jermale Hines stopped and spoke to reporters after a recent practice this week. Hines touched on his new role as a leader in the defensive secondary, the August heat and the return of Tyler Moeller on defense.

At 6-foot 1-inch, 220 pounds, Hines runs like a safety and hits like a linebacker. The Cleveland-Glenville native is scheduled to be the starter once again at strong safety this season, a role he shared last season with Anderson Russell.

Hines was fourth on the team in 2009 with 57 tackles and had two interceptions for 48 yards, including a 32-yard INT for a touchdown in the win over Wisconsin -- a game in which he also recorded a career-high 11 tackles. He posted another solid all-around game with nine tackles and two TFL in the win at rival Michigan. He also was part of an OSU secondary that recorded 24 total interceptions last season, which tied with Alabama and Boise State for the second-most among FBS teams. Source: OSU Official Site

Fall Camp Insider: Kickers Steal Show at Ohio Stadium
August 14, 2010 Source: The Ozone - "...Senior Devin Barclay—who is expected to be the team's primary kicker this season—missed a game-tying kick from the same distance to preserve the win for the Gray. It was one of only two misses for Barclay, and one of only three misses for the kickers, who went 21-of-24...The highlight of the day was the back-and-forth kicking between Barclay and Basil, who both looked like they might never miss...Redshirt sophomore Ben Buchanan did not participate in kick offs or field goals Saturday, but did have a great day punting the ball. Expected to be Ohio State's starting punter this fall, Buchanan was doing all three in the spring before Head Coach Jim Tressel approached him this fall about sticking with punting.

Freshman wideout Corey "Philly" Brown had the return of the day, a slick 45-yarder down the left sideline on a 41-yard punt by Buchanan, who made the touchdown-saving tackle. He looked much more comfortable back there than Fields, who also had a return where he lost nine yards. Freshmen Christian Bryant, Verlon Reed and Carlos Hyde all had nice days on the coverage teams, as did senior corner Chimdi Chekwa, who recovered the muffed punt that set up the 58-yard miss by Barclay.

Injuries Spoil Kicker's Big Day...defensive end Nathan Williams went down with a left knee injury during the practice that preceded the kick scrimmage...Junior Solomon Thomas replaced Williams as the Leo with the first team, but he wasn't the only new face in the starting lineup. Redshirt sophomore cornerback Travis Howard continues to fill in for senior Devon Torrence, who was limited with a sore hamstring again, and sophomore C.J. Barnett stepped in for safety Orhian Johnson when he had to go to the sideline. Junior Andrew Sweat was back with the first-team against Saturday, this time filling in for Ross Homan after subbing for Brian Rolle during Tuesday's practice.

Offensive Line Struggles: Maybe it was the absence of Shugarts or the shuffling guys around, but the offensive line did not have its best day Saturday...they didn't hold up in pass protection Saturday, even without Nathan Williams in the lineup.

T-Wash Blowing Up, Again: Despite the poor protection, Terrelle Pryor was still able to rip off a few really good passes during practice. The best of them, though, came on a beautiful post play to senior Taurian Washington. Pryor put just enough air under the pass for Washington, the star of the spring game, to run under it and jaunt into the end zone for a 75-yard touchdown. A few plays later, Washington had another nice catch, this time for 20 yards...He spent the rest of the day working with the first-team offense after senior Dane Sanzenbacher had to go to the sideline. Redshirt freshman Chris Fields slid up to become the No. 3 receiver and tailback Brandon Saine found himself lined up in the slot when the Buckeyes went with four wides:.." Click to Read the rest


Barclay wants to hold his spot Source: BuckeyeGrove.com
Barclay is the wily veteran with half a season of kicking under his belt. But there is a challenge from a young upstart in Drew Basil and while the senior kicker wants to see the future of the program served he has his own intentions of keeping the job for himself. Buckeye Grove caught up with Barclay, 27 year old former MLS player, after Saturday's kick scrimmage and asked him about his big outing where he was near automatic and how that might translate into the very tight race for the starting placekicker spot.

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