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29-22 OT


Quote of the Dayspacer"Kenny Guiton is like Kobe Bryant in clutch time." - DT Johnathan Hankins


OSU Purdue Highlights Source: ESPN


VideoSeries if OSU Purdue Highlight Videos Source: BTN


10 Things We Learned from a Stunning Comeback
October 21, 2012 Source: The Ozone - 1. It’s not over until it’s over. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had friends at the game Saturday who decided to leave early. Heck, even athletic director Gene Smith was heading for the elevator as I made my way down to the field just in time to see Purdue take over on offense after the interception by Kenny Guiton. Things were looking bleak, and the crowd was thinning out by the minute, but then something switched. The defense forced a three-and-out and Guiton found Devin Smith on that 39-yard pass in the final minute of the game.

Fans stopped moving, many returned to their seats. The energy shifted and the place was so loud at one point Urban Meyer had to quiet the crowd before the two-point conversion. Those who stayed were treated to one heck of a finish, and a pretty decent celebration with the players afterward. It’s something most of them will always remember, even if it wasn’t a monumental win for the program. Those who left? Well, they’ll have to catch the highlights on Sportscenter.

2. Braxton Miller is not the entire offense. Watching this team over the first seven games of the season, there was an overwhelming feeling that everything was hanging on the health of sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller. Not only is he the leader of this offense, but at times he was this offense. It always seemed as though Ohio State had a tough time getting things in gear offensively until they finally cut Miller loose.

His dynamic running ability was not only a dangerous weapon for the offense, it was often downright demoralizing for the opposing defense. Guiton had a few nice showings in relief, but there was a sense that if Miller were to miss more than a few snaps, everything would unravel.

For a moment on Saturday, it looked like that’s exactly what was going to happen. Guiton couldn’t finish of the first drive and then took a safety on the next one (even though it wasn’t his fault and probably never should have been called for that penalty on Jeff Heuerman). Then Urban Meyer got in the face of his backup quarterback and told him to go win the game. And guess what? He did, but not all by himself. Guiton had a lot of help. Devin Smith made a big play. Evan Spencer had a catch and caused an interference penalty in the end zone. Jake Stoneburner snagged a big catch in OT and Heuerman redeemed himself with the two-point conversion play.

3. Expect the unexpected. Then of course there was the touchdown catch from Chris Fields. This is a kid who had barely played all season and did not have a single catch in the first seven games of the year. He was buried on the depth chart with no end in sight, but then, suddenly, he reappeared at the most opportune time. Fields finished with three caches for 44 yards Saturday. He probably should have scored on the 35-yard grab, but the “Turf monster” got him. When the team needed him most, however, Fields came up big. He got his hands under Guiton’s pass and held on tight for what ultimately became the game-tying touchdown scoring. What a great story for a kid who has endured a lot of adversity over the last two years.

4. Miller is still, by far, the best player on this team. It had to be nice for Meyer and Tom Herman to see Guiton and the entire cast of characters on offense step up their game with Miller in the hospital, but let’s not get carried away about what makes this football team go. It’s still Braxton Miller. They did a good job getting in the end zone twice without him on Saturday, but long term (which for this team means the next four games) this team needs No. 5 to run the show. He’s the best player on the OSU offense and one of the most dynamic athletes in the country. Guiton played well when his team needed him most, but he’s not Braxton Miller.

5. The Buckeyes are very susceptible on just about any given week. That’s two weeks in a row now where the Buckeyes have nearly lost to a team they were favored to beat by nearly three touchdowns. Go back to the Cal game and this 2012 Ohio State team is destroying Meyer’s reputation against the spread.

Playing at night on the road after two big games was a believable excuse for nearly blowing that Indiana game last week, but how do we explain this one? Purdue has played well against the Buckeyes recently, but not in Columbus.

The reality is, this team is a very lucky 8-0. Now it really is better to be lucky than good sometimes – assuming you can’t be both – but this team has some major issues that can pop at any moment.

6. Special teams is an ongoing, rather frustrating problem. It starts on defense, but it’s not just the defense. Yes, the Buckeyes gave up an 83-yard touchdown pass on the first offensive play for Purdue, but the larger concern has to be the 100-yard kick return for a touchdown. It seemed like just a matter of time before someone got out of the gates and didn’t let Drew Basil bring him down. Losing De’van Bogard to what looks like a serious knee injury is not good for a kick coverage team that’s already without Armani Reeves (ankle), Najee Murray (knee) and Jamie Wood (shoulder).

7. It can also be a blessing. The Buckeyes also should have come with at least one of the fumbled punt return today, but nobody seemed to have enough awareness to fall on the football after it squirted free. It also looked like Ben Buchanan could have had at least one of his punts blocked, but it was hardly a total loss for the OSU special teams. Meyer’s teams really do have a knack for changing the game with a big play on special teams, and that was certainly the case against Purdue. Consider the fact either blocked kick (the extra point or the field goal) would have won Purdue the game.

8. This team has whatever “it” is, and it’s exactly what last year’s team was lacking. It’s easy to call this team more lucky than good at this point in the season, but the reality is that this team trained as hard as any team in the country to make sure they would have luck on their side this season. Remember, luck is simply where preparation meets opportunity, and every time this team has had an opportunity to fail or to give up, it hasn’t. It keeps coming back. It finds a way to win, against whatever odds, which is about as polar opposite as can be from the team we watched a year ago.

9. Ryan Shazier played a hell of a football game. This week’s 10 Things piece would be remiss without at least mentioning the tremendous play of linebacker Ryan Shazier. He isn’t a perfect player yet, far from it, but Shazier is easily the best linebacker this team has and one of its most indispensible players. He always seemed to be around the football Saturday, and I thought he played maybe his best game of the season against Purdue. He led the team with 12 tackles, including seven solo stops and 1.5 tackles for loss. More importantly, he cut back on his missed tackles and poor leverage, which might explain why the defense allowed only 14 points this week after giving up 49 to Indiana a week ago.

10. Noah Spence is ready to play big boy football. Another guy who really took his game to another level this week is freshman defensive end Noah Spence. He had seen spot duty in some other games this year, but Saturday was the first time where any freshman at any position was truly a part of the gameplan. Spence saw by far his most time on the field in week eight, and he was asked to play in some pretty critical situations, including the final possession for the Boilers. Spence gives OSU another talented pass rusher out there and he also allowed Nathan Williams to help out at linebacker.


Urban Meyer Postgame Purdue, plus Ryan Shazier, Carlos Hyde and Jonathan Hankins

Urban Meyer put out an urgent call this week for tough guys to stop the bleeding for a porous defense. Who could have imagined Ohio State's high-scoring offense would be the ones in need Saturday?


What we said before the game: Block Purdue defensive lineman Kawann Short.

What happened in the game: The Purdue defensive line should have won the game. Just as in 2009, the twists and stunts of the Purdue defensive line flummoxed the OSU blockers. Short finished with just three tackles, but he was at the heart of a defense that recorded two sacks and limited the run game. Ohio State rushed for a season-low 152 yards, while quarterback Braxton Miller, averaging 130 rushing yards per game, carried 12 times for 47 yards before he got hurt.

“They have a heck of a defensive line,” center Corey Linsley said. “Short is a great player and that's the strength of their team, really. Year in and year out you can look at the guys they have in the NFL. That's why they gave us trouble.”

If the Buckeyes hadn't stormed back for the win, the way the Boilermakers shut down the Buckeyes would have been the story of the game. Instead, Ohio State couldn't block Short and his friends and still got away with a victory. Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer


OSU offensive coordinator Tom Herman on backup QB Kenny Guiton and the big play, a 39-yard pass to Devin Smith, on the Buckeyes' game-tying drive.


Ohio State center Corey Linsley on how the Buckeyes felt when backup QB Kenny Guiton came in the game Saturday against Purdue.


Play of the gamePlay of the game

We have two this week:

VideoJonathan Hankins blocks FGA Source: ESPN
With Purude leading 20-14 in the 3rd quarter, with 3:46 remaining, Hankins blocks Paul Griggs 34 yard FGA.

Video Guiton to Heuerman on the 2 point conversion Source: BTN
Kenny Guiton's pass to TE Jeff Heuerman on the 2 point conversion ties the game at 22 with seconds remianing, which eventually sends the game into overtime.

0spacerThe Bottom Line
October 21, 2012 Source: Columbus Dispatch -  Offense (3 leaves): The big shock isn’t that the Buckeyes won with Kenny G’s smooth jazz show but that they had only 238 yards through three quarters with Braxton Miller on the dance floor. Carlos Hyde remains the known quantity, but this was Guiton’s game to win, and he did it. He’s not as fleet, but his passes hit targets.

Defense (3 leaves): No one is calling off the Worry Squad, but at least the Nation won’t dither away another week freaking out about getting gashed and cracking pizza-delivery jokes. Purdue’s first play went down like a sauerkraut shake, but the Buckeyes hung in and stayed just healthy enough to control OT.

Special teams (2 leaves): OSU’s piranhas have been superb all season, but they looked like guppies when Akeem Hunt ran the 100 in 12 seconds flat for a gut-shot kickoff return. Call the field goals even — Drew Basil boinked one from 50, but Johnathan Hankins blocked a Boilers try. Fake punt for a first down inside the 20? Ugh.

Coaching (3 leaves): The plan to ram the ball down Purdue’s throat never materialized. The starting QB was on his way to the hospital. The backup, having thrown an interception, needed to drive 61 yards in 47 seconds with no timeouts. And Urban Meyer’s message: Go win the game, kid. Hey, whatever gets it done.

Opponent (3 leaves): Victory would have made for a less-bitter postgame meal, but the Boilers will have to take solace in leading for nearly 56 minutes and not succumbing to OSU’s unstoppable ground machine. The fact remains, though, that Purdue has beaten three nobodies and lost to four somebodies.

Officiating (2 leaves): If officials call Jeff Heuerman for a block in the back for moving a defender whose momentum is already going that way, then they should be prepared to make that call about 75 other times per game. Football play, gents. And since when is it an illegal touch for the kicking team to down a punt?... Click to Read the rest


Ohio State loses Braxton Miller to injury, rallies to win in OT
October 20, 2012 Source: ESPN - Many in a crowd of 105,290 thought Ohio State (No. 7 AP) had no chance of winning after star quarterback Braxton Miller went out with an injury late in the third quarter.

Backup Kenny Guiton had other ideas.

Guiton came off the bench in relief to lead touchdown drives in the final minute of regulation and in overtime, with Carlos Hyde scoring on a 1-yard run to clinch No. 7 Ohio State's 29-22 victory over Purdue on Saturday.

Purdue (3-4, 0-3 Big Ten) led 22-14 when Ohio State got the ball with just 47 seconds left in regulation. Guiton, inserted when Miller went out with an undisclosed injury, hit Chris Fields on a 2-yard touchdown pass with 3 seconds remaining. Guiton then found freshman Jeff Heuerman on the conversion pass to tie it at 22.

Hyde scored on a short plunge for Ohio State (8-0, 4-0) before Purdue's Caleb TerBush, who had two TD passes, misfired on four passes in the overtime.

Purdue had earlier scored on TerBush TD passes of 83 yards to Akeem Shavers -- on the first offensive play of the game -- and 31 yards to Gary Bush in the third quarter, along with Akeem Hunt's 100-yard kickoff return. The Boilermakers also picked up a safety when Ohio State was called for an illegal block in the end zone in the fourth quarter.

Miller completed 9 of 20 passes for 113 yards with an interception and ran for 47 yards on 12 carries before leaving the game on the next-to-last play of the third quarter.

After Ohio State got the ball on Bradley Roby's blocked field goal, Miller took the ball on first down from the 24, stiff-armed a defender and sped around right end before being caught by cornerback Josh Johnson, who threw him hard to the turf on his left shoulder.

Miller didn't get up for several minutes -- he was in obvious pain -- while he was attended by several doctors and trainers. Eventually he sat up, then stood on shaky legs for at least 60 seconds before he was led to the sidelines. He was later taken to the locker room by cart.

Guiton, in coach Urban Meyer's doghouse this spring, came in to replace him.

The teams had traded touchdowns in the third quarter, with Ohio State taking a 14-13 lead on Hyde's 2-yard run, set up by a 35-yard Miller-to-Chris Fields pass on which the Boilermakers blew the coverage.

Purdue answered by retaking the lead on TerBush's quick pass to the right flank where Bush picked up a key block from Crosby Wright while racing untouched 31 yards for the score and a 20-14 lead.

The Buckeyes drove to a fourth down at the Purdue 33, where Drew Basil's 50-yard field goal attempt hit the left upright flush and bounced away on the third play of the fourth quarter.

Ohio State took over at its own 39 with 47 seconds left in regulation. On first down, Guiton -- who almost quit the team earlier this year -- threw a long pass to a wide-open Devin Smith for a 39-yard gain on first down.

Battling the clock, the Buckeyes eventually faced a first and goal at the Purdue 2 with 3 seconds left. Guiton rolled to his left and fired a low pass to Fields. The play was reviewed but was allowed to stand.

Now down by two points, the Buckeyes set up for the conversion. Guiton lofted a soft toss over the linebackers to Heuerman to tie it.

After smothering the Boilermakers on the ensuing kickoff, the overtime was decided early.

Guiton led the Buckeyes steadily and Hyde gave them their biggest lead of the game on a 1-yard burst.

TerBush, who finished 19 of 30 passing for 230 yards with one interception, had a pass dropped to start the overtime and then threw three incompletions. Fans flooded on the field in celebration after his fourth-down pass hit the ground.

Guiton hit on 6 of 11 passes for 77 yards and the one touchdown with one interception. Hyde ended up with 91 yards on 19 carries and two touchdowns.

Purdue led 13-7 at the half on the strength of two huge, end-to-end plays.

On the first snap of the game, TerBush floated a pass into the left flat to Shavers who had slipped behind the coverage of linebacker Storm Klein. Shavers had to wait for the pass, caught it, then left Klein grasping at air as he completed the play untouched.

The Buckeyes, who have gotten off to slow starts all season on offense, did so again. They punted after each of their first two possessions before mounting a drive to take the lead.

On fourth and 2 at the Purdue 46, Hyde bounced off a teammate and cut off left tackle for a 21-yard gain and a first down. On third and 10 at the 25, Miller then hit Corey Brown on a crossing pattern for 17 yards. On the next play, Miller used a nifty fake on a handoff to Hyde and skirted right end for the 8-yard touchdown.

The Buckeyes held the lead for exactly 12 seconds.

Hunt took the ensuing kickoff 2 yards deep in the end zone and appeared to slightly hesitate before cutting to the right sideline while picking up blocks. He cut back to the right hash, then outran two defenders thanks to another slick cut to the right sideline to complete the 100-yard return for the 13-7 lead.

The Boilermakers defense had been ravaged in its last two outings, both at home: a 44-13 loss to Michigan and a 38-14 defeat to Wisconsin. It surrendered an incredible 82 points, 771 rushing yards and 1,054 yards.

But the Buckeyes, with one of the most volatile offenses in the nation, were held to 342 yards...


 Complete Ohio State vs Purdue Stats


Games Notes

It was over when: The last pass of the game flew out of the back of the end zone in overtime, falling incomplete on fourth-and-5 and finally allowing Ohio State to exhale. The Buckeyes were pushed to the max, needing a last-second touchdown to even force the extra session before delivering a critical stop with its beleaguered defense on the final drive.

Game ball goes to: Kenny Guiton only added to his reputation as the ultimate closer off the bench. While the backup quarterback wasn't instantly effective -- as he was in the opportunities when Miller was briefly injured in the past three games -- Guiton delivered when it mattered most with the perfect season on the line, leading an impressive drive in the final minute and capping it with a two-point conversion pass to Jeff Heuerman that forced overtime in what had looked to be a lost cause.

Star of the game: In his first extended action at quarterback, junior Kenny Guiton led the Buckeyes on a 61-yard touchdown drive in the last 47 seconds of regulation, finding Chris Fields for the TD and Jeff Heuerman for the two-point conversion. A 17-yard pass to Jake Stoneburner in overtime set up Carlos Hyde’s winning touchdown.

Turning point: QB Braxton Miller was helped from the field late in the third quarter. But Guiton, after throwing an interception with 2:40 left, came back out and made a 39-yard pass to Devin Smith with 40 seconds left to put the Buckeyes in position to tie.

Repercussion: On the one hand, what was Ohio State doing fighting for its life against heavy underdog Purdue? On the other hand, it made for one of its greatest comebacks. The Buckeyes are 8-0 and likely to stay at least No.?7 in the Associated Press poll.

Stat of the game: Among the worst rushing defenses in the Big Ten, Purdue put together a solid scheme to slow down Miller and held him to just 47 yards on 12 carries with a lost fumble before he left the game with an injury late in the third quarter -- with 37 coming on his last attempt.

How the game was won: The Buckeyes had to dig deeper than they have all season, but they still found a way to keep their record perfect as the passing game picked up some of the slack for a surprisingly ineffective ground attack. Chris Fields provided a spark as a receiver, including the diving touchdown catch that extended the game in the fourth quarter after not making a catch all season coming into the game.

Senior defensive lineman Garrett Goebel blocked Purdue's PAT on its first touchdown in the opening quarter.

Junior defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins blocked a 34-yard field goal attempt with 29 seconds remaining in the third quarter to keep a six-point deficit on the scoreboard.

Numbers for dummies

Thousands: Fans who left early only to hurry back from the parking lots in the final minutes

5: Body parts — head, neck, shoulder, knee, collarbone — speculated as Miller’s injury. Turned out to be nothing. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance but cleared as “symptom-free” and released within three hours.

Sophomore linebacker Ryan Shazier led the team in tackles for the fifth time this season with 12 stops, including 1.5 tackles for loss and one pass breakup. He leads the team with 77 tackles in 2012.

Ohio State's eight-play, 80-yard touchdown drive in the third quarter was the Buckeyes' 21st drive of 70 or more yards this season. All 21 have resulted in touchdowns. Last year, Ohio State had nine drives of 70 or more yards.

The Buckeyes' last overtime game was Nov. 12, 2011, at Purdue, a 26-23 loss for the Buckeyes.

$70 question: You know how when you’re sick you would pay anything to feel well again? For the price of about two co-pays, Ohio State fans got healthy after sitting through about 57 minutes of illness.

Sources: OSU Official Site, ESPN, Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer


Quote of the Dayspacer"That's one of those things that will go down in the record books forever. There's no one more deserving than Kenny, too. I love the guy. It's incredible. I get chills thinking about it." - TE Jeff Heuerman

Postgame Quotes From Ohio State vs. Purdue October 20, 2012 Source: OSU Official Site


The play where Braxton Miller was injured

Ohio State's Braxton Miller symptom free, released from hospital
October 20, 2012 Source: Ohio State Lantern - Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is "symptom free" and in the process of being discharged from the Wexner Medical Center, according to an OSU spokesman.

Miller appeared to injure his head in the third quarter of OSU's 29-22 overtime win against Purdue, and was taken to the hospital on concern of a concussion.

Miller underwent tests on his head, neck and shoulder, but was declared "symptom free," the spokesman said.

Before the injury, Miller was 9-of-20 passing for 113 yards and an interception. He also rushed the ball 12 times for 47 yards and a touchdown.

When Miller left the game, OSU was trailing, 20-14.

Coach Urban Meyer was unaware of Miller's condition immediately after the game, but said he was as concerned as if it was his son laying on the field.

"I have concern," Meyer said. "And especially, I think it's a head so that concerns all of us."

Miller was replaced by OSU redshirt junior quarterback Kenny Guiton, who conducted the Buckeyes during a 61-yard touchdown drive in the final 47 seconds of regulation to force overtime. Once there, Guiton helped lead OSU to the eventual game-winning score, a touchdown run by junior running back Carlos Hyde.


Miller hurt in Buckeyes' victory over Purdue
October 20, 2012 Source: Associated Press - Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller was hurt late in the third quarter of the seventh-ranked Buckeyes' victory over Purdue on Saturday.

In his postgame remarks after Ohio State's 29-22 overtime win, coach Urban Meyer said he didn't know Miller's exact injury or his status.

''I think it's (his) head and that concerns all of us,'' he said.

Miller, mentioned among the top Heisman Trophy contenders, was at the end of a 37-yard run when he was thrown to the turf by cornerback Josh Johnson.

Miller didn't get up for several minutes - he was in obvious pain - while he was attended by several doctors and trainers. Eventually he sat up, then stood on shaky legs for at least 60 seconds before he was led to the sidelines. He was later taken to the locker room by cart.

Ohio State did not offer an official statement on the nature or severity of the sophomore's injury.

Miller completed 9 of 20 passes for 113 yards with an interception and ran for 47 yards on 12 carries before leaving the game.

His replacement, Kenny Guiton, led Ohio State to a touchdown with 3 seconds left, then after that scoring pass also threw a two-point conversion pass to send the game into overtime.

In the overtime, Carlos Hyde scored on a 1-yard plunge for the Buckeyes before Purdue failed to complete any of its four passes.


Photo GalleryPhoto GalleryPurdue vs. OhioState:
OSU Official Site
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Columbus Dispatch
The Ozone
Purdue Official Site

News from the other side of the line

Purdue HC Danny Hope after Purdue's loss to the Buckeyes


Purdue QB Caleb Turbush after Purdue's loss to the Buckeyes




Oct 20, 2012 Noon

Ohio State vs. Purdue: Doug Lesmerises' key to the game
October 19, 2012 Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - Block Purdue defensive lineman Kawann Short:

Ohio State's Braxton Miller got an up-close-and-personal look at Purdue's Kawann Short in last year's loss to the Boilermakers in West Lafayette, Ind. Things will go a lot smoother for OSU on Saturday if the offensive line can keep Short away from Miller. Michael Conroy, Associated Press

When Purdue sprung the first of its recent upsets on the Buckeyes, in West Lafayette in 2009, there was a Boilermaker defensive lineman that Ohio State absolutely could not handle. Ryan Kerrigan...

Now Purdue has another defensive lineman who is a potential first-rounder in fifth-year senior Kawann Short. Short, at 6-foot-3 and 315 pounds, is a completely different player as a defensive tackle, but he can still be a handful. He leads the Big Ten with nine tackles for loss, including four sacks, and has been more consistent than in the past.

He's really a load on special teams, where he has blocked four field goals this season and a school-record eight kicks (six field goals and two extra points) in his career. He wasn't the guy who blocked Ohio State's attempted go-ahead extra point in the final minute last season, but he's another reason for the OSU special teams to worry.

"He's very big. He's got a tremendous lower [body]. He gets a lot of push, so he's able to knock the guards back, and he has very good hand-eye coordination, and a good sense of timing," Purdue coach Danny Hope said. "He gets his big paw up and swats the ball down, and has a good eye for it."

If the Buckeyes let Short get penetration up the middle so he can make Braxton Miller uncomfortable or hit Carlos Hyde before the running back can get to the line of scrimmage, the OSU offense could be knocked off kilter. And if Short gets a kick block, especially early in the game, he would give Purdue an early momentum swing.

The Buckeyes must do a better job containing him than they did with Kerrigan three years ago...


5 Key FactorsspacerFive key factors for OSU victory
October 19, 2012 Source: Columbus Dispatch - 

Pound the ball
Purdue gave up an astounding 771 yards on the ground the past two weeks in lopsided losses to Michigan and Wisconsin, so it doesn’t take a genius to call for a heavy dose of the running game. With Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller, the Buckeyes should be able to get chunks of yardage at a time. OSU ranks eighth nationally in rushing yardage per game with 263.6.

Contain Short
Purdue’s defense is suspect, but Kawann Short is not. Projected as a high NFL draft pick, the 315-pounder is a disruptive, clogging force in the middle of the line. The interior of the Buckeyes’ offensive line — center Corey Linsley and guards Marcus Hall and Andrew Norwell — must neutralize Short.

Get to the QB
Purdue has used three quarterbacks this year, and no one among Caleb TerBush, Robert Marve or Rob Henry has seized the job. A porous offensive line is one reason. The Boilermakers have allowed 15 sacks, next-to-worst in the Big Ten. Ohio State had trouble getting to Indiana quarterback Cameron Coffman last week and needs to do a better job today.

Keep hammer down
Ohio State tends to do well when it’s boxed into a corner, but the Buckeyes have to do better establishing their superiority from the start. The Buckeyes have outscored opponents by 111 points this season, but only 44-43 in the first quarter. If Purdue is to have any chance, the Boilermakers need an early confidence boost. OSU’s job is to ensure they don’t get one.

Tackle and catch
Sounds simple, huh? Ohio State would be a lot more impressive if it could master these two football staples. Poor tackling has been a season-long issue, compounded by bad tackling angles and frequent overpursuit. Meanwhile, Indiana wouldn’t have been in position to throw a last-minute scare into the Buckeyes had Devin Smith not dropped two touchdown passes. Purdue needs help from Ohio State to have any chance to win. If the Buckeyes tackle solidly and catch the ball, that chance will dwindle.



Purdue QBs Caleb TerBush and Robert Marve against Ohio State's defense. Assailed by Buckeyes fans, the defense also got an extra coach this week — head man Urban Meyer made a rare appearance in the unit's meeting room on Sunday to make it clear that things would have to change, and soon. TerBush started a year ago in the Boilermakers' stunning 26-23 win over the Buckeyes, hitting 15 of 24 passes for 140 yards before giving way to Marve, who threw an interception in the final minute but ended up scoring on a decisive 1-yard keeper in overtime on the game's final play. Source: Fox News


Ohio State, Purdue get defensive for Big Ten battle
October 20, 2012 Source: Zanesville Times Recorder - Buckeyes, Boilermakers hope to fix the leaks in today's matchup at Ohio Stadium; Neither Ohio State’s Urban Meyer nor Purdue’s Danny Hope can trust their defenses these days. As a result, no one has any idea what’s going to happen when the teams meet today at Ohio Stadium...


John Kampf's 10 points for the Purdue game
October 18, 2012 Source: The News-Herald - 10. Who would have thunk it? A bruising 230-pound running back might be the biggest key to Ohio State's spread offense. While quarterback Braxton Miller is rightfully getting the headlines and has put himself into the conversation in regard to the Heisman Trophy, it is junior Carlos Hyde who is making a big difference for the Buckeyes' prolific offense.

9. Hyde has topped 100 yards in each of the past two games and has run for 454 yards this season. Not only is he averaging 5.3 yards per carry, but he has rarely been thrown for negative yardage, losing only seven yards this year on those 85 carries. Because of an injury, Hyde has only played five games. But with five games left, he is on pace to come close to a 1,000-yard season in OSU's spread offense.

8. According to OSU running backs coach Stan Drayton, Hyde's mental growth and maturation has a lot to do with his productivity this season. Hyde had some good games last season when Daniel Herron was serving his half-season suspension. But Hyde drifted into the shadows upon Herron's return, and Drayton said, "I think he was under the impression he got a raw deal last year. He was somewhat selfish in that respect."

7. During August practices, Hyde said he hoped to make a bigger impact this season and do a better job of holding onto the job, with Jordan Hall missing a handful of weeks with his foot injury. Hall returned briefly, but is again shelved with a knee injury. Meyer confirmed this week even when Hall returns, Hyde's role is safe. Drayton said Hyde has realized, "once I put down my selfish wants, I can reach the individual goals I have set for myself." He said Hyde's mental and physical progression has been "fun to watch."

6. That a running back is having a banner season in Meyer's spread offense shouldn't come as a surprise, Drayton said. So much publicity of Meyer's offenses at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida circled around quarterbacks Josh Harris, Alex Smith and Tim Tebow. But Meyer has something at Ohio State that he didn't have at those other schools — a 230-pound hammer to carry the ball.

5. "We've always been a power, inside zone offense, no matter where we've been," said Drayton, who coached at Florida with Meyer. "Just at Florida, we were doing it with guys who were 185-to-190 pounds." Drayton insisted the philosophy of the coaches to run those power zone plays hasn't changed. Only the guys running them has. "We've always been an offense that is going to run A-gap power with an attitude and tight zone with an attitude." Hyde gives them the attitude part.

4. Because Ohio State runs so well between the tackles with Hyde, it opens up the outside with QB Braxton Miller. It's almost a what-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg thing. Does Miller's threat on the perimeter open up the inside for Hyde? Or does Hyde's productivity between the tackles put more bodies in the box and thus open up the perimeter for Miller? Either way, it's a recipe that is working.

3. Speaking of Miller, he is on pace to earn an invitation to the Heisman Trophy ceremony with the way he is playing — regardless of the meltdown of WVU's Geno Smith last week. Through seven games, Miller has run for 912 yards and passed for 1,271 yards. He is on pace to run for 1,563 yards and 15 touchdowns and pass for 2,178 yards and 19 touchdowns.

2. Compare that to Tebow's senior year at Florida, in which he ran for 910 yards and 14 touchdowns and passed for 2,895 yards and 21 touchdowns. Those numbers were put up over 14 games, though, including a conference championship game and a bowl game for which OSU is not eligible this year. Those numbers over a 12-game schedule average 780 yards and 12 TDs rushing and 2,481 yards passing with 18 TDs. Miller should come very close to that.

1. The inside-outside combination of Hyde and Miller is what makes Ohio State's offense roll right now. Imagine what the offense will/could be if the receivers do a better job holding onto the ball. While OSU's defense continues its search to find itself, the offense will have no problem carrying the load — especially this week. Prediction: Ohio State 48, Purdue 17


October 12, 2012 Source: Columbus Dispatch

Cover Story: In ways that mirror his life, running back Carlos Hyde has matured into a team player
OSU Spotlight: Jack Mewhort
On the edge: Ohio State vs. Purdue; Who has the edge
MEET A BUCKEYE: Jeff Heuerman
Ohio State up to speed with trend of offenses that push tempo
Recruiting: Chasing a linebacker
Play of the week: Pistol wing left, option right shovel
& more...


Head Coach Urban Meyer answers questions from reporters following practice on Wednesday October 17, 2012


RB Carlos Hyde spoke with the media following practice on WednesdayOctober 17, 2012


LB Zach Boren spoke with the media following practice on WednesdayOctober 17, 2012


QB Braxton Miller spoke with the media following practice on WednesdayOctober 17, 2012


Key Matchupsspacer Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Purdue Boilermakers October 17, 2012 Source: The Morning Journal - 

OSU guards Marcus Hall and Andrew Norwell vs. Purdue defensive tackle Kawann Short
At 6-foot-3, 310 pounds, Short is a large human being whom someone in scarlet and gray is going to have to block. Short has nine tackles for loss and four sacks this season. He’s a game-changer on the defensive line, something Purdue always seems to have.

OSU running back Carlos Hyde vs. Purdue linebacker Will Lucas
Lucas is the Boilermakers’ top tackler. He’s a little small at 5-11, 226, but he’s active and hits hard. Few people have tackled Hyde of late. He is coming off back-to-back 100-yard games rushing and gets a lot of yards after first contact. Purdue’s linebackers will need a big day against Hyde if the Boilers are to win.

Purdue receiver Antavian Edison vs. OSU cornerback Bradley Roby
Edison is Purdue’s big playmaker on offense, having scored five touchdowns on his 31 receptions. The Boilermakers only average 9.8 yards per reception as a team, but Ohio State’s knack of giving up big plays comes into play, too. Edison can take it to the house. OSU needs to stop that, particularly on big plays.

Ohio State’s defense vs. itself
After giving up 49 points last week at Indiana, it’s safe to assume there were some tough practices this week for the OSU defense. It would be a surprise if the Buckeyes don’t come out for this game with a renewed sense of urgency on defense. That means pressure on Purdue QB Caleb TerBush, aggressive play against the run and tighter coverage on defense. Will the defense rise to the challenge?


Listen to the audio Urban Meyer Big Ten Teleconference October 16, 2012 Source: BTN


What Will Happen: Purdue vs. Ohio State October 18, 2012 Source: Columbus 10TV - When Ohio State Has the Ball
Despite its all or nothing ways (seems like it’s either a three and out, or a touchdown), the OSU offense is developing into an explosive unit. After scoring 63 against Nebraska, and 52 at Indiana, the 115 combined points was the most in school history since 1996 (142 against Rice and Pittsburgh). It was the most in Big Ten games for OSU since 1950 (131 points vs. Minnesota and Iowa)...

There is still some work to be done in the passing game, though, for Miller and the wide receivers. The Buckeyes are averaging just under 189 yards a game through the air, which is 100th in FBS. The interesting thing to watch over the next few weeks, and especially this week, will be the approach on offense. Will OSU try and work to improve the passing game, or ride the rushing attack which at this point, seems a surer way to win. Ohio State is eighth in the country on the ground, picking up over 263 yards a contest.

Purdue has struggled mightily against the run, allowing 467 to Wisconsin last week, and nearly 200 a game on the year, which in 97th in the country. Between Miller’s ability, and the power running game of Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith, you would think that would be the most effective way to go...

When Purdue Has the Ball
In the two upsets (2009 and 2011) Danny Hope has had over the Buckeyes, Purdue has dominated the OSU offensive line, and nickel and dimed the Buckeyes on defense. We’ve seen several teams spread the ball around with quick passes against OSU this year, and I would expect that to happen again. The Boilermakers will try to match-up speedy wide receivers against the depleted Buckeye linebackers. They will test Zach Boren, who was playing fullback just two weeks ago, and is expected to make his first career start at linebacker this week.

The Boilermakers aren’t as dynamic, however as in years past. Expect Caleb TurBush to get the start at quarterback and get every opportunity to make the offense click. Don’t be surprised, though, if he struggles to see experienced back-ups, Robert Marve or Rob Henry get a call.

Of course, something everyone will be paying attention to will be how the Buckeye defense bounces back from allowing 49 points to Indiana. The OSU defense admitted they stopped playing when the offense put them up 52-34. I would imagine we’ll see some focus, and aggressive play.

The key is going to be what happens if Purdue starts to have success. Can the defense bear down and force a turnover, or a field goal instead of a touchdown? Can the focus remain if the offense is scoring, and OSU gets off to a sizable early lead?...

I think we’ll see a better game and more focus from the defense. I also think we’ll see a big special teams play, possibly a kick return for a touchdown, or a forced turnover on either kick or punt coverage. I’ll go with 56-20, Buckeyes in this one...



Ohio State-Purdue Keys to the Game: Doug Lesmerises video Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer



No. 7 Ohio State vs. Purdue Source: OSU Official Site - The 7-0 Ohio State Buckeyes, riding their longest winning streak in five years (the 2007 team opened 10-0), host the Purdue Boilermakers (3-3; 0-2) at noon Saturday in a Big Ten Conference Leaders Division contest from Ohio Stadium. ABC, with an ESPN2 reverse mirror, will televise the game.

Ohio State and Purdue will be meeting officially for the 55th time on Saturday. Ohio State holds a 37-14-2 advantage in the series, a record that includes a 25-5-2 mark in Ohio Stadium. Purdue has won just twice in Ohio Stadium in the last 60 years with Ohio State owning a 17-2-2 record since the 1952 season. Ohio State has won seven consecutive games in the series in Ohio Stadium, dating to a 31-26 Boilermaker win in 1988.

Bradley Roby has literally had a hand in each of Ohio State’s three Big Ten victories. He opened the 2012 Big Ten season with two interceptions, including a 41-yard return for a touchdown, and a pro-style pass break-up at the goal line vs. Nebraska. He blocked a punt and led the defense with nine tackles vs. Michigan State. And this past week he recovered a blocked punt for a touchdown and had a career-high three pass break-ups.

Only two first-year Ohio State coaches have started a season better than Urban Meyer’s 7-0 start to the season: Carol Widdoes went 9-0 in 1944 and eventually won his first 12 games before his first loss; and Earle Bruce opened 11-0 in 1979...


Tale of the Tape

Ohio State Buckeyes                    Purdue Boilermakers

8 263.57Rushing Offense63165.00
100188.86Passing Offense69222.33
34452.43Total Offense77387.33
2040.43Scoring Offense4532.83
33122.29Rushing Defense97199.50
34116.67Pass Efficiency Defense33116.13
69400.00Total Defense76412.00
5324.57Scoring Defense7127.50
7935.86Net Punting6536.77
519.71Punt Returns886.22
7620.25Kickoff Returns4722.50
34.57Turnover Margin69-.17
103277.71Pass Defense41212.50
35144.81Passing Efficiency84125.22
974.86Tackles For Loss486.17
651.86Sacks Allowed872.50



Injury Update
After sitting out Saturday's game with a concussion, senior Nathan Williams has been cleared and will practice this week and play against Purdue, coach Urban Meyer said. But he might not be only at defensive end.

Meyer said freshman Noah Spence played well in Williams' place on Saturday, and with a linebacker shortage and defensive lineman surplus, the Buckeyes may be looking for ways to get both on the field.

In the first game of 2011, before he suffered the knee injury that ended his season, Williams played a lot of linebacker. Some of the responsibilities for the outside linebacker are similar to the Leo defensive end spot that Williams plays, so it could work again.

"The number one most important thing is trying to find a way to get your best 11 guys on the field," Fickell said. "There's not a magic trick to it."

Running back Jordan Hall, who has missed two games with a sprained ligament in his knee, is not healing as well as the Buckeyes hoped, and he should continue to be out of action for the near future. Cleveland Plain Dealer


Game Data: Purdue at Ohio State
October 17, 2012 Source: Bucknuts - Last year, OSU had a late extra point attempt blocked, sending the game to overtime. OSU got a Drew Basil field goal, but Purdue QB Robert Marve scored on a 1-yard TD run to give the Boilers a 26-23 win. Purdue outgained OSU 363-298 in the win, sacking OSU’s Braxton Miller five times.

When Purdue Has The Ball: Purdue’s offense has sputtered the last two weeks. Caleb TerBush has been the starting quarterback, but he has been anything but consistent. He ranks eighth in the conference in passing efficiency. Last week against Wisconsin, TerBush, Robert Marve (just back from his third knee injury) and Rob Henry were a combined 11 of 31 passing for 128 yards and an interception.

Of course, you’ll find a picture of the Ohio State defense in the dictionary next to the word “ineffective.” If there is a week where Purdue’s offense is going to get healthy, this would be it. OSU gave up 49 points last week at Indiana and still somehow won that game. That’s the most points OSU has given up in 18 years. And that was Indiana.

However, it is possible that the OSU defense could buckle down. It begins with pressure up front. This vaunted OSU front seems to run hot and cold when it comes to getting after the passer. How else do you explain four sacks against Nebraska and none against Indiana?

The linebacker play is a mess right now because of injuries and, apparently, a real slow learning curve for the young guys. That’s why fullback Zach Boren showed up over there last week … and somehow led the team with eight tackles. The secondary, to me, seems fine. They should match up well with Purdue’s collection of receivers...


College Football Expert Picks - Straight Up - Week 8:







Purdue at OSU

Against the spread, which is OSU -17.5, only Jerry Hinnen & Matt Hinton goe with Purdue


Purdue at Ohio State Preview
October 19, 2012 Source: Eleven Warriors - The Ohio State defense, nicknamed the Silver Bullets, is used to being in the news. But this year it’s for all the wrong reasons.

The Buckeyes scored 115 points the past two games but also gave up 87. They’re giving up 278 yards through the air – 107th in the country – and 122 on the ground per game. Their total yardage surrendered per game ranks 10th in the Big Ten.

“At some point you have to play some really good defense,” Meyer said. “The top two right now is Alabama and Florida, the two best defenses in America. And that's not by accident.”

Injuries have certainly contributed to Ohio State’s struggles, but some of the problems being experienced showed up early in the season, as well...


Purdue at Ohio State Preview
October 12, 2012 Source: The Ozone - When Purdue Has the Ball

The Boilermakers run a spread offense, which has been the Ohio State defense's Achilles heel. Sometimes, however, they don't run it very well.

Purdue could end up playing three quarterbacks on Saturday simply because one rarely gets the job done.

Caleb TerBush will likely get the start, and he is completing 61.2% of his passes with eight touchdowns and six interceptions. He has thrown for 716 yards in his five games this season.

Robert Marve will also get some action, and he is completing 67.1% of his passes with four touchdowns and two interceptions. The third quarterback that could see some action is Rob Henry, who is the running threat of the group.

Regardless of who is at quarterback, the Ohio State front four will need to get more pressure than they did last week against Indiana. The Boilermakers are eleventh in the conference in sacks allowed, so there should be plenty of opportunities here...


Purdue Boilermakers at No. 7 Ohio State Buckeyes
October 17, 2012 Source: CBSSports.com - Watchability: This one could get ugly, early. The Boilermakers have scored a combined 27 points the past two games, and Ohio State's defense is playing in front of their home fans after taking criticism from across the country the past few weeks. Expect an inspired Buckeyes defense to be the cornerstone of a blowout win.

Shining stars: Purdue: WR Antavian Edison is the team's top receiving threat with 31 catches for 371 yards and five touchdowns. The senior has caught at least three passes in each game and has nine rushing attempts for 24 yards. Ohio State: QB Braxton Miller has passed for 1,271 yards, 11 touchdowns and four interceptions. He's rushed for a team-high 912 yards with nine touchdowns. Miller is one of the best open-field runners in the country, but coach Urban Meyer likely will try to minimize the number of hits he takes against Purdue.

Who could steal the show: Purdue: DT Kawann Short showed why he's a top NFL prospect last week when he blocked his school-record sixth career field goal attempt. Short has 20 tackles, including nine for loss, to go with four sacks and a forced fumble. Ohio State: DB Bradley Roby might be the best defensive player in the conference. Roby has 33 tackles, 12 passes defended, two interceptions, a fumble recovery and a blocked kick. He will get chances to make plays in space against Purdue.

Magic number for Purdue: 2. Wins in the past 60 years for the Boilermakers at Ohio Stadium. Purdue last left Columbus with a victory in 1988 when it won 31-26.

Magic number for Ohio State: 20. Drives of at least 70 yards for the Buckeyes this season -- and all resulting in a touchdown. Ohio State had just nine such drives last year.

The game comes down to: Can Purdue stop the run? The Boilermakers picked a bad stretch to stop defending the run. Purdue was steamrolled by Michigan and Wisconsin as they allowed 771 combined rushing yards in those losses. Now, the Buckeyes' dynamic rushing attack comes calling. Ohio State is averaging nearly 264 yards per game on the ground...


The Weather Channel Columbus Weather Forecast


  Purdue Boilermakers @ Ohio State Buckeyes

News from the other side of the line

First Look: Ohio State
October 15, 2012 Source: GoldandBlack.com - For the third consecutive week, the Boilermaker defense will face one of the league's marquee offensive talents.

Against Buckeye QB Braxton Miller, Purdue will hope for far better results than from its meetings with Michigan's Denard Robinson (235 rushing yards) and Wisconsin's Montee Ball (247). Just a sophomore, Miller is already considered a Heisman Trophy front-runner after starting most of last season as a true freshman.

Defensively, Ohio State has given up a lot of yards and points but has been able to simply outscore opponents in shootouts such as a 63-38 win over Nebraska and this weekend's 52-49 game at Indiana, in which the Hoosiers scored two late touchdowns.

The Buckeyes are 10th in the Big Ten in total defense, one spot ahead of Purdue. But it was also able to grind out a 17-16 win at Michigan State in a low-scoring game...



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